30 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-9-21

  1. Good morning! This lazy lout is up and about! I see Chas and his alter ego are both with us this morning. Fun!

    I told Art that it seemed hard to believe, but it was just yesterday morning that Wesley was having breakfast with us.

    The purring cat is lap sitting this morning. The other day after I folded some jeans fresh out of the dryer, Miss Bosley sat down on them and began making bread.

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  2. Last night’s root beer discussion got me remembering this local/regional favorite: IBC Root Beer. It originally was made in St. Louis during Prohibition, but is now a part of the Dr. Pepper/Seven Up conglomeration. I find it delicious, better than the ones mentioned.

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  3. Up and at em!! That is an amazing photo up there!! I wonder what is going on to have his crest feathers at attention? The contrast between the red and white is stunning! Great start to a Monday!
    Nothing special happening around here this week as we are just in survival mode with the heat and smoke. The schools are opening and we shall begin to see the school buses out and about. But hey….Peter is retired and he gets to experience retirement! Happy new non school year to you Peter! 😊

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  4. Good morning. Rough evening with nineteen last night. Looking forward to meeting my seventh grandchild later this week. And visiting with son and daughter in law who have not been here in something like ten or twelve years. Not since youngest was about two or three and she turns fourteen in a couple of weeks.

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  5. So exciting, Mumsee. Not the nighttime drama, but the anticipated visit. So sad about the young lady who does not know the joy of the Lord and does everything possible to make others as miserable as she is. Prayers for God’s remedy as it seems to be a spiritual battle for her soul.

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  6. Yes, joining in Nancyjill’s recognition of Peter’s retirement! This is the start of not knowing what day it is unless the calendar or phone tells you. The time still goes by in a blue but it is more like a big conglomerate weekly blur instead of individual daily blurs. Not sure if that makes sense to anyone else, but that is how it seems to me.

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  7. It’s your super power.

    I’m trying to get a story written about a development project that will receive a key go-ahead tomorrow at the county board of supervisors.

    It’s the old courthouse property — the courthouse was one of several closed down due to budget cuts years ago. It will be replaced by an 8-story, 300-unit apartment building with park space and retail, including a grocery store, on the ground floor.

    Lots of building going on here, especially stacked residential.

    My cousin in Missouri told me this weekend that lumber and other building supplies are really going up (which I’d also heard before).


  8. Sitting here yawning. Getting up before 6am leaves me yawning. I am thinking I’d better help one of my older boys in my class learn how to cut with scissors. He is at a loss. I don’t think he has done this before.

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  9. Back to our root beer conversation:

    Kevin and Peter – I have had both Hire’s and IBC root beers. I think we find IBC served at some restaurants here.

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  10. I had a student that used to sit in the back of the room with a hole punch. He wasn’t disturbing anyone, but left the paper dots all over by his desk. I made him sweep them up, then put a trash next to his desk. No problems after that.

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  11. Speaking of soda, I discovered something called “Pepsi Blue” in my refrigerator a while ago. Did I buy that by mistake? I have no idea. I don’t remember buying it at all. It’s a “berry flavored” Pepsi. And yes, it’s blue.

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  12. Nineteen year old cuts hers a lot. In between times of saying she is growing it out. Thirteen has hair well below her waist, long and thick and black. Nineteen used to have hers nearly as long and says she is growing it out like that and then the scissors come out. But now it is many different lengths. Much longer on one side than the other. And she wears strange wigs. And she pays money to hair cut people and then cuts it the next day….

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  13. I counted seven identifiable women Cumo had. And more unidentified than that.t
    I was lucky just to get one. But mine was better than all of his put together.


  14. They are talking about kids and masks on TV.
    No way they are going to het kids to wear masks. As soon as you get outta site, off it comes.


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