63 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-9-21

  1. Morning, Chas.
    Good night, can’t keep my eyes open so time for some sleep.
    I finally emailed my missions committee asking if the missions house is available next summer. I need to replace doors and flooring in my home before I move in, so am hoping they will have an opening.

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  2. Good morning. My temp was 98.6 this morning, and I was clammy from the sweats. Waiting to see if the fever returns. I still don’t feel like myself, but at least feel that I am moving in that directuon.

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  3. 6Arrows and BG share the same birthday. BG, Nana, and I went out to dinner. BG arrived with strict instructions from her father that his mother and I were not to discuss him—so of course we did. He and I were talking the other day and I told him he was the best big brother an ex-wife could have. He actually got a little choked up when I told him that. I also encourage BG to be nice to her stepmother because if he runs her off, I am going to have to help BG take care of him one day—purely selfish on my part. Although, after watching my stepmother take care of my father for me, I would do it.

    Next up in my life. You may remember that Mr P and I got married on a Sunday and both went to work the next day. Every trip we have taken except 2 were to take care of grandchildren that live in Maryland. Once we went to North Carolina, that was work related for me. Two years ago we went to New Orleans for Thanksgiving but that was a disaster. He was physically unable to walk as much so I roamed the French Quarter alone.
    I have been telling anyone that would listen to me that when the pandemic is over and travel is allowed I will be sitting on a tropical beach somewhere with an umbrella in my drink. Several weeks ago Mr. P suggested we go somewhere for Thanksgiving this year. He was looking at Appalachicola, FL. Really? The beach in November? Ugh. Plus, I want my dressing for Thanksgiving and family, but he asked me if I wanted to spend two days in the kitchen to sit at the table for two hours, then spend the rest of the day cleaning up. He made his point and I will be making my dressing for Christmas, plus who really likes turkey anyway? Asyou know, my father joked that I carried a toothbrush in my purse and that I was like my Aunt Virginia and would “ride a fencepost wrapped in barbed wire to get somewhere”,
    Recently, he started looking at going to Mexico so that he could shallow dive. Ehhh. Ok. Isn’t Cozumel where everyone goes? But whatever. Remember, all I care about is going somewhere-anywhere.
    Next he asked me, “What was that island you went to that you loved”? St. Lucia. So he started looking there. Over the next few days he did all sorts of research on it and just about drove me crazy with questions and “debate”—we ALL know I don’t like to debate (which I view as arguing). Sooooo…. I contacted a friend who is a travel agent. She sent some suggestions which he pooh-pooed.
    Yesterday I went to work and sent them both a text telling them to sort it out and let me know what the decision was.
    I will now be spending Thanksgiving on Barbados at an all inclusive which will cover as much diving and they will allow each day. I will be siting either poolside or beachside with an umbrella in my drink, reading a book or dozen. We have agreed that I will leave my phone and computer at home and that a select few people will have his phone number in case there is an emergency.

    What you keep saying, becomes a prayer, and prayers are always answered…
    I can’t wait!!!!!

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  4. We are still very low on rain, but are out of the worst fire danger. It is nice to start to see green lawns again. We would like more rain before the ground freezes. It is also cooler and that has been a relief for many of us.

    I hope all will go well with your vacation plans, Kim. Sounds like a fun time for you both.

    Happy birthday, Six Arrows!

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  5. Good morning.

    Thanks for the birthday greetings, AJ, Kim and Kathaleena! I’m starting my last year of being a 50-something — how did that happen?!

    2nd Arrow and DG are coming over today. I am looking forward to it! Nothing like having a sweet granddaughter around on one’s birthday. 🙂

    Happy Birthday to BG!

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  6. Good morning and happy birthdays.

    Sounds lovely, Kim! Just the thing. If there was an island here on my property, I would go. But I have enjoyed many islands and it is very relaxing. Praying for your rest and that you will return refreshed and ready.

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  7. Happy Birthad to 6Arrows and to BG. The years keep rolling by. Amazing how quickly they pass in the later half.

    Thankful to hear of Kim’s planned trip. It sounds fabulous. I am so glad you will get a break from his constant television watching. This is what he needs even more than you♡


  8. I am still feeling better but tire easily from focusing on screens or anything. I had an egg salad sandwich early and just had a snack of cashew butter with sliced banana on toast. It is great to feel up to enjoying food again. It’s the little things!

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  9. Good morning! I like the larger font.

    Happy birthday 6arrows.

    Sounds like fun, Kim.

