21 thoughts on “News/Politics 7-28-21

  1. Just like the impeachment farces, this farce starts with lies, damn lies, and even more lies.

    “Lies Pile up on Day One of the January 6th Hearings”


    “Today was day one of the hearings on January 6th, held by Nancy Pelosi’s partisan select committee. What transpired was a sideshow of fake crying and irrelevant, sometimes questionable testimony from Capitol Police officers who offered absolutely nothing of substance in regards to fixing the security issues that plagued the Capitol that day.

    Of course, because we are dealing with an event strictly meant to cause an emotional reaction, not actually accomplish anything, the lies flowed freely.

    To start, Bennie Thompson, who himself objected to the electoral college in 2004, claimed that seven people lost their lives.”

    “Actually, if we are going to use the broad rubric that Thompson is using, thousands of people lost their lives for a variety of different reasons across the country. Regardless, only one was a direct result of something done at the Capitol that day. That would be Ashli Babbitt, who was shot and killed by an unidentified police officer. No, Officer Brian Sicknick did not die of injuries he sustained in the line of duty. He died a day later of a stroke he suffered nearly 12 hours after the events of January 6th. That is not in dispute. Any connection to January 6th is purely speculative, and in no other situation do we blame the deaths of officers who die of natural causes on stress endured while on duty. That’s not how any of this works.

    Thompson is also lumping in two officers who later committed suicide despite there being no direct evidence whatsoever that their decisions were based on January 6th. All the other deaths in the “seven” mentioned were of natural causes.

    Then there was the claim that January 6th was the worst attack on the Capitol since 1812.”


    I’ll answer that.


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  2. Stop with the fearmongering already.

    It seems that’s all Dems have left.

    “Johns Hopkins Doctor Shreds Latest COVID Madness Peddled by CDC and Fauci”


    “Fear is contagious. It’s almost as bad as the Delta variant. Again, is the new variant more transmissible? Yes. Is it deadlier? No. Does it make you sicker? No. Are those being impacted primarily the unvaccinated? Most definitely. So, when you want to increase vaccination rates, the government did what it did best: screw things up. Fully vaccinated people now must wear masks again in high-case areas. What constitutes a highly infectious area? Well, that’s not clear yet, but I’m sure the CDC and Dr. Anthony Fauci will make up some science fiction to justify this new mask mandate. The mandates are coming too. Not nationwide, Biden can’t do that yet due to the midterms, but federal agencies are one-by-one mandating it for workers who risk the loss of pay or their jobs if they refuse.

    Get vaccinated but also continue to live in fear. Yeah, no wonder why hesitancy is through the roof. All this move does is make the vaccine-hesitant dig in further and give anti-vaxxers all the ammunition they need to chip away at the credibility of the vaccines. You can’t be mad at the latter group when those who want us to get vaccinated offer all the ammunition to shoot that narrative down or at the very least question it—heavily.

    Well, take a break from being mad and read what Johns Hopkins doctor Dr. Marty Makary wrote about new studies about natural immunity which if ignored by Fauci and company. He also rehashed an old Fauci statistic that shreds the current push for new mask protocols and possible lockdowns (via WSJ) [emphasis mine]:

    The news about the U.S. Covid pandemic is even better than you’ve heard. Some 80% to 85% of American adults are immune to the virus: More than 64% have received at least one vaccine dose and, of those who haven’t, roughly half have natural immunity from prior infection. There’s ample scientific evidence that natural immunity is effective and durable, and public-health leaders should pay it heed.

    Only around 10% of Americans have had confirmed positive Covid tests, but four to six times as many have likely had the infection. A February study in Nature used antibody screenings in late summer 2020 to estimate there had been seven times as many actual cases as confirmed cases. A similar study, by the University of Albany and New York State Department of Health, revealed that by the end of March 2020—the first month of New York’s pandemic—23% of the city’s population had antibodies. That share necessarily increased as the pandemic spread.


