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  1. Good question Newt.

    But one they won’t answer, because that would expose the game, which is to seed the Covid positive ones in red states, then blame their Govs for the surge in cases. Don’t think so? It’s already happening all over Texas.

    “Where are the illegal immigrants going?

    Biden refuses to explain their relocation”


    “Watching television coverage of people crossing the border illegally at our southern border, I began to wonder: Where are they going?

    I was shocked to learn that the Biden administration refuses to tell the states and cities how many people they are sending – and who they are sending. Apparently, immigrants just get put on airplanes, buses, and trains and go off into America.

    We are learning that a substantial number of the people who have crossed the border illegally have COVID-19. McAllen, Texas, had to declare a state of emergency when 7,000 infected immigrants arrived there. So, the Biden government could send people with COVID-19 to your neighborhood and then refuses to tell you that it has put you at risk.

    Some of the illegal immigrants have gang connections, including members of the famous MS-13 El Salvadorian gang. Keep in mind, a 2020 Department of Justice report found that 74 percent of the MS-13 defendants in custody were here illegally. Under the wide-open Biden policy, they can be sent into your town without you knowing it.

    What makes President Biden’s policy, so infuriating is its sheer scale.

    In the first seven months of the Biden presidency, more than 1 million people have been stopped crossing our southern border, and a substantial number of additional people have entered illegally without being noticed officially by the federal government.

    The flood of people crossing illegally is growing. The recorded number (not counting those who came in avoiding all contact with the government) entering the United States has grown from 78,442 in January as Mr. Biden was being sworn into 210,000 in July alone.

    What makes this growth so sobering is that historically illegal immigration drops in the summer when crossing the desert is so hot it is deadly. Mr. Biden’s smile is apparently overcoming the Mexican heat.

    If the number of migrants keeps growing, more than 2 million will be entering the United States this year (not counting the additional ones who will enter without the government knowing it).

    At a time of the pandemic, rising violent crime rates, and confusion in and around our schools, it is legitimate to ask what is happening to thousands and thousands of people flooding in illegally. Americans know this is dangerous. In one poll, 90 percent indicated they want every illegal immigrant tested for COVID-19.

    The Biden administration has refused to tell governors, mayors, county commissioners, school systems, or local police how many people who crossed illegally they are sending to their communities or what the immigrants’ circumstances are. How many have COVID-19, how many are gang members, or how many have violent criminal records?

    The threat of COVID-19 infection is not merely rhetoric. In McAllen, Texas, the federal government has buses running every 30 minutes bringing people who crossed illegally from the border and dumping them at the bus station so that they can move on to anywhere in America with no supervision. ”

    According to the Valley Central Hidalgo County Judge Richard Cortez:
 “Now we’re seeing that they’re coming in with a high infection for COVID, and there’s no room for them anymore.”

    Mr. Cortez also told ValleyCentral the infection rate for migrants rose to a shocking 16 percent.

    It is clear the Biden administration COVID-19 strategy is tight control of Americans and no control for people coming to the country illegally.”


    The invasion continues, thanks to Dems and The Senile One.

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  2. The more we know, the more we know the “experts” were wrong, or lying.

    “U.S. Intelligence Unlocks ‘Treasure Trove’ of Data on Wuhan Lab Viruses

    Wuhan’s infamous ‘Bat Woman’ warns that more COVID mutations are coming.”


    “Reports indicate that U.S. intelligence agencies have unlocked “a treasure trove” of genetic data on the viruses being studied at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which timeline analysis suggests is the point source of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    The information could be key to uncovering the origins of the coronavirus.

    This giant catalog of information contains genetic blueprints drawn from virus samples studied at the lab in Wuhan, China which some officials believe may have been the source of the Covid-19 outbreak, multiple people familiar with the matter tell CNN.

    It’s unclear exactly how or when US intelligence agencies gained access to the information, but the machines involved in creating and processing this kind of genetic data from viruses are typically connected to external cloud-based servers — leaving open the possibility they were hacked, sources said.

    Still, translating this mountain of raw data into usable information — which is only one part of the intelligence community’s 90-day push to uncover the pandemic’s origins — presents a range of challenges, including harnessing enough computing power to process it all. To do that, intelligence agencies are relying on supercomputers at the Department of Energy’s National Labs, a collection of 17 elite government research institutions.

