63 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 6-16-21

  1. Good morning, Chas. It is a quiet day so far. Yesterday was noisy in the neighborhood.

    I need to go back over the Bible study lesson on fasting. I think the main gist was reading about those leaders who fasted over corporate sin. The leader who fasts in that situation includes themselves as if they had sinned themselves. My comments were that this type fasting, in my way of thinking, might be called intercessory fasting (in particular, I said this about Moses’ fast when God was considering destroying all the people but Moses pleaded with God for the sake of the people).

    I also commented that the corporate fast over the sins of a group needed to be inclusive of all because sin is like yeast permeating the whole people group. The leader praying might not have done the sins committed by the rest, but they could have been tempted into other sins like anger, judgement of others, or any other less noticeable sins so it was right that they include themselves as part of the guilty needing to confess and repent. Praying and fasting is a positive use of time rather than spending time name calling and grumbling about the sins of others.

    The study guide has the scripture in the book for us to mark. We circle each mention of the word fasting, put a box around the subject’s name and pronouns that relate to the person, and underline the name of the people group mentioned. It is active reading together and then discussion of what we found. The study does not tell us what to think, but does help us to notice things we might not have noticed before.

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  2. Good morning, just finished Bible and heading out to do chores but as it is foggy and wet, decided to check in on you people first. Though the sheep are demanding my attention.

    Janice, I particularly liked the end of your third paragraph: Praying and fasting is a positive use of time rather than spending time name calling and grumbling about the sins of others.
    That sounds like a good purpose for fasting right there!

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  3. Thank you, Mumsee. I only gave my insights. This study is so quick moving that I feel I miss a lot because others are commenting as I am trying to form my own thoughts about what we read. It is designed to be a study that busy people can fit in their lives without any commitment other than the one hour. The ladies’ Bible study I do through church allows more time to dwell on thoughts and let them sink in.


  4. Good morning. It is lovely cool in the house this morning since the windows were open all night. My husband does not like the cool, but will appreciate it later when it is in the eighties. I have been wanting some permenent air conditioning put in, so he puts up with this. I can’t take the heat.

    We have underground mine tours here, but have never seen spider eyes glowing. They do shut off all the lights at one point and the darkness is something else. I always think of the darkness discribed in Genesis, which was brought on the Egyptians.

    There are no lawnmowevers to be found in our whole area. I am not happy, since I wanted a new one bought first thing this spring. Hopefully, this one will be able to be fixed or babied through. God is good, however, and we are so blessed. This is not the biggest thing in the world for sure.

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  5. Do you remember t he picture LindaS had posted over the weekend? The one with lots of kids?
    I was sittig here thinking,and that came up.
    All of that was because of a single miscalculation on Elvera’s part. Jus t one little mistake.

    Go d is so much smarter than we are.

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  6. Morning! It is 72 here with a predicted high of 93…two more days of this then a “cool” front will move in bringing to us a respite. We went straight from winter to summer around here!
    We are seeing and smelling smoke from the AZ fires. Sunrise and sunset bring an eerie orange glow to our sky. The sheriff decided to lift the fire ban and of course someone left their campfire burning which set off a quick wildfire just to the west of us. July 4th is coming and we will see more irresponsible actions of those who “just want to have fun”….it’s all fun and games until it turns into tragedy 😢

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  7. The old mines I have been did not have any guides other than my brothers. Just old mines out in the woods. Probably not the safest place to play but nobody got hurt in the years we were involved. Other than the psychological trauma of being left down there. Did I tell you they had told me about the pack rats?

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  8. The 4th will be a pretty big celebration this year, probably. Last year’s was dark (well, lots of neighborhood fireworks here) and I believe this year it’s falling on or next to a holiday meaning a long weekend for the working class.

    I saw part of that Carlson commentary last night. I remember the late 1960s and 1970s being (at times) surreal and of course quite violent; but this period seems to be surpassing that (though maybe it’s because of my perspective now as an, a-hem, ‘older’ person).

    A year from now we’ll be coming up on the midterm elections (at last) and that will tell us where things may go in the immediate future. As I always have to remind myself, God is busy doing something, we just don’t know what, exactly.

    Strange times. We’re not in Kansas anymore.

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  9. No thanks on the sheep, muimsee, but thanks for the tip. 😀 We did once have a miniature goat on our front porch. Saw just the ears go by the window and both of us wondered what in the world. Took some sluething and some time here before we found the owner.

    The underground mine here goes down a bout half a mile into the earth. You take an elevator down. It was also used for a deep earth experiment, which a memober of our church’s praise team worked.

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  10. Our mines were just old gold mines from the gold rush. What people could dig out. One of them went back a long ways. Another went back a long ways but had an off tunnel that went up and then down. I suspect parts were drainage tunnels.

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  11. Not sure if some parts will make it to the midterm elections.