    Natural immunity is durable. Researchers from Washington University in St. Louis reported last month that 11 months after a mild infection immune cells were still capable of producing protective antibodies. The authors concluded that prior Covid infection induces a “robust” and “long-lived humoral immune response,” leading some scientists to suggest that natural immunity is probably lifelong. Because infection began months earlier than vaccination, we have more follow-up data on the duration of natural immunity than on vaccinated immunity.


    Skeptics of natural immunity point to Manaus, capital of the Brazilian state of Amazonas, where reports in January suggested a wave of re-infections despite herd immunity. But the initial estimate of those infected was incorrect because it was based on antibody testing among those who donated convalescent plasma—an unrepresentative subgroup of the population. A follow-up study debunked the re-infection hypothesis and found only three confirmed re-infections in the entire state, whose population exceeds four million. Other studies have confirmed that re-infections are rare and usually asymptomatic or mild.

    Some health officials warn of possible variants resistant to natural immunity. But none of the hundreds of variants observed so far have evaded either natural or vaccinated immunity with the three vaccines authorized in the U.S.

    Should the previously infected be vaccinated? My clinical advice to healthy patients with natural immunity is that one shot is sufficient, and maybe not even necessary, although it could increase the long-term durability of immunity. A University of Pennsylvania study of people previously infected with Covid found that a single vaccine dose triggered a strong immune response, with no increase in that response after a second dose. A separate study from New York’s Mount Sinai School of Medicine concluded that “the antibody response to the first vaccine dose in individuals with pre-existing immunity is equal to or even exceeds the titers found in naïve”—never-infected—“individuals after the second dose.”


    Dr. Fauci said last Aug. 13 that when you have fewer than 10 cases per 100,000, “you should be able to open up safely and clearly.” The U.S. reached that point in mid-May. It’s time to stop the fear mongering and level with the public about the incredible capabilities of both modern medical research and the human body’s immune system.

    Now, that is a breath of fresh air, right? Sadly, Dr. Makary is sidelined on most networks in favor of pro-lockdown and pandemonium ‘experts’ who are peddling an agenda where we may never be allowed to go outside again. This is the cost of the ‘COVID ZERO’ approach. Everything can get you so…just live inside, which ironically is where this virus thrives. Most cases are from household spread, not gyms, restaurants, bars, hair salons, or barbershops. For those who have recovered from COVID, Makary said his “clinical advice to healthy patients with natural immunity is that one shot is sufficient, and maybe not even necessary, although it could increase the long-term durability of immunity.””

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  3. Was Jan 6th the worst thing evah at the capital?

    No. Not even close.

    The 2 attacks noted in the first post are just the start.


    And remember, riots are fine, as are injured officers, as long as it’s Dems doing it.

    They think everyone forgot this already?




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  4. Oh no.

    Now where will the pervert party get their millions now that their favorite pervert (No, not Bill Clinton) is going to prison?

    Next perv up I guess.

    “Democratic donor convicted of offering drugs to men for sex, leading to 2 deaths”


    “A federal jury on Tuesday convicted a wealthy California political donor on charges he injected gay men with methamphetamine in exchange for sex, leading to two deaths and other overdoses.

    Ed Buck was found guilty of all nine felony counts in federal court, which could lead to a life sentence. The verdict came exactly four years after one of the victims, 26-year-old Gemmel Moore, was found dead of an overdose in Buck’s West Hollywood apartment.

    “Today is bittersweet,” LaTisha Nixon, Moore’s mother, said after the verdict. “We got victory today.”

    The jury deliberated for more than four hours after a two-week trial. Buck’s defense attorneys — one of whom was a prosecutor in the O.J. Simpson case — did not immediately return a request for comment.”

    Prosecutors said Buck paid men and provided drugs in return for sex acts. The 66-year-old had pleaded not guilty. His defense lawyers said neither fatal overdose victim died from meth and that many of the alleged victims were drug addicts.”