    The hard part is translating all the information. Not only is the material in complex biological terms, but everything is in Chinese.

    Investigators hope the data can fill-in the timeline further, especially ahead of the COVID-19 origin report requested by Biden.”


    What a joke that is. Like Biden will blame his Chinese handlers, who are responsible for this pandemic.

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  3. Trillion dollar crap sandwich.

    Sounds about right….

    “Trillion Dollar Infrastructure Crap Sandwich on Fast Track to Pass Senate With Republican Support

    The 17 Republican senators who supported this bill can never say they want a small government and call themselves a fiscal conservative.”


    “The Senate voted 68-29 to end the debate on the craptastic $1 trillion infrastructure bill. It is now on the path to passing this week:

    In a 68-29 vote, the Senate closed down debate on a bill that spends $550 billion in new money on the nation’s physical infrastructure. Sunday’s vote came after senators spent the weekend haggling over amendments and time agreements to consider them.

    Final passage of the legislation is expected late Monday night, or the wee hours of Tuesday at the latest, unless a deal is reached among all 100 senators to speed it up. A 50-hour budget debate and an unlimited “vote-a-rama” on nonbinding but politically symbolic topics will follow immediately after.

    Sen. Bill Haggerty (R-TN) tried to slow down the debate:

    Sen. Bill Hagerty (R-Tenn.) said over the weekend that he would not allow the infrastructure bill to pass more quickly, dampening the Democratic majority’s enthusiasm for allowing the GOP to have more amendment votes. The Senate has considered more than 20 amendments to the bill thus far, but attempts to vote on two dozen more fell apart on Thursday night after Hagerty refused to expedite the bill as a condition of the deal.

    Hagerty on Sunday afternoon attempted to bring up 17 amendments by unanimous consent, but Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) objected, citing his refusal to come to a time agreement and potential objections from other senators.

    Other GOP senators also tried unsuccessfully on Sunday to bring up their own amendments.

    Tucker Carlson named the 17 Republican senators who supported the stupid bill. The list contains the usual suspects, but also included Chuck Grassley (Iowa), James Risch (Idaho), Bill Cassidy (Louisiana), and Todd Young (Indiana).

    These Republicans can never call themselves a fiscal conservative or want a small government.

    I am a libertarian because I know neither party wants to stop spending or reducing the size of government. But at least the Democrats are honest about it. The Republicans complain about the debt and overreaching Democrats. They need to look in the mirror.

    Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-ND) tried to defend his support on Sunday Morning Futures:
    The North Dakota Republican argued that the bill contains valuable spending for basic infrastructure including roads, bridges and airports, which are essential for the movement of goods throughout the nation.

    “Of the $1.2 trillion, $450 billion – that’s over a third of it – is not just infrastructure, it’s roads and bridges specifically,” Cramer told host Maria Bartiromo. “In addition to that, there’s ports, waterways, railroads, airports broadband, all of which are critical to the movement of goods and services around this country and around the world.”

    Muh rooooooooadz!!! (That is the biggest trigger to a libertarian because so many people counter any argument with, “But the roads!”)

    Gag me, Cramer:”

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  4. Name ’em and shame ’em.

    The media tried to wreck this man’s life, because they heard he said something bad. Verify a story you say?

    Not these hacktastic clowns. Their products are garbage.










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  5. I doubt this weak effort will convince anyone of anything.

    Poor beta…..




    And that’s what’s really important, right?

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  6. Time for Dems to own their deeds.

    They built this.

    “Chicago cops give cold shoulder to Mayor Lightfoot at hospital after two officers shot

    The officers were waiting inside at the University of Chicago Medical Center when the mayor approached them and they turned their backs on her, sources said.”


    “They turned away and gave her their backs.

    Mayor Lori Lightfoot was given the cold shoulder by CPD rank and file about midnight Saturday at the University of Chicago Medical Center when she approached them on the 7th floor as they grappled with the shootings of two fellow officers.

    Chicago Police Officer Ella French was shot and killed during a traffic stop Saturday night in West Englewood, while her partner continues to fight for his life at the hospital. Three people are in custody.

    Just moments before about 30 officers turned their backs on the mayor, Lightfoot tried to talk to the male officer’s father, who himself is a retired Chicago police officer. He clearly wanted nothing to do with Lightfoot, according to two sources who were there.

