55 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 6-30-21

  1. Good night, Jo.
    Good morning, Chas.
    The sin is shining here and it’s time for me to get to it as you said Chas. I have to figure out what to buy for food to supply our son who will be visiting. He is a carnivore. He will enjoy our meatless meals, but I will need to supplement his with chicken or beef for some meals.


  2. Good Morning. This market is wearing people out. I am teaching 3 days a week this month. G is going to the doctor with BG next week. He will ask questions I won’t think to ask and I have been to all the others.
    I walked 2.74 miles this morning while listening to a podcast. You may remember that I was doing something called 75Hard when I found out I had Covid. I was tired, so I went to bed. Monday and today I got up at 4:30, had coffee, and morning meditations/reading then took myself out for a walk. Yesterday I couldn’t make myself get out of bed. I’m determined though.

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  3. Good morning. It is eighty in the house this morning, seventy outside. Time to get some watering and feeding and weeding done before it gets hot. Now they say look for 103 today. Glad the folks allowed the ac. They like to keep the house at 85 but the ac in the downstairs is helping to do that.


  4. I am approaching 91 years in this world.
    I have never before heard of such a stupid thing as “defund the police”.
    Someone speculate on how we could maintain order in this world.


  5. Hopefully people will get tired of living with chaos and vote against it. Most people are not for defunding the police or for police brutality.

    Good morning. My eyes and ears are filled with the beauty of nature this morning. We will enjoy music later.

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  6. Nice new landscape, Kim. Great reward for all your hard work. What will those plants by the house grow up to be? I have some very leggy bushes by the house that resemble large bonsai at this point. Sometime I need to have them dug up and plant anew. Wondering what are the newer plants being used?

    Glad that G is keeping informed and being supportive of BG. Y’all are a united force of love for her. I have been praying for her. She is a beautiful young lady. I am sad that she has this combination of health issues.

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  7. Our county is prosecuting folks with fireworks. Our poor daughter had purchased sparklers for the Adorables, but even they are outlawed and potential reason for the county to sue. 😦

    She won’t even be here for two more weeks when she is bringing with her . . . Stargazer!

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  8. Good morning! We had another half inch of rain last night. That makes close to 2 inches of rain for the past week. Which is also the only moisture we have had since April. We are so thankful!

    I begin RN orientation tonight. I am excited!

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  9. I’m searching, searching for a story I can turn around today for tomorrow — I’ve been going through the local monthly free magazine, a neighborhood council newsletter … Nothing. Argh.

    I will be busy with stories both tomorrow and Friday, but today? Nothing yet. I still haven’t checked my work email. Maybe I’ll find something in there.

    I was up early to get the Jeep moved out of the driveway so the neighbors could get loaded up for another post-stroke PT assessment appointment. At 3, the husband will lift Cowboy into the Jeep for a trip to the vet for another back treatment.

    I’m getting an earlier-than-usual start at work today to help make up some of that time I’ll need for the vet trip but also …. to try to find a story. This is so typical at this time of year, though. Lazy days of summer (although it’s again very overcast and cool here this morning, I’m wearing a sweatshirt).


  10. Janice, yes, thank you, and responded last night and alluded to it this morning. Our box fan seems to have left with daughter. She may have put it somewhere I have yet to discover. Asking her will probably not help but I will.

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  11. Along with our heat wave, we had powerful – and very loud! – thunderstorms move through here last evening. The power kept blinking out for several seconds or a minute, then coming back on.

    After the storms had been over for a while, I got around to resetting the time on the clocks. I got the kitchen clocks (on the microwave, stove, and coffeemaker) all set to exact time, which I was pleased with, and then sat on my bed to set my bedside clock. And then the power went completely out!

    It was out for almost an hour, which isn’t that bad. But then I had to try to get my clocks set properly again.

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  12. Okay, here’s an off-the-wall question. The Bible refers to fruit and such on the New Earth, and “the marriage supper of the Lamb”. Will we really still be eating in Eternity, or are these references figurative?

