22 thoughts on “News/Politics 9-24-21

  1. Make no mistake, the only reason this “doctor” has a format is because she’s a baby killing lefty, and I mean that in the literal sense.


    She’s not a real doctor, she’s a murderer who just plays one on tv.


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  2. Boy it’s a good thing are media is garbage or they might finally see how wrong they were on all of this.


    Fire and prosecute his butt.

    Who am I kidding, these are corrupt Dems led by the Biden Crime Family, so that won’t happen.


    “White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan figures prominently in a grand jury investigation run by Special Counsel John Durham into an alleged 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign scheme to use both the FBI and CIA to tar Donald Trump as a colluder with Russia, according to people familiar with the criminal probe, which they say has broadened into a conspiracy case.

    Sullivan is facing scrutiny, sources say, over potentially false statements he made about his involvement in the effort, which continued after the election and into 2017. As a senior foreign policy adviser to Clinton, Sullivan spearheaded what was known inside her campaign as a “confidential project” to link Trump to the Kremlin through dubious email-server records provided to the agencies, said the sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

    Last week, Michael A. Sussmann, a partner in Perkins Coie, a law firm representing the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee, was indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of making false statements to the FBI about his clients and their motives behind planting the rumor, at the highest levels of the FBI, of a secret Trump-Russia server. After a months-long investigation, the FBI found no merit to the rumor.

    The grand jury indicated in its lengthy indictment that several people were involved in the alleged conspiracy to mislead the FBI and trigger an investigation of the Republican presidential candidate — including Sullivan, who was described by his campaign position but not identified by name.

    The Clinton campaign project, these sources say, also involved compiling a “digital dossier” on several Trump campaign officials – including Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, George Papadopoulos, and Carter Page. This effort exploited highly sensitive, nonpublic Internet data related to their personal email communications and web-browsing, known as Internet Protocol, or IP, addresses.

    To mine the data, the Clinton campaign enlisted a team of Beltway computer contractors as well as university researchers with security clearance who often collaborate with the FBI and the intelligence community. They worked from a five-page campaign document called the “Trump Associates List.”

    The tech group also pulled logs purportedly from servers for a Russian bank and Trump Tower, and the campaign provided the data to the FBI on two thumb drives, along with three “white papers” that claimed the data indicated the Trump campaign was secretly communicating with Moscow through a server in Trump Tower and the Alfa Bank in Russia. Based on the material, the FBI opened at least one investigation, adding to several others it had already initiated targeting the Trump campaign in the summer of 2016.

    The indictment states that Sussmann, as well as the cyber experts recruited for the operation, “coordinated with representatives and agents of the Clinton campaign with regard to the data and written materials that Sussmann gave to the FBI and the media.”

    One of those campaign agents was Sullivan, according to emails Durham obtained. On Sept. 15, 2016 – just four days before Sussmann handed off the materials to the FBI – Marc Elias, his law partner and fellow Democratic Party operative, “exchanged emails with the Clinton campaign’s foreign policy adviser concerning the Russian bank allegations,” as well as with other top campaign officials, the indictment states.

    The sources close to the case confirmed the “foreign policy adviser” referenced by title is Sullivan. They say he was briefed on the development of the opposition-research materials tying Trump to Alfa Bank, and was aware of the participants in the project. These included the Washington opposition-research group Fusion GPS, which worked for the Clinton campaign as a paid agent and helped gather dirt on Alfa Bank and draft the materials Elias discussed with Sullivan, the materials Sussmann would later submit to the FBI. Fusion researchers were in regular contact with both Sussmann and Elias about the project in the summer and fall of 2016. Sullivan also personally met with Elias, who briefed him on Fusion’s opposition research, according to the sources.

    Sullivan maintained in congressional testimony in December 2017 that he didn’t know of Fusion’s involvement in the Alfa Bank opposition research. In the same closed-door testimony before the House Intelligence Committee, he also denied knowing anything about Fusion in 2016 or who was conducting the opposition research for the campaign.”


    “Sullivan also testified he didn’t know that Perkins Coie, the law firm where Elias and Sussmann were partners, was working for the Clinton campaign until October 2017, when it was reported in the media as part of stories revealing the campaign’s contract with Fusion, which also produced the so-called Steele dossier. Sullivan maintained he didn’t even know that the politically prominent Elias worked for Perkins Coie, a well-known Democratic law firm. Major media stories from 2016 routinely identified Elias as “general counsel for the Clinton campaign” and a “partner at Perkins Coie.”