    The father excoriated the mayor and blamed her for what had happened. One source said Lightfoot handled herself well as the father yelled at her. She listened and treated him with respect.

    It was then suggested that Lightfoot say a few words to nearby grieving officers, but as she approached, they all walked away from her and to the other side of a bank of chairs — and turned their backs, the sources said.

    “They did the about-face — it looked like it had been choreographed,” said one of the sources present, calling it “astounding.””

    “Lightfoot appeared shaken, according to one source. Then she went downstairs to speak to reporters at a news conference about the shooting.”


    She earned this. Her policies led to this death. But at least she had the comfort of her lapdogs in the press to run to.

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  7. Well look at that….

    “Georgia ballots rejected by machines were later altered by election workers to count

    Records obtained by Just the News provide unprecedented glimpse into human adjudication of thousands of ballots, where marks for candidates like Trump were sometimes removed so ballots could count for Biden.”


    “A day after the November election, as Donald Trump and other Republican candidates clung to evaporating leads in Georgia, vote counters in Atlanta were confronted by a paper ballot known only by its anonymizing number 5150-232-18.

    A Dominion Voting machine had rejected the ballot on election night because the voter had filled in boxes for both Trump and his Democratic opponent Joe Biden, an error known as an “overvote.” The machine determined neither candidate should get a tally, and the ballot was referred for human review.

    The image of the ballot, obtained by Just the News, shows the voter messily scribbled a large blob in the box to select Trump as president while also putting a thinner check mark next to Biden’s name.

    At 6:10 p.m. ET on Nov. 4, 24 hours after the ballot was first scanned and rejected by Machine 5150, a panel of humans decided the vote should be awarded to Biden, with the notation “mark removed for Donald J. Trump.” You can see that ballot here:”

    “Scores of additional ballots that same day had checks manually removed next to Trump’s name as well as many other candidates up and down the ticket — Libertarians, Democrats and write-ins alike — and the votes awarded instead to other candidates.

    Welcome to the arcane process known as adjudication, where human judgment is substituted for machine scanning in cases where voters incorrectly filled out a paper ballot. Election officials and official observers have dealt with it for years, with everyday citizens mostly oblivious to the process.

    But in 2020, adjudication played a much larger role in states like Georgia, which allowed hundreds of thousands of additional citizens to vote absentee for the first time during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    In all, more than 5,000 of the 148,000 absentee ballots cast — or about 3% — in Georgia’s largest county required some form of human intervention, according to logs obtained from Fulton County by Just the News under an open records act request.

    The adjudication ballots alone are not enough to change a Georgia election in which Biden and Trump were separated by less than 13,000 votes. However, they reveal an imperfect system vulnerable to chaos, subjectivity, or political dirty tricks, especially in a county like Fulton where state officials documented widespread irregularities and misconduct and now want to take over election counting.

    Just the News reviewed 1,604 pages of adjudication logs from Fulton County and reviewed 4820 of the 5064 ballot images where human vote counters reviewed or overrode the Dominion Voting machines. The JTN review provided an unprecedented window into the extraordinary discretion accorded adjudication judges to interpret a voter’s intent on a flawed ballot.

    It also raised another troubling question, at least in Georgia, where election regulations create two conflicting imperatives. One regulation, which is quoted on each absentee ballot, emphatically declares that a paper ballot should be deemed “spoiled” and uncountable if a voter makes any mistakes or unauthorized marks.

    “If you make a mistake or change your mind or change your mind on a selection do not attempt to mark through the selection or attempt to erase. Write ‘Spoiled’ across the ballot and across the return envelope” and get a new ballot, language on each ballot reads.

    Just the News reviewed hundreds of ballots that met the “spoiled” definition — ballots that voters had in some way altered, defaced, or corrected — that were still allowed to count after adjudication. The reason? Another Georgia regulation gives election officials broad discretion to try to determine the intent of a confused voter, and actually encourages them to find a way to make flawed ballots count.

    The Georgia code stipulates that voting tabulators must be programmed to “reject any ballot, including absentee ballots, on which an overvote is detected,” with those ballots to be “manually reviewed” by a review panel following their rejection.

    If a voter “has marked his or her ballot in such a manner that he or she has indicated clearly and without question the candidate for whom he or she desires to cast his or her vote,” the state code says elsewhere, then the ballot “shall be counted and such candidate shall receive his or her vote.”