    I know the main leaders at my church will be glad the SBC election went as it did. I think the middle ground is where most stand in the SBC. It has been made clear to us that we are a church unto ourselves. Thinking along the way our government works, the SBC leadership has certain duties but the churches function as little states with state rights overriding the SBC leadership. But truly, Jesus is Who all the authority flows to as the ultimate leader if things are done according to God’s plans.

    Chas, Elvera’s miscalculation was God’s correct calculation!

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  12. Does anyone have advice about moving cross country as in which are the better and more affordable companies? I suppose with nobody wanting to work these day that the moving industry may have a backlog, too?


  13. A Twitter connection recently posted she was moving to Vermont, I think it was (from California, she’s in the film industry behind the scenes) and was asking for a reference to someone who would “do everything” — packing, moving, unpacking, all of it. Wow. I can’t even imagine how much that would cost doing it that way, but that’s the way to do it if you have the money.

    For most of us, though, just having movers load up your already self-boxed stuff and unload it on the other end always seems to cost a fortune (and not go particularly well on top of that) in my experience. I hate moving. But Wesley is young, you pretty much have to be young to survive a do-it-yourself move I think. lol

    I heard from a former colleague who now is a biz reporter in Tennessee; she says Nashville is feeling more and more like LA due to all of the transplants. Her cat, however, has developed horrible allergies in that climate.


  14. Relocation cost (at least a good portion) is part of the package. I have never dealt with moving other than do it yourself piecemeal. And it involved very short distances. I must have used my father’s truck to move from apartment to apartment and then to this house. I don’t remember much at all about that part of moving. I was not big on decorating. I do remember having an older woman I worked with to help me hang curtains I had bought for my apartment bedroom. In a critical way she asked why I didn’t get them to go all the way to the floor. I did not know that was a thing. I got them to fit the measurements of the window, lol.


  15. Oh, that’s good that some of those moving costs are covered by the employer, makes sense of course.

    Yeah, piecemeal moving, it’s a bear. You start out all enthusiastic, collecting boxes, clearing out spaces, thinking, oh, this isn’t so bad.

    Three weeks later, when every muscle aches and a heat wave has arrived (all of my moves have taken place in heat waves), you pledge never, ever to move again. Which is a hard promise to keep when you’re always renting.

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  16. We have had a moving company move us twice. The first was awful as they broke the two sentimental antiques I owned and some other meager but meaningful items did not make it to our destination…whether that be by loss or theft I don’t know. That was Allied Movers
    United Movers was the second and they did a fantastic job. All of our others moves we did by ourselves. Moving to the forest 11 years ago went rather smoothly. We had three strong young friends helping us and I had a roomful of items ie furniture/decorating/antique items that I was ridding ourselves of…their wives took it all! 😊 (and we fed them then had them over later for a cookout!)

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  17. When I moved into this house I had a bedroom set consisting of bed, dresser, chest of drawers and night stand; a small kitchen table with four captain’s chairs; a couch; a rocking chair; a small television; a filing cabinet; and an antique bookcase and washstand. It probably took two pickup truck trips back and forth about three miles each way to get it all moved in. It was sparse. I have been a too consistent consumer mixed with being a hand me down queen since then.


  18. I’ve used “Starving Students” (not sure they’re still around) and a storage company where I had put a lot of my mom’s stuff on the fly after her unexpected death with a house to clear out quickly.

    Just seemed like all my movies were hampered by companies that showed up (very) late; worst one showed up like 3-4 hours late and said, “Oh. We didn’t realize it was a house, we thought this was a small apartment.”

    Anyway, most of my moves have been horrible, sweaty and exhausting — mentally and physically — experiences.


  19. We have moved a lot. Early, I just had a few things so it was easy to move. Then I married husband and he had stuff. But he went into the military so they had us moved and that generally went well. Losses here and there but overall, everything went well. We did partial DITY moves. Then he got out and it was just us until the Olympics picked up our moves. We lost more stuff that time around. But it was interesting in Greece and Italy when I thought I would see movers running up and down the stairs carrying refrigerators or whatever like on Okinawa. But instead, they had lifts that put stuff right into our apartments through the windows. Now we are on our own again so we talk of downsizing…

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  20. “A Group Of Parents Sent Their Kids’ Face Masks to A Lab for Analysis. Here’s What They Found”


    “The analysis detected the following 11 alarmingly dangerous pathogens on the masks:
    • Streptococcus pneumoniae (pneumonia)
    • Mycobacterium tuberculosis (tuberculosis)
    • Neisseria meningitidis (meningitis, sepsis)
    • Acanthamoeba polyphaga (keratitis and granulomatous amebic encephalitis)
    • Acinetobacter baumanni (pneumonia, blood stream infections, meningitis, UTIs— resistant to antibiotics)
    • Escherichia coli (food poisoning)
    • Borrelia burgdorferi (causes Lyme disease)
    • Corynebacterium diphtheriae (diphtheria)
    • Legionella pneumophila (Legionnaires’ disease)
    • Staphylococcus pyogenes serotype M3 (severe infections—high morbidity rates)
    • Staphylococcus aureus (meningitis, sepsis)