    “To be honest with you, Marc wears a tremendous number of hats, so I wasn’t sure who he was representing,” Sullivan testified. “I sort of thought he was, you know, just talking to us as, you know, a fellow traveler in this — in this campaign effort.”

    Although he acknowledged knowing Elias and his partner were marshaling opposition researchers for a campaign project targeting Trump, Sullivan insisted, “They didn’t do something with it.” In truth, they used the research to instigate a full-blown investigation at the FBI and seed a number of stories in the Washington media, which Elias discussed in emails.

    Lying to Congress is a felony. Though the offense is rarely prosecuted, former Special Counsel Robert Mueller won convictions of two of Trump’s associates on charges of that very offense.

    An attorney for Sullivan did not respond to questions, while a spokeswoman for the National Security Council declined comment. After the 2016 election, Sullivan continued to participate in the anti-Trump effort, which enlisted no fewer than three Internet companies and two university computer researchers, who persisted in exploiting nonpublic Internet data to conjure up “derogatory information on Trump” and his associates, according to the indictment.

    Prosecutors say the operation ran through at least February 2017, when Sullivan met with another central figure in the plot to plant the anti-Trump smear at the FBI. But now the goal was to compel agents to continue investigating the false rumors in the wake of the election, thereby keeping Trump’s presidency under an ethical cloud.”


    And the media played along with the whole charade.


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  3. Un-American, REM…….

    He’s no Commander in Chief, he’s a fraud who never served a day in life, except safely hiding in govt for his own self interest. He’s garbage.

    “Biden says troops should be dishonorably discharged if they disobey order to get Covid vaccine”


    “The White House said Tuesday it ‘strongly opposes’ a provision of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that prohibits the Pentagon from punishing or dishonorably discharging any service member who refuses a vaccine.

    ‘The Administration strongly opposes section 716, which would detract from readiness and limit a commander’s options for enforcing good order and discipline when a Service member fails to obey a lawful order to receive a vaccination,’ the White House Office of Management and Budget said in a statement on the yearly bill that funds the Pentagon.

    ‘To enable a uniformed force to fight with discipline, commanders must have the ability to give orders and take appropriate disciplinary measures.’

    The Pentagon ordered all service members to get vaccinated last month and didn’t rule out court martialing those who don’t.

    More than 800,000 service members out of around 1.4 million still needed to get their shots at the time of the mandate, according to Pentagon data.

    But during the budget bill’s markup under the House Armed Services Committee, an amendment, now section 716, proposed by Rep. Mark Green, R-Tenn., made its way into the bill that prohibited ‘any discharge but honorable’ for vaccine refusal.

    ‘I am appalled that the Biden Administration is trying to remove my amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act that prevents anything but an honorable discharge for service members who refuse to get the COVID-19 vaccine,’ Green said in a statement to DailyMail.com. ‘This was a bipartisan amendment — every Democrat on the House Armed Services Committee agreed to it.’

    Section 716 notes ‘many Americans have reservations about taking a vaccine that has only been available for less than a year.’

    ‘No American who raises their hand to serve our Nation should be punished for making a highly personal medical decision,’ Green said earlier this month.”

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  4. Journalistic Standards?

    Bwahahaha…. 🤣😂🤣🤣

    Not anymore…..

    “Glenn Greenwald: ‘There are no editorial standards as long as you feed liberals what they want'”


    “Yesterday, Ed pointed out that, according to a new book published by a Politico reporter, the core of the Hunter Biden laptop story was true. Specifically, reporter Ben Schreckinger was able to verify that several of the emails which were the focus of articles published last year by the New York Post were indeed accurate and were not, as was widely claimed at the time, the product of Russian disinformation. Ed concluded that piece by pointing to some tweets by Glenn Greenwald who was arguing that the decision to block the NY Post‘s reporting by claiming they were part of a foreign disinformation was a kind of combined operation between the CIA and the media.

    Today, Greenwald released an hour-long video and a lengthy post on Substack in which he walks through the remarkable lies and media censorship that took place last year. You might imagine that an hour-long video would include a lot of rambling over the same points but that’s not the case. It just takes an hour to go through all the evidence even moving at a fairly good pace. It’s one of the most egregious widespread abandonments of journalistic principles in recent history and there’s not a bit of doubt that the whole thing happened for one reason: To protect Joe Biden from accurate claims weeks before an election.

    Greenwald starts by pointing out that the basic emails on which the Hunter Biden laptop story were based were confirmed as being accurate by several sources within days of being published. This wasn’t a case where the basic facts were in doubt. Nevertheless, a group of former intelligence officials wrote a letter (first highlighted by Natasha Bertrand at Politico) claiming the whole story sounded a bit like Russian disinformation. The media ran with it even though the the letter in question admitted there was no proof whatsoever to back up the claims.