    Yet state law also directs that a ballot should be considered “spoiled” if, in part, a voter has used it to “cast more than the permitted number of votes.” A spoiled ballot “shall not be reinstated,” the code states, suggesting that any ballots deemed as such should not be counted.

    Instructions on the Georgia Secretary of State’s website, meanwhile, suggest that voters have no choice but to declare their ballots spoiled in the event that they make a mistake on it.

    “If you inadvertently make an error, spoil, or otherwise deface the ballot, IMMEDIATELY contact your local county board of registrars or the municipal absentee ballot clerk, whichever is applicable, to receive a replacement ballot,” the instructions dictate.

    Just the News identified hundreds of ballots that met that definition but nonetheless were counted as lawful votes after election judges intervened. Some counted ballots even had the word “spoiled” written across them and still were counted.”

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  8. Good for her. 🙂

    “Royal shame: Epstein victim sues Prince Andrew for sexual abuse”


    “Looks like the BBC interview didn’t do Randy Andy any favors after all. After several years of crusading against Jeffrey Epstein and his sex-trafficking empire, Virginia Roberts Giuffre has taken legal aim at the royal family. Giuffre filed suit last night against Prince Andrew, whose public bumbling practically invited the lawsuit:

    Britain’s Prince Andrew has been sued in New York by a woman who said she was forced to have sexual encounters with the prominent royal while she was trafficked beginning at age 16 by his friend Jeffrey Epstein, including at the late sex offender’s sprawling mansion in Manhattan.

    Virginia Giuffre’s lawsuit was filed in federal court in Manhattan on Monday, citing the state’s Child Victims Act, legislation passed several years ago that extended the statute of limitations for adults who were allegedly abused as children to sue. The lawsuit was filed just as Giuffre’s Aug. 14 deadline to do so was nearing.

    Attorneys for Andrew, the Duke of York, who are located in Britain, did not respond to an email request seeking comment Monday night. Andrew has repeatedly denied having had any sexual encounter with Giuffre, although questions over his ties to Epstein led to him stepping down from public duties in November 2019.

    The filing says Andrew abused Giuffre several times when she was 17, calling damage done to her by the conduct “severe and lasting.”

    Guiffre might have sued regardless, but Andrew’s incompetent attempts to spin his way out of the Epstein story cinched it. Not only did he cross Giuffre in attempting to negate her allegations, his explanations were so unconvincing that he made himself into an easy target. Attorneys must have been salivating at the chance to get Andrew in a deposition.

    That won’t happen, of course, but Giuffre says it doesn’t matter much:

    “I am holding Prince Andrew accountable for what he did to me,” she said. “The powerful and rich are not exempt from being held responsible for their actions. I hope that other victims will see that it is possible not to live in silence and fear, but to reclaim one’s life by speaking out and demanding justice.

    “I did not come to this decision lightly,” she added. “As a mother and a wife, my family comes first — and I know that this action will subject me to further attacks by Prince Andrew and his surrogates — but I knew if I did not pursue this action, I would be letting them and victims everywhere down.”

    At this point, the smartest choice Andrew could make is to stay out of sight for, oh, the rest of his life. His attorneys have already declined to negotiate with Giuffre’s legal team, and one has to assume that they will refuse to respond to the lawsuit. Attempting to fight it will require Andrew to submit to depositions, and the BBC interview made it painfully clear that he can’t argue his way out of a paper bag.”

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  9. Conflicting info from the CDC?

    That never happens…. 🙄

    “CDC Shreds Its Own Narrative on Breakthrough Cases With Latest Data”


    “Everyone must wear masks again, including the vaccinated. That’s the edict that is being reimposed in some parts of the country. The Delta variant doesn’t make you sicker and it’s not more lethal, but the unvaccinated are the biggest group impacted by the new spike. We have three vaccines that are effective, the latest studies on the Johnson and Johnson vaccine should calm the nerves of the eight million-plus recipients who received that shot. This comes as everyone is talking about boosters. And then, there’s the narrative about breakthrough infections, the vaccinated who have contracted the virus. It’s the reason why the mask mandates are back for everyone. And of course, this would cause a panic, which is why the media peddled it for days. Well, the CDC’s own data undercuts the whole discussion about a return of a universal mask mandate. What’s more is that CNN allowed this post to be published:”

    “More than 99.99% of people who are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 have not had a breakthrough case resulting in hospitalization or death, according to a CNN analysis of data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    As of Aug. 2, more than 164 million people in the United States were fully vaccinated against Covid-19, according to the CDC. Fewer than 0.001% of those individuals — 1,507 people — died and fewer than 0.005% — 7,101 people — were hospitalized with Covid-19.

