35 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-2-21

  1. I see on TV that at least nine peoplle are killed by flooding in the northeast.
    Meanwhile the sun is rising brightly in Greensboro.
    Strange: Yo look on TV and see chaos. Look out the window and the sun is beginning to peak over the neighbor’s house.

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  2. Morning! We had a rain shower move through last night. It is a blessed sight to see the moist forest floor this morning…and the air has an autumnal freshness! One of the most delightful aspects of it all is the smoke is gone and we see blue sky! Thankful for this new day!

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  3. Good morning! To everything there is a season . . . Turn, turn, turn . . .
    Funny that my phone changed that second ‘turn’ into ‘TV run’ which was going to be my point.

    Our lives individually have ups and downs, times of joys and sorrows. But the television turns our lives into more sorrows than joys when we focus on the man made delivery of focus instead of what God made us to see instead.

    I wrote ‘joys’ and my phone changed it to ‘Joy’s’ so I changed it back to ‘joys.’ When I looked back again the phone had changed it back to ‘Joy’s’ I am dealing with an Autocorrect with the mind of a two year old.

    In about 15 minutes of news this morning I have grieved with mothers who have had tragedies that took the lives of teenage sons: one a hit and run; and the other crushed between elevators in a dorm like setting where only one elevator was working and it held over 4,000 lbs. In a 3,000 lab. capacity stall holding too many athletes. I imagine them having fun to see how many could squeeze in. Such a freak accident. These were two good teens doing good with their lives. TV informs my prayers so there is that good from knowing. But like Chas, I look outside and see a nice sunny day in comparison.

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  4. When Henri went through here as a tropical storm a couple weekends ago, there was some damage, some flooding, and power outages. But the remnants of Ida brought us a ton of rain in a relatively short period of time, and so there is some very serious flash flooding going on.

    My neighbor across the lane had some flooding in her home. (I don’t know the details. I suspect it was probably in the basement, but Boy, who told me about it, says it was in the main house.) Several people in the tri-state area have died. 😦

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  5. A news update says that this was Connecticut’s first “flash flood emergency” alert and there is also a tornado watch for parts of the state. (Not that we haven’t had flash floods before, but that they were not labeled as an emergency, with alerts going out.) And we didn’t even have Hurricane Ida here! (Except for her remnants.)


  6. NYC was deluged.

    I have a lot of catch-up work to do today after missing yesterday. It’s been a hard week all the way around for me. And I’m the primary reporter holding down the fort on Monday, Labor Day. Hoping nothing big happens. Last year we had a raging fire in the Angeles National Forest I had to cover ‘virtually’ by calling into the frequent news updates authorities had throughout the day.

    It’s overcast and cool again today, I’m wearing a sweatshirt in the house.

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  7. From today’s Breakpoint.com:

    Chuck Colson kept a plaque on his desk that read: “Faithfulness, not success.” Having climbed the heights of worldly success, he knew that nothing in this life could ultimately satisfy. Forced to reckon with how empty it all was, he encountered Jesus. As he wrote in Loving God,

    “God doesn’t want our success; He wants us. He doesn’t demand our achievements; He demands our obedience. The kingdom of God is a kingdom of paradox, where through the ugly defeat of a cross, a holy God is utterly glorified. Victory comes through defeat; healing through brokenness; finding self through losing self.”

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  8. I was talking with my teacher relative over the weekend and he said 95% of the high school students at his school came back. For those who didn’t want to come on campus, the LACSD formed an online school and they’re all enrolled there.

    Sounds like a much better plan than the teachers having to teach both online and in person.

    I asked about teaching all day wearing a mask–could the kids hear him?

    He laughed, “No one has trouble hearing me.”

    However, he did say that he has trouble hearing the students’ answers, so he reorganized his class into a circle and walks around, stopping at a student’s desk when they answer his question.

    So far, it was working.

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  9. Have I mentioned that son has 35 in one lit class and 28 in another and teaches 2 composition classes as well, all in person and masked. That is about 106 students weekly. I am so thankful they are masking.

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  10. We have cool mornings, so I am always wearing a sweatshirt here in the morning.
    I hope that I am not stirring up too much trouble, but I spoke to our school board rep about a couple of things yesterday. We will see if i put myself on the black list or not.

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  11. Back from a nice visit to Moscow. They are both getting more forgetful, asking the same questions over and over. I am sure it is the vaccine, nothing to do with their ages.

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  12. There’s a moth that’s been perched high on the wall over the fireplace for 24 hours now. I rousted him earlier, he fluttered around, then went right back to his spot.

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