35 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-11-21

  1. Good morning, Y’all.

    My arm got sore and a bit stiff last night and is still sore this a.m. but not quite as much.

    I spent a good portion of the day yesterday in bed dozing on and off, not from sickness, but from a depression from the ordeal of deciding to get the vaccine. I thought I would not be able to sleep last night, but I had a heavy sleep all through the night.

    God did not convict one way or the other about the shot. My answer from Him was He is sovereign so whichever choice I made would work within His plans.

    My feeling of depression was from a sense of being defeated by my circumstances of where I live and by the majority of the people in my life here being vaccinated and how I would have to continue to be considered anti-social without getting vaccinated. I am worn out by it all. And then in getting the vaccine, I felt like my non vaccinated friends must feel that I let them down. I am so sorry if my choice has made any feel that way. My heart is still firmly supportive of your choice.

    I am drinking coffee and hoping to pop out of the bubble of depression today.

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  2. Good morning.

    If anything, Janice, your choice has been an encouragement to me. We still have freedoms. And I certainly understand the pressures and how uncomfortable that is. May you enjoy the peace of our Lord in your desire to please Him.

    Beautiful day here. We will need to sleep outside tonight as the skies have been cleared and we will want to watch the Perseids if possible.

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  3. One of the ‘driving” thoughts on my decision has been about my 91 y/o friend who gave me rides when I did not have my license. Now since she is no longer driving, I want to give her rides but without being vaccinated I have not felt I should. It’s all the little things . . .

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  4. Morning! Is that the same fella who was in flight yesterday?!
    Hot one today and I am waiting for the septic guys to get here to clean out the tanks…something that just needs to be maintained around here….
    Janice I am praying the Lord will give to you the resolve and comfort needed for the day. When my neighbor seemingly gloated over my getting the shot I told her I trusted the Lord with or without the shot…He is Lord over all ♥️

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  5. Fully confident God will have His way in my life, I am torn between making friends and family comfortable (a worthy reason) and the evident non human interest of Fauci and other pushers of the vaccine. As I told daughter, when Trump was President and working toward the vaccine, I was confident he had the best interest of the country in mind and would be striving to get good people in to make it a valuable resource, and I was sure I would take it when it became available. With the current administration and Dr in charge, I am not convinced of their motives. Historically, they have had a drive to make us like all the other countries and to depopulate. That is a scary group to have in charge. But I know they are not the ones ultimately in charge and it may well be His Will for their agenda to come to fruition.

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  6. I am so sorry all the medical issue has been so politicized and that the media has become so unreliable for gathering the facts. Still, we have to deal with life as it is. Realizing the sovereign nature of God etc. seems the best place to begin.

    I do have problems when I see comments from Christians that they have no need to get the shot since God can take care of them. That is some very shallow thinking, IMO, and isn’t helpful either. I think we have to resist shallow thinking and being caught up in the politics, as well, as far as our own choices.

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  7. In reading the Phillip Yancy book, he did not find out the true circumstances of his father’s death until he was an adult. His father had been in the iron lung for his polio, but since their circle was all about being missionaries and faithfulness to God, they decided to pull him out from the iron lung and trust in God’s healing alone. He died at age 23. So many things have combined to make me change course.

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  8. Adorable 9 the other day told me she was free this week if I needed any more scanning done.

    Surprised, I told her I would think about it.

    Since she starts back to school on Thursday, I decided to pick her up after I taught Bible study yesterday and bring her over.

    We stopped first at Starbucks, hoping to see one of my former housecleaners who now has a “real job” there. I also knew Adorable 9 thinks Starbucks frappuccinos are very adult.

    Our friend wasn’t working yesterday, but the barista told us how much they love her and what a difference she has made for them all with her cheerfulness. The glory of the Lord shining through.

    They made a mistake on Adorable’s drink, but she didn’t care she felt so grown up. 🙂

    (It’s the little things, right?)

    As we drove home, I asked her how much she’d charge me to scan photos.

    “Oh, $10?”


    But, she diligently worked for four hours. I was in a quandary. I had already told the girls, “A workman is worthy of her/his hire.” How could I pay her $2.50 an hour for all that work that helps my peace of mind?

    So, I told her I’d pay her $20.


    “You worked hard. A workman is worthy of her hire.” I wanted her to value work.

    Except, that’s only $5 an hour. I excused myself to talk with Grandpa.

    Explaining the dilemma, I said, “I think I want to pay her twice that. But $40?”

    He laughed. “She worked hard. Besides, it’s a tax-free way to lower our estate.”


    I handed her two $20 bills as we walked to the car. “You earned it.”