    CDC last published data on breakthrough cases through July 26. These latest figures include 938 additional severe breakthrough cases — 862 additional hospitalizations and 244 additional deaths — reported over that seven-day period. The CDC does not provide more detail about the timing of the breakthrough cases.

    About three-quarters (74%) of all reported breakthrough cases were among seniors age 65 or older. Of the roughly 1,500 people who died, one in five passed away from something other than Covid-19 even though they had a breakthrough case of the virus, according to the CDC.”

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  10. False info from the CDC?

    That never happens either…… 🙄

    “CDC Reports False COVID Data for Florida and Leaves Major Questions”


    “The CDC has been turned into a dithering, incoherent mess under Joe Biden — to the extent that it hasn’t always been that at some level. But the politics being injected into bureaucracy have certainly reached a level not previously seen. RedState has chronicled many of the CDC’s twists and turns (and outright corruption at times), but this one may take the cake.

    Yesterday, the CDC reported Florida’s COVID data, something that is part of a normal cycle after a weekend, claiming that the Sunshine State saw over 28,000 new cases on Sunday. That would have been a record high, and it helped drive another round of anti-Florida media coverage.

    The problem? The CDC’s reporting was false.”

    “What was done here is that two days were combined into one to make one big number for Sunday that wasn’t actually the number for Sunday. Here are the true numbers which show a decrease over the three days in question.”

    “This leaves a lot of questions to be asked. Was this an honest mistake? I suppose that’s possible, but it’s hard to ignore that the White House and CDC are currently locked in battle with Gov. Ron DeSantis over mask mandates. Joe Biden himself has gone after DeSantis, claiming he’s “standing in the way” of stopping COVID despite the fact that the governor’s approach is to preserve the rights of parents. In other words, it’s the opposite of standing in the way of anything.

    Also, if this was a mistake, why did the CDC not rush to correct it immediately? As far as I can tell, it’s the next morning and still nothing has been released to rectify the situation. Will they try to push the conspiracy theory that Florida is hiding data by obfuscating here? I guess we’ll find out, and nothing would surprise me at this point.”

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  11. Isn’t it rather racist to say: we are lowering the standards because they are too high for Africans, Latinos, Pacific Islanders….. So Oregon no longer has math or reading standards for high school graduation.

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  12. It’s almost like it’s intentional…..

    Because it is.

    “Report: Number of Illegal Immigrants Testing Positive For COVID Has Been ‘Overwhelming’…”

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  13. Another leftist narrative bites it.

    I guess we’re back to blaming every death or hospitalization on Covid, even when it’s clearly not.

    “Surge in Pediatric Respiratory Cases Appear to Stem from RSV Infections, Not COVID-19

    “More concerned of just RSV overwhelming the hospital more than COVID just in pediatrics.”


    “The American press may be failing us, once again, on its coverage of the coronavirus.

    Current reports stress that COVID-19 is surging among children, and the “experts” quickly stress vaccines and mask-mandates in response.

    The Food and Drug Administration must work “aggressively” toward authorizing a Covid-19 vaccine for children under age 12, the head of the American Academy of Pediatrics wrote in a letter to Dr. Janet Woodcock, acting commissioner of the FDA.

    The urgent plea comes as the U.S. experienced the “largest week-over-week percentage increase in pediatric Covid cases since the start of the pandemic,” Dr. Lee Savio Beers, the academy’s president, wrote in the letter Thursday.

    Pediatric cases of Covid-19 have soared in recent weeks in part because of the highly contagious delta variant, raising worries among parents and doctors just as schools are reopening for the fall semester.

    But is that the case? While COVID-19 numbers may be rising among children, it is also true that we are seeing a surge of Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) that is resulting in hospitalizations. RSV is a common respiratory virus that usually results in mild, cold-like symptoms. Most people recover in a week or two. Still, RSV can be severe, especially for infants. It is the most common cause of bronchiolitis (inflammation of the small airways in the lung) and pneumonia (infection of the lungs) in this country’s children younger than one year of age.

