31 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 7-27-21

  1. Good morning! Watching ponies this morning. We have had a round of grands at the house so haven’t had time to get online. Orientation is going well. All different sor ts of patients. I have learned some skills I did not have before like port access. We have had rain, so the garden is doing great, as are the weeds. Critters are growing. Trey and Miguel are doing well. We went to sleep last night to a lullaby of frogs. Our ponds caught water, so the frogs are back.

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  2. Today is 727. Reminds me of a plane I used to fly on (as radio operator) Boeing 727.
    Flew weather reconnaissance out of Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. I wonder if the Sovietsknew that we weren’t interested in the weather over Pakistan.. They had to kinow we were testing the air for evidence of nuclear explosionsW
    (I see the errors. Don’t know how to correct them)

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  3. Good morning. I have ladies’ Bible study in a bit. Today we are fasting and praying for our church. Distractions always happen when you commit to fast and pray. Art’s doctor appointment got changed to today so he is here while I am needing quiet time.


  4. 727 airplane reminds me of the old song, Boing, Boing 707.

    There was a newer blue grass version that is good.

    The music group plays in a senior living and Alzheimer building today. Tomorrow they play twice. The second time is outside in a small community. That is usually a very nice evening as long as it doesn’t rain. There is an alternate place in case of rain, but seldom is it used. One of the churches in the community serve burgers etc. and goodies that people can buy. The children run around on the grass having a ball. People visit at the break time. Several of the communities have these types of doings with different kinds of music. Tonight a young friend plays at a closer park, so we may take that in, as well.

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  5. We have been down to Hobbs for another birthday party this weekend. The 3 year old granddaughter lives there and she gives great snuggles. The next youngest grand is almost 10, so those snuggles are important now as they so quickly outgrow them.

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  6. Looking forward to meeting three year old grandson next month. They are coming out from Virginia for a few days of visiting. oh, and mom and dad.

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  7. Also looking forward to getting the laundry done so I can get back outside. Daughter is not working today and evidently not going with one of her workers. But she does not go outside much. Though she went out the other day enough to write with the chalk that I am dying of a heart attack on Jan 1, 2021. She does not go out unless going somewhere as she wants to whiten her skin.

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  8. I have never heard of anyone trying to whiten their/her’skin.
    In the 1950’s Elvera and womeen on western South Carolina tried to avoid the sun because dark skin,on the hands and face usually came from working in the fields.
    The wanted to avoid that look.

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  9. She actually has beautiful skin, they all do. Different from each other but all beautiful. But their older sister told them white skin was better and she believes it.

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  10. I did the Daniel plan and found it beneficial. I didn’t go full dietary changes, but I made some.

    First Place authors are lovely women, several of whom I know, and they’ve benefited as well. All done by Believers, Daniel Plan mixes Believers and non-Believers, I think, but I have no complaints.

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  11. okay, Chas, I did, I did. Even gave a mother and baby a ride up the hill. Now my vegetables have been soaked in bleach water and are ready to go.

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  12. I’m in for a very busy couple of weeks. My sister texted yesterday saying that she and her husband are coming on Saturday with their 5th wheel for a few nights before they head to Waskesiu and then they’ll be back with their friends after a few days there. Then last night my daughter said she was coming for the weekend with her dog. Next Friday the twins and their parents come for almost a full week!!! Plus the first week of camp starts on Sunday.

    So, we will be busy busy busy. I’m going to feel like NancyJill did these past few days.

    The worst part is this coming weekend because we had already done the grocery shopping for the week before anyone told us they were coming. When you have to drive an hour for groceries and you and your husband both work full time, well… they’ll get what they get.

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  13. Whew Kare!! That’s a lot of activity converging upon you all!! My last one is leaving tomorrow in the early morning….I’ll be able to come out of my room in my pj’s once again to have my morning coffee!! 😂

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  14. Busy days for everyone — I’m back at work this week, got to attend a bronze medal ceremony for a 95-year-old WWII vet this afternoon, a nice break from the port stories I’ve been doing so far since returning from ‘stay’ cation.

    We’re having wonderfully cool, marine layer weather here, you could actually see it rolling in over the ocean today. We’re staying in the low 70s (and it was even 69 this afternoon at the assignment I was on, which was outdoors and near the ocean).

    There’s a mosquito in the house so I’m having to wear repellant. But she still buzzes around me.

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  15. I have already opened the windows. It is as hot inside as outside but should be cooling soon.

    Husband took children to the river before taking them to karate. I am sure fun was had by all even though that town is at least ten to fifteen degrees hotter than here.


  16. Looks like more heat coming your way up in the pacific northwest.

    I watered the front and am soaked from the knees down. I don’t know how that always happens.

    Mosquito in the house is still bugging me.


  17. I water me a lot. Because it is hot out and it feels nice. And because the rabbits chewed the hoses. And because I am inept. Choose one and we can be twins.

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  18. so I had a cookie today as I was walking to my classroom. And offered the last one to a friend. Then I looked at the container thinking I should rinse it out, only to see that it was swarming with small ants. So I think I had ants today with bits of a cookie.
    So nice of me to share the ants with a friend. 🙂


  19. I didn’t even know that I was eating ants. They were tiny. Though after I saw them, I did feel like I had ants in my throat.
    Morning, Chas.


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