43 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-18-21

  1. Television is a wonderful thing.
    In one instance, a woman on the screen crying out for help.
    The next instant? A woman on the same TV trying to sell me something.

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  2. Good morning, Chas. The sun still rises. God is still sovereign. We are still His.
    Life has always had challenges around the world, it is just now that it is in our living rooms and we can see it. God may allow it into our living rooms for real as well and that is okay. He remains sovereign, working on each of us. Pruning here, adjusting there, a little feeding and watering. Soon and very soon, we are going to meet the Lord.

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  3. Morning! What a sweet delicate bird up there! Yes our Lord cares for even our feathered friends…how much more does He care for His own…
    We keep the television off for the most part. I read of the unrest in this world and pray for His mercy and protection. The stench of evil and rebellion against our Creator will not be tolerated.
    Even now come Lord Jesus.
    I am thankful for you all here….even while we may not agree on everything our bond is in Christ…therein lies sweetness and hope for tomorrow….

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  4. Cool!
    I also have a red Subaru Forester from about 2016. Its name is The Kingdom so when I text my husband or others to say I am on my way, I can say The Kingdom comes. But Barnabas is good.


  5. The local story picked up by AP. Very nice, and that’ll provide lots of additional exposure.

    Sigh. Missing those no longer here today.

    It’s off to the eye doctor this morning for me — and the day after that may be a wash, work-wise, if they dilate my eyes. I was overdue to get in, and planned to call them this week for an appointment, when they called me yesterday asking if they could get me in for this overdue exam (they had a cancellation). I really need new glasses.

    Turned out this was the perfect day as it was the only one this week without something I needed to cover.

    I was up early to move the Cherokee down to the curb, neighbors have more doctor appts this morning for post-stroke care.

    Yes, the world is in a mess, but it usually is. Sometimes we’re just more aware of it.

    God still rules the nations, amen? May our hope always be in Him and not in the small politicians who will always vie for power, only to mess it upon way or another.

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  6. I enjoyed reading last night about the the anonymous gifts that have been given and received here on the blog.
    I think I shared once that I hadn’t received flowers in a very long time. WeekenderMan sent some to my office. It really was nice of him. For those of you who remember him, I am still in contact with him on FB. He has developed memory issues from an accident he was in some time in the 1980’s. I also think he has gone through a divorce but am not 100% sure.
    My Mama Ruth was the best at anonymous gifts. She would always find a family around Christmas and either provide “Santa Claus” for their children or send them a cashiers check from “Santa Claus”. She LOVED doing it.

    On watching television…I could do without it. Mr. P has to have noise from he time he wakes to the time he goes to sleep. He was making himself miserable the last few years watching the news. I finally convinced him that all we really need is the 30 minutes of national news at 5:30 and the 30 minutes of local news at 6. Anything more is just filler and sensationalism.
    I can remember when “we interrupt our scheduled programming to bring you…” and you got to hear it as it happened, straight from the people doing it. Even then, though, I noticed that when the news reporter recapped what had happened I would think, “No, that’s not right”. I can only imagine it has gotten worse since then.

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  7. The 24-hour cable news outlets, along with our lovely social media, has changed a lot of what we hear and see, and not usually for the better these days.

    News — I tend to consume more than my share, by choice or not, as I’m exposed to it online throughout my work days. But I won’t turn the TV on before evening — and nowadays all I really want is a snippet of that news (which is usually old to me), then I’ll find something escapist to livestream for a while.

    I’m quite over the Days of Outrage.

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  8. Did I mention son had his AR and nearly two hundred rounds of ammo on the passenger seat next to him? Made for an interesting fire as I understand. There is some video circulating on the ammo going off in the fire. No more AR. No more ammo. No more phone. No more shoe. No more car. We are grateful God had His people on hand to extract son before the fire. He has been in touch. Some of the many nice people around here, fellow believers.

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  9. Thanks for the article, Michelle. Our church is also unique. Founded during the time of the Gold Rush, we are getting close to 200 years old. And we had one little old lady who was a prayer warrior. We were known by missionaries around the world as she and her friends prayed for them and wrote letters.

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  10. From my online Bible study:
    Who was the richest lady financier in the Bible?
    Pharoah’s daughter who went down to the bank of the Nile and drew out a little prophet.
    Good one for our study of Exodus.

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  11. Off to school on this Thursday morning. It is an interesting class. One of the boys comes to us with his concerns, but he uses such a quiet voice that neither of us can hear him. And how to tell him that the Russian doesn’t understand anything that he says.

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  12. Our church has been called (by one of my former, very formal elders) “a beach church.” Yes, we’re near the beach, yes our pastor was on the beach volleyball circuit and has grown up all his life on our local sands; but it was probably some of our more casual “beach-y” attire that drew the derisive comment.

    We lease space in a business park and have looked for a church building to purchase, but prices are simply too high here on the coast.

    The church does gather for beach afternoons/evenings throughout the summer (for social times in the middle of the week, not for worship).

    I really miss having a “real” church building for the architecture, ambiance and acoustics they provide.

    But it was the one thing that had to “give” when I transferred from the sister church about 15 years ago or so.

    (Our pastor made the comment the other day that he’s known as sort of the “religious guy” at the beach and has a very wide circle of Christian and non-Christian friends built up over a lifetime living, teaching, coaching and pastoring in the same area; he’s often asked to do funerals, many for non-believing families.)

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  13. It is another term used as helicopter is used but a bit more specific. I yf is those parents who mow down any obstacles in the way that would b eff a challenge for the child. Basically, their path through life while under the parent’s guidance is made so easy that the child does not learn needed life lessons. Mumsee is not a lawn mower parent, nor is Nightingale. I don’t think I was because I suspect it might take extra money to make a path so easy.

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