82 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-18-21

  1. Probably that woman is herself rich. Why don’t she and all the other rich liberals just send all their money to the US treasury if they think the rich don’t “pay their fair share”?

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  2. Good morning. Nice visit in Moscow. As I drove into town, I thought, why not get the jab first and be done with it. Then, as approached Safewaay, I saw the parking lot was packed and decided I probably would not get it at that time. After I passed, I realized it was the County Fair and they were simply using the parking lot. Went on to my visit and then stopped on the way out of town. I have now officially spent more time in a mask in the past three weeks than in all of the rest of my life.

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  3. Morning! A beautiful morning it is…husband turned the furnace on first thing. Now it will climb to 80…Monday’s high is to be 59 with accompanying rain. One forecaster suggested snow would fall Monday evening… 😊
    Rk…my last thought would be that you spend too much time in bed! I think you are the most energetic active person I know…makes me tired just to think of all you do!! 😂

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  4. And this from a doctor:

    “Miller Report for the Week of August 30, 2021; by William Miller, MD; Chief of Staff at Adventist Health Mendocino Coast Hospital

    I was going to address the monoclonal antibody treatment Regeneron this week, which is an exciting new preventative that we are offering to people who qualify based on symptoms and risk factors. However, I feel that will have to wait until next week. There has been a recent rise in conspiracy theories locally that I feel needs to be addressed head on. Namely, that we in public health and hospital health care are somehow hiding evidence, the word “cover up” has been used, about the “truth” regarding admission rates of vaccinated persons to our hospitals. There is no such cover up… here are the facts as of today:

    1. We are now a little over 6 weeks into the recent surge of cases in Mendocino County which began around July 20th, 2021, and really took off about 2 weeks ago. As of today, our county public health officer, Dr. Andy Coren, confirms that of the 1,060 new cases since July 20th, 2021, the start of the current surge, 945 (89%) were in unvaccinated persons and 115 (11%) were vaccinated. This is very consistent with what we are seeing reported in the medical literature for COVID vaccination effectiveness against the Delta variant, namely about 88% effective with 12% still getting infected. Since roughly 2/3 of the population in the county is now fully vaccinated, this is clear evidence that the vaccinations are effective in reducing infection… otherwise, the percentage of new cases would more closely match the vaccination rate and we would see 64% of new cases in vaccinated persons instead of only 11%.

    2. Mendocino County has three hospitals, all three are part of the Adventist Health system which has been hugely beneficial in allowing us to coordinate resources to respond to this situation. Ukiah Valley Medical Center (AHUV) has 50 beds, Howard Memorial in Willits (AHHM) has 25 beds and Mendocino Coast in Ft. Bragg (AHMC) has 25. Since the current surge escalated about 2 weeks ago, we have been holding steady at our capacity with 100 patients in our three facilities along with a small back log of patients awaiting admission to the hospital in our emergency rooms.

    3. COVID cases have been running consistently between 30-33 of those 100 patients. Please note that the Mendocino County stats on COVID admissions posted on the county website includes ONLY those COVID patients actually admitted into the hospital. It does NOT include patients who were seen in ERs and then sent home. So, when we say we have 33 patients admitted with COVID, we mean in a hospital bed. About 1/3 of those are in an ICU and about 1/4 are intubated.

    4. Of the 30-33 COVID patients admitted at any one time, the number who are fully vaccinated has run consistently around 3 to 4 or about 10%. The range has been 8% to 12%. This compares with the state average in California where 9% of all COVID admissions to a hospital are in vaccinated persons while 91% are in unvaccinated persons. Once again, since the percentage of vaccinated persons in Mendocino County is roughly 64% (age 12 years and up) and statewide is 66%, this is incontrovertible evidence that the vaccines are working to reduce the risk of more serious illness and hospitalization.

    5. To look at it another way, we have 49,600 persons vaccinated in Mendocino County. Yet since July 20th, 2021, there have been only 210 vaccinated persons test positive for COVID.

    6. There have been 17 COVID related deaths in our county since July 20th, 2021. Three were in vaccinated persons, each of whom had advanced age (one was 99 years old) and/or serious co-morbidities. Meanwhile, 14 deaths were in unvaccinated people which included several under the age of 50 who had no comorbidities.

    I understand that some folks may not believe in vaccination and may decide not to get vaccinated themselves. While I do not agree with the reasoning behind this, as I strongly believe that the vaccines are both safe and effective, I respect that personal decision. However, it is not helpful to any of us to have people spread false information or fuel false conspiracy theories that we in health care are all somehow in cahoots with… what.. big pharma? the Russians? the Chinese? a secret underground? Honestly, I just worked a very long and difficult night shift because of this pandemic. I desire nothing more than seeing this thing come to an end. There is no benefit to any of us, especially front-line workers like myself, to covering up the facts. If we have not been more forth coming with the numbers, and I think we have been transparent, then I apologize. It is because we are busy trying to put out the fires and perhaps haven’t had the time to rebuttal every conspiracy theory that pops up on social media.