    For example, a rise in RSV infections is reported in Albuquerque, partially attributed to the lack of regular infections after lockdowns and restrictions have ended.

    Health officials monitoring COVID-19 are now seeing another dangerous trend nationwide. There’s been a rise in cases of the respiratory syncytial virus or RSV, which can be deadly for young children. Doctors said RSV is very common during the winter months but disappeared during the pandemic with people masking up. Now, we are seeing it spread at an unusual time.

    Across the country, cases of RSV are soaring. Here in New Mexico, the numbers are also going up. “We are certainly seeing it here,” Dr. John Pederson at Presbyterian said. “We are seeing more off-season cases of RSV than we usually do.”

    RSV, not COVID-19, is being blamed for the lack of pediatric bed space in Oklahoma.

    Pediatric bed space is scarce at Oklahoma Children’s Hospital, but COVID-19 isn’t to blame, a leader of the hospital said Thursday.

    Rather, it’s largely RSV, or respiratory syncytial virus, driving high numbers of hospitalizations for kids. The virus — normally seen in the winter months — has gone “absolutely, exponentially off the charts” over the past two months, said Dr. Cameron Mantor, chief medical officer for Oklahoma Children’s Hospital OU Health.

    Other children’s hospitals in the state are facing the same situation, Mantor said. And nursing staff shortages also play a role, with many nurses having left the workforce after a “horribly stressful year,” he said.

    Hospitals may have more physical beds available than staff available to care for people in them.

    “RSV is a real issue right now,” he said.

    The South, which Biden bureaucrats have criticized for COVID-19 response issues, is dealing with a significant surge.

    Texas has been proven to have an increase in the RSV cases, which began in the first week of June and peaked in mid-July. The full report of the state’s RSV cases is published in the Texas Department of State Health Services. Along with Texas, the state of Florida also experiences a surge of respiratory-related cases that had been marginal, according to the state’s records from the past years.”

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  14. But…. but…..

    That’s impossible. 🙄

    “Inmate Reportedly Pregnant After California Allows Housing Biological Men With Women”

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  15. I have troubled following the right wing talking points — There’s a crisis at the border, illegals are breaking in disease at an alarming rate vs Covid’s no big deal, why wear a mask, vaccines a personal choice.

    Curious — does ICE or the Border Patrol ever inform governors, press, etc where migrants and prisoners are going? Is the silence a new policy or has this always been the case? I would think federal authorities rarely inform other level of gov’ts about the movement of convicts and other prisoners.

    Over 11% of Americans (and Texans) have been infected by Covid since last April. According to the above tweet 16% of migrants haves tested for Covid this year. Given that Hispanic Americans are 4x more likely to be infected than white Americans, the number of infected migrants is about roughly similar to the Hispanic Texan rate. Interesting, Covid infection rate in Central America is roughly 2-3%. The low numbers are obviously under reported and under tested but it does raise the question where did the migrants get Covid. Again, Abbot needs to get his house in order.

    I’m not sure why people are in a panic over migrant covid since according to another AJs link vaccinated individuals are 99% less likely to hospitalized for Covid. Get the vaccine and you don’t have to worry about migrants. Turn off FOX and get the vaccine.

    Florida reporting for covid is very haphazard. The source I use often has a blank space for new cases in Florida esp during weekends, hence the 7 day average is more important. Another example of either incompetence or DeSantis deliberately trying to muddy the waters. The current 7 day average is 22 000 and climbing.

    The point of the vaccinated wearing mask is not to protect themselves but to protect others who are not vaccinated. When you are vaccinate you could carry Covid, not know it, and an enclosed space pass it to the unvaccinated. Its the anti-vaxxers who prolong the need for a mask indoors — if everyone (or about 95%) are vaccinated, masks aren’t needed. People need to stop complaining about masks and get the vaccine.


