25 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 7-26-21

  1. Morning, Chas, and good night.
    My head is buzzing with plans for the first day of school tomorrow. I am writing everything down and making sure my notes are in my bag. I don’t trust myself to remember anything.

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  2. On TV, a couple of minutes ago, they were talking about drug addiction.
    Reminds me of a question Rush Limbaugh received on his program. Sommejoe asked how long it took to get over nicotine addiction.
    Rush said, “I want one now.”

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  3. Good Morning. I am alive. I had a busy weekend showing property for two different agents. I spent yesterday with the cutest couple. First time in 4 years I have put buyers in my car to show property but we had a long way to go. I picked them up at 9:30 at their hotel and dropped them off about 5. He is an Alabama Boy who got the same kind of private school education I got. Many in his family attended Pensacola Christian College. She was adopted by an aunt who was able to immigrate to the US due to some sort of Vietnam program under Ronald Reagan. She came here when she was 9 years old. She was the youngest of 6 and her mother gave her up for a better chance in the US. I “fell in love” with both of them. They have a 2 yr old little girl and are expecting a boy in December.
    One of the houses was on Perdido Bay. I told them if they bought it, Mr.P and I came with it. I would love to sit on that dock and watch the water.

    I hope all of you are doing well. I am off to take MeMaw (the Murano) for her 7K mile check up.

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  4. I see on TV a lot of talk about defund the police.
    But it always says the people don’t support it.
    sO? Where is all the discussion?
    The only place I see it is on TV where they say no one supports it.

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  5. Good morning! The header photo is of a luna moth that Wesley pointed out on the wall of the driver’s license facility.

    It was a looney trip to get his driver’s license. While in TX he had tried to do a renewal of his Georgia license. He had put all the info in, but at the very end he got the message he needed to appear at a license center to get it. I now assume this is to counter people trying to get a license in two different states.

    He went in, and I stayed outside. While inside, he was having trouble with the initial signin station computer. It was not wanting to accept him. He realized he would have to take a number and wait and do everything with the clerk at the counter. He then decided perhaps he could expedite it by going ahead and filling out the form again on his phone while waiting. At the end of the form when he sent it, he got the message that it was approved. So he came back to the car. We had driven an hour to get there. Then it was an hour back to home. Oh, the places you will go living and learning through life! We did this on his birthday.

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  6. That is a nice picture of the moth.

    We went and stayed with our youngest daughter and family. We watched our 10 yr. old granddaughter in an hour long version of Antigone, which was very good. It was a theater camp for middle and high schoolers, but she was allowed to join them since her camp was canceled. She is invited to join them anytime in the future, since the teacher saw she does fine with the older students. Her mom was in a version of this years ago. We were both surprised to see they were doing this and surprised she understood the story. Only negative was the heat. It was in the evening so that helped a bit.

    Our other daughter also visited Sunday afternoon, so the cousins got to play together and we all had a great time visiting.

    We have storms coming through this evening. There were storms that shut down a blueberry festival with craft and food booths this weekend. So many artists lost pieces of their art. One friend had ceramics, but was fortunate to have a solid wall behind their tent. The tent was damaged, but not the artwork.

    So nice to be able to visit others; so nice to be home.

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  7. not hot here, either.
    already a crazy day and I have not even made it to school.
    Please pray that the fellow who mows the grass will not be angry. I am not supposed to pay him and will only pay him for three times not the five that he is asking for.

    Finally got my friend to send a check for the new air conditioner since the bank would not send that large an amount.
    Also heard devastating news about my daughter’s best friend and one of my supporters. She has ALS. such grief. She has three young sons and a daughter, maybe in high school.

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  8. Nice photo of an interesting moth! Didn’t a giant moth carry Dr Doolittle back home or something like that 😊
    I attended a memorial service this morning for my friend’s father in law…he was a gentle wise man who loved our Lord.

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  9. Not much chatter on here today We have been having another thunder and rain event right when the mail came around 8:30 p.m. Art pulled in the driveway and said he’d been in a deluge while driving home. I got wet going to the mailbox and had to put on a hoodie to get warm in the air conditioned house.

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  10. It was interesting to see what Phillip Yancy wrote about a former governor, Lester Maddox. It brought back memories of when I worked in the home office of a big family owned Atlanta plant nursery chain and Lester Maddox would call the owner whose office was around the corner from the office I shared with the accounts payable lady. Maddox annually received a free Christmas tree. This was after Maddox was no longer governor. Yancy also told about when Tony Evans wanted to attend his all white Baptist church. His stories are from the East Point area. Art grew up in West End, and I grew up on the Northeast side of Atlanta in a small town, Chamblee.


  11. Janice – When my friend Cindy and I were leaving church yesterday, there was a downpour going on. Cindy looked at me and said, “We won’t melt”, and then we headed out into it to get to her car. It was a bit of a walk, but although we got wet, we indeed did not melt. 🙂


  12. Still nearly eighty in the house. But much warmer outside so not time to open the windows yet. Much as I love thunder and lightning, as it reminds me of God, we do not want that right now. Usually many many fires come with each storm and the fire fighters are quite busy as is.


  13. The class is at music so I am free. It is going well. Some are quite mature and a few are quite young. Such differences. God gave me a new game that I made up using dice. I could tell that some had never used dice.
    Flat mate went ahead and paid the grass mower so I wouldn’t have to worry about it. She paid him more than I would have, but it was her decision.


  14. Down to eighty outside so the windows are open. A slight breeze with temp dropping to sixty two over night. And then we begin again.

    I see some of the farmers are turning this year’s wheat and barley crop into animal hay as the crop is too poor to be worth harvesting and there is a shortage of hay. And so it goes. Our hay is in the adjoining field waiting for us to pick it up. Before somebody else does. We had best be quick!


  15. I’m sorry about the wheat & barley, Mumsee. I suspect it wilshow up as price incrases in staples here.

    Otherwise. Have a nice day.
    Off to breakfast.


  16. Morning, Chas. Glad to see that you are up and at em.
    Time for me to get some sleep.

    We had a good first day of school. But tomorrow i have to head for the market at 6:30am. That is just too early to pick out fruit and vegetables.

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