35 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-12-21

  1. Good Morning Wanderers.
    Real Estate Rule #1. The lower the price point the harder you will work to get it to the closing table.
    Today I will be spending the day with a buyer who is on the autism spectrum and has gone into overdrive getting various inspections and quotes. She got it all scheduled without going through me and has upset the selling side.

    The seller I mentioned a while back who is about to lose her house? Her brother tracked me down yesterday. They haven’t been able to get in touch with her. He asked if she was on drugs. I delicately avoided giving him a complete answer. He told me he would send their sister today to get things moving.

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  2. Good morning. We did not sleep out last night as the smoke rolled in again. A nearby community was evacuated for fire. I will take their smoke and pray for them.

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  3. Prayers, Kim, for walking on eggshells♡

    Good morning, Wanderer fsmily. It is time for my coffee and Bible study. Have a pleasant start to your day. It is always pleasant for me to start with Y’all, coffee, and God’s everlasting Word. And, of course it goes without saying, Miss Bosley, the velcro cat.

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  4. Morning! Pretty flowers up there Janice…I think my hummingbirds would love those!
    I’ve noticed we have had not many bees around this summer…some but not many…that is not a good sign! 😞
    Yay for grand babies visiting! Have fun doting on him this day Mumsee….

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  5. Michelle, we had grands who received ‘free lunch’ all summer on weekdays. They so don’t need that. On top of that there were the things they refused to eat. Some the adults could eat and some will keep, so could be eaten still. I was told that they were told the food would go to waste if the families did not participate. I was astounded and unhappy about so much of this. I suppose that is for the political thread. I am just saying you are not alone in having grandchildren in that situation. Just more ways to feel self-righteous for some and get others dependent on government. 😦 Your granddaughter sounds adorable. 🙂

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  6. I agree about the free lunch “for everyone,” just a bad precedent that has all kinds of ramifications, setting up expectations that it is the school (or government) that should provide for families (even when they’re able to do so).

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  7. One of my relatives is a teacher in South Central LA (formerly known as Watts). In the first half of the pandemic, the LA County School District discovered they were the biggest feeder of people in the county–particularly children, of course–and ended up giving away at least lunch and breakfast and possibly dinner, too.

    They bought everyone a Chrome book so they could be educated, then discovered few had an Internet connection, in part because of people losing jobs.

    So, the next week they provided a hot spot for all their students.

    A week later, they learned everyone had gone through their allotted hot spot time because everyone in the family used the connection to watch movies.

    So, the head of the LACSD arranged with an Internet provider to provide a reduced rate, so everyone could have Internet.

    He didn’t know how badly the budget was busted, and, of course, it continued again last fall.

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  8. Friend of mine who was doing online teaching through a private company — the students are in China, learning English — said the company was just told “no more” teachers from the U.S., so she and all the other US teachers are out. She’s been doing those classes for 3 years (ungodly hours, she had to get up at 3 a.m. due to the time difference) and it was a financial help following her retirement from LA schools. China is becoming scarier.

    Now it looks like LA schools are hurting to fill lots of vacancies, especially for more concentrated work with students who need it, so she’ll probably be able to pick up work there.

    In other news, I killed a mosquito that landed on me this morning. Bloody.

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  9. I suppose I could hire myself out as a homeschool helper. More and more are being driven to homeschool. Free lunches without any individual considerations would be a big push for me to homeschool. That had no bearing on our decision back in the ancient history of homeschooling.


  10. Thanks for the comments on the flowers. Those are the Mesa Yellow Blanket Flowers or the Galardias. I get more blooms every year. They really like it here. My CA friend sent a variety pack of wildflower seeds and this made a stand and knocked out all the rest. I did find one cone flower that bloomed in addition to this bountiful grouping. The lone cone flower ended up looking like an albino in the midst of all the yellow flowers.

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  11. Nightingale was just telling me about one of her patients who is sliding down towards the end of his life and has been put on hospice comfort care. He is one of her favorites, a man who always said “Thank you!” to everything that was done for him. She would call him Papa.

    But Papa has not been communicative lately. Knowing that his time may soon be drawing to an end, Nightingale took a brief break (she ordinarily does not have time for breaks, but needed this one, even if only for a few moments) and sat with him, holding his hand. She talked to him, trying to see if he could respond in any way. His eyes did briefly flutter open, but then closed again.

    When she said, “I love you, Papa,” she saw a tear run down the side of his face.

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  12. Nightingale’s nursing home recently had a couple employees in housekeeping test positive for Covid, so all the nurses and CNAs are back to wearing all the protective gear – masks, face shields, and long plastic gowns over their scrubs. (They had been still wearing masks, but not the other stuff since everyone got vaccinated and no one had had the virus for a long time.)

    And then their air conditioning unit went out, just as our weather has been in a high humidity heat wave. Everyone is miserable.

    The patients have air conditioners in their rooms, but most of them do not like them on, since many (most?) older folks get cold too easily. Let’s pray that the air conditioning unit gets fixed soon!

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  13. Those flowers are so cheerful, Janice, thanks.
    Michelle, the other girl in my picture of my class on Facebook, is the second from the left. She has her hair pulled back. Some girls here wear their hair quite short. My first year teaching here I did not know one student was a girl for a while.

    The other girl in the picture is a spoiled youngest and always looks glum. I have three who just turned 5 and three are 7. plus the Russian. There may be only 10, but they challenge us daily.

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  14. Just got off the phone interviewing a high school English teacher — in-person school starts Monday for many of our regional districts, including LA, so teachers this week have been in training.

    Think about it, many of these freshmen and even sophomores have never been on campus for classes yet, due to covid keeping everyone in online ‘distance’ learning. What chaos it’ll be.

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  15. LeeLoo, the black-and-white Annie look-alike kitty from next door, was poking around our backyard. Cowboy really perked up and wanted to say hi, but she fled. She has a dog of her own.

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  16. I finally got my 2nd Shingles shot.

    They were trying to talk me into getting the flu shot, too, but I’ve heard that’s best taken near the end of September to make sure it lasts through flu season.


  17. We may not even need them this year if we’re all social distancing and wearing masks again.


    That sure cut down on the seasonal flu cases last year.


  18. We are having quite a display of lightning this evening. It must be in the distance. The thunder is not near. I do hear a lot of mowing from the kitchen. I opened a new bag of cat food and that stirs up the starves Miss Bosley.


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