  16. Republicans only care about spending and deficits when its the Democrats spending the money. Fiscal conservatives area a vanishing species. Unless a party is willing to show some fiscal courage and raise taxes (the only way out of a deficit), I stop paying attention to fiscal sanity promises. (In Canada and the US, both liberals and conservatives are equally bad — surprisingly Cdn socialists have a better record)

    Adjudicated votes?? Weird. Just mark them as spoiled and don’t count them. Perhaps if the margin of victory is lower than the number of spoiled ballots you might look at them as part of a judicial recount. Not enough to make a difference in this case. Of course, the Republicans wrote the rules for Georgia so its their idea and and in any “reforms” so far advanced by the Georgia Republicans I have yet to hear any mention of adjudicated votes. Honestly if you can’t mark a ballot properly — – should it actually count. And my experience with municipal voting machines (we don’t have machines for provincial and federal elections) is the voter can wait until the ballot is submitted and accepted — in fact we are told to wait and if its rejected we need to fix it or get a new one.

    I realize the Chicago police are upset but to choreograph an about face in front of the mayor in public is unprofessional. If a teaching staff would jointly turn their back on the principal in front of parents and/or students, there will be disciplinary action. If police want to be taken as a serious profession with legitimate concerns (which they should and should have) then they need to grow up and stop with the childish stunts.

    Is Twitter still outraged and outraged at the outrage? Glad I don’t have twitter. For those on the woke left who are outraged, they should watch soccer in Eastern Europe and for those who are outraged at the outraged they should watch St Pauli or Celtic homegames — the political leftism will have them running for the exit. The keyboard warriors will be far quieter if they were at a European sporting event.

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  17. From The Gospel Coalition:


    If you’re tired of the coronavirus, I get it. I’m tired of it, too. We keep hitting milestones—the start of school, the new year, the end of school, the start of school again—but each time, we’re never as far along in handling this pandemic as we’d hoped.

    In fact, the optimism of Americans has dropped so much that now more than half say they think the worst of COVID-19 is still to come.

    Patience is not my spiritual gift, so it’s easy for me to quit paying attention to the latest information. It’s easy for me to get irritated with reinstated mask mandates at my kids’ school—I thought we were done with that! It’s easy for me to feel frustrated when we keep dealing with this and I just want it to be done.

    So it was good for me to read Joe Carter’s explainer on the Delta variant. He clarifies what’s happening—not what I wish was happening—and reminds us not to grow weary of doing good (Gal. 6:9).

    God hasn’t called us to scoot past viruses and variants as quickly as possible, but to “do our best to ensure that the actions we take to protect our neighbors from these deadly viruses are based on how we believe Jesus has called us to love others.”

    Senior Writer

    And I believe I’ve already posted that link she includes to Joe Carter’s article, but here it is again:


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  18. I wanna be a bunny too.

    But only when I’m off my meds.


    Ha! I see what you did there….

    These people are insane.


  19. Face. Palm.


    But no mean tweets!


  20. “Florida reporting for covid is very haphazard. ”

    That’s no excuse for fudging the numbers as the CDC did. Florida isn’t the problem.

    But they didn’t, and still haven’t.

    But we should totally trust them…. 🙄


  21. Of course, it’s why they keep letting more in. Millions of new, soon to be voters.

    “Amnesty and “millions” of green cards in Dem budget plan”


    “We already heard from Chuck Schumer that the Senate would be moving “immediately” to work on the Democrats’ massive spending bill as soon as the (somewhat) bipartisan infrastructure bill passed. Since that happened today, both Schumer and Senate Budget Committee chairman Bernie Sanders proceeded to release the first “summary” of the bill. (The actual bill doesn’t exist yet except in bits and pieces.) Considering that this is supposed to technically be a “budget proposal,” there are a number of things tucked in there which don’t appear to have much to do with the country’s actual budget at all. High up on that list is a promise from Sanders that there will be “millions” of green cards available, vastly dwarfing the current limits. There will also be a “pathway to citizenship” for illegal aliens. Yep. That’s right. They’re going to try to shove amnesty into the budget bill. (Free Beacon)

    The new budget proposal from Senate Democrats will dramatically increase the number of available green cards and include amnesty for illegal immigrants, according to an official fact sheet on the $3.5 trillion budget circulated by leadership…

    It is unclear how many green cards Democrats aim to make newly available through the legislation, which was released Monday morning. The immigration provisions in the Democratic budget appear to be inspired in part by Biden’s campaign promise to make green cards available to family members of other green card recipients, regardless of annual caps. Biden’s campaign website promised to “[support] legislation that treats the spouse and children of green card holders as the immediate relatives they are, exempting them from caps.”