    That’s not the off-the-wall question. This is: If so, will we also still have to “go potty”?


  13. Kizzie, hoping the power doesn’t go out again forcing you to redo all those clocks!

    I bought a standing floor fan (on a pole) several years ago which currently is in the garage. I think it was the best fan I’ve ever had, so it may get dragged back in later this summer, depending on how hot it gets. But it’s heavy (metal) and cumbersome so I have to be pretty motivated.

    The ceiling fans work best in naturally circulating the air (and without blowing right in your face).

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  14. At least the clock on my DVD recorder/player will come back on with correct time unless the power is off for a bit, so I only had to change that one back after the longer outage.

    My bedside clock, however, starts flashing 12:00 if the power even thinks of going out. 😀

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  15. And up here in Canada, Lytton, BC recorded a temperature of 49.5C yesterday. (That’s 121F) Hottest ever temp in Canada. (in recorded history)

    Meanwhile, my office was 86 when I got here this morning. I currently have three fans blowing on me. Thankfully the humidity is only 39%.

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  16. My new thing to learn today on social media. A friend said her husband got her some battle ropes. I had to find out what that was. For anyone else who is not in the know . . .


  17. I just read your comment on yesterday’s thread, Mumsee. I just feel badly for you and Kare and others up there suffering like we have suffered. I wish I could help.


  18. Janice, it does not bother me, I just find it interesting. As mentioned, most of my summer is back to normal for me: outside. I am just in to fix my breakfast this morning.
    But we do not have the humidity you folks have, and that about kills me. My first time use of an air conditioner was when we moved to Maryland in ’83. I don’t like them, but when humidity is involved, I will take them.

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  19. Janice, our summers are so short, we will take all the heat we can get. I love it as long as I can cool off now and then. Like in our little pool. I ran out to take another dip before bed last night. Stayed in until the hum of mosquitoes got a bit too loud, then booked it for the house 🙂

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  20. The night before last, we decided to beat the heat by planning on having ice cream from our local ice cream place for dinner the next evening (which would be last evening). I was happy, not only because of the ice cream, but mostly because I would get a break from cleaning up the after-dinner kitchen mess. Nightingale is a wonderful cook, but a very messy one as well.

    So yesterday morning she announced that she would be cooking after all – a late afternoon lunch-dinner combo, and then we would have ice cream later. As you may expect, I was disappointed that I would have to clean up after dinner after all.

    Then Nightingale spent the latter part of the afternoon, right before preparing dinner, cooking up a whole bunch of things for her and Boy’s lunches and breakfasts. (She’s not the “cereal for breakfast and a sandwich for lunch” type.) But I wasn’t too worried about that, because she usually mostly cleans up after she does that, and I just have to do the finishing touches.

    Well. . .she had something she needed to do after dinner, so I had all of that to clean up by myself. It probably wouldn’t have bothered me as much (but would still have bothered me some) if I hadn’t been counting on having no clean-up at all to do.

    Such is life. Ya gotta roll with the punches and disappointments.

    (Today she is only planning on salad and smoothies for dinner, because it’s too hot even for her. 🙂 )

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  21. Confession: Our Christmas tree is still up in the dining room. Yes, really. (Although the ornaments are off of it, but the lights are still on.)

    So a little while ago Nightingale suggested we have some kind of “Christmas in July” thing before finally taking it down.

    I said that we should just leave it up rather than taking it down and then putting it back up in another five months. It would make a funny story in years to come – “2021. The Year We Kept the Christmas Tree Up All Year.” But Nightingale reminded me that we are throwing this old (artificial) tree away when we finally take it down.

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  22. Glorious day here. Brilliant sunshine over the valley and then to the side I see wisps of fog floating over the hills. I will be off in an hour to open the computer lab for anyone who would like to read a book.

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  23. I love wisps of fog. Or any fog, really.

    When our heavy marine layer rolls in, it’s a blob coming in over the peninsula to the west — it’s a wonderful sight when we’ve been hit with a long and persistent heat wave, it means the pattern is starting to break.

