51 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-30-21

  1. What happened to the summer? Seems like it flew past.

    Reminds me of this passage from Jeremiah 8:20: “The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved.”

    We as a nation are beyond the hope of man, yet God is still on the throne and will do His will, even if it means the end of our political liberties.

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  2. QoD2- Is there any interest in the Pigskin Picks this year? College football started with a few games over the weekend, but there is a full schedule this week.

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  3. Good Morning Everyone. It is still raining in sheets of rain and bands of rain from the storm. I drove in to Pensacola this morning. We are setting up a call center here to start calling about 300 of our Louisiana agents to see what they need, how they are, etc. Mr. P tried to talk me into staying home, but last year during Sally because of living a. distance from Pensacola I didn’t come over and help. I regretted not being able to, so this time I will participate and have no regrets.
    We have a Haul and will have 40 generators leaving here in the morning. We will see what else needs to be loaded up and taken.
    This one was bad. I told you we should be afraid of Ida.

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  4. I never thought I would be this person. Yesterday I watched them do the “Dignified Transfer” of those who died in Afganistan. I didn’t feel patriotic I felt ANGRY, I mean REALLY ANGRY. If I were the mother of one of them I would be even angrier. We were almost out of there and to lose a child this late in the war.
    I’m sorry I can’t even express myself well enough to tell you how I feel.

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  5. Good morning. We await the passing of Ida here and do not look forward to the possible tornados.
    Poor vision made it almost look like passing tomatoes which adds a touch of red humor. Five Rotten Tomatoes on Ida!

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  6. You never know the real reason we are there.When
    Iwa in the F, we made “weather reconnaisance” flights over West Pakistan.
    Get this: We flew two missions a week to determine if it was raining over theWest Pakistan desert. We actually caried weaher men. But the mission was to determine if the Soviets had exploded a bomb.

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  7. Home to plenty of work and a visit to the dentist.

    I’m tired, even after 8 wonderful hours of sleep, but so very thankful for such a rich visit in so many ways. God is good and I’m rejoicing and being glad.

    I don’t know what’s going on in the world–except, of course, I do. Sad days–but then Jesus told us things like this would come.

    Good cheer, though!

    He overcame the world. 😉

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  8. I am at the office making care calls to our agents. One just broke down she lost her son 2 years ago. She also works in a hospital so she ha been dealing with Covid. She evacuated but can’t get in touch with a neighbor with 4 small children. She talked to someone and has lost everything
    Please say a prayer for Maida

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  9. Seems strange: Me sitting here by the computer and TV. Watching the world go by.
    Seeing the turmoil and realizing this isn’t all. jEvery morning, cars drive by. People going to do something. In the evening, they are finished and going home to supper.
    The world keeps turning.

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  10. The yellow jackets have taken over the hummingbird feeder, along with the hornets. We will move the feeder from beside the deck. The hummingbirds are still there but not as much fun to watch with fifty wasps and hornets buzzing around.

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  11. The hospitals in the hurricane track must have been so hard hit with all they’re dealing with already.

    Haha, I just tried to remove that extra ‘j’ in Chas’s post, thinking it was part of mine.

    It’s Monday.

    I was up a few times last night to stumble through the house to let Cowboy out (which invariably triggers the cat to meow incessantly demanding to be fed, even if it s 2 in the morning); I finally just left the back door open at 5:30 a.m. thinking it’ll be light soon enough. I just don’t want a skunk or a coyote wandering in while it’s still dark and the wild critters are more active.

    it’s a busy week ahead and I’m behind before it’s even started.

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  12. Working from home I can micro-manage the door openings. The flies are the worst during the day. Tess and the cat can still navigate the doggie door but Cowboy needs personal door service.

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  13. Uh oh Dj…skunks do meander during the daylight…one was climbing over the woodpile out at the back of the property…I noticed it because of it’s distinct black and white colors…pretty but off putting! And a coyote was standing in the middle of the road last Sunday as I made my way to church…10 am…. We do tend to see those coyotes at all times of the day 😳

    Peter’s post @ 8:43. We as a nation are beyond the hope of man, yet God is still on the throne and will do His will, even if it means the end of our political liberties.

    Yes we must remind ourselves continually of this truth as we watch this unfold before us. We cannot help but to cry and get angry at the atrocity, loss of lives, grieving families and nation. Not to mention the imbecilic actions of the current administration, Congress and Senate………But God……

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  14. Yes, coyotes are seen at all hours here, too. Skunks more at night still — and I think all these critters realize they have more freedom to roam and explore closer to homes when it’s dark and all is quiet and still.


  15. On TV they keep talking about a deadline for getting everyone out of Afghanistn. They don’t say what happens if we don’t meet that deadline.


  16. What happened to summer, Chas asks. Good question.

    I kind of blame the “blending” of the seasons and months on the pandemic that has us all stuck at home more than we’re used to, with regular benchmark activities either canceled or just weirdly so different now. I was surprised to realize over the weekend that I’d not been inside the Target store for I don’t know how long, but definitely not since the start of this pandemic.

    We’ve also had a remarkably cool August (and summer altogether, actually). I had to put on a long-sleeved T-shirt over my other T-shirt as I’m working at the front of the house where the big open windows are sending a strong and very cool breeze inside.

    Our “high” temps for the coming week are all in the mid or low 70s.


  17. Starting Wednesday, we will have highs in the low 70s for a few days (high 60s for one of those days). But with humidity.

    Right now, it is 79* with 76% humidity, and a “feels like” temp of 84*.


  18. I planned on making some, but with the drought that will not happen.

    Our neighbor across the road said he had a bucket of water out and found hundreds of hornets swarming in it. The poor animals are hard pressed to find water this year.

    I just heard about another person in very bad shape in our local hospital from Covid.

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  19. Good night, Chas.
    Morning everyone.
    Time for some sleep here.
    Tomorrow begins with early morning market, then off to school to teach. in the afternoon I do a session of tutoring, then an hour to prepare for the next day, then a staff meeting. Finally in the evening we have our fellowship group for prayer. I am hosting in my friends home uphill from me, which means snacks and devotions.

    I am tired just thinking of such a busy day. off to bed

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