38 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 7-29-21

  1. I’ve been up for 2 hours. I couldn’t sleep so I got up at 5:30. Read the Bible, had breakfast, etc. before coming here.

    We’re in a hot spell and the bedroom doesn’t get the a/c, especially since Mrs L prefers to have the door closed. It’s a wall unit, not central air.

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  2. Good morning. I”ve been up since before 7 a.m. and went to Publix. Everyone had on masks. It will be interesting to see if the church goes back to masks this week. That’d work for me, the Lone Ranger.

    My brother is suppose to mow today. It is going to be our hottest day at 96°. The weather lady said that was the hottest it got last summer.

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  3. Morning! That cardinal would certainly be a delight to see in my pines….wish they would make a visit west! 😊
    It is a warm one here already. I have been up since 4:30. I’ve been out digging holes for my new plantings out front. The ground is as hard as concrete…so here I am watering dirt! A cold front moves in tomorrow afternoon and we get temps in the 60’s and 70’s for the next few days with rain!…I guess I won’t have to water the dirt for the next few days….


  4. Good morning. The smoke smell woke me up. We will have bad smoke from fires again today.

    We pick up our daughter at the airport this evening. Youngest daughter and children will join us tomorrow evening or Saturday depending on sports events. Oldest daughter and three of her children will join us on Monday. We will have some other guests off and on. It will be busy, messy and fun. I probably will not be on here much as a result. We haven’t seen the one we are picking up from the airport since long before Covid. It has been too long.

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  5. My biggest challenge here with planting is the gophers. Something about living on a prairie and planting trees….. Anyway, everywhere I loosen the dirt to plant a tree, the gophers move in and they love to eat tree roots. So the battle continues. Younger two and I were out putting smelly stuff down their holes and covering them, hoping to persuade them they prefer grass roots to fruit tree roots. And the cats help. The dogs do not. Though Barney the rat terrier would love to when not distracted by chickens.

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  6. Way out east here in Connecticut, we have had hazy skies, and air quality alerts urging people to stay inside as much as possible, all from the fires out west. 😦

    Well, today we will be getting still more storms to wash it away, hopefully. May God send rain to those areas throughout the country (and the world) that are thirsty for it.

    Poor Heidi is really done with these thunderstorms. A little while ago, she and I came into the living room after I had cleaned up from a little brunch that Nightingale had made for us (she has a few days off this week). Heidi sat down and looked at me with her ears back and a serious/sad expression on her face. I patted the couch to encourage her to come and relax, but she continued to look at me that way. Then she turned her gaze to look out the window at the darkening skies and back at me again, definitely telling me something about the weather to come. Poor doggie.

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  7. Good afternoon. I think I am caught up on most of the things that are slipping through the cracks.
    I got a listing over the weekend and put it under contract Tuesday.
    I don’t know what I am I going to do about the listing where the woman is in forbearance. She wants to sell to the investor and remain in the house for 8 days. He has offered to give her some money to help her move, but she wants $5,000. He will give her $1,000. I am having a hard time getting her to understand she really doesn’t have a bargaining position. She will walk away with almost $70,000 if she will just move on.
    I wrote 6 offers for a man and finally yesterday morning got word that he got an accepted offer.
    I have two $34,000 lots that are supposed to close next week.
    I wrote an offer in June on new construction that was backed up because the windows weren’t available and they couldn’t start installing dry way until they had windows. The window are in so it should close end of August first of September.
    I may get to write an offer on a condo I showed Saturday…and……

    The cute couple I showed property to on Sunday will be coming back this weekend and will probably write an offer on one of two houses they saw. I had actually showed them property as a favor to one of my agents but I still think Mr. P and I should have access to the dock on the one house I showed them..

    Tueday night and yesterday I crashed. I had nothing left in me and had to stop.
    Today I have stayed home and caught up on all the lose ends. I feel a little more in control.
    PaPa and Little Miss are napping but when she gets up we will go splash in her blow up pool.

    Life is good but exhausting in real estate right now. I definitely am NOT complaining.

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  8. I see on TV where Bidenis making federall vaccination rules for federal empoyees.
    This is a very dangerou tep we are taking into government authority.
    It will next be federal regulations for anyone associated with the government. Then federal control over averyone.
    This is a very dangerous first step..
    I am almost 91. Some of you will live to regret this.

