38 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-7-21

  1. Good morning Janice, Jo, et.al.
    Seems like still a holiday here.
    I’m surprised that no cars are driving by, as usual on a workday.
    It’s too quiet for a Tuesday workday

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  2. Chas,

    Refresh your page.

    Does the new, larger font help you at all to see it better?

    I saw Peter’s suggestion to try that last night, so tell me what you think. 🙂

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  3. Morning! Aj you are amazing! I noticed the new font right away and smiled. A sweet blessing to know Chas can now see it more easily ♥️ Thank you!
    The sun made it’s appearance with a blazing orange glow this morning…more smoke moving into our area this week.

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  4. Nice new font!

    Well, it feels like Monday even though I worked through the holiday yesterday. And I was up for a couple hours as Cowboy needed to go out and then was having trouble navigating back up onto his dog bed. I read for a while, noting that he seemed calm and had fallen asleep (a couple hours later he got up and onto the dog bed and he seems good this morning). But basically it was a night with a little less sleep than I’m used to getting.

    Chas, because we had a Monday holiday this week, I’m guessing many folks took additional time off as this is, after all, the unofficial end of summer. Many families do their final summer-fun road trips this late in the season (barring competing school schedules, of course).

    Although where summer “went” (or, for that matter, spring, winter, fall, the summer and spring before that), I don’t really know.

    We live in a strange time in which life has changed for the time being. Time moves more quickly somehow (my office wall calendar still tells me it’s July!). I’m always having to stop and think about what month or day this is. (I know, because I don’t change my calendar!)

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  5. Been resting and searching out recipes. It’s a rainy day with thunder rolling in several directions but not right here. I am feeling the shot a little at this point. Honestly, I seem to feel it as a psychological hit in the way it makes me feel lack of control over my life. I have to do this thing (get these shots) so I can be a respectable person in my community, so I can engage in activities I have forgotten how to do, and I can help serve others. It takes a toll either way.

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  6. I did get Art to go through shorts and jeans to put together a large bag of clothes for donation. His t-shirts will be next. Whittling down and trying to refrain from buying more will make for better living space. The biggest challenge is socks. How do we have so many socks? I think I could supply a whole city school district with sock puppet material for several years.

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  7. I went into town and accomplished a few errands. The ski shoppe is now mandating masks to be worn in order to enter. Fortunately for me I carry one in my purse just in case….mission accomplished.
    The smoke is thick around here and my eyes are rebelling…I will stay indoors for the rest of the day…


  8. I was able to give two friends a ride up the hill from market. One waited for me while I shopped. You see today at market they had watermelons, Papaya, and mangoes. Those can get quite heavy carrying up a hill.

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  9. Thunder rumbles continue into the night. I have enjoyed some nice phone conversations that have taken my mind off my aching arm and yucky feelings. This is definitely worse than the first shot. I feel my body is clenching up to fight the invader which is similar to the bodily stress and tension I have felt when I have had an injury.


  10. I can’t believe it is only 3 am. Feeling pretty badly. We has a terrible thunder storm so I had to move away from the window to a cold spot which set off the chills. Then Miss Bosle,y in rare form, thought it was time to attack toes. All the action made me feel like I might barf but I didn’t I want to cry knowing that I feel awful but those like AJ and Cyrus and Annms had it much worse. In my brain fog I am sure I am forgetting some who suffered badly with it. Everyone reacts differently.


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