10 thoughts on “News/Politics 7-23-21

  1. 2 stories to start.

    The first, how Soros has funded the Defund Police movement.

    “George Soros Funnels $1M To Defund the Police as Violent Crime Surges”


    “George Soros is funneling money to support defunding the police, a cause that cost Democrats politically in the 2020 election as violent crime spiked across the country.

    Soros gave $1 million to Color Of Change PAC on May 14, according to records filed with the Federal Election Commission. It is the progressive billionaire’s largest political contribution of the 2021 election cycle and his first to the political action committee since 2016.

    The contribution from one of the Democratic establishment’s biggest donors could further undercut the party’s efforts to downplay allegations that it backs defunding police departments. Republicans have hammered Democrats over their position on policing as violent crime has skyrocketed nationwide. As part of the effort to beat back the allegations, the White House has accused Republicans of supporting the defund movement—a claim the liberal Washington Post gave “three Pinocchios” earlier this month.

    Color Of Change, which bills itself as the largest online racial justice group in the country, is a vocal supporter of defunding the nation’s police departments. It led an online political outreach campaign last year to defund police departments following the killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.

    An online petition organized by the group reads, “Invest in black communities. Defund the police.” The petition also called for “divesting from and dismantling the systems that unjustly harm Black people.”

    Color Of Change supported an effort by the Minneapolis City Council to divert funds from the police department after officer Derek Chauvin murdered Floyd.

    “Policing is a violent institution that must end. We imagine a country where there is enough money to educate our children, care for our sick and feed those who are financially unstable. Defunding the police allows for this vision,” Color Of Change president Rashad Robinson said in a statement supporting the city council’s effort.

    The defund movement has lost some steam over the past year as violent crime has surged. But Color Of Change remains committed to dismantling police departments.

    A campaign director for Color Of Change told a Brooklyn newspaper last month that the group was calling for “no more police and no more mass incarceration.””

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  2. The second story is how another Soros funded prosecutor allowed a killer to walk free because the DA’s office (Soros bought, funded by) failed to show for trial.

    Remember it’s Soros backed prosecutors who have allowed BLM and Antifa rioters to walk on charges all across the US.

    The DA went after conservatives defending their home, but allows real criminals to walk.

    “Prosecutor Who Went After the McCloskeys Pulls No-Show for Murder Trial Forcing Judge to Free Killer

    “Judge Jason Sengheiser wrote a scathing order dropping the murder charges. The accused killer, Brandon Campbell, was released from jail and is still at large.”


    “Kim Gardner, the left-wing circuit attorney in Missouri who aggressively went after the McCloskeys for defending their home from a BLM mob, failed to have anyone from her office appear in court for a recent murder trial.

    The judge let the killer go. Why are people putting up with this?

    Elliott Davis reports at FOX 2 in St. Louis:

    Judge drops murder charges after no show of prosecutor from St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s office

    St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner is under fire after a judge drops murder charges against an accused killer.

    The unusual move came after the prosecutor from Gardner’s office, who was assigned the case, didn’t show up to court. Now the chairman of the St. Louis Aldermanic Public Safety committee wants to call Gardner in front of his committee to explain the incident.

    Judge Jason Sengheiser wrote a scathing order dropping the murder charges. The accused killer, Brandon Campbell, was released from jail and is still at large.

    The judge noted in his order that the prosecutor who was assigned to the case was on maternity leave for three months and said the office hadn’t replaced her.

    The judge sharply criticized Gardner’s office for the mix up saying, “The Circuit Attorney’s Office has essentially abandoned its duty to prosecute those it charges with crimes.”

    A spokeswoman for Kim Gardner admitted a big mistake was made saying in a statement: “Upon review of our internal policies and procedures regarding Family Medical Leave, we have determined that corrective measures are needed to further prevent any future repeat occurrence of the incident in question.”


    She’s doing what Soros pays her to do. Ignore criminals and crime.

    And to think some clueless rubes think Soros is just a conservative boogieman. The threat he poses is very real.