    Half of the masks were contaminated with one or more strains of pneumonia-causing bacteria. One-third were contaminated with one or more strains of meningitis-causing bacteria. One-third were contaminated with dangerous, antibiotic-resistant bacterial pathogens. In addition, less dangerous pathogens were identified, including pathogens that can cause fever, ulcers, acne, yeast infections, strep throat, periodontal disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and more.”


  21. 2:52, lol, not altogether surprising.

    Tell us about your outdoor adventures, Chas.

    I’ve only been out to pick up the dog waste in the backyard. It’s way cooler today, thankfully.


  22. Stargazer has used Pods. You order the pod, pack it yourself, they pick it up and deliver it a week or two later. Subsidizing company is happy, you’re happy, and since he didn’t have all that much stuff, it worked well.

    Mostly books, his bike, some kitchen gear–probably the same with your son, though he may have furniture.

    We’ve moved 14 times, with few problems or losses. The Navy did most of those moves–12, thank you American taxpayers.

    We hired movers for the heavy furniture in our last move, but did the rest ourselves. That was only across town, however.


  23. Excitement, yu say?
    LindaS brought over something for dinner. I didn’t look at it, so I don’t know what it is yet.
    I put it into the refrigerator and will have it for dinner.
    I’m sure I will enjoy it.

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  24. Michelle: I don’t want to sound morbid, but I’m afraid I will
    But I’m not looking for 105. In fact:
    I’m tired of this world.
    Elvera is gone.
    A friend since 1952, Mel, is gone.]
    I’m tired of this world, I reallly am
    I picture Mom, dad, Frederick Elvera, and a host of others waiting for me just across the way.
    I’m amxious to see them
    Jesus said: “He tht liveteth and believeth in me shall never die.”

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  25. Well, when mumsee starts to see random pods popping up in her neck of the woods, maybe it’ll mean I’m on the way …

    I like adventures in the shade where you can put your feet up 🙂 Good for you, Chas.

    But you being tired of this world doesn’t really matter much, I’m afraid — God has it all planned, so get to it, as you like to remind us on Mondays.

    But I definitely understand how our state of mind can affect us deeply. I’ve been in a low state since January when the 2nd of my daily-contact good friends died back to back. It seems like a year of loss everywhere I look. My dogs are in the geriatric stage of life, my entire industry is a hot mess, and the union we just voted in may make our situation and moods only worse (there’s already a battle going on over the voting procedures and the young radicals are talking an immediate sick-out).

    It can definitely weigh you down.

    But that’s what shaded decks are for.

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  26. michelle (3:03) Good news which we can always use. Loved the sentence that said viruses can be hard to predict.

    Ya think?

    And even though masks & closures will be things of the past, we hope, for the most part — just think also of all the habits that probably won’t go away after this is all behind us — keeping hand sanitizer in the car and with you when you go out, using disposable gloves for chores like pumping gas (I had a co-worker who used to always say those things have to carry the most germs of anything we come into contact with), no more business-gathering hand-shakes with dozens of strangers (fine by me, that practice has always seemed like the best way to pass on germs — elbow or fist taps are good, thank you).

    While masks still are in use, the disposable ones are best, I’ve used those after trying the cloth ones early on and getting really tired of washing them after every use. The disposables are cheap, come in boxes of 50 and are designed for single use which keeps everything more sanitary.

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  27. My friend is going to the islands of PNG to teach a course for a month. She came over to borrow some things and brought me a pillow. One of those foam comfort pillows. I hurt my self and the doctor said i needed to use a pillow. You can’t find the right thing here, but God sent it through my friend. amazing. I slept comfortably on it all night.

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  28. Michelle, I can imagine (4:36)

    Speaking of pillows — I’m looking forward (I think) to the new mattress arriving on Saturday. It will be somewhat taller on the bed frame (but only by about 2 inches, I think, based on the measurements of the platform we ordered to go under it which will be less dense than my present box springs).

    I’m also going to be trying a gel shot for the knee in another month or so, these are supposed to last a bit longer than the cortisone (a difference of 3 to 6 months). The cortisone can also damage cartilage over time so the ortho MD didn’t want to do too many of those.

    It gets complicated, life does.

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  29. I decided to drive to a favorite Antique mall on the south side of the Springs…it was 100 degrees there! When I arrived back home it was 91 at my house….it is now 86 and oh so hazy out there…
    Roll out those lazy hazy crazy days of summer..!