    One less scumbag on the streets.


  5. Exactly.

    “When teachers say “don’t tell your parents” there’s a big problem”


    “Something has gone very wrong at Riverview intermediate school in the Sartell-St. Stephen School District in Minnesota, and likely in many other public schools around the nation. Earlier this year, a class of 4th-grade students was given an “equity survey” to complete by their teacher. The survey focused on issues of race (as in Critical Race Theory) and gender. The gender questions had nothing to do with medical science or human reproduction, instead, asking these children which gender they “identified” as. When at least two of the students pointed out that they were confused and wanted to ask their parents about these questions, the really alarming part of this story unfolded. They were told that they were not allowed to mention the survey to their parents or repeat the questions on the survey to anyone else. (Daily Mail)

    A class of fourth graders in Minnesota were given an equity survey about race and gender, but were allegedly told by a teacher not to tell their parents about the questions that they were asked even if they didn’t understand them.

    The survey was conducted at Riverview intermediate school in the Sartell-St. Stephen School District in Minnesota by the Equity Alliance of Minnesota, and comes amid a national debate on how to teach history and current events specifically focusing on matters of race.

    Student Hayley Yasgar addressed a school board on July 19 and told them she felt ‘very nervous and uncomfortable’ when her teacher instructed her not to talk to her mother about the survey.

    Here’s a video of Hayley Yasgar bavely taking the microphone in front of the school board and explaining how she felt when her teacher told her to keep a secret from her mother.”

    “This survey wasn’t even generated by the school. It was created by Equity Alliance MN and somehow pushed into the school’s agenda with no discussion involving the families of the students. The slogan of Equity Alliance MN is “Leading culturally relevant learning since 1995.”

    In addition to all of the Critical Race Theory nonsense, one question asked these children the following: “Do you currently identify yourself as female, male, transgender (transgender people have a gender identity or gender expression that differs from their assigned sex. For example, they were born male but now identify as female), or something else?””

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  6. Tychicus; I expected your reply yesterday, however, your reply can used to argue for mandated vaccination. Sure you have a choice but when your choice affects the immunosuppresed or children who can’t take a vaccine; should you have the choice? Also allowing a virus to spread and find a host will allow a virus to mutate. When chicken pox vaccines declined, adults as well as children had chicken pox. And for adults the long term affects are greater. In public health, our actions and choices affect others, hence community responsibility has a role. If the state has a role in protecting a fetus, it also has a role in protecting children under 12 and the immunosuppresed. Children must have their childhood vaccines before attending school; I need to be tested for TB and Hep B prior to hiring and then require a Hep B vaccine. This is not a new invasion of privacy.

    As for the “experimental” nature of the vaccine — I think you are referring to the delivery method of the Pfizer vaccine. Its not experimental — just new in this context, the tech was developed in response to the MERS outbreak in the Middle East. Its been tested prior to Covid. But if you are still unsure, the Johnson vaccine uses conventional ingredients and delivery.


  7. I expect the first stage of the committee hearings will largely be a retelling of events that day by witnesses. And police are very good at dramatizing events — they’ve been doing it for decades. I listen to one officer for a bit but he reminded me of almost any cop testifying on a protest gone wrong. The original Karens you can say.

    As for the severity of the event — it depends on how you look at different actions. Bomb blasts are more violent but without a large crowd involved its a one off and impersonal. The personal nature of Jan 6th heightens the severity level especially to those who it was directed. So for Pelosi, AOC, etc it was severe but for Jim Jordan it would be a silly ruckus — since they obviously weren’t hunting him down.

    I am interested to hear who failed to order the Guard, and exactly where and why security broke down. In some areas, officiers held the line and hand to hand to fighting, etc took place and in other sectors its clear officiers abandoned their posts. Why the difference? Also of interest is how much planning went into attacking the Capitol or was it a spur of the moment?


