110 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-15-21

  1. Awake since 4. Amos was stirring. I thought I could get up, let him out, give him a snack, and go back to sleep but I couldn’t, so I got up and started the coffee. Now he, Mr P, and Lulabelle are all snoozing.
    I want to do something fun today but instead will buckle down and get the taxes ready. I don’t know why I have been so lazy about it this year. I really do want to get them paid so I cam see how much is left of what I have earned this year.
    With that said….no time like the present

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  2. Good morning! Day 2 watching the ponies excercise. They start racing memorial day weekend.

    I am registered and have paid all my fees for the NCLEX. I need to do the actual fingerprinting next week. Waiting for the ok from the board of nursing so I can schedule.

    I brought home a kitten for Trey from The track yesterday. It had hitched a ride from one of the trainer’s home up here. They had just rescued it when i came in yesterday. Should be a nice addition to the menagerie.

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  3. Good Morning! Oh a sweet gum tree!! How I miss those!!
    It is beautiful in this forest and the scent of the pines is oh so sweet! It is a true treasure when there is moisture about….

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  4. Good morning.

    I have been thinking about the comment about possibly not having dental insurance. We have not had that for quite a few years now. I have found that it is one area that it is best to keep up with the six month check-ups and cleaning. In the long run, I believe it saves a lot of money and pain. Small problems do not become big ones. I doubt insurance companies would bother paying for those if they were not cost effective. It also can give us some peace of mind. I know that colleges and universities sometimes offer services at a good price since students are learning. Our dentist gives a discount for payments made the day of the service, too, which helps.

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  5. That was an interesting opinion about Goodreads. Our library has reading contests. I have joined a couple of those. It started as reading books; then number of pages and finally time spent reading. I couldn’t imagine keeping track, so don’t bother anymore. I have found it is better just to enjoy the process and the benefit of the learning and relaxation.

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  6. Unfortunately, kittens soon become cats.

    Question: Have any of you ever used the phrase: “Like a knot on a log”? Elvera used to use it, and I never heard it anywhere else.
    But it’s the perfect symbol fro uselessness. There is no use whatever for a knot on a log.

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  7. I like Goodreads and use it to vet books, reinforce my opinion of books, and to keep track.

    I have no problem with DNF—did not finish. Life is to short to waste on books you don’t enjoy.

    Unemployment. Here are some ideas:

    1. Intimidating to apply for a job after a year at home.

    2. Scary to go out into the world again.

    I can’t imagine its the awful TV shows keeping people in the house.

    Surely some are bored out of their minds?

    3. The weather is better—maybe they want to go on vacation elsewhere first?

    However, if you’re offered your old job back and you decline, I don’t know why the employer should have to pay unemployment taxes in you.

    Not saying I approve, but there may be other reasons besides laziness.

    4. Perhaps people are reevaluating whether they really want to work a service job?

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  8. Good morning, we currently have a lightning started wildfire burning about 4 miles west of us. It’s in the burned out area from a few years ago when we had to evacuate, so there is a lot of nice dry fuel for it. We’ve been bone dry for a couple of months, but have had a few light showers over the last few days. It is a misty day today which will definitely help keep the fine fuels (dried grass) from burning quite as easily. And there’s no wind. Much to be thankful for.

    Chas, you may be a ‘knot’ but it’s in the rope that binds this small group together in Christ. Definitely not useless. Also, I love the character of a knot in a nice piece of lumber 🙂

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  9. I found out this week that I’m starting back full time on May 25th!! Now, if only we can run summer camp – we still don’t know. We have a full slate of school groups coming out for the month of June. The teachers are thrilled to be able to ‘let’ their students have some good fun.

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  10. Chas, we grew up with “sitting there like a bump on a log” (not sure why we substituted bump for knot but we did), to refer to someone who was being sitting around when there was work to do, mostly we children when we were recalcitrant about doing required tasks. I frequently received the accusation because while reading a book, I became deaf to all requests to complete tasks until my name was repeated enough for it to sink in that I was being spoken to. The phrase was also used to describe me in my youngest years, because I never walked or crawled until I was nearly two and I would just sit there ‘like a bump on a log.’ But the phrase never bothered me when applied. It always had an association in my mind with one of the nonsense songs our father taught us, ‘There’s a hole in the bottom of the sea’. The successive verses of the very repetitious song, which made one laughing and breathless by the last verse, are thusly:

    ‘There’s a hole in the bottom of the sea.
    ‘There a log in the hole in the bottom of the sea.
    ‘There’s a bump on the log in the hole in the bottom of the sea.
    ‘There’s a frog on the bump on the log in the hole in the bottom of the sea.
    ‘There’s a wart on the frog on the bump on the log in the hole in the bottom of the sea.
    ‘There’s a hair on the wart on the frog on the bump on the log in the hole in the bottom of the sea.
    ‘There’s a flea on the hair on the wart on the frog on the bump on the log in the hole in the bottom of the sea.
    ‘There’s a chigger on the flea on the hair on the wart on the frog on the bump on the log in the hole in the bottom of the sea. (There are more verses, by that’s as far as my father generally got)
    Chorus: There’s a hole, there’s a hole, there’s a hole in the bottom of the sea.’

