42 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-4-21

  1. Good morning AJ, et al
    I don’t know why you are up so early.
    Me too. No reason for it. It’s Saturday
    But I have already had breakfast. Just came here to check in.
    Nothing else going on. That’s good.

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  2. Saturday is mostly over here.
    No one came to my open house, which is what I thought would happen. Except my flat mate next door. We had a good talk. And then I found out that she has a birthday next week. Time for some scheming….

    Morning, Chas.

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  3. Good morning! These days the person driving somewhere may be going to pick up medicine for someone sick with Covid, or they could be going to get a nasal swab to see if they have Covid.

    I am glad I have you to converse with, Chas. I think you see more people in a week than I do.

    Amazing how Miss Bosley never grows tired of my company. I watched a chapel program yesterday and sang along to the hymns. I can tell Miss Bosley really wishes she could sing. Art had a tv program on last night which had singing, and she started meowing.

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  4. Morning! Another swooping bird up there…so graceful!
    We had more rain yesterday…thankful! It is supposed to only be in the low 70’s here in the forest today and we will take the opportunity to get some outside chores done while the air is crisp!
    Lots of people on the road around here going to and fro. The Balloon fest is happening in the Springs all weekend so there will be many hot air balloons floating in the skies. Too many people attend that for my liking…we shall just stay home.

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  5. Good evening JOj.
    The lady came and put something on the table and left
    I am now on my own until Monday. Maybe someone will come by to tke me to church tomorrow. It hasn’t been worked out yet.

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  6. I remember when we lived in another city, that the men in the church would get together Saturday morning for Bible study and a pancake breakfast. It started out as four men at a Denny’s, then moved to the home of a divorced man who made the pancakes for us. After a while the older sons joined us. I miss those days.

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  7. Peter, I wish the men in my church would do that. All of us ladies on our prayer calls have prayed for the men to have prayer and Bible study. I wish my brother would do something like that, too. I asked my brother this week why the men don’t do that. He was just silent with no answer. They go to Sunday school and church, two hours a week, punch their time card so to speak, and they are done. It is sad.


  8. We have a big event this weekend, Dragon Con, which draws folks from all over. I was invited by people who do evangelism at such large events to hand out tracts, but of course I won’t attend. The youngish couple will go as Star Wars characters. They are gifted at going to events like this and sharing Jesus. They do have interesting tracts and conversation starters. One is a million dollar bill, and who doesn’t reach out to take a free greenback? Then they ask the million dollar question which is, “What happens when you die?”


  9. Certainly is a beautiful day out there. We moved a bunch of hens from the chicken tractors to the chicken coops leaving the roosters for our butcher. Hopefully, they will all get along until he comes by.

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  10. Chas,

    Saturday morning at 8AM is Men’s Prayer Time. We meet at church, so I leave around 7:30. So I post a little after 7, shower, make coffee, and hit the road. 🙂

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  11. So far this morning I fed the starving cat, dropped and broke a cereal bowl in the kitchen, cleaned up the broken bowl, got another bowl out, made oatmeal (which I’m now eating with raisins).

    No hens, chickens, roosters, butchers or fresh garden produce here.

    Beef stew sounds delicious.

    But the temps are rising here today, up to 88 (from being in the 70s which is where temps will go again in just a couple days).

    My work email is filling up with crime alerts, since I’m the designated reporter working the holiday Monday editors have added me to the crime and breaking news list. Hit and run, missing person, statewide fire roundups.

    Lots of people hitting the road this long holiday weekend, people have covid (cabin) fever. Gas prices are up (still and again even more).

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  12. AJ @ 12:13
    One of the most important promises in Scripture.
    It says that a person trusting Christ has eternal life. Though they haul my dead body away, they are welcom to it. I don’t need it anymore.

    That says that “eternal life” is real. I don’t know what it’s like with the Lord, but I hope we know each other.
    Lotsa people I want to thank. Sojme, I already know.. I get the answer back, as audible, almost. When I say I wan to thank Elvera, the words ring in my head, almost in my ears: “She already knows”d

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  13. An amazing story of surviving a mass shooting



    God’s presence in a mass shooting
    An on-the-ground account of the 2013 Washington Navy Yard shooting

    … And the man pulled the trigger. The double 00 shot connected with my left hand, striking my little finger, the next finger and my thumb ripping them open. It then severed the three leather straps of the three bags causing the bags to fall to the floor. The shot shredded my clothing as it went through my upper left arm and left chest. When it exited my body, the doctors would tell me that I had a 5 by 5-inch hole. …

    … I had a gaping wound in my arm and chest, and was at serious risk of bleeding to death. While we didn’t exactly know the extent of my injuries, we did know that few people live when they are shot at point-blank range by a twelve-gauge shotgun.