    Democrats face bipartisan scrutiny over the border crisis, with the number of migrants attempting to enter the country through Mexico at a 21-year high. The $3.5 trillion budget has not yet earned support from moderate Democratic senators like Kyrsten Sinema (Ariz.), although she has said she’ll vote “yes” on procedural motions.

    Nobody will be caught by surprise when they hear about all of the immigration chatter in this summary, or at least they shouldn’t be. Dick Durbin confirmed to reporters nearly a month ago that amnesty would show up in the bill, and that was when they were still ironing out the infrastructure deal. Joe Biden has already chimed in supporting the scheme, so we can’t say we weren’t warned.

    If even half of the things that are being promised actually show up in the bill, the Democratic leadership will have clearly signaled that they’ve given up on attracting even a single Republican vote for this package. That means that they will have to drag every Democrat along with them, including King Joseph of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema, along with a few others.

    Even if you’re interested in raising the cap on green cards a bit (the current limit is 1.1 million and we struggle to process that many as it is) how does that have anything to do with the budget? The same question is even more applicable to the idea of offering amnesty to the estimated ten to twelve million illegal aliens currently living in the United States. (That number may have gone up a bit since Joe Biden opened the borders.) The Senate Parliamentarian may have a thing or two to say about those portions of the bill and they will no doubt be asked to review it. In the past, these non-spending measures have been struck down because reconciliation is only intended to be used to pass spending bills where the general priorities have been agreed upon but the two chambers were unable to haggle all of the bottom-line figures.”


  22. Good, now cuff ’em.

    “Texas Supreme Court allows for arrest of Democrats who don’t show up to Legislature

    The Texas Supreme Court voided a lower court ruling that blocked the arrests of the Democrats who don’t show up for the year’s second special legislative session.”


    “House Democrats who refuse to show up for the Legislature could soon be detained by law enforcement and brought back to the state Capitol, after the Texas Supreme Court on Tuesday voided a state district judge’s temporary restraining order barring their arrest.

    The all-Republican high court’s order came at the request of Gov. Greg Abbott and House Speaker Dade Phelan, also both Republicans, who petitioned the court on Monday to overturn a recent ruling by a Travis County district judge that blocked them from ordering the arrest of quorum-busting Democrats, who were in Washington, D.C., for about a month. The House Democrats in the suit have until Thursday at 4 p.m. to respond to the court. Democrats who are arrested would not face criminal charges and could not be jailed or fined. Law enforcement officers carrying out arrest orders by state officials could only try to bring them to the House chambers.

    “The Supreme Court of Texas swiftly rejected this dangerous attempt by Texas Democrats to undermine our Constitution and avoid doing the job they were elected to do,” said Renae Eze, an Abbott spokeswoman. “We look forward to the Supreme Court upholding the rule of law and stopping another stall tactic by the Texas Democrats.”


  23. Your post from 8:33 am on an intern in the white house was actually a comedy skit by a guy who goes by the name Benny Drama and was created to encourage 20somethings to get a vaccine. The left side of the internet is amused the right side of the internet thought it was a serious video.

    I’ve taught a few transgender youth and most of them are on the spectrum or as the lady puts it in the video; neurodivergent. Many on the spectrum do have trouble with societal expectations and puberty really makes it difficult, they then retreat into a shell. In the past we institutionalized, medicated or forced ASD children to confirm. Now we let them explore gender and identity — how this ends still remains a question but I’m confident its better than medication and institutionalization.

    Biden looks good — no toilet paper on his shoes, not fighting an umbrella or wandering around the lawn looking for a helicopter; all videos of Trump I’ve seen over the last four years. Let’s stop with the ageism and enjoy the more relaxed political news

    DeSantis, Florida and Republicans can’t complain about data issues when they don’t release information on a consistent basis. The seven day average on worldometers is 22 000K but interestingly there’s no data for Florida today. Florida can’t complain if they don’t release data in a timely matter.

    Texan Democrats can’t be fined, charged or jailed but can be brought to the house chambers. Then what? Handcuffing or duct tape them to the chair so they can have a quorum? democracy in action. All they have to do now is resign en masse. No quorum and no longer legally forced to attend the assembly but they can run in special elections. Perhaps the Republicans can work on a bipartisan solution instead — you know what McConnell is always talking about.


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