40 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 6-4-21

  1. OK: There isn’t much news this morning. I had the radio on during breakfast and they were talking old stuff. Nothing serious going on.
    That’s good.
    In the “bad” news dep’t. It is cloudy outside. Like it was all day yesterday.
    Not a drop of rain.
    Much needed rain.

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  2. Good Morning Everyone. Monday I will be “back at it”. I received a phone call the last week of May asking me to fill out the “consent to serve” form for the P’cola Board of Realtors. I have my “interview” Monday. They have us scheduled in 10 minute time slots. I’m not sure what they can learn about me in such a short amount of time and I’m really not sure I have the time or desire to do this but something has to change. If not me then who?

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  3. It will be at least mid-nineties today here and we will be at a crowded memorial service. I am hoping the church has air conditioning. It is horribly dry and we are in a critical fire status, as well. I am looking forward to one of our daughters being here just for today after none of them being here for well over a year.

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  4. Chas, if you lived around Atlanta, you would turn on television to hear about the latest shootings, murders, and other violent crimes. It has never been like this here. It is so common that it almost seems boring except for the recognition that those who are killed or badly hurt are loved by people and they were made in God’s image for His good purposes. Ultimately these are crimes against God. I have to bring out the joy of the Lord as my strength against the despair over my hometown. It is better for me to stay in the moment of my personal space than to daily travel quickly from crime scene to crime scene where I can do absolutely nothing except for pray for the grieving.

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  5. Kathaleena, that is so hot and I do hope there will be air conditioning or at the least some big fans. Be sure to carry something to use as a hand held fan.


  6. If it doesn’t get done then it remains the same.
    The agents really feel disconnected from the board and the top producers think agents with little or no business are making rules that hurt them.

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  7. Good morning. Shalom is doing well apparently. It is enjoying perching on various branches we have inserted in the cage.

    We had a huge cloudburst earlier this morning, along with a lot of thunder. Probably lightning as well but I was mostly asleep. We also are quite dry and the crops are struggling out in the fields. We did not get the spring rains to kick start growth.

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  8. So I was wondering what a Board of Realtors does.

    Is this it?

    Copying is not allowed on this website.

    Haha. Oh well. It was a nice little definition.

    You all are on your own.

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  9. Violent crimes are growing again here, too. And there is still no rain.

    Same today as yesterday, in that case.

    But it is Friday. Trash hasn’t been picked up yet but I got everything out last night and had time to run a couple errands after work.

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  10. Our trash containers are all out on the street since Tues. It appears the service has skipped us for a week, they thought holiday meant week instead of day so hopefully we will get our next regularily scheduled pick up by Monday. Beware anyone driving down our street. It may be getting stinky!!!


  11. Janice, that sounds a bit like living in Chicago. I hear the news out of there and I’m very, very glad I don’t live there now. When I lived there, most of the time I felt safe (I just learned wisdom in getting around), even living on a street where I was the only white person except for the three years I had a white roommate (I also had a Puerto Rican roommate another year, and along with the Puerto Rican landlady who lived upstairs we were consistently the only non-black house on the street). When I lived there, through 2003, we had a gate around the front yard (lockable, but my landlady didn’t lock it) and I think one other household did. I visited Chicago a few years ago, and walked over to try to see her, but the front gate was locked and there were gates on several front yards by then, and I thought, “Whoa, I don’t live here anymore, and I don’t belong here anymore, and I might not be safe here now,” and I walked away. (I didn’t have her phone number or I would have called her. I intended to walk up and ring the bell, but I couldn’t get up to the house.)

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  12. I posted a link to a piece on the political thread about how a middle-class, common sense (in both parties) alarm and pushback against what we’re seeing now coming out of Washington could turn the current political landscape upside down (which would be a very good thing). Maybe this interlude will have been be a blessing in disguise in retrospect if that comes to pass.

    I was only in Chicago once, I was charmed by the “L” train, a Columbus Day parade, the old Marshal Fields department store (which was “the” place to shop among Iowans back in the day, if you could get there or just order something).

    Anyone ever watch Chicago PD on television (NBC)? It definitely provides the grittier side of the city.


  13. Never watched it, DJ, but our news brings it home.

    Finally this afternoon our garbage got picked up. Will anyone put their cans back out on Monday?

    Son is in an important interview right now if anyone sees this and wants to say a prayer.

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  14. I’m guessing the Columbus Day parade has since been shut down, of course.

    I think our homicide rate in LA is up by 150%. It went up by something like 800% in Seattle in the past year (according to a broadcast news report I saw this week).

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  15. Cheryl – Yesterday I mentioned that one of my six James Herriot books was missing, but I found it this morning. The first three, starting with All Creatures Great and Small, are paperbacks, so they are on a lower bookshelf with other paperbacks. I knew I had a couple hardcover Herriot books (James Herriot’s Dog Stories and Every Living Thing), but forgot that The Lord God Made Them All was also a hardcover, not a paperback.

    This morning, I ordered the biography you had mentioned. In looking at the Herriot books for sale, it looks like (unless I misunderstood) that they had different titles in Britain.

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  16. Oh yay, so glad the parade goes on. Good for them.

    I’d never seen Chicago PD until recently. There’s a whole night on NBC with the Chicago dramas (which I’ve also not really watched) — PD, Fire and Med.

    Seems like Chicago is getting its day in the film industry’s spotlight.

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  17. My router died some months ago, big hassle getting new ones hooked up but that’s because I don’t handle or understand tasks like that well. Why are there so many cords?

    I remember having to write a story on my iPad.

    Today’s story was an advance for the LGBTQ pride flag raising event tomorrow — we’re shooting it but I needed to write some copy to go with the art. It required dealing with the one person who was rather difficult during BLM march incident last May, but it all went OK.

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  18. Kizzie, yes, the Herriot books had different titles here. Apparently the UK likes their books shorter than we do, so they would publish two books, and then we’d pair the two books and give them a new title. I think the last book (or one of them) had the same title and same text on both sides of the pond, but most of them we had two books in one with every one we published.

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  19. The church did have air conditioning. I got a bit warm, but not bad at all. There are all kinds of warnings on the news about the heat. Records are being broken.

    Janice, It is sad to see the crime increase and areas shut off from the help they need. Lots of sadness in the world. Glad we know the end and can find joy in many things.

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  20. From our county library:
    Readers’ Advisory 

    June is designated as Pride Month and our Librarians have created an awesome set of picture books available for you to check out! See the list here.


  21. I’m posting the weekend stuff way early tonight. I’m leaving at 4:30AMEST to go fishing. The car’s packed and I’m off to bed. 🙂

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