    …former intelligence officials such as Obama’s CIA Director John Brennan and his Director of National Intelligence James Clapper led a group of dozens of former spooks in issuing a public statement that disseminated an outright lie: namely, that the laptop was “Russian disinformation.” Note that this phrase contains two separate assertions: 1) the documents came from Russia and 2) they are fake (“disinformation”). The intelligence officials admitted in this letter that — in their words — “we do not know if the emails are genuine or not,” and also admitted that “we do not have evidence of Russian involvement.” Yet it repeatedly insinuated that everyone should nonetheless believe this:

    Greenwald spends a lot of time offering video clips of reporters simply refusing to cover the NY Post story about Hunter Biden because it allegedly couldn’t be confirmed or might be disinformation. “I cannot overstate to you how deliberately and relentlessly the corporate media lied and deceived and schemed in order to keep this story from reaching the American public,” Greenwald said. He then walked through examples of how the media lied about the accuracy of the story in order to not cover it. For instance, this from NPR.”

    “And this from CNN:”

    “And on top of these efforts by major media outlets to ignore or dismiss the story, you had Facebook and Twitter both limiting the sharing of the original NY Post story on their platforms in the days leading up to the election. The media wouldn’t discuss the story and the social media sites wouldn’t let regular people discuss it either. Again, the reasons were obvious.”


    Indeed it was.

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  5. Here’s the video.

    Watch this when you have time, and then tell me with a straight face that our US media isn’t a joke.

    They ignored all of this to install Biden.

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  6. RINO’s are endangered for good reasons. 🙂


    “Former President Donald Trump attacked George W. Bush and his longtime consigliere Karl Rove Wednesday after it emerged the pair would headline a Texas fundraiser for Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) next month.

    “RINO former President George ‘Dubya’ Bush and his flunky Karl Rove are endorsing warmongering and very low polling, Liz Cheney,” Trump’s emailed statement began.

    The 45th president reiterated earlier statements about the 43rd president being “the one who got us into the quicksand of the Middle East and, after spending trillions of dollars and killing nearly a million people, the Middle East was left in worse shape after 21 years than it was when he started his stupidity.

    “It ended with Biden’s most embarrassing in history withdrawal from Afghanistan, a total surrender, leaving $85 Billion dollars [sic] of equipment and many young Warriors lives behind,” Trump continued.

    Politico first reported on the Oct. 18 fundraiser in Dallas, which will also feature former Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson and former Bush White House counsel (and ill-fated Supreme Court nominee) Harriet Miers.”

    Trump then accused Bush of lacking “the courage to give a pardon to his Vice President’s Chief of Staff, Scooter Libby, even though [Dick] Cheney begged for him to do so. He wouldn’t, they didn’t talk for years.”

    Libby, who was convicted in 2007 of lying to the FBI and obstruction of justice in connection with the 2003 leak of the identity of CIA operative Valerie Plame, was granted a full pardon by Trump in April 2018.

    “I didn’t know Scooter, but gave him a full pardon—not at their request, but because he deserved it. He suffered greatly,” said the former president, who added that Dick Cheney had “called to effusively thank me.

    “Now he is on the side of his daughter who is so bad for Wyoming and the United States that she is polling at record lows,” Trump concluded.”

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  7. “ Service member fails to obey a lawful order to receive a vaccination,’ the White House Office of Management and Budget said in a statement on the yearly bill that funds the Pentagon.”….Just who the heck decided that it is a “lawful” order???? The Dictator himself???

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  8. I’m surprised by all this from the military. As noted before, you don’t have any choice in the military about what vaccinations/shots you receive. You get them unless you have an allergic issue–and if that is true, your military career is over.

    It’s about preparedness, not about an individual’s “rights,” opinions, or thoughts.

    You cannot afford to have troops that could get sick and not fight, particularly in a volatile battle situation.

    You sign up for the military, you belong to them.

    And what you dread the most, or did before electronic records, is losing your shot card and having to get all those shots–including bubonic plague, and yellow fever, and who knows what else–all over again.