    My ask to all of us is, continue to treat each other with respect and understand that this is a real challenge and that we will prevail, I am certain of that. How many lives are lost in the process, however, depends on whether we stick to the facts or get sidetracked in self-indulgent conspiracy theories that only serve to undermine the sincere efforts of public health officials and health care workers.”


  5. Kizzie, he says to stick with the facts. The facts morph as we learn more about the illness. So, again, when they tell the people masks don’t work, masks work, double masks work, no masks needed, get a mask. It understandably confuses people. And masks are just one tiny part of the discussion. The efficacy of different treatments, the length of quarantine, the mode of spread (anybody still bleaching your veggies besides Jo? or setting your mail aside for three days?), which shot is best, how long will it last, do children get it, how about babies, should schools be open…..

    Most of us agree the vaccines make the illness less aggressive. Most of us have heard of vaccinated people dying. We just don’t know. There is no perfect solution. Beating each other up because we choose different paths makes no sense. None of us, in our right minds, want to get this.

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  6. Espn is adjusting to being an only indoor dog. She is not fond of the outdoor dogs but she kind of likes the cats. And the rabbits. But she prefers to be on the couch with me. On the couch. A dog. Unbelievable. Anyway, she got a trim. She has an extraordinary amount of hair and needs it trimmed on her face, her feet, and under her tail or problems develop. Who designed these? Not God’s initial design. I have never had to trim the hair on an outdoor dog. Ever.


  7. This is a virus that was new. Information about it expanded (and yes, that meant some of our understanding of it changed, as it should have) as the real-life experience and more knowledge was gathered and analyzed.

    Our understanding of something this unexpected and fast-moving could be expected to change and evolve. There was nothing nefarious behind this as has been suggested, it wasn’t a trick or a plot. Sometimes researchers and the medical community have offered up some differing views (I recently read an article that interviewed several researchers and doctors about how this thing ends — they were somewhat all over the map, although that’s a question also that involves a good amount of crystal ball-gazing).

    But yes, it was (and is) often frustrating. But I’ve never see it as an “ah-HA” kind of situation that points to some global conspiracy.

    Do masks work? Or not? (Seems the consensus now is that yes, they “work” but they’re far from any kind of fool-proof barrier and they may only provide — in some cases — minimal protection). Some masks are better than others. The cloth versions we all were wearing in the beginning? Not so good. The inexpensive, disposable ‘surgical’ masks are now deemed to offer better protection if one doesn’t have an N95 or KN95 type mask.

    My neighbors were spraying sanitizer all over their mail every day when they’d take it out of the mailbox on the porch (ha, I almost typed spraying their “male”). Of course now it’s been determined that the virus doesn’t survive much (if hardly at all) on surfaces; it is “caught” in other ways via airborne means.

    Hand washing is still good, but … in the beginning it was thought that was an urgent mode of protection and something that should be practiced just about every time we turned around. Not as much now.

    (I’m glad I never heard we had to bleach our vegetables?)

    Social distancing was modified (if I remember correctly) from 10 to 6 feet here fairly recently.

    I agree it’s all been frustrating for all of us. But I’ve always understood the reason for these changes was due to more gathered knowledge as our time living with this virus went on. That seems like the most plausible and realistic explanation for so much of what has frustrated all of us.

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  8. We had a pretty good earthquake last night, strongest in a while so that made it feel stronger than I guess it was — 4.3, but a really strong JOLT that sent a small, metal cross flying off the wall from above the kitchen doorway. Bang! it fell onto the floor. House exorcised?

    It actually looked like the house was swaying and, unlike any earthquake in a long time now, this one managed to get me up off the couch to start thinking about duck-and-cover options should things get even worse.

    The dogs came running out of the bedroom, the cat vanished altogether.

    Anyway, it stopped rather abruptly but brought some calls from neighbors and a lot of tweets on Twitter. I was very close to the epicenter which may have made it feel stronger than it was (I was sure it had hit a 5).

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  9. Or are you dog-sitting Espn?

    And how do you actually say that?

    I love shaggy dogs. But they are a grooming challenge, I’ve been cutting out mats from Cowboy’s stomach this week. He sleeps a lot so the under-carriage fur gets pretty knotty and tangled.


  10. (On masks, I’ve concluded they’re better than nothing; how much better, I don’t pretend to know.)

    But I do know that it’s not worth fighting over. Did you see film of the physical altercation between customers and a hostess over a mask requirement at a NY restaurant last night? Honestly.

    Yes, we’re all annoyed and even sometimes miserable with this mess, but sometimes exercising patience is the best course, both for our own personal sanity and calm — and for everyone around us.

