Our Daily Thread 6-28-21

Good Morning!

Since yesterday was Sunday, Cheryl’s birthday wasn’t noted in the post. So Happy Belated Birthday Cheryl!


Anyone have a QoD?

53 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 6-28-21

  1. If you’rre wondering what I’m doing here, I’ll tell you again.
    I am a (almost in August) a 91 year old man who has done lots of things in life. But presently has nothing to do.
    I am stuck here. Just me and you.
    You can go away, but I caant.
    So? I’ll be here ungtil The Lord or AJ cuts me out.
    Typos and all

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  2. It isn’t that I don’t see the typos, it is that I can hardly see the coursor to get it into the right place to fix the error.
    We have to live with it.

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  3. Am I the only one up yet?
    I see on TV where a 101 year old man is receiving a medal for something
    I was in the AF 3 yrs, 5 mos, 17 days. Served in Arabia

    I never received a single medal. Not an overseas, no good conducth. Nothing.

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  4. Good morning, Chas, the real, any others.

    A beautiful day here as we have started into our historic heat wave. Supposed to continue in the high nineties and hundreds for the next ten days or so. The trees do well outside which is where I live (we sleep out there) but the inside of the house won’t be cooling down much as it is only supposed to get down to the mid sixties at night.
    My brother was able to convince my folks to let him install the ac we sent up for them several years ago. He put it in yesterday. But only in the lower portion, below where they go. We are hoping dad will be pleased enough with the coolness to allow it up in the living area as well.

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  5. Home with my leg up. I have no idea if I can get a doc appointment much less how I’ll manage driving to it, much even lesser how I’ll walk from the parking garage in.


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  6. Michelle, go to the emergency room. Now. If it is hurting like that still, you need IV antibiotic treatment and the ER is the place to go for that. Take it from one who has given IV treatment to dozens who were bitten or scratched by animals.

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  7. Michelle is dealing with a painful deep bite wound from a dog, Chas. I love dogs, but they sure can do a lot of damage when in protection or aggressive mode. Of course cats can hurt people, too, but you never hear of a cat killing anyone.

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  8. When I taught in a preschool, my first class was five two year old boys. I can’t remember how old Wesley was, maybe ten, but he would join in for our snack time. The little guys would tackle him and beat up on him in a playful way. He was a good sport. He had to do his homeschool work in a nearby classroom. Another teacher ended up homeschooling her daughter while teaching preschool. It was a win/win situation for homeschooling moms and the school.

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  9. I had a St. Bernard put his mouth around my arm and one at a different time put his mouth around my leg. Thankfully at the right moment an owner came and called on the dog to stop. My husband was threatened by one on a few ocassions. He had informed the owner, but the owner was doubtful until he happened to see it himself. How a dog behaves when the owner is present, may not be how it behaves otherwise or in every situation. I hope you heal well, Michelle.

    This weekend I saw a banner for a birthday party for a one hundred year old. My friend just had the memorial service for her mother who died at 103.

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  10. Thanks, Roscuro.

    If I can’t get an appointment with my doctor this morning, I’m going to urgent care, per ER directions. I’d like the doc to see it since the ER visit on Saturday was in LA.

    I successfully avoided the ER as a patient for 35 years. Twice in two weeks has been discouraged and a bit weepy.

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  11. BTW, did I mention the EMtech in the ER room was trained by our daughter? 🙂

    She laughed when we told her. “Well, I always told my students to treat their patients as if they were my mother!”

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  12. Michelle, I see the patients after they have been to the ER for the first IV dose to hook them up for their IV doses in community. They are often a bit weepy, so I get it. I often dress the open wounds left by the bites or scratches at the same time. I also see them heal up rapidly once they get the right treatment.

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  13. I’m so sorry, Michelle. Just reading about that gives me sympathy pains. Hope you can get in to your doctor (preferably) or to urgent care quickly (though the words ‘urgent care’ and quickly don’t really go together, it’s typically a three-hour wait at the one near me). I’m hoping your own doctor will summon you for a quick assessment first.

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  14. Annie yowled-off a cat intruder in the backyard this morning. I’ve seen this one before, he/she comes over from the back fence.

    Li-Lu the black-and-white kitten (now mostly grown) from next door also still invades on occasion.

    Our temperatures are going up to around 80 today where I am but its showing drops again down to the low 70s starting tomorrow. The massive heat dome in the northwest looks awful.

    Busy week with yet another weekly phone-in staff meeting added to our schedules every Monday now — and I’m trying to figure out when I can get Cowboy in for treatments this week … Having a vet so far away has really come back to bite me in this situation.


  15. We’re going to be 85F to 95F this week and probably all next week. We don’t usually have such high temps for so long. Thankful for fans and for our pool.

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  16. Next Monday is a holiday for us. But the pressure is on to churn out copy for the long weekend. This job really is like being on a treadmill.

    And I’m hoping to take a full week off later this month, I haven’t done that since last Christmas/New Year’s.

    OK, vet appts made for 4 p.m. Wednesday and Friday, stories are typically turned in by then and it’s mostly just a matter of being available for editor questions. I always have my phone with me and often I’ll bring along some hard copy notes or other info to go over for future stories while I wait in the car. The appts are super short once they take him inside, 15 minutes, so most of the time is in the drive to and from which is a good 45 minutes each way w/traffic — and these late appts will force me to take the somewhat longer way home because the fastest route is bumber-to-bumper by that time of day.

