50 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-19-21

  1. Yahoo News
    Solving climate crisis will require ‘total transformation’ of global energy use, IEA report says
    David Knowles
    David Knowles·Senior Editor
    Tue, May 18, 2021, 3:12 PM
    To solve the climate change crisis, human beings must stop using gasoline-powered cars within 14 years, abandon the pursuit of new coal mines, end oil exploration and set about “a total transformation of the energy systems that underpin our economies,” according to a bracing new report by the International Energy Agency.

    Titled “Net Zero by 2050,” the report, released Tuesday, examines the pledges made by world governments to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions and concludes.

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  2. I didn’t get what it concludes. But it doesn’t matter because it won’t happen.
    I won’t be around to say, “I told you”/ but people aren’t going to change the climate.
    No matter what they do.

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  3. Good morning, Chas, and good night.
    Beginning on Monday, I will be teaching grade 2 for the last two weeks of school . I met with the teacher and she really doesn’t have any plans, just do the next page of math each day. So tonight God gave me lots of plans. He is so good. Now I am getting excited.

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  4. I see on TV where Baltimore has defunded the police.
    I see on TV where crime has surged in Baltimore.
    I don’t see where some of the smart ones in Baltimore make the connection.

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  5. Good morning! We are here in Hobbs, NM. All is better at Amy and Jeremy’s. I am so encouraged with the in improvement in Jeremy’s condition with the Guillian Barre Syndrome. He is ambulating without a walker or cane, which is such great strides.

    The boys are home, and seem content to be there. They had done a lot of talking before we got there and have changed some of their rules. Amy and Jeremy called every single contact in the boys phones, so they are now familiar with all of their friends, whom the boys have previously kept sort of secret. Much better communication all around.

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  6. Good morning!
    That’s great news, RKessler. You must feel such a weight lifted from your heart.

    Art was home before dark and went to sleep around 9 p.m. I am thankful for that.

    Next in my day is Wed. ladies’ group Bible study.

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  7. 2nd grade, Jo? That sounds like a fun time! Still interested in learning and cooperating, and energetic.
    Good to hear, rkessler, secrets in that situation can be devastating to the family.
    One of the guys that helped expand our house was recovered from Guillian Barre Syndrome. He was up in the rafters and all over the place. God is amazing in the designing of our bodies.

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  8. Good morning!
    It’s good to read of your lives!
    Regarding Guillian Barre Syndrome, my mother in law had it years ago. She was on a ventilator for months in ICU, completely paralyzed, to the point she couldn’t breathe on her own. She is now 83 and lives in our neighborhood’s assisted living community (it’s pretty spectacular, IMO, because it’s a full continuum-of-care facility—it encompasses ~40 acres, and it’s only ~ half a mile from us!). She still drives and is enjoying life! I agree with Mumsee that the way God made our bodies is indeed incredible!

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  9. So, I see BLM is supporting Hamas. Interesting to me as Ethiopian son and I were just discussing this constant conflict over there and he was trying to figure out what was going on. An indicator he was trying to figure out which side was right.

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  10. I am acquainted with some Ethiopinans who came to flee issues in their country when they were coming at an age to be conscripted to support Communism or some such. One of them is a big supporter of BLM, a minister and believes the false history being taught in the colleges etc. It saddens me. His father was also a pastor (not sure if he still is) and that was his door to come here himself (with his beautiful wife). It makes me sad to see what this young man has swallowed, which I found out about on Facebook.

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  11. I’m still running around with my colleagues and will be out all day again today.

    I would like to praise my husband, with incredulity.

    He DID ALL THE LAUNDRY yesterday.

    I’m not sure that’s ever happened before.

    I guess I can call him Mr. Washerman now! 🙂

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  12. Early morning with a vet visit for Cowboy’s treatment. We’re trying this for a few weeks to see how things go. Logistically, it’s really tough as I need the neighbor to hoist him into the Jeep for me (I gave him a $25 Home Depot gift card this morning) and his wife Shirley (praise) is set to return home on Sunday after more than a month following that stroke. So he’ll have his hands full after that.

