37 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-23-21

  1. Good Morning Everyone. It is cool here this morning.
    From today’s edition of Things to Remember If You List Your Home For Sale:
    Real Estate agents always tell you to declutter your home. They tell you this to make the home look more spacious, but I have discovered another reason.
    This week I have been showing property to a family that is looking to move here from another state. The man is in a wheelchair, his mother will be living with them and cannot go upstairs. The wife is the only one that is “mobile”.
    Several houses have been so packed with furniture and “stuff” that we can’t get him through it to look. Yesterday one of the houses had baby gates up to keep the dogs contained. The gates were over the main entry hall and the framed opening from the dining room to the kitchen. The house was decorated with so much stuff it looked like Hobby Lobby threw up. We were able to get him in the house but he had to sit in the foyer while we looked at the rest of the house.
    We did end up finding the house that is PERFECT for them but it is too far away from the daughter they are moving here to be near—so we will be looking at another at 9am.

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  2. Good morning! The photo shows a crepe myrtle in the foreground, another very common tree to see in the area. I was surprised to find them still in bloom there because it’s been a few weeks since they have been in bloom here. This photo was taken in the late afternoon so the lighting seems to capture a bit of the fall glow when the sun or earth is angled differently than at other times. I think I could enjoy spending hours on one of these benches reading a book or talking with a friend by the reflecting pool at the quad.

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  3. Kim, it is difficult to imagine trying to make a sale under those conditions. Are agents allowed to demand to only show houses that are wheelchair accessible in such cases unless the buyer overrides the agent?


  4. Last night I unearthed a Yamaha keyboard in Wesley’s room that I had purchased secondhand that he had never used. I planned to give it away if it worked.

    I got Art to help me get it plugged in and asked him to test it for sound since he can play piano.

    Now it appears he has a new toy! I have to find a small table to set it up on.

    Of course once a space in the house gets cleared out many things rush in to fill that space. The Bible speaks to that regarding the mind, too.

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  5. Yesterday my husband’s jam group played for at an assisted living place again. They had played for the birthday party of a 102 year old last week and used to play there periodically before Covid. One of the guys, my husband has played shows with, has moved into the place and did a song with them. He was quite down and it was a blessing for him.

    I had to laugh because a woman stopped to ask me if I knew when they would be playing again. When I said I didn’t know, she ask if it would be tomorrow. I laughed and said, “No” to which she replied she could listen to them everyday. It is not that they are such fabulous musicians, but that they play and sing a lot of the music that these people remember from their younger years. It is a joy to see their joy.

    It is also a joy to see the volunteers who come into to help serve these people in various ways. Some have family members there and some do not. Love in action is a joy to see.

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  6. Chas, I love to bubble up, in lightweight down, in this type weather. A down vest or hoodie is wonderful to feel nice and protected from the chill. A scarf, also can be helpful for an extra lightweight armor to brace against any breezes. I look forward to being out more since the biting bugs will be going away.

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  7. Ah, Nancyjill, wool to keep the back warm sounds perfect for my outdoor chairs.

    Michelle, I can not remember, is Hill a relative, friend, former boarder, fellow church member, or some other type gift from God relationship? She is a lovely person.


  8. We’ve known Hill since high school. She’s lived with us several times whether attending the local junior college (to learn Italian), or in between missionary gigs. We consider her one of our “other children.”

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  9. Janice mentioned bug bites. Just over the past several days, I have had more mosquito bites than I have had for several years all together. Due to all the rain we’ve had, there are a lot of those blood-sucking pests out there. I’ve usually gotten bit when I am out at the school bus stop with Boy in the early morning.

    Although I have been careful not to scratch (except initially, when I then realize that is a mosquito bite, not an ordinary itch, and stop), the bites have been pretty bad-looking and very itchy. I don’t mind them drinking a little blood, but why do they have to be so ungrateful as to leave behind the itch? Very rude, if you ask me.

    I will be glad when the cooler weather finally comes in more forcefully. It has been in the lower-to-high 70s many days even still, and the humidity has been HIGH. Yuck. How can I enjoy my pumpkin spice creamer in my coffee without some real autumn weather?

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  10. 1:09 vs 1:41

    That’s quite a contrast.

    Just an observation.

    I think I know which post Jo was talking about in describing it as “lovely.” 🙂

    Kizzie, I wonder if you’re getting the newest-arrival mosquitos that hit us a few years ago and have been spreading rapidly.

    They’re small and black, they are out all day long, they like ankles and feet and toes and fingers but will accept elbows and arms and legs in general. Aedes mosquitos. They’re not your regular native mosquitos.

    And the reason their bites itch so crazy-much is because they’re new here, we have no real immunity to the bites (but you will build some up, my bites this summer are less horrible than that first summer a few years ago).

    Bu now I keep repellant close by.


    I’m having a horribly busy day w/work today, so got to get back to it.

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  11. PS, our short-lived, end-of-summer heat spell broke, we’re back in the mid-70s today with very pleasant, cool weather and the usual onshore air flow from the ocean that prompt me open those windows.

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  12. I get mosquito bites quite a lot. I have found that turning on the shower as hot as you can and holding your leg under the water for a minute or two takes away the itching and infection. Nothing else works, but the hot water does.

    Believe me, I have tried everything.

    lovely post comment was to Michelle

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  13. Hot water does help.

    I’ve also found Benadryl gel to be good, but only for a while.

    My bites were so bad a few years ago that I’d scratch until they’d bleed, it sent me to my GP and to an urgent care both during that first summer.


  14. I don’t think Jo meant the butchering of roosters is lovely unless in the night Jo turned into a werewolf!😳

    I got the new old keyboard all set up for Art to enjoy. I was playing around with it and discovered that with the background sounds even I can ‘play’ something that might sound like music at least to Miss Bosley.

    I know, easily entertained!♡

    Being a werecat, Miss Bosley thinks the butchering of roosters sounds lovely.


  15. I’m answering editor questions, finally got that bear-of-a-story in at 6 p.m. (35 minutes ago here).

    I haven’t even fed the dogs yet, their feeding time is usually between 3 and 5 p.m.

    And it’s trash night so I need to haul that out still.

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  16. yes, thankful that Term 1 is over. Much to do to organize the new curriculum before the next term, but i have two weeks.

    Good night, Chas.
    or good morning, Chas. 🙂


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