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  17. I was thinking many people may take Friday off so work-related traffic might not be as bad — but getting-out-of-town traffic will surely make up for it, especially since the airport is nearby.


  18. They’re questioning Biden’s ability to lead. Someone said, “He’s out of his mind.”
    They knew this before they started. This is not a surprise to anyone.
    They did it because they hated Trump. Anything but Trump.


  19. Chas, I think Trump lost enough of his ‘lesser-of-two-evil’ supporters (who weren’t personally over the moon devoted to him and didn’t care for his leadership abilities, or lack thereof, but voted for him in 2016) with some of his behavior — his inability to essentially grow up, to stop the incessant tweets with the !!!’s always behind them, to find a way to implement the policies he did without all the chaos. It made a difference in a close election.

    The media was never fair to Trump.

    But he also played right into their hands. It was a love/hate relationship that neither party could break away from. Both seem lost without the other right now.

    Thoughts on DeSantis? Others who seem to be shaping up as potential and promising 2024 candidates? It’s time to move on and look ahead.

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  20. Chas, I think back to my Catholic friend, a Republican (though not overly political) who just could not stomach Trump’s bad behavior (she’s also a school teacher).

    She was unsure about Biden, but rolled the dice, as did others in her predicament, I’d say. I think there were a lot of in-between voters like that. Winning elections comes down to courting those also in the middle, but Trump didn’t do that for some reason, he relied on the hard-core rally supporters.

    So yeah, now those who took a chance and voted for Biden know it turned out as bad as many of us feared it might.

    But I’ll also say that the Dems right now are their own worst enemy. They’re going so far off the cliff that it’ll be hard to reach many who aren’t in the far left corner (and that’s a minority, even in the Democrat party).

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  21. Michelle I do hope you got in to see your Doctor! That sounds awful! 😞
    We turned the switch from AC to Heat on Saturday. Right now it is 65 degrees and we are wearing sweatshirts and sweaters. The cool down has been wonderful as has the rain.
    A bear has been meandering through our neck of the woods since Friday. The dog has gone bonkers the past two nights and our neighbor across the road caught the raider of hummingbird feeders on her wildlife camera….he tore down her feeder then proceeded to walk up our driveway…Lu scared him off!


  22. I call BS.

    The people who voted for Biden, or simply didn’t vote for Trump (the same outcome, so the same thing essentially) knew exactly what they were getting.

    A puppet. A prop. A pro-abortion with taxpayers footing the bill kinda guy. An anti-family, anti-marriage, pro-gay and every other perversion under the sun kinda fool. A weak, senile, old fool.

    Everyone knew this.

    But hey, no more mean tweets, right?

    That’s important, right?

    Your neighbor’s an idiot, or she’s another weak Catholic who doesn’t care a lick about her church’s teachings.

    Spare me.

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  23. I came in to exchange books. Two Towers is done, time for the Return of the King. I like outside as there is a breeze and bird song. Inside is the roar of the fridge and the washing machine. Outside it is 96 degrees, inside it is 82. So a pleasant break but I prefer to keep it short. Did I mention we get to sleep outside? It should get down to 63 and it will be lovely with lots of stars and the near full moon. Coyotes yapping lazy on the hill….I love summer!

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  24. I saw something on TV, that’s behind this comment.
    I am surprised/astounded that people are surprised at the increase in crime after they reduce the police force.
    Can youimagine that?


  25. Foggy and rainy here this morning and I have my sweatshirt on.
    You know in my sixteen years here no one has been to visit me. If you are tired of the heat, you are welcome to visit this place with perfect weather. However you do need a lot of government documents to get you in. Oh, well…

    The suitcase is mostly packed. What a blessing. I have been wondering how to get all of these things home. Such relief. Still a few more things to add

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  26. So.

    Why I try to avoid mentioning politics anymore.

    But moving on.

    The tree crew will be here tomorrow to remove the remaining stump from my dead tree that was taken down, but they say it’s not a good time to plant the new pine, that I should wait until October — when it will (supposedly, but maybe not) be cooler. Makes sense. I just hope we get enough cooler weather this fall. There’s no guarantee anymore.

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  27. Seems to me that a lot of people truly believed that Biden would be more of a moderate, and that maybe his rhetoric during the campaign was merely to court the left. They figured that he would move more towards the center once elected.

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  28. We are in another heat wave here. Boy just got off of grounding from playing outside, just in time for this. Last week we had lovely weather for playing outside. (He is still grounded from all screens for the summer.)

    He played outside anyway. and also had a football training session. He was mighty sweaty and dirty when he came in.

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  29. It’s oddly rather cool here — odd because it’s strange to see all the heat wave reports and not really be part of it (it is quite hot inland from us and we’ll surely get out turn … ).

    Football season approaches. One of the coolest sounds is the marching band practicing at the local high school stadium as school begins.

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  30. Now that it is 88 out, I can open the windows and start cooling down the house before tomorrow gets here. Woops. Too late.


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