    Neighbors are home so in a little while I’ll leash up Cowboy and we’ll hit the road for our appointment. Hoping traffic is light. Friday’s appointment will be a different story, I know, everyone will be on the road coming or going for the long weekend.


  24. DJ, I have only once seen the blob fog rolling in on the beach at Hilton Head. It was quite the surprise to see that happening. It almost seemed like something from a scifi movie if not a horror movie. It was so thick. I felt like trying to outrun it.

    Kim, that Triffle sounds quite decadent. I have always wanted to make a triffle but never have. It seemed to require the special pedestal clear bowl for the full effect. I do have some crystal patterned glass bowls that could work. Hmm . . . we have a birthday in the family in July.


  25. One of the pieces I have in my crystal cabinet that I inherited from Aunt Gert is a lovely trifle bowl. When we were rearranging the pieces in the upper part of the cabinet with the glass doors late last week, Nightingale said she would like to make a trifle someday.


  26. The first sentence is not too clear, but I inherited the crystal and the crystal cabinet (which is not made of crystal, btw 🙂 ) from Aunt Gert. She had the cabinet custom made.


  27. Got home from the vet’s appt to find a little flag planted in my front side garden near the sidewalk — then I noticed the flags were throughout the neighborhood. I checked a card that I spotted on one of them, they apparently were courtesy of an ambitious realtor. lol

    But it’s nice, it made me feel like putting out some bunting or something. I think last year I had separate strings of red, white and blue LED battery lights I wound around the porch pillars.

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  28. On the prayer thread, I just left a request that we not lose power during these thunderstorms we are having again tonight.

    Poor Heidi is a nervous wreck. I’ve never babied her when she is scared, but act normal and cheerful, but she still gets very nervous during storms or when fireworks are being lit off in the surrounding area. She seems to get even more scared now that she is an older gal. She pants and trembles her little heart out. Poor thing.

    I’m thinking of asking the vet for some kind of doggie valium to keep on hand for such times.


  29. My vet today suggested CBD oil for dogs (though he can’t legally recommend it) for Cowboy’s arthritis along with the other name brand pain med I’m giving him.

    Both Cowboy and Tess have lost some of their hearing so fireworks don’t seem to bother them as much as they used to. But I suspect it’ll be at such a wild level this weekend that they’ll still react.

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  30. The vet told me a story from several years ago about a client of his, an older, 80-something woman, the grandmotherly type right out of the 1950s, who wound up buying marijuana from the kid down the street after he offered some to her arthritic German Shepard when he was skate-boarding by her place at the beach one day. She started buying it from him regularly, it kept her arthritic German shepherd going up and down the stairs for another 6 months. Or so the story goes.

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  31. I thought cannabis was poisonous for dogs. Hmm.

    Kizzie, I, too, get upset when what I was expecting doesn’t happen. It just throws me for a loop. Always has. But I feel like I’m getting better at going with the flow as I age. 🙂

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  32. And I’m really looking forward to the Arizona pictures. We stayed in Tucson for our 25th wedding anniversary trip. We hiked all over the place – even went horseback riding in the Catalina mountains – now THAT is the way to see the desert! I love lizards and cacti!!


  33. Way back in my wilder, unsaved days I had a Pekingese that would eat the weed butts from the ashtray. Stupid dog loved ’em.

    I don’t judge. 🙂

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  34. We had a very eventful night.

    Isaac and Elizabeth went to Knoebles Amusement Park yesterday with Isaac’s female family members yesterday. She then spent the night. Her and Isaac stopped and did some shopping out Linda’s way in York on the way back here.

    Isaac then left to return home for work tomorrow…….

    And his car broke down in Allentown. We think he seized an axle or bearing. I had the car towed here. He’s gonna have to spend the night, we’ll look at in the morning, and he can take our second car home if he needs to.

    Such fun.

    So I’m posting tomorrow tonight. Like right now. But hey, it’s tomorrow here already. 🙂

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