  8. From the evidence collected, its quite clear covid spreads in enclosed spaces with poor ventilation. Long term care facilities, schools and indoor work spaces (say an Amazon distribution center). Not sure how well natural immunity works in the case of covid, but the politicization of covid in the English speaking world makes it difficult to judge any article or link. But it is clear to me that if we worked on mandating better HVAC for these indoor spaces, along with vaccines, covid outbreaks will be less common.

    Strange to hear a teacher say don’t tell your parents. My school board has asked students to take a similar survey on bullying, race, gender, and sexual orientation (this survey was for middle school — gr 6 to 8). In part they mandated the survey as response to certain and credible accusations from various marginalized group. However, they emailed a notice to all parents (if an email was on file), sent home paper notices, and posted a notice on the parent portal of the board website. They worked on assumed consent ie if after all that notice parents didn’t object it was assumed they consented. (made my life easier as I didn’t have to chase down permission forms). I can’t fathom how any board would not go to at least this lenght to inform parents and even more I can’t understand at all why a teacher would say “don’t tell your parents”. After 25 years of teaching, I can say students do misunderstand, misinterpreted, and often cite rumor and second hand info as first hand. In some cases they will blatantly lie to either cover them selves or punish a teacher. (A colleague spent five years in limbo after facing coordinated accusations that were later admitted to have been done to punish him for low grades). I don’t know the circumstance in what is cited here but I’m cautious — I can’t see a school board and especially a teacher conducting a survey without permission but I’d like to take childrens’ words without thinking the worst possible scenario despite prior experiences.

    The original news article is from dailymail — not exactly a trust worthy site. Its a long rambling article about everything and nothing. The video and the news article are posted in completed separated sections of the article so I’m not sure how they are linked. In any event, the parents were actually informed of the survey ahead of time — just not the nature of specific questions. The fact the survey was developed by a third party is fairly normal — school boards frequently contract stuff out. If the teacher said don’t tell your parents, they might be out of line unless the survey instructs them to say this (surveys often come with a very strict script). And for the survey not to have a “don;’t know/understand” option is a badly constructed survey. I am little confused about the age and grade though — intermediate school suggests gr 6 to 8 for me, plus the girl in the video appears to be in that grade range.


  9. “I am interested to hear who failed to order the Guard, and exactly where and why security broke down.”

    Ask Pelosi when they put her on the stand. Security and the Capital Police are under her

    The Guard would have taken a day at least to mobilize, so they were useless here either way. The Capital police, whose job Congressional security is supposed to be, were completely overwhelmed. The FBI warned of possible issues on Jan 6th yet Pelosi ignored calls for additional security. Why is that?

    When that’s answered, you’ll see Pelosi was responsible for allowing all of this.

    And that’s exactly why she’ll never testify.


  10. Right, we know.

    Fake news = any news or source you personally disagree with or dislike the politics of.

    Got it.


  11. Hygiene theater folks.



  12. The role of Lying Liar will be played by Nancy Pelosi today.



  13. Meanwhile, the not drunk people remember the truth.



  14. Remember when Seattle’s Mayor said they needed less cops and more social workers?

    So how’s that working out. 🙂



  15. So I just heard on the news radio that the CDC is going to mandate that we, even those of us who have been fully vaccinated, wear masks when indoors…like shopping, church, etc….and that all children K-12 wear masks while as school….homeschool anyone?! Follow the science? I am so weary worn with it all. If shoppes begin mandating mask wearing once again…I’m out. Amazon better hire more workers because they will be coming to my house…a lot!! (Well they already do come to my house but they will be seeing much more of me if this comes to pass!) quit changing the “rules” in the middle of the game!!!


  16. I know this will be ignored and ridiculed. So why do I keep posting? Yep, something wrong with me. haha



    WSJ Opinion:

    How Contagious Is the Delta Variant?

    Because people infected with Delta carry much higher levels of virus, it’s time to rethink our behaviors, scientists say

    The Delta variant of the virus that causes Covid-19 is often described as highly transmissible. So, what does that actually mean?