  9. The issue of this new mandate for the military is that they can change the course and the service member must abide even though it is “experimental”. Not certain they truly “signed up” for this treatment 😞
    And now in other news: Senator Bennett proposes this lunacy!! He needs to go!! Sheesh even Rino Romney is against this ludicrous proposal!
    And by tax credit, that means they get a monthly check.
    Under Bennet’s child tax credit an illegal immigrant family of four would make over $1200 per month – well beyond incomes in many Latin American countries.
    “If you can get paid $300 per child, even though the child is here illegally and you’re here illegally, that’s going to encourage people to come here,” Romney told Mayorkas.

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  10. Michelle: Don’t be surprised – so many military members recognize that true vaccines are safe and effective, but mandating this experimental drug has no basis in science, and these injections aren’t going to keep them from “getting sick.” On the contrary, they don’t do what they are advertised to do, and are actually quite dangerous.

    Just like Lt. Col Doug Hague, many more will follow. Our government is creating a very serious public safety and national security situation…


  11. And this I received from my Congressman today 😢
    Washington, D.C. – Today, the United States House of Representatives passed the Abortion on Demand Until Birth Act. This legislation allows abortion until birth, removes all federal and state pro-life laws, and even prevents future pro-life legislation. This bill also codifies Roe v. Wade into law.

    Congress Lamborn strongly opposed this radical legislation and issued the following statement:

    “The Democrat’s radical and extreme abortion agenda is on full display. Today’s legislation is the most pro-abortion bill in history. Even in my home state of Colorado, where unfortunately, abortions are done with very few limits, there are laws that would be affected. Colorado requires that abortions be done by licensed medical professionals acting within their scope of practice. Even this low bar could be removed by the Abortion on Demand Until Birth Act. These are the most vulnerable Americans, and I will always fight to protect…


  12. For research it helps to know that “Abortion on Demand Until Birth Act” is not its actual name. It was passed as the “Women’s Health Protection Act”.


  13. The meat of it is in Section 4. As I read through 4(a), “General Rule”, I felt it mostly enacted as law what the courts had allowed for years, rolling back some of the recent pro-life gains. I thought calling it “Abortion on Demand Until Birth” was alarmist and overblown.

    Then I got to 4(b)(2). No limitation is allowed that both (A) is specific to abortion services and (B) impedes access to abortion services.

    I read that to mean you can’t make abortion hard to get in any way that doesn’t apply to other services. That is really extreme and makes the Republican nickname appropriate after all. I think — I sure hope — the Senate would never pass this.


  14. Oh my….

    But what’s she worried about?

    She’s vaccinated, right?

    “Kamala Harris Flees The Stage Of The View To A Back Room After Two Of The Hosts On It Test Positive For COVID…


  15. ———-


  16. “Pay your fair share” doesn’t apply to them.


    “Republicans say a new nonpartisan report indicates President Biden improperly avoided paying Medicare taxes before he took office — raising eyebrows and the possibility that he owes the IRS as much as $500,000 in back taxes.

    Biden is leading a Democratic push for a $3.5 trillion bill to subsidize child care, education and health care by targeting tax avoidance and raising tax rates on higher incomes so the rich “pay their fair share.”

    A House Ways and Means Committee draft of the bill would end the accounting trick apparently exploited by Biden and boost IRS funding for audits — but the new report, drafted by the Congressional Research Service and provided to The Post, suggests Biden owes taxes under current rules, according to the congressman who requested it.

    “Joe Biden wants to raise taxes by $2.1 trillion while claiming the rich need to pay their ‘fair share.’ But in 2017, multimillionaire Joe Biden skirted his payroll taxes — the very taxes that fund Medicare and ObamaCare,” said Rep. Jim Banks (R-Ind.), chairman of the conservative Republican Study Committee.

    “According to the criteria CRS provided to my office, he owes the IRS and the American people hundreds of thousands of dollars in back taxes,” Banks said. “Every American should know about Joe Biden’s tax hypocrisy.””


  17. On Thursday, the House of Representatives passed a $768 billion defense bill, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), that included a requirement for women to register for the military draft if the draft were reinstated. 181 Democrats and 135 Republicans voted for the bill. Rep. Mary Miller (R-IL) added, “As usual, with the Swamp, the biggest scandal in the bill is the quietest one that they are trying to sneak in and hope no one notices. This defense authorization, for the first time in our history, would require teenage girls to register for the draft. No one knows about this because the Democrats have convinced the media that gender no longer exists so this isn’t a big deal. But I want to make sure the American people know, the Democrats and, sadly, some Republicans want to draft your daughters. This is wrong, and it’s immoral, but they are doing it anyway. We are definitely proud of the courageous women who have served and are serving in our military and defending our nation, but our mothers, sisters, wives and daughters should not be part of this draft. This is left-wing, woke agenda gone too far


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