    Hope you continue to feel better, Janice.

    Kathleena, praying you continue with rain.

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  10. The one time I was headed to buy tickets to Barbados (to meet a submarine), the US invaded Grenada and I chose not to haul two toddlers to a war zone.

    I’m sure that won’t happen to you–but I’ve never heard the end of not going to that beautiful island. 🙂

    Have a wonderful trip and I’m so happy Mr. P wants to dive. He knows the Caribbean, doesn’t he? 😉


  11. Morning and a most blessed Birthday greeting to you 6….grand babies are a delightful gift everyday aren’t they?!
    And HB to BG….continued prayers for her as well ♥️
    Hoping you feel better Janice …. Seems like your body has been fighting this so hard that you shall never be susceptible to the virus…ever!
    We will get away to the mountains in a couple weeks. We were just having a conversation about beach people and mountain people. We are definitely mountain people…and I explained to husband that I am a farm girl as well…but only for the raising of pets and crops.
    Have fun on your beach vacation Kim 😊
    Rain…always a welcome sight…and hoping you see more of it in your area Kathaleena…among everyone of us in the west…our high in the forest is to reach in the lower nineties today and tomorrow…10 degrees hotter in town…record setting 🥵
    And that is a most beautiful bird up there Aj!!

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  12. On Tuesday, the guys made a quick trip to Colorado. I stayed home to milk the cow. I went over to the east side of the state to visit my mom who had recently been in the hospital. Then, I went on down to see Amy to bring her a belated birthday cake. She was happy her momma loves her.

    In driving several hundred miles through ranching and farming country, I was struck by the complete lack of livestock. We have had an unusually wet summer and the grass is tall in the pastures. Outside of a couple of towns, I saw some bulls in a pasture. It was so dry before it started to rain, that the majority of cows were sold. Now, we have all of this beautiful grass in the fields with no cows to eat it. I fear for the spring when the winds blow and fires rage.

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  13. Kathaleena – We have had an over-abundance of rain this summer. This morning – another rainy day – coming back from the school-bus stop, I remarked to a neighbor that I hope that we are getting the extra-precipitation out of the way now, and will not be inundated with snow this coming winter. One can hope!

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  14. No pool noodles!? What next. Oh, the power grid that’s right.

    Bow normal rain is on tap (again, as usual) for the western US for the rest of this year.


  15. Mumsee, hay is outrageous here. A big bale that I would have paid $120 for last year is going for $200 now. Crazy fluctuations in the market. I have 6 goats and 4 lambs to send to market this fall. I was going to sell a couple of the mama goats, but Skylar died yesterday, and she was my best milker. We think she got into some sort of poison weed. The extra rain brings on other things as well.


  16. Hit spiced lemonade with honey and ginger will help all of your symptoms, Janice. Wish is was close enough to bring you a big batch.


  17. I believe Janice has all of those as she has been eating well for quite a while.

    Maybe Skylar disappeared because she was not feeling well. Or what you said. We also have a problem with toxic algae in a lot of waters. I believe that is what caused Jake to have seizures and it killed a calf of ours several years ago.


  18. Summer is over:
    Today is the first day this season in which it is too cool to sit outside.
    It would be nice if the wind weren’t blowing. But just too cool to be comfortable.
    That is the start of changing seasones.


  19. foggy and drizzling here. When the fog lifts a bit, the pilots will take off to pick up one new person and three returnees.

    I even turned on the backup hot water.

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  20. It is currently 90 in this forest…hot hot hot!
    I believe the ranchers must have carried their cattle to Colorado as we have fields of them around us. Mr Searle even has Texas longhorns…they are amazingly beautiful!!
    Janice I am asking the Lord to bring “normal” back to you! ❤️

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  21. Kizzie, okay, I am going to be wild. I think you should call an uber, which I have never done. and go to the house to see her. All by yourself so none of the sister feelings enter in. You could even tell the driver to return in an hour.

    Happy Birthday 6!

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  22. Jo – I am pretty sure that that would be seen as being intrusive. 😦 Still thinking of how to handle it, though.

    RK – I’m so sorry to hear about Skylar. 😦

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  23. Chas, a pool noodle is a colorful lightweight cylinder, a few feet long and maybe 4 inches in diameter, made of something lightweight sort of like styrofoam, but more flexible, that floats and makes a great pool toy. Kids love them for water play and sword fights.


