38 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-25-21

  1. Nah, I liked the picture of the kind man with his birthday cupcakes. I tell Mr. P all the time he better watch out for you. His birthday is tomorrow. He got a delivery last week that shipped too early so he has been able to celebrate since then. I am so proud of myself. Not only did I handle that, I have a birthday card signed and in my closet to put out by the coffee maker in the morning and I have plans to buy him an extension ladder so he will quit borrowing and not returning one that belongs to a friend.

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  2. Morning…pretty bird in flight up there! I’m going to go out on a limb and guess a golden eagle…
    Chas sounds like a couple of critters at Mumsee’s house will be gone to this life by the end of the day….and if one of those happens to be a sheep..well that just makes me sad! And that is why my husband will not let me have a sheep farm.. 😊

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  3. Chas, it won’t work out for the railing and the buckling.

    I just got the car moved down to the curb, neighbors have some back-to-back, post-stroke appointments today through Friday, starting early in the mornings so will need the driveway space for comings and goings.

    I’ll wait for the person who’s parking so often now in front of my house to move their car and then I can slip back in front of the house later today, hopefully; for now it’s across the street. I am trying to avoid leaving it out at the curb overnight due to a spate of catalytic converter thefts that are sweeping through our neighborhoods.

    I spent yesterday chasing a story that didn’t come to fruition (and I am hoping not to write, it has to do with a union family and the loss of their husband/dad, a union official, to covid, unvaccinated

    It was reported at the last harbor commish meeting by one of the commissioners but without family approval which is where I’d picked it up. Editor said he’d think about it over night, he still thinks it’s newsworthy but my thought is if the family adamantly does not want it out for public consumption (even though it already is due to it being stated at last week’s meeting), we should let it pass.

    Meanwhile, I’m supposed to get some info today on tenants signed up for the new waterfront development.

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  4. Stand-off: Neighbor’s black-and-white ‘teen-aged’ cat. LeeLoo, is crouched high on a branch in one of my backyard trees. Annie Oakley, her older black-and-white twin, is sitting below, yowling and staring her down.

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  5. It’s 90 degrees out, and I just mowed about half the lawn. I did the shaded part. God was kind to bring a few clouds to give a tad more relief. I am soaked with sweat. I was thanking God for a slight breeze, too.

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  6. Editor is talking with senior editor but I think I’ve made a good enough case for not doing a story on that particular individual — we are, however, still trying to chase down covid case numbers on the waterfront currently, they have to be going up.

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  7. Moses thinks they got covid from me after the camping trip, when I probably got it from my grandson. The family had tested, except him, thinking they all had the same thing but were all negative before the camping trip. Moses got tested and had it. His family as well. He will probably lose his job as he will not get vaccinated. His job has lost lots of folk who refuse the vaccine. They told him he could take the religious exemption because they want to keep him.

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  8. I took a religious exemption for the shot. Not sure how healthcare will continue to function in New Mexico with so many workers who will be suspended beginning Friday.

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  9. Blessed are those who mourn.
    On the way up to the mailbox a few minutes ago, I saw two tiny spotted fawns. Too young to be away from mom but big enough to be going around with her. They were not lying in cover but walking around a harvested field next to my driveway. They saw me and sprang away when they realized I was going to pass them. We have had the death of over five hundred white tails in the immediate vicinity in the past few months, all dying from a hemmoraghic (sp) disease. I could not help but wonder if their mom had suffered the same fate and they were now on their own. And so I was mourning the entrance of death and destruction in our world, due to sin. And the whole world groans in waiting for the making new. And we see it with covid, and wars and earthquakes and so on.

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  10. Daughter says the religious exemption at her place of work (the hospital) is only short term so they can try to manage the exodus of the personnel in stages rather than all at once. She went with the “trying to have a baby” clause, which they are. I told her her husband should be eligible for the same.

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  11. Janice, I was guessing I had it because of the exhaustion I had after camping, the runny nose, sore throat, and the loss of smell and taste. No other symptoms and did not get tested. Moses’ family had the same symptoms more or less and he did get tested.

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  12. There was a good cloud cover late this afternoon so I ran out and finished mowing just before the rain started. The rain did not last long. God is so good, over and over.


  13. Mumsee, was it the Delta or original? I can certainly see why you might think that the jab is unnecessary.

    I have settled into acceptance personally because of my own set of circumstances. There are a lot of gray fuzzy issues in people’s lives that others can’t comprehend because it is out of their experience range. It is sad how people get so bent out of shape if someone does not do the same thing they chose for themselves. Somehow it is taken as an offense against their choice.

    I saw that a lot when homeschooling. It was an automatic offense to some people that I would dare walk the road less taken. It is easier to make everything black and white, but decisions are made in the gray area. Pun intended.


  14. LAPD is getting hit hard, lots of absences from Covid right now.

    Still no word from the port on covid cases, but meantime I’ve got plenty to do other than that — waterfront development story, a zoom community meeting at 6 for another story on a development next to the Target in town, a clean-truck port wide workshop via zoom tomorrow, and two stories that were assigned to me to run with a ‘kindness’ section we’re doing, but those aren’t due until 9/3.

    Watering here is caught up for now but I’ll have to start another round of that by the weekend.


  15. Janice, my understanding is that when they test for Covid, they are not testing for the variant. That requires a more precise genome sequencing test. But Delta is the prevalent variant in Idaho at this time. So likely but not for certain.

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  16. I suspect it is as likely as if I had the vaccine. It appears the vaccine is better for the original or beta or gamma but that is for the experts to determine. I am merely the guinea pig.


  17. I read that there is a lambda variant out now. As virulent as the delta is, maybe enough people will get it that we will hit herd immunity.


  18. The Peru one, resistant to vaccine.
    Rkessler, are you saying we can reach herd immunity by people getting one of the variants even though some get alpha, some beta, and so on? It does not have to be all the same, just covid?


  19. Thank you 10:59.

    Delta is still close enough that the current vaccines cover it, for the most part.

    Lambda is more complicated, but so far not many cases of that have turned up. Yet.

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  20. I don’t know nothing about none of that.B’
    But it looks like Jo has it under conrol
    Good night Jo.
    Good morning everyone else.
    Off to breakfast now.


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