    I’m supposed to bring him back on Monday so I may take a vacation day so I don’t have to do it at the crack of dawn, at least. And maybe with the Jeep at the curb I’ll be able to manage getting him in myself, we’ll see.

    I still need to get the tree situation figured out. And the screen guy is coming in 2 weeks to re-screen the one that the cat tore at the bottom (sigh).

    And tomorrow will be hectic with a port meeting first thing in the morning and then an 11 a.m. company-wide call to discuss voting on the unionization issue (ballots will be mailed out this week) and then my appt to get the results of the MRI on the knee at 2 p.m.

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  13. Windows are open and fresh air is filling this house! I have scarcely sat myself down this morning and now the house is sparkling clean. That fresh air must have a good effect upon my motivation factor! 😊 two cups of coffee may have been a contributor as well… ☕️

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  14. You know, you can’t remove it now. It has been seen with a couple of spotted squirrels. Spotted squirrel habitat.


  15. Our younger daughter is driving down to see us today, first time we’ve seen any family since she came in December. We are having her stop in Ikea to buy some things for us, and she’s there now . . . it’s her first time in the place, and we figure it might be a few hours before we see her. 🙂

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  16. News from yesterday:


    Russell Moore, Southern Baptist Official Who Criticized Trump, Resigns

    One of the most influential figures in evangelical Christianity sparked a backlash with his comments during the 2016 campaign

    Russell Moore, one of the top-ranking officials in the Southern Baptist Convention, is resigning his post, ending an eight-year tenure during which he had served as a lightning rod within evangelical Christianity.

    In a statement on his website, Mr. Moore said he would leave the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, the SBC entity that he has led since 2013, and begin work this summer as a theologian for Christianity Today, a magazine founded by the famed evangelist Billy Graham.

    “I’ve struggled with this decision, because my gratitude for the honor of serving the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission is so deep,” Mr. Moore said in the statement. He highlighted some of the work the commission has done under his leadership, including “advocating for human dignity, religious freedom for everyone, kindness and civility in the public square, racial reconciliation and justice and the fight against the scourge of church sexual abuse.”

    Mr. Moore didn’t reply to requests for further comment. …

    … Mr. Moore’s departure follows a spring full of upheaval within the Southern Baptist Convention, the country’s largest evangelical Christian denomination. Beth Moore, no relation, a famed Bible teacher and frequent critic of misogyny in the church, said in March that she was no longer a Southern Baptist. Several prominent Black churches have left the SBC in recent months. …

    … Mr. Moore is expected to leave his post June 1, and the commission’s board said it would soon begin searching for a successor.

    Later that month, thousands of the faithful at the SBC’s annual convention will vote for a new president of the denomination. The current president, the North Carolina pastor J.D. Greear, is stepping down after serving three years. The customary limit is two years, but his term was extended because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

    The SBC presidency and head of its Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission are among the most influential posts in U.S. evangelical Christianity and play a key role in public events, including politics.


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  17. got it, Janice.
    Thanks for the encouragement. I was a little discouraged after meeting with the teacher and then God got to work. It has been nice to go to school a little later this week. Once school is out I will still be tutoring three days a week and opening the computer lab one day.

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  18. Boy has become convinced that he has experienced ghosts. He’ll tell me a story about something that happened that can “only” be explained by a ghost doing it, like a door slamming shut all of a sudden. (His door tends to do that if the windows are open upstairs and there is nothing to stop the door.) Apparently, X has also fed into that with stories of his own about ghostly experiences he has encountered.

    (Actually, from a couple stories I heard about X and his sister when they were younger, I had wondered if there had been some demonic activity in the house they lived in then. Or it was all their imagination or they were exaggerating what actually happened.)

    From my own experience as a child, I realize that this age, and into middle school age, are prime ages for interest in ghosts and such, and often for dabbling in the occult. Usually they will grow out of it at some point. But of course, I am concerned.