  24. Kizzie, I am thinking that after this long, it is time to be intrusive. You wouldn’t stay for long, but time enough to give her a hug and tell her you care. To show her that you are willing to do whatever it takes to see her.

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  25. Some people use pool noodles in the basting of quilts. Banning them seems strange. I do know flotation devices can be banned at some beaches or pools. That is a safety measure, I believe.


  26. We found out today that my mom got tangled up in her dog’s leash this morning and fell over on her left side on the sidewalk. She has a small fracture in her pelvis and was admitted to a hospital. After a few days they’ll transfer her to a rehab facility. Appreciate prayers.

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  27. Ouch, Peter. Praying for your mom.

    Janice, prayers that you’ll soon be feeling better post-vax.

    Kathaleena, I wish we could have sent some of our rain we got last month to you. We had seven inches of rain in one day after we’d had fairly significant rain for consecutive days not long before that; then the flooding was followed by more rain, again on a few consecutive days, starting not long after the flooding was done.

    RK, so sorry to hear about Skylar.

    AJ, the print font looks great! I’m so glad it is helping Chas to see the conversation better and to keep participating!

    Kizzie, sorry to hear that Chickadee has not been responding lately to your messages. Jo at 5:05pm took the words right out of my mouth, and I think her thoughts at 6:11pm were excellent, especially the last sentence. BTW, I am currently reading a book entitled The Courage to Be Disliked, and while it’s not written from a Christian perspective, there are some good points for consideration for those of us who are conscientious but worry too much about what people think of us. If you’re worried that loving your daughter by going to visit her would be viewed as intrusive or a reason that a dysfunctional family like the McK’s would dislike you or see you in a negative light or whatever, well, that might just show Chickadee that your love for her trumps any worry you may have about what the McK’s might think about your actions. You are concerned that they are ruining your daughter’s life. It’s a legitimate concern. But don’t let them ruin yours. Let love transcend fear of what they may think. (I’m still learning this myself.) Prayers for you and yours, Kizzie.

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  28. Thank you for all the birthday wishes, everyone. It was a lovely day, both weather-wise — sunny, breezy, temps in the 70s; yeah! — and with the calls, texts, and emails from various family members and the visit from daughter and granddaughter, along with your nice well-wishes here. 🙂

    DG changes so much every time I see her! She turned two last month, and today at our house she was playing with plastic cookie cutters, naming their colors and shapes and identifying the letter cookie cutters by name. I took out some flashcards I use with my young piano students, on which is printed one letter of the musical alphabet per card. I laid the cards out on the couch, and without any prompting, DG started taking cookie cutters and laid them on top of the matching letter card.

    It was interesting to see the expression on her face when she’d find cookie cutters that didn’t match any card. (The musical alphabet only contains seven letters.) At first she would put the cookie cutters with no matching letter card on the piano bench — or the piano keys when the bench top got completely covered, lol. But after a while, with a very thoughtful, hmmmm-like look on her face, she started putting the cookie cutters on top of cards that had similar-shaped letters: for example, the letter O on the capital G card.

    She occupied herself with this activity for a good half hour, maybe a bit more!

    She’s talking more about her little sister coming next month. She points to 2nd’s considerable belly now, telling us who’s in there. 🙂 We can’t wait!

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  29. The problem is that since I do not know what is actually going on, a visit could make it worse. YA could spin it to be manipulative or some such thing.

    I have thought, though, of a phone call, thinking that hearing my voice could help break through to her (not to mention that I would love to hear her voice as well).

    Still praying for guidance and direction from the Holy Spirit. Thanks for the concern you have all shown. I appreciate it.

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  30. Flotation devices get banned because parents are at times dependent on them and do not properly supervise their small folk. If they slip out of their floaties or disconnect from their noodles, they tend to drown.

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  31. In the article I linked about Lake Mead, I don’t think it’s all flotation devices that are banned, just ones that give a false sense of security.

    I’m still wondering where someone saw that pool noodles are banned in a whole state, though, because I can’t find that.


  32. Okay, Kizzie, I am being very, very bold, especially for an introvert like me. You really don’t want to call her, that is just like texting. She may not say anything. You want to see her, to see with your own eyes if she is okay and you want to give her a nice loooonnnnggg hug. To really hold her and cherish her for a moment.

    I am even willing to pay for the uber or taxi. just let me know.

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  33. Maybe Kizzie could enlist the help of a church member rather than an Uber driver. I would park a distance away and watch ro see if YA leaves the home and then try to see Chickadee. It might take several tries. Maybe be there around lunch time.


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