    … As they settled me onto the roof, the three men crowded around me, each staring at me and then back to each other. We were living surreal moments, all of us in disbelief and shock. I asked the three men if they were men of faith. They said “Yes.” I directed them that the first thing I needed them to do was to pray with me. …

    … He and the two men viewed my multiple wounds and made note of the damage. Each took separate actions to ensure the bleeding was stopped. Zawislak took off his black uniform Navy jacket and stuffed the sleeves and collar into the front and back of my gaping wounds. The jacket plugged the five-inch hole that opened in the front and ran through to the back of my upper arm. Zawislak said, trying to lighten the gravity of the moment, “Look at that! You can see through Jen.” It was the kind of wound the cartoon characters receive when one shoots the other with the large ammo going through and leaving a hole—think Elmer Fudd and Bugs Bunny.

    This was the first of the humor that would become part of our experiences, memories, and a connection between the four of us. Equally funny to us was Zawislak’s apology that his ‘eagles’ (the rank pins for a Navy CAPT) were pressed inside my wounds. …

    … A second SWAT team member—another EMT—came over as well. Both men had green medical bags they dropped in front of me as the EMT on one knee looked at my wound and began his work to stop the bleeding.

    The other SWAT member helping me asked if I would be willing to get on a helicopter for transport to the hospital. I assured him, “Yes, you can call me 007. I love helicopters and have always wanted to fly in one, but I didn’t think this is how I would get to do it.”

    The next moment, a blue and white helicopter came over and hovered over the roof. The roof had angles which made landing impossible. As they lowered a 3 x 1 1/2 foot rectangle metal basket, along with a SWAT member who had been on the helicopter, it dawned on me exactly what the SWAT member had meant when he asked if I was up to a helicopter ride. I thought I would be placed in the helicopter. What he should have asked is if I would ride in a metal basket that was suspended below a helicopter!

    As it hovered, it began to drop the rectangle basket. The downdraft of the rotors blew my Nine West sandals across the roof and I yelled, “Save my sandals!” I watched as three different SWAT members in full tactical gear with their long guns chased after my sandals. As they were floating up and about to go over the precipice of the roof, one of the SWAT members captured them. He held one in each hand and yelled, “I got the sandals!” Another moment of humor. I was in awe how those men would do anything to help me—even chase after and save my sandals. …

    Those are just a few outtakes, definitely worth the read.

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  14. Snakes an Lattes . . . It is the name of a board game cafe in Toronto. That sounds amazing to me. I was listening again to Digital Minamalism and learned about that. They are thriving despite not serving alcohol and having what the author said was nothing outstanding on the menu. What a concept. It seems rather nostalgic, back to the fun part of my teenage years.
    Snakes and Lattes, the grown up version of Snakes and Ladders.


  15. I made a holiday treat, healthy raspberry bars which turned into banana raspberry bars since I only bought a small pack of raspberries. They are made with almond flour, almond butter, rolled oats, and maple syrup. I added a few shakes of cinnamon and a little salt. I had to choose between banana or applesauce to put with the raspberries. Raspberries are strong in flavor so I think I will continue to do half and half on the fruit.


  16. I flipped through the Land’s End and LL Bean newest catalogs and was surprised at how dull the colors are for this new season. Is it my eyes or the colors match our feelings about the world these days?

    It appears color blocks may be making an appearance again. The only pops of color I noticed were a minty turquoise and a rather deep coral. A lot of gray tones are on the scene, but maybe my eyes are fading out colors. I suppose these might be called earth tone colors. Maybe Kim knows?


  17. Nope, no word from Chickadee. 😦

    At this time, Nightingale is probably doing whatever one does at a campsite at night. Although, after that long hike, she may be sacked out by now.

    Boy is at his other grandparents’ house for the night. I hope he is not driving his Gramma crazy. (Well, she tends to go to bed very early, so maybe it is Grampa who he is driving crazy.)

    Janie was doing her best to drive me crazy. I am not happy. When she is down here, she does not sleep a lot, like most dogs do in their own homes. She always wants something – to go out, to eat some of Heidi’s food, to go out, who knows what, and to go out. What should have been a relaxing evening had me feeling stressed. I put her out to go potty and then upstairs in her crate earlier than I had planned because I was so annoyed. (And she did indicate that she wanted to go out and then upstairs.)

