44 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 7-22-21

  1. Good morning again.
    I think it’s three birds up there. But thes 91 year old eyes can’t see that closely.

    Tis world is not my home, I’m only passing through
    Nevertheless, make the best of it for now.

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  2. Good morning. We are getting a little rain again. I have never thanked God before for every little bit of rain. So many blessings we get for which we do not think to thank God. I was reading today in The Daily Bread that there was a grasshopper invasion for five years in MN in the late 1880’s. A day of prayer was asked for. The grasshoppers hatched on a warm day even as they prayed. However, that was followed by unseasonal cold which froze the young grasshoppers. I am wondering if we are building up to an invasion again. Grasshoppers have really done damage to some of my plants and they are more numerous than we have ever seen.

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  3. Good morning. Idaho is supposed to be under grasshopper invasion. I have seen less than ten but remember well our first year back from military life. There were grasshoppers everywhere, thick and busy. If they arrive, we let the rest of the chickens free range with the other chickens and turkeys and miss our guinea fowl.

    I have been….outside! Enjoying the early morning cool, getting some dog walking, garden weeding, yard watering done. Along with the feeding of various animals. Daughter is cleaning her room while the other two are off to Lewiston for speech therapy.

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  4. Good brunch time! I got sidetracked this morning. I think the sunshine has distracted me.

    We are suppose to have a comedy night at church with a Christian comedian. I have been checking out some of his clips. I am trying to decide about attending. Also got the pastor’s weekly newsletter and spent some time digesting it.


  5. I envy you mumse.
    I have been sitting here in my room/office. I sat in the front room a while and went outside to sit a while.
    I would watch TV, but there is nothing worthwhile on.
    That’s about it. I am sitting hereposting, but will soon be away.
    I see that I made an error. You may not believe this, butt I will only cause more trouble if I try to correct it.

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  6. Our street repaving looks done — except for putting the yellow stripe down the middle — but no workers this morning as neighbors’ and my cars remain jammed into my driveway. Maybe they’re working on the blocks around us now, but I wish they could finish ours off so we could go back to being able come and go more easily.

    Meanwhile I have a lot of pesky “little” things that need taking care of but are weighing heavily for some reason — car needs an oil change, tire rotation and 4-WD service (but I have no regular mechanic now, former one was close to our former office which doesn’t work for me anymore naturally; I need to get the new phone up and running; I should get Cowboy to the vet again tomorrow; my one cousin and I plan to visit another cousin tomorrow, he’s getting a pacemaker but it’s an outpatient surgery, so I think the tentative plan was for us to see him at the hospital and then grab lunch maybe?; my eye appointment needs to be made, I’m way overdue, a knee shot appointment needs to be made, the knee is bugging me again and the last shot would normally wear off by August; I need to do more work inside the house; I wanted to haul some bags over to the Office Depot for shredding (but that’s complicated with the car/driveway situation); I’m dreading work on Monday, knowing we’ll be short another reporter now (again) going forward, tomorrow is his last day, so more work will be left to juggle for everyone else with no light at the end of this long, dark tunnel.

    Anyway, it’s those little things that pile up. making me feel paralyzed.

    So. The plan for today is: Find a quick Jiffy Lube place and at least get the oil changed; get the new phone up and running; make a vet appointment for tomorrow if one’s available; spend some more time today in the house, haul the trash out (pickup is tomorrow); water the back (front got done late yesterday). I can make the eye and knee shot appts, too, so at lease those are on the books. I need to get in for a mammogram, too, so I could make an appt for that, but I at least have my physical set for mid-August, that was scheduled more than a month ago.

    I have such fun “vacations.”

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  7. Well the good news is that they have removed the “no parking” signs from the curbs so looks like we’re good to go in terms of moving cars out of my driveway.

    I made a back treatment appt for Cowboy for tomorrow morning and as soon as I get dressed I can get out to have the oil changed and run the other small errands I also had on the list.


  8. I took my former Jeep to Jiffy Lube for an oil change probably last summer, during the pandemic. Didn’t want to leave my car for a whole day but the service was overdue and I’m pretty careful about keeping cars up to date on maintenance. But I was satisfied with the quick oil change, very convenient.

    Still, nothing like having a trusty, regular mechanic.

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  9. DJ, you are doing great keeping up with all that. I have been very neglectful of much on your list. It is almost like Covid/pandemic shut me down. I got info today about a memorial service and only vaccinated people are invited. Interesting.


  10. I agree, Chas. Let them do their job.
    My knee has been hurting and my hip. So I go to the pt and she gives me exercises and when I do them, then it hurts worse.
    Not much motivation to do the exercises. Will they make it better???
    My classroom is up a flight of stairs, but it has a wood floor which is nice and flexible for walking on. To go to the office is a cement sidewalk, probably it would be better if I walked on the grass.

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  11. Today is a National Holiday, Remembrance Day. But no one seems to remember what it is for? I imagine it relates to WWII, but it is unclear. Next month we have a holiday for the National Day of Repentance. Something we all need.

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  12. I just cut up an onion and my eyes told me what they thought about the pain I inflicted on the onion. They cried. I know Chas would cry ,too, because he does not like onion in his food.


  13. Ok, got a lot done, not everything.

    Got the oil changed & a “fuel flush” which it was due for (an annual thing apparently), filters were fine and didn’t need replacing, at Jiffy Lube. They couldn’t help me with the 4WD “service” and informed me that the 2 tires on the left side of my Jeep were a cheaper brand than the better quality tires ones on the right — ones on the left starting to wear out, ones on the right are good so he suggested replacing the two cheap (China made, he said) ones and then rotate all 4 and I should be good to go. But they don’t sell tires so that’s a task for another day.

    Got an amazon return sent off, stopped in at AT&T to get my new phone loaded with the old phone, but with some bumps along the way (guy at the store did it for me) — as in me not being able to remember (or type in correctly) my apple password (apple passwords are awful) so I had to reset it. I just had to reconnect everything in the computer with that new password but it all seemed to take. Needed a new screen protector, case and ear buds (now wireless) of course.

    And I had to “re-pair” my new phone — even though it has the same phone # — to the Jeep. Amazingly, that worked.

    But the Jiffy Lube guy wiped out the digital mile read out on the big center portion of the digital info screen right behind the steering wheel. And I have the hardest time getting that back, it just isn’t very user friendly! I’ve managed to do it twice but only by poking and chance.

    I also picked up groceries.

    And there’s a lot of no-mask wearing going on despite the new protocols. Guys at Jiffy Lube didn’t wear them (or enforce the new rule even though the sign is on their waiting room wall). I suspect these smaller places are going to be pretty nonchalant about it, everyone’s just so weary at this point.

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  14. So I apparently left my prescriptive sunglasses at the Outback restaurant in Northridge, which I think is easily 50+ miles away. I couldn’t find them today so called the restaurant and yep, they have them. I’ll see if my friend can pick them up for me then I’ll figure it out from there on how to get them from her.

    Looks like another girlfriend visit is already in the works …

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  15. Nice to see you all. Apparently we had a network outage for maintenace and I missed the announcement. Oh, well…
    Now to send out an email and head for school

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  16. I did send out my newsletter, thanks Janice, but one of my groups did not send. So this evening I will create new, smaller groups.
    I’m at school now.

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  17. Michelle, not sure if you saw my question last week – have you seen the “American Greed” episode about PGE?


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