    Scientists studying Covid-19 say that Delta’s increased contagiousness means we need to update our thinking about exposure risks. Because people infected with Delta carry higher levels of virus than with earlier strains, the old rules of thumb no longer apply, they say—including the conventional wisdom that it takes 15 minutes of close contact with someone to get infected.

    Delta has already changed public-health advice about masking. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Tuesday recommended that vaccinated people resume masking indoors in certain parts of the country. And local officials have begun to reinstate mask mandates, including in Los Angeles County and St. Louis County.

    CDC Director Rochelle Walensky said the guidelines were revised because new data on the Delta variant show that breakthrough infections for fully vaccinated people, though rare, carry a similar level of viral load as infections among the unvaccinated.

    … How does Delta’s contagiousness change our exposure risk?

    Being vaccinated is the best way to reduce risk of contracting the virus, doctors say, though they advise even vaccinated individuals to take extra caution. The vaccines are somewhat less effective at preventing infections from Delta compared with earlier strains of the virus, but still protect strongly against severe disease and death, they say.

    For unvaccinated people, Delta changes the old conventional wisdom that a person is most at risk of infection after 15 minutes of close contact with an infected person. With Delta, infection can likely happen in less than five minutes, scientists say. …

    … Fully vaccinated people have substantially more protection—and very low risk of developing severe disease, scientists say. Delta’s greater potency is “primarily a risk to unvaccinated people,” says Don Milton, a professor of environmental and occupational health at the University of Maryland School of Public Health.

    Still, Delta poses a bigger threat than earlier strains for people spending significant time indoors with other people who are infected, he warns. Vaccinated people would likely have to be exposed for longer to get infected than an unvaccinated person would. “If you’re vaccinated, maybe 15 minutes or half an hour is what you need to get a big dose. If you’re not vaccinated it will take hardly anything,” he says.

    Can vaccinated people spread the Delta variant?

    The CDC’s Dr. Walensky on Tuesday said that transmission by vaccinated people is possible. “In rare occasions, some vaccinated people infected with a Delta variant after vaccination may be contagious and spread the virus to others,” she said. …

    … Should I wear a mask again even if I’m vaccinated?

    The CDC on Tuesday recommended that people who are vaccinated start wearing masks indoors again in parts of the country where transmission is considered substantial or high. Roughly 46% of U.S. counties are considered high-transmission areas and 17% are considered to have substantial levels of transmission, according to CDC data. Cases are rising rapidly in states including Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Missouri and Alabama, where less than half of the population is vaccinated. …


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  17. Like

  18. Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) excoriated the House of Representatives during an impassioned speech on the House floor Wednesday and accused them of caring more about the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) revised mask mandates than the crisis at the southern border.

    “We have a crisis at our border and we are playing footsie with mask mandates in the people’s House,” Roy said, referencing the mask mandate reinstated for House members on Wednesday. “It’s absolutely absurd what this body is doing, the people’s House. It’s an embarrassment, a mockery, and the American people are fed up. They want to go back to life. They want to go back to business. They want to go back to school without their children being forced to wear masks, to be put in the corner, to have mental health issues.”

    “And we’re running around here and the speaker comes down here at 10 in the morning saying we got to wear masks in the people’s house?” Roy continued, growing more agitated. “While we have thousands of people pouring across our border and Democrats don’t do a darn thing about it, heavily infected with COVID.”

    “This sham of an institution is doing nothing for the American people, nothing for the betterment of the people that send their representatives here. I just met this morning with an organization that tries to take care of people from human trafficking, met with an elected official from Mexico, while cartels are raping and pillaging and killing.”

    “And we have people infected with COVID coming through our southern border into Texas and you all put masks, masks up front here, here on the people’s House?” Roy said. “This institution is a sham and we should adjourn and shut this place down.

    The duplicity is off the charts and some wonder why some do not trust the “science” and those “in charge”? Hmmmmm

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