    Boy knows that I do not believe in ghosts per se, but he kind of challenged me to explain what certain strange occurrences could be, if not ghosts. At first, I tried to say that a lot of those things are simply one’s imagination, but he indicated he wasn’t buying that. Then I told him that I hesitate to say it, but actual occurrences could be due to demons. He bought that.

    One day at the bus stop, he and Gabby were talking about maybe getting a Ouija board. While I was wondering how to handle that (thinking I would do so at a time when I could talk to Boy privately and without interruption), I was surprised when my neighbor Denise, who is into Wicca (at least somewhat, I don’t know if she is heavily into it) told them that Ouija boards are dangerous because there are some dangerous beings in the spirit world. I was surprised, but glad to hear that come from her.

    This isn’t the prayer thread, but please pray that Boy and Gabby will soon lose their interest in these things, for their safety, and most of all, for their salvation. And wisdom for me as to how to respond when these matters come up. Thank you.

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  19. Kizzie, that is the age nineteen year old tends to find herself. Very interested in those things, much like a young child. I do not believe she will outgrow it but God…

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  20. Those of you living in cicada land will be wanting to check out the cook book: Cicada-licious. Looks like it has something for everyboy.

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  21. Spotted squirrels? They managed to shake a bunch of brown needles off the brown tree.

    I am now in the “queue” for the tree removal job, they said it could be about 4 weeks. They gave me $175 “credit” off the total cost for the treatments we tried last year. So that brought it all down to $875 which I don’t think is a bad price. They’ll go down 12″ below ground so the space for the new tree will be prepped; and he said they provide a 1-year warranty on their trees (for not dying, I guess).

    Turned in a story later than I’d hoped, on port automation — had to get through a phone interview w/the longshore prez who spent a whole lot of time talking about why he hated talking to the media, because we always do them wrong. Then he began this stream of consciousness thread about a lot of things that had nothing to do with the subject matter as my deadline was already missed.

    I only earned marginal points with him because I lived “local” to the port so he speculated that maybe, possibly, I might understand some things.

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  22. Here’s a good story:



    She just graduated from college. She said her Uber passenger made it possible.

    Latonya Young, 44, with Kevin Esch, 45, who was her Uber passenger three years ago. Esch surprised Young by paying off her student debt so she could resume classes at Georgia State University. She received a bachelor’s degree on May 6.

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  23. AJ, Art brought home some music you might enjoy. Van Morrison has a new album with some protest songs and Eric Clapton has recorded his song, Stand and Deliver. The album is Latest Record Project, Volume 1.


  24. Very good visit with our daughter. Encouraging after all this time of isolation.

    She reminisced quite a bit about Misten, too, which was sweet. (She didn’t take to MIsten right away but ended up really loving her.)

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  25. Morning, Chas. Good to see you up and at em.
    I was just thinking about the little things that God is doing in my life. My prayer when I returned is that I would find ways to serve the Ukarumpa community. Just the little things. This morning I got up a wee bit earlier to get to school. So I took the temperatures at the gate to free up the secretary to attend the morning in prayer. And then I got to drive over and attend also. Later I saw a family being introduced to the school. So I went out and asked if they lived in the house with lots of steps and told them I was their neighbor. At home in the late afternoon I saw them outside burning rubbish. So I went out and said welcome out of quarantine. They know no one, as they just got here. Please pray for Slava, Olga, and little Zack. They are from Siberia, right in the middle of Russia. Little Zack speaks no English and may be in my class next year. Just imagine, God used me to welcome some folks from Siberia.

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  26. Oh, I also showed them how to use my yard as a shortcut to eliminate all of the steps. Slava went up to the road so he could see how to go through and where it would take them. He was pleased.

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  27. Jo: I love all your acts of service that certainly blessed all in your orbit! As Mother Theresa said, “We can do no great things; only small things with Great Love.”

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