16 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 7-17-21

  1. 😦 The increase in drugs and crime here (and there).

    🙂 Good police officers etc.

    😦 Drought here and other places.

    🙂 Fire fighters and the equipment that is needed to douse fires quickly and safely.

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  2. Praying for you continually Kizzie….I am so sorry 😢
    My introvert quiet loving self is becoming a bit overwhelmed at all the talking in my house…and I have another week and half to go 😳
    I hit my baby toe on the corner of a bench…I think it’s broken…for about the umpteenth time in my life…what is it with the tiniest toe on our foot…! 😣

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  3. NancyJill – I sympathize with you on both counts.

    I can’t wait for Nightingale’s bathroom to get fixed, but that won’t be for quite a while. In the meantime, I am trying to adjust my sails to not fight against the way things are, but to go with the flow. Sometimes it is quite annoying to not have any real privacy.

    As for toes, yesterday one of the dogs ran over my bare foot when they started to fight, and I ended up with a little gash on one toe and a bruise on the foot. But the toe and the bruise do not hurt anymore. I hope your toe heals quickly.

    (The dogs don’t usually fight, but Janie can be provoked to start one if she thinks Heidi is going to get something she wants. I think she was chewing on a “bone” and Heidi got too close, and then. . .bam! – she “attacked”.)

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  4. The internet is on. The internet is off.
    Well at least my newsletter is done, but I can’t email it to anyone to check or send.
    oh, well…..

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  5. Kizzie, have you by chance checked into Thundershirts (I think that’s what they’re called)–supposed to help dogs with fear issues. I don’t know how much they cost.

    Kizzie, it has been more than half of our granddaughter’s life since we have seen her or her parents–Christmas 2019. It is hard not to see our grown children very often, though I think it’s true for more American families than otherwise. I do hope you’ll be able to see your Chickadee at some point this year, and that we can see our family too.

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  6. My baby boy went home.

    We had a fun visit–a staycation is what he wanted, “to see Sonoma County” and he/we got it.

    Daughter heads to a househunting gig this week, travels back to LA in early August, and then joins our church crew on an eyeglass mission to Nica the middle of the month.

    And then? Who knows. Interesting times.

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  7. We had a nice visit with second son this past week, for a day. Good to see him and the two grandsons. They are now convinced that Idaho is the place for them after living in Kansas, Florida, and New York the past seven years. So it has been seven years since we saw them, though grandpa has been to their homes in Kansas and Florida, he travels and I don’t.

    Next month we visit with third son and meet that grandson (now almost three) and have not seen third son in about ten years.

    With both, the gaps don’t matter, it will be as if there was none and we will be just as fond of each other as ever. Children grow up and life moves forward. I like them and enjoy seeing them but it does not bother me that they are busy with their own lives.

    Obviously, Chickadee is an entirely different matter as she appears to be stalled.

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  8. Yes, and it hurts and greatly concerns me that Chickadee is so uncommunicative. She did send me a brief text on Mother’s Day, which is when she mentioned her mental health problems being bad, and then another brief text a few days after her birthday in June, thanking me for the pretty card and money gift. And that’s it.

    I continue to send a text or email every week, often brief, sometimes chatty, to keep the doors of communication open, with no response. Twice, I have asked her to at least reply with something brief like “Got it” or “Hi Mama”, or even merely an emoji to acknowledge the text or email. But nothing. 😦

    And of course, I know that she is living in a place with very bad influence. Not only that, but I am sure that the McK sisters have convinced her that they are more her “real” family than we are. Nightingale says that she feels like she doesn’t have a sister anymore. Boy misses his auntie. And my own heart aches missing her so. We were once very close.

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  9. 😦 The ongoing “stuck” (as mumsee so accurately put it) situation with Chickadee and the divide from (her real) family that she’s chosen for now

    😦 The ongoing new pandemic ‘delta’ spread and the accompanying cultural and social disagreements it will surely spark (again)

    🙂 Grateful for virtual live church though being there is so much better; but handy in a pinch on some Sundays.

    🙂 Online Christian resources available to us today. I need to catch up with Mohler, someone at church said he did a very good podcast on CRT with someone representing another view (and a nonbeliever). Excellent examples with some of these discussion on how to talk about the issues facing us today.

    🙂 I’m looking forward to a full week away from work (although it will fly by, I realize).

    🙂 mumsee’s back

    😦 … but where’s roscuro?

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  10. And when I say “chosen” with regard to Chickadee’s situation, I don’t really mean that in the true sense of word. It’s a situation that appears to have many driving forces, possibly her own emotional and mental health struggles right now along with her housemates she looks to for advice, apparently.

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  11. DJ – I had contacted Roscuro through FB a while back. She said that she was feeling a lot of stress in her life, and so was pulling back from the blog, at least for a while. She may have said that she still reads but doesn’t comment.

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  12. No dreams. Just sleep. Of course, not unexpectedly, I am not sleeping soundly now. Just lightly, waking up. Thought I would do something but am not up to reading a book, so here I am. Hi Jo.


  13. Hi Mumsee. I just got home from school. I was worried as I had a haus meri working at my friends house and there were no keys here.
    Turns out she decided that the curtains needed washing and was working to figure out how to put them back up. It was an hour past her time to go home. So I gave her a ride down the hill to the gate.
    I am a little concerned as I did not want her using the washing machine. Oh, well.
    I will pray for some sleep for you, Mumsee.


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