    She was very, very excited and gazed at those bills all the way home.

    I shouldn’t have trouble getting Adorables to work for me for, I’d say, the next 16 years. 🙂

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  9. I look forward to reading that book Janice. From what I understand he lives here in CO.
    Concerning the shot I do have friends holding the conviction that this is not something the Lord would have them take….it is to be settled between them and the Lord and I hold no judgement. I do have some friends who shame other believers for taking the shot…that is not something to be putting forth as a believer in my estimation….

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  10. A chatty nine-year-old can be very informative. She starts at a new school on Thursday, grades 4-6, that her aunt, brother, and sister attended.

    “I get free hot lunch all year!”

    Startled by such generosity, I asked why–since her family doesn’t need free lunches.

    Her forehead wrinkled. “There are too many children who don’t get enough to eat, so they decided to feed everybody.”

    Blood boiling, I merely commented, “I’ve heard school lunches aren’t very good.”

    “That’s what A [older sister] said.”

    “Well, if you don’t like them, I guess you can bring one from home.”


    (She’s never eaten a school lunch before!)

    We live in the oddest world.

    And since there’s no such thing as a free lunch, she and her generation will be paying for that lunch for the rest of their lives. 😦

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  11. I had to race out to the Iowa to cover the announcement by the mayor of some new Microsoft partnership to train veterans. Got the phone text at 6:30, saw it at 7 a.m. Thing started at 9:15.

    They had no press kits or other info handy. And it was sweltering out on that deck this morning, we seem to be getting some higher humidity levels.

    Somehow I need to pick up dog meds today either before noon or between 2 and 5 p.m. Not only is the clinic a good distance away, but they’ve really restricted their hours during the pandemic.

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  12. “It’s an imperfect situation, but it would a lot worse without the vaccinations.”

    My veterinarian’s summation when I saw him briefly this morning (he’s a generally brilliant guy when it comes to science and medicine — and one of his daughters now is researching viruses in Africa).

    Of some concern, he said it’s looking like the Lambda variant (Peru) might require a new vaccine. That’s still being studied and so far Lambda hasn’t shown up in any large numbers in the U.S., but cases have been found in Florida (I think) and Texas.

    But existing vaccines, he said are doing what they’re supposed to do with the Delta variant — “breakthrough” infections aren’t completely preventable, but serous illnesses and hospitalizations are being held at bay among the vaccinated.

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  13. I can’t keep my eyes open today, which is a problem since I’m working.

    Our weather suddenly turned very overcast and ‘muggy’ — It’s only around 80 degrees but with 50% humidity, high for us.

    I’m back in the office room at the rear of the house and have the ceiling fan and a small desk fan going on high.

    All I want to do is take a nap.

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  14. It is warm here. Somewhere around ninety, but supposed to be much warmer tomorrow and the next day, when son and family should be here. He asked if we have air conditioning. I laughed.

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  15. 50 degrees here, inside. And the only way to get warm is to wash the dishes! It is sunny out, so it should be warm later, but not in my home. I face the view, but not the early morning sunshine. I have to get up and at em, Chas, in order to warm up.

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  16. My arm is still tender tonight. Otherwise, I am feeling better.

    Oh, I know. I chopped up cabbage by hand for slaw. That is what stirred up the vaccinated arm tenderness

    Miss Bosley has been very kind to me lately. Art said she could feel my tension before I went to get the shot.

    Wesley has his first real personal office space. I thought he had that at Baylor but found out groups of the grad teachers shared space.

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  17. DJ – Out here we consider 50% humidity to be moderate humidity, I guess because we are used to higher humidity in summer. But even that does make the heat seem hotter.


  18. Kizzie, yes, we normally don’t get really high humidity, thankfully. But we’re sensitive, not being accustomed to much humidity at all.

    I signed out of a zoom meeting just now after two hours (a planning meeting on various projects going on in the area). I tried hanging in there but it’s been a long day already and it’s almost 8 p.m.; they got stuck on a proposed apartment building (one of many that have been going in at a rapid pace over the last few years).

    I still need to walk Tess and would like to unwind a bit. Tomorrow I’ll have to call one of our area school districts, we’re all gathering info and quotes from area schools about the reopening process that’s right around the corner.

    Contacted my former elder whose wife, an RN, was one of our church members who tested positive for covid after that women’s meeting early last week. He said she was not feeling well for a couple days but is better now and so far no one else in the household has tested positive.

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  19. I suppose that you are all asleep again. Close to 5pm here and a beautiful sunny day. Oh they may be burning the fields in the distance. When it doesn’t rain, they burn.


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