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  11. Espn (ess-pin)- came with Manny. She actually was the one that bit son in law. But Manny had shown some aggressive behaviour toward the grandchildren so it was thought both of them should come. Manny was a shihtzu and his hair was very long and fine and tangled easily. She is a lhasa apso with coarser hair but it grows very thick and very fast. Fills in her ears and her eyes in very short order. But it does not mat as much as his did. She is actually my favorite of all my children’s dogs with the possible exception of the one in Colorado. She will make a good dog for me for many years as she is only about five. She does not bark all the time like Manny did but does do the guard dog bark as she should. She does not chase chickens or rabbits and stays very close to home. I enjoy her.

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  12. Masks: I was one of the few mask wearers in the store other than staff. We all got along just fine. I believe masks help and I believe they help with cutting back on flu and colds as well.

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  13. Mumsee – I hope you did not think that my aim in sharing those things was to beat up on anyone. My only aim was to provide more information from actual hospitals dealing with the virus. I appreciated what the doctor said at the end of the quote, that we should treat each other with respect.

    Were you able to see the links I shared? (I wasn’t sure if everybody would be able to see them.) They show the vast difference between vaccinated and unvaccinated in hospitals. Also, my aim in sharing these things is not to win any arguments, but because I care about people, and think that these stats are worth considering when deciding whether or not to be vaccinated.

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  14. Kizzie, nope, I just thought we were having a conversation between sisters. I was trying to explain why some people seem so resistant, it is because they are confused on what to believe in a lot of cases.

    In my case, I was simply waiting until it was approved with some time to show how it was working. I am glad I waited. I am glad I have it done. In two weeks, I will be considered fully vaccinated, unless the goal posts move again. I also probably have natural immunity against Delta so should be good until mu moves in. Or whatever is next but both the vaccine and natural immunity should help with that.

    I did see the links.

    The antibody infusion that Janice has recommended seems to be quite effective though, like everything else, not a cure all.

    In the final analysis, only God knows the number of our days.

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  15. DJ, I did see you had another earthquake but thought, eh, 4? Probably DJ did not even notice it. But I did remember the song Tie Up Your Boats in Idaho. Just to plant that in your ear.

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  16. Small indoor dogs. Kind of like Barney but indoors. Inside the house. On the couch. Maybe fifteen pounds? But Espn is pretty solid. She ate a lot of the food we put out for Manny so she is now on a restricted diet.

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  17. I usually don’t even notice what passes for earthquakes here, but we’ve mostly been in the “3” range for years now, nothing much bigger.

    A 4.3 doesn’t seem that big to me either, so I was surprised … except this one — maybe because I was nearly on top of the epicenter — and because it was such a big jolt (not the rolling kind) that went on for several (long) seconds and because a heavy metal cross came flying off the wall and because the house literally felt and looked like it was starting to sway in a serious manner ….

    Well, this one got my attention.

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  18. I wondered if was moving-stuff day.

    Real Estate Guy told me these wood frame houses are meant to “sway” with those earthquake jolts. And this house, which is 99 years old, has made it through a lot of fairly significant earthquakes through the past century.

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  19. Yes, being on top of it would reduce the rolling and just give the jolt, I would think. But still have some sway.

    We had an interesting phenomenon here a few years ago. I was outside and heard a loud boom coming from the general direction of the neighbor’s house but not quite. She told me later that she had heard it coming from my direction. All that is between us is a hay field and a marsh. With a little research, I learned that occasionally an underground rock will fall or break or implode or something and you can hear it. It was loud.

    An amazing world in which we live and an awesome Creator.

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  20. mumsee, would the underground rockfall be connected to mining?

    We’re supposed to get advance earthquake alerts on our phones now (but they only come about 5 seconds before it strikes) — don’t know that we had one last night, though.

    They’e working on the system and “someday” they may actually provide sufficient warning so we can all get into our cars and wind up on the freeway which will then collapse under us when the earthquake hits.


  21. My husband bought a used truck today and two new beds. I’m busy cleaning out the guest room now that our border has gone off to college.

    We’re tossing out stuff, preparing to paint, and will have a newish-looking room when we’re done.

    As soon as I can figure out what color to paint . . .

    Oh, and I saw an alligator on a major street in our northern California town today.

    (See my newsletter for more: https://preview.mailerlite.com/z9w6m2)


    He was talking to his mother. 🙂

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  22. Sounded like a kind of cute alligator.

    Just heard from my BIL of someone he knows who got Covid and has had both vaccines. Actually, the whole family got it. It is picking up around here again, too.

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  23. DJ, no, no mining near here. Just prairie and a marsh. Could have been a methane explosion but I lean toward a dry summer and the water table changing and rocks falling underground.


  24. I’ve seen a couple people insinuate that since vaccinated folks can still get the virus, there must be no point to the vaccines. But those who have been vaccinated are less likely to get a serious case, and far-far-far less likely to die.