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  18. Thank you, Kizzie for posting. I thought I had killed the thread.

    I am still praying that you will hear from Chickadee in th ed next two days.

    How old are the McK’s? I am hoping they are older than you.

    Prayers for Nightingale to have a restful evening. We are watching a Hallmark movie about hiking in mountains to look for eagles. That has kept Nightingale on my mind.

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  19. Kizzie, as they age and slow down and need more help, the dynamics in the home will change and it might not be as much ‘fun’ for Chickadee to stay there. I keep hoping and praying for a breakthrough.

    This is the most beautiful Hallmark movie we have seen. I hope you and Nightingale can watch it sometime. Oh, no! A bear has entered the scene. It got ugly all of a sudden, but it is Hallmark so they are safe.

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  20. Yes, thankfully, Skylar was standing in the big pasture corrals when we got home. She seems no worse for the wear. I suspect that she got her fill of the Billy goat’s amorous ways. I turned him in with the girls on Aug 15.

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  21. Janice – On the flipside of that, I sometimes pray that Mr. and Mrs. McK will (for whatever reason) gently urge Chickadee to return to her own family.

    But I always add that above all, may God’s will be done. He may want her to continue to live there for His own purposes that I cannot see.

    I often wonder what Mr. McK really thinks about this situation, having Chickadee and his own two daughters in a small, two-bedroom apartment where he probably doesn’t have any (or not much) alone time with his wife.

    Many years ago, when all of our girls were still children, Mrs. McK had told me that her husband sometimes expressed frustration over not having much one-on-one time with her, because she wanted their daughters with them all the time. (I think I have mentioned that she did not like to accept invitations that did not include her girls.) Now that their older daughter is 33 and their younger daughter is 27, it would be reasonable to expect that they would be on their own, and he could finally have that time alone with his wife.

    But last I heard, it sounds like YA will be with them as long as they can support her. The younger daughter has more gumption, and will probably move out one day when she can afford it, and would presumably take Chickadee (who is her best friend) with her.

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  22. My solution that won’t work, I kno wes, is for all to homeschool, or at least in small groups.

    There are not enough school bus drivers here, so some schools are stuffing the children in. This morning I heard other er r schools are giving parents a stipend to transport their children to school.


  23. Nightingale is having a great time up in New Hampshire. She took some kind of outdoor exercise class, went on a zipline, and had Sunday brunch at a restaurant.

    Boy was brought back home around 3:30 this afternoon, and seems tired. He also is sad, as he is missing his mom. But he did get a little time to play with Gabby, and enjoyed the dinner I made.

    I made enough pasta and meatballs to feed the two of us tonight, and for the three of us tomorrow night when Nightingale will be home, as I figure that she is not going to want to whip up dinner after her long drive home. (Don’t be too impressed. The sauce was from a jar, and the meatballs are the pre-made frozen kind. 🙂 )

    To make her arrival back home more relaxing, I had taken all the glasses and cups and various dishes from upstairs that had not been washed (she lets them pile up for a bit) and brought them downstairs to put through the dishwasher. Also wiped down the counters and tidied up a bit. (Nightingale is wonderful and competent in many ways, but keeping up with stuff like that is not one of them.)

    Nightingale does not usually make her bed, and it was a mess, but I made it up nicely for her, figuring it would look nice and inviting when she comes home. Tomorrow, I will remind Boy to tidy up their living room, and then check it to make sure it looks good enough. (Boy’s “good enough” and my “good enough” don’t quite match. 😀 )

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  24. That all sounds quite pleasant, Kizzie. Glad for the update. I see my phone is really on bad behavior today when I reread my earlier post. I promise, if goes back and messes things up even when I have done an edit. Crazy!

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  25. Here’s one thing that Nightingale is probably not gonna like . . . Boy told me that X also spent the night last night at Other Grandparents’ house. His visitation is supposed to be only for four hours on a weekend day (usually Saturday). I kinda think that Nightingale is going to hit the roof when she hears about this.

    My plan is to not text her about it while she is gone or driving home, but to try to privately tell her about it before Boy gets around to it. That may not work, though, as he may start talking about his sleepover before I have a chance to talk to her privately. And of course, I don’t want to ambush her with it the moment she walks in the door. So it’s a little time balancing act I have to do there.

    Please say a prayer that that will all work out well, and that she won’t hit the roof.

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