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  30. Hot days here. We have been in the 90s and praying for rain. I am trying to adjust to changes in schedule and not studying all the time. Have been working in the garden and canning. We got some dogie lambs which we have on the goats. We weaned the kids. My neighbor’s funeral is Saturday. Then I have a week off.

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  31. Jo – Your mention of your friend bringing you the pillow, which you just happened to need, reminds me of a story I read years ago, illustrating how God knows what we need before we need it.

    I don’t remember the exact details, but I think the missionary was working at a school or home for orphans in a third world country. For some reason, they all of a sudden came in need of a hot water bottle. Maybe it was for an orphaned baby animal? Or one of the children? I don’t recall, but it was important, and they knew there were none to be had. So they all prayed for God to provide this hot water bottle.

    That same day, or maybe the day after, a package arrived bearing gifts and donations from America. At the bottom of the crate or box, which has been packed and shipped weeks earlier, there was indeed a hot water bottle. 🙂

    I think of this story when I come across a time-sensitive prayer request too late. I pray anyway, knowing that God is not shackled to time as we are, and knew that I would pray this prayer before I even knew about the request. 🙂

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  32. When we moved in to this house nearly 21 years ago, it was a very hot and very humid August day. Since we were moving our own household and my MIL’s household (which included parts of her mother’s and sister’s household – too much stuff!), it took about 12 hours – and that was with movers helping to move it all in! Hubby bought them lunch and dinner, and tipped each guy $50 at the end of the day. (There were three or four of them.)

    It was exhausting! I declared that I never ever wanted to move again. So far, it looks like I may be here to the end of my life, but I know that things can change. We’ll see what happens.

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  33. Kizzie, I remember that story, but I think the hot-water bottle had actually been shipped months before, and I think it was for a premature infant. (They hadn’t discovered “kangaroo care” yet.) As I recall, some little girl really wanted to put it in the package, or it got in there for no special reason, but God knew they would need it.

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  34. This is something I know I have mentioned before, but goes along with God knowing what we will need. There were things that Hubby finally got around to doing just a couple months before his death that were of great help to me afterwards – things that he had procrastinated on for a long time or hadn’t thought necessary at the time. A couple of those things were huge, and would have made trouble for me if he hadn’t straightened them out.

    And while he was in the hospital, he walked me through getting onto the online banking and doing a couple transactions on there. That helped me deal with the banking after he died. He would probably find it funny that I decided to keep up with it rather than switching to mailing the bills in, like I always said I would do.

    Sometimes I remember that there were nights when I would lie in bed thinking that if he died, I would be totally lost in regard to our finances and paying bills and such. But he did die, and God has helped me through all of that, all of the scary things that I had to do. I am so very grateful.

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  35. Chas, my mother felt much like you did after my dad died. So many friends had already died, too. She was one to always make new friends, but it becomes more difficult I would imagine.

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  36. I ended up spending a really big part of the day outdoors. When I got up, I debated going outside but wasn’t sure whether to go out then or later. I almost decided to wait till later, but then saw how blue the sky was and decided to go out. It turned out to be the best day I’ve ever seen for dragonflies–multiple species including at least one new one for me, and multiple insects in each species. Damselflies can be especially tricky to identify, but I got up to nine species of them, and I think I got seven species of dragonflies–six for sure, including both male and female of most of those. (One more unidentified species, so it’s possible it’s a female of one of the other species, but as far as I know I got seven species.) One of the dragonflies was a new species for me, and I saw a mating pair and an additional male. There are generally four species of dragonflies I see over and over, and occasionally one from a different species, so that many in one day was an unexpected treat.

    And I can’t keep track of species of damselflies in general, and barely try. There are several species of blue ones alone, and in lots of them the male and female are different colors–which is why I said I might have gotten as many as nine species. Three of them I know the species and they’re distinctly different, but I also had a brown one, one that looked black, some that looked almost purple, and three different versions of blue ones–and in some cases I might have seen both the male and female of a species and didn’t know it.

    Anyway, I went out again in late afternoon and had another walk. Didn’t get much writing done as a result of two walks in the same day, but I was very productive yesterday and I guess I need to be very productive tomorrow. But it’s really hard to stay inside in June!

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  37. Kizzie, I love that story. It was Helen Roseveare in Africa. She was from England and a doctor. Their hot water bottle was broken and a lady had died in childbirth. The infant was so small and had a sister. Helen told the orphans about the little girl and the baby. They prayed for them that God would send that hot water bottle and one of the girls prayed for a doll for the little girl to comfort her as she had lost her mom. When Helen went home and found a package on her doorstep, something that never happened, She carried it back to the orphan girls so they could open it together. When they found the hot water bottle, the little girl who had prayed said there must be a dolly here too, and there was. That package had been mailed months ago in England. I used that story for a chapel presentation with my class being the children who prayed.

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