    The analogy that came to my mind recently is of seatbelts. People can still be seriously injured even when wearing one, but their injuries would be much, much worse if they weren’t.

    (And yes, sometimes they even die, if the accident was bad enough.)


  25. Kizzie, and sometimes the accident can be prevented if a seatbelt holds the driver in place to control the car.

    But I came on here, Kizzie, to direct you to a post my daughter made on FB. She sent me an email copy and I thought you might like it. Is my FB still there? My daughter should be connected to it. Of course, I do not know how FB works and this may not be possible.

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  26. Church was good this morning. On Ephesians 5:3-5. Usually there are about six to seven hundred people watching online, I do not know how many attend in person but quite a few. Anyway, last week, he warned people what he would be talking about in case they did not want their children listening. This morning there were only about sixty six people following on line. Very good message.

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  27. Mumsee – Are your daughter’s initials KFS (the F being her maiden name initial)? I went to her profile on Facebook, but her settings must be for friends only, because I could not see any recent posts. There was a photo with something about celebrating nurses, so I figured that could be her.

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  28. Hi, all, from SC. The move is done. We are not having fun yet. The little bit of estrogen mixed with a triple dose of testosterone is overwhelming. The screened in porch with one chair and isolation is peaceful. I am glad that I have a children’s devotional book that I need to read and review for good companionship. I will hope for another trip with better planning in the future when we might get to do something fun. But perhaps I am just continuing onward in my long obedience of suffering life to the full so I can grow in compassion for those who suffer similarily.

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  29. Is there a coincidence in the male hormone being named testosterone which is easily shortened to Testy?
    Wesley is doing class prep so he could, as a Prof, be given the nickname Testy for that reason. It is mostly my brother that dumps blame and guilt on me and makes things so unpleasant. I am a scapegoat for everything. Art is unable to do anything because of his poor health so he is a bystander amused by our family dynamics. It would be funny if I were a fly on the wall left to observe in peace and not being chased with a swatter.

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  30. Sorry, Chas, if none of that makes sense. A lot of it is nonsensical to me, too.

    Wesley just came out to say hello and talk about the garden spiders that live outside his screen porch. They are huge and have a great place for their webs to catch dinner.

    Art just came out and gave a report on the excursion that he and bro went on the round up food for themselves. Art was willing to share his chili slaw dog with me. The vegan diet is getting a break momentarily. I had hummus and carrot sticks along with banana bread which Wesley had here so I declined sharing the chili slaw dog.

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  31. We had an alligator in the lake at a city park in town a few years ago. One of the more fun stories to cover (and it took a year for them to catch it).

    Glad you made it to your destination, Janice.

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  32. Twenty-five years or so ago when Hubby and I lived in an apartment complex, our complex was on the evening news because of a call to the police that there was an alligator spotted out near the dumpster in back.

    It was a close-to-life-size plastic alligator that my neighbor had tried to throw away. 😀

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  33. Apple pie, calabasitas, cucumbers, cabrito, and garlic bread. We are trying to utilize our garden produce. We got the rest of the pears and peaches put up yesterday. I almost have bluebelle straightened out. She still has 1 quarter that needs attention.

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  34. Feeling well from the shot, Mumsee. I have been better emotionally, but God . . . He is my strength. I have not read the posts to see how you are doing. I hope you are okay and not real sick, Mumsee. I can hardly read right now after reading in the book and hand writing my review. Maybe I can post my review tomorrow while riding. I really hope you are okay, Mumsee. I feel so wrapped up in my miseries of the moment. Actually it was fun touring the campus this afternoon. I may send some photos to AJ.


  35. Janice, I have done well. A bit of a headache but I always have a bit of a headache. The only change of substance was the old hip injury seemed to kick in hard. Really ached. But that, too, has eased. I just spent some time in the hot tub, that may help for the night, as well. Prayed for you while I was there.

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  36. On another note, somebody gifted us with an amaryllis bulb last September, and in the winter we had huge lovely red flowers on it. Beautiful. A friend told me to plant it outside but remember to bring it in again before frost and it would bloom again in the winter. But it is outside and blooming now! I don’t want to disturb it but I do know it won’t survive the frost. What do you people do with them?

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  37. I think that may be what is in my yard too. I don’t do anything with them. no frost so they won’t be killed.

    I decided that teaching and then tutoring and then two parent conferences was too much for one day! I’m tired.
    My haus meri didn’t come again. So I finally asked the other gal she works for and turns out she has a very bad case of shingles so won’t be here for a while.

    Only four days left in the term. My time outside with half of the class went well. I had them walk some balance beam planks, then to hand by hand over the monkey bars, then get high on the swings, then tossing and catching a ball in a scoop. Finally they tried guiding a soccer ball through some cones and then shot baskets. I wore both them and myself out.

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