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  3. But the FBI is too busy entrapping Americans to bother with anti-American extortionists like Soros.

    It just gets worse.



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  4. Of course they won’t. Why hold anyone responsible for thousands of needless deaths?

    They won’t investigate, because they know what they’ll find, guilty Democrats.

    They kill the young and they kill the old. THIS is your Democrat party, the party of death.

    “Justice Department says it won’t investigate how Pa. handled nursing homes during pandemic”


    “The Justice Department told Gov. Tom Wolf’s office on Thursday that it has decided not to open an investigation into whether Pennsylvania violated federal law by ordering nursing homes to accept residents who had been treated for COVID-19 in a hospital.

    The letter comes 11 months after the agency told the governors of Pennsylvania, Michigan, New Jersey and New York that it wanted information to determine whether orders there “may have resulted in the deaths of thousands of elderly nursing home residents.”

    The one-page letter, from Steven H. Rosenbaum, chief of the department’s special litigation section, said they had reviewed information supplied by Pennsylvania, as well as “additional information available to the department.”

    Michigan received an identical letter Thursday.

    It was not clear Thursday whether New Jersey or New York received letters.

    New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy’s office did not immediately respond to requests, while Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s spokesperson Richard Azzopardi said he was checking to see if the administration had received such a letter.”

    So don’t worry senior killing Democrats, you’re safe with Applesauce for Brains running the show. He’s an expert at covering up illegal activity. He’s been doing it for 50 years.


  5. AJ, I’m pretty sure that calling the president “Applesauce for Brains” doesn’t rise to the level of honor for our rulers that Scripture calls for.

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  6. I don’t really care Cheryl.

    I’ll not sugarcoat my feelings, it’s bad enough I censor them greatly.

    The man is the antithesis of a good leader, he supports the killing of babies, treats people like us as if we’re criminals for disagreeing with him politically, pushes perversion at every opportunity, and is the very definition of Applesauce for Brains.

    He’s this country’s punishment, not something to be praised. He sullies the office with his mere presence, so spare me the lecture.

    I pray for him and Democrats often, and the offices they hold, but I don’t need to pretend to like or respect the man. I don’t hide that from God, and I’m not gonna hide it here.

    You’ll just have to deal with it.


  7. Doctors are pushing back against “The Narrative” – it’s good that some of them not only know but actually still live by The Oath.


    “An Arizona doctor decried the COVID-19 vaccines as dangerous after National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Anthony Fauci criticized Missouri for not having a high enough vaccination rate.

    Fauci recently called out Missouri’s COVID-19 vaccination rate, stating, “If you have a low level of vaccination, which certain sections of the state of Missouri have, you are going to see an increase in infections, which ultimately might lead to an increase in hospitalizations.”

    Over half of Missouri’s adult population has completed vaccination, with 57 percent initiating vaccination. But these numbers are not as high as other states. According to Becker’s Hospital Review, Missouri ranks 39 in the nation for vaccine rates. By comparison, the most vaccinated state is Vermont, which currently has 67 percent of its population fully vaccinated.

    Fauci painted a grim picture for Missouri and blamed “vaccine hesitancy” for a reported surge in Missouri COVID-19 cases, but not everyone in the medical profession agrees.

    Dr. Jane Orient is an outspoken member of the medical community who expressed concerns over the current climate of the industry, the vaccine, and PCR test accuracy. She spoke with The Epoch Times about the data coming out of Missouri: “There are reports of deaths, but then you look at the Department of Health and you see that statistics are going down. There is definitely a vaccine frenzy, and the question is what’s in it and why do they want everyone to take it?””


  8. No, AJ, I don’t have to deal with it. This is between you and God. If you’re a believer in Christ, it should matter to you, but if you aren’t, it probably won’t. But I’ve pointed it out and it’s your concern.

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  9. Take your public reprimand, totally out of order by the way on how brothers and sisters should address such a concern, and move on.

    And then you actually question my faith as if you don’t know?

    “but if you aren’t, it probably won’t.”


    Your opinion on the matter is irrelevant to me. We’re done here.


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