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  9. Hot off the press, church newsletter on the subject of masks:
    “FACEMASKS  The ugly cousin of COVID-19 has arrived and has taken up residence in a major way in DeKalb County.  The Delta Strand of the COVID Virus, which is 50% more contagious than COVID Alpha, is in the news and DeKalb County is one of the worst hit counties.  CDC released a guidance announcement Tuesday urging everyone 2 years old through 12th grade to wear a mask regardless of vaccination status and that everyone should wear a mask in public spaces indoors regardless of vaccination status.  On Wednesday, the City of Atlanta passed an ordinance requiring all people to wear a mask in indoor public spaces.  I have waited to send this BridgePost out to have the latest information and at this time, DeKalb Schools are requiring all teachers and students to wear masks inside but no decision has been made by the county or state government.  
    So, what are we going to do at Bridgepoint?  First, hear me clearly…I don’t want to wear a mask and don’t want you to have to wear a mask, especially since we just recently made them optional for those that have been vaccinated.  But, I also don’t want our oldest and youngest to get sick either.  SO…If we hear that either DeKalb County or the State of Georgia passes an order to require the wearing of masks inside by all, we will also require this inside church property.  Until then, everyone who has not been vaccinated, including children, are requested to wear masks when inside church property for their own safety and the safety of others.  For those who have completed their vaccination regimen, masks will remain optional, but certainly understood if the decision to wear them anyway is made.  I hope you understand why we need to request this.  Thank you.”

    Gotta wonder, since CDC is located in DeKalb County, why have so many chosen to not get vaccinated?


  10. When we were looking at this house for the first time, about 21 years ago, there were tenants in both the upstairs and downstairs apartments. (I felt bad, knowing that they would have to move if we bought the house.) We were able to see the upstairs apartment, but the tenant in the downstairs apartment had changed the locks or something, in some way denying any prospective buyers from seeing the first floor, because he was angry about being evicted. He and his family were being evicted for other reasons, not connected with the sale of the house. (After they were out, we were finally able to see the downstairs apartment.)

    Well, I think I have previously mentioned that the neighbors who live in the apartment house next door are very negative and sarcastic, especially the husband, who can be pretty crude. He boasts about having been kicked off and blocked from certain Facebook groups due to his offensive comments.

    It took a while, but Nightingale and I have realized – from things he has said about when he lived here – that he was the tenant that was making a fuss and being evicted! Sadly, it doesn’t surprise us. I am glad, though, that he didn’t inflict any damage on the house in his anger.

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  11. Nice visit to Moscow but I think it is time to ratchet it up. My dad appears to be suffering more and more memory loss. We have three women there to help, backfilling for each other. But he is a miser and not interested in paying them. I am afraid the first two have spoiled him. Daughter wanted to do it to help the grands so only took a thousand a month for twenty four hour care, seven days a week. Then the next lady views it as a ministry and takes even less. But people who do it as a job need to be paid. He feels they are not doing anything if they are not doing, we are trying to convince him that they can live there because these women are doing everything for them. Lawn care, dishes, grocery shopping, etc etc.

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  12. Out watering, took a book, planned to sit a spell. Until I saw the yellow jackets hovering around my chair. Flipped it over and there were two hives. Both large. One dead. The other, bigger one, not so much. They will let me sit tomorrow.


  13. Doesn’t sound like traveler is getting into any fights yet. that seems to be pretty common these days. Everyone’s upset and ready to throw a punch.

    Covid wars are heating up again. Does it feel like we’re watching an empire start to crumble? Sometimes I wonder … Interesting how the twists and turns of a pandemic can deal such heavy blows to our ability to live in peace. Although the divide was there already, this has just deepened it.

    Lord have mercy.

    My friend in the SFV is having her kitchen demolished this week. It will be put back together again with everything in new places and with a new floor, new cabinets, new counter tops, new sink, new appliances, new window.

    They seem to be surviving it so far.

    I have to interview an academic tomorrow about a seaweed lab that’s being set up in our town. I told him I was looking for explanations in “laymen’s” terms. He said he’s an academic so nothing he says will probably be very understandable.

    Neighbor handed me a printout of their upcoming, very full, doctors’ and therapy schedules. Looks like my driveway will get frequent use for many weeks to come, I’m glad I can help out in that minor way.


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