    That song always suggested that a bump on the log may be more useful and productive than surface appearance suggested.


  11. “The trouble with a kitten is that
    Eventually it becomes a cat”
    Ogden Nash

    p.s. I don’t subscribe to this philosopy. I love all of our cats – the two “intentional ones” and the two that God sent us to look after.

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  12. Good morning. Enjoyed the visit with daughter and two grandchildren. They are now back with daddy. But we plan to get together for a week of camping in a couple of months.

    Meanwhile, I was able to get the mowing done today and had planned to work in the garden today but husband and nineteen year old are planning a trip to Boise today, by bus. Picking up a used car he bought to replace the one he bought from third daughter years ago, that has hit too many deer. Should be an interesting ride! But it requires the rest of us driving them to the nearest bus stop, which will take a couple hours out of the morning.

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  13. Kathaleena – I don’t know if you were referring to my comments on the prayer thread a day or so ago, but in my case, I am between insurances, but will get my new card soon.

    From what I have read, though, dental insurance is not included in some (or many?) health insurance plans. People who cannot afford to add on an extra dental plan go without. That’s really too bad, because our dental health affects our physical health, especially our heart.

    Recently, I read something from a nurse who said that many of the people who end up in the ER with heart attacks have bad teeth due to not having any dental insurance. Not sure how true that is generally, but it seems to have been her experience. It seems that it would be more cost-effective in the long run for insurance plans to include dental.

    We were blessed in that even when we didn’t have any health insurance for several years, even while raising our children, our dentist let us pay a certain amount each month towards our bills, so we kept up the twice-yearly check-ups, as well as needed fillings or crowns (in my case).

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  14. Dental isn’t covered by the provincial health insurance plan in Ontario. We often discuss the fact that it should be. It is not just heart disease that is associated with bad teeth, but diabetes is also correlated. The number of dental abscesses I have had to help treat since working in the clinic has really been eye opening.

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  15. Information on the ransomware used in the recent pipeline: https://www.cbc.ca/radio/day6/east-jerusalem-evictions-the-voice-of-tiktok-ransomware-goes-corporate-remembering-willie-dunn-and-more-1.6025993/colonial-pipeline-hack-shows-ransomware-is-growing-as-professional-industry-experts-say-1.6026004

    ‘Kim Zetter, an investigative journalist who has covered cyber and national security for over two decades and author of Countdown to Zero Day: Stuxnet and the Launch of the World’s First Digital Weapon, told Day 6 host Brent Bambury that DarkSide specifically advertises that they “don’t want affiliates who are English-language speakers.”

    ‘At the same time, Zetter added that DarkSide’s code won’t work on systems that are using eastern European languages, like Russian or Ukranian, saying that evidence suggests the group operates in Eastern Europe, and likely Russia…

    ‘The reason DarkSide’s code bars Eastern European languages has to do with an unwritten “tacit agreement” between criminal hackers in Russia and the Russian government, according to Zetter. 

    ‘”They can perform their services elsewhere and they’re fine with that, but they just can’t turn it on their own citizens or government,” she said.’

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  16. I never had dental insurance.
    I didn’t know you could have dental. insurance.
    You can’t have a hole in the bottom of the sea.
    You just can’t that’s why.

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  17. A bump on the log was the phrase we heard. Kittens are adorable, but cats are very satisfying pets, most of the time. And entertaining at times, too. I laugh every time I see Annie Oakley asleep in one of her famous “Yoga” poses; cats can twist and turn into the most amazing pretzel-like shapes. A friend once said they must not have bones; they move like they are all cartilage inside.

    Dental insurance is important; I’m still riding on our work plan, which actually is pretty reasonably priced & covers the twice-annual cleanings and checkups (and, according to the Medicare broker I used, can’t be beat by any of the Medicare supplement plans). I haven’t had a dental problem in some time (I do keep up with the twice-yearly checkups and cleanings) and I know dental “work” can still cost a lot out of pocket, even with insurance. My friend in the Valley is facing some major dental (gum) issues to the tune of several thousand dollars, not sure why exactly — but I wonder now if it was because she had a couple back teeth pulled in her 20s rather than do the root canals? Dentists will tell you that having a tooth pulled automatically compromises all your other teeth which will begin to shift and, possibly, give you gum and other problems down the line. I think at the time we wondered if that was just a ‘line’ to get you to spend more money, but I don’t think so. It actually makes sense.

    I’m catching up with laundry this morning, did some last night also. I hope to get out into the yard today but mumsee will have to keep me on task for that.

    The Baby Jeep’s gas tank also is half empty so I should fill that up today to avoid letting it go down any further and paying these horrible prices right now.

    I’m wondering if the new CDC mask guidelines will affect our church services at all (early one is masks only, later one is do your own thing). I really am fine with shedding my mask now that I’m vaccinated. But for now am still going to the earlier “masked” service and like it that most of my regular pals are there, too.

    It will probably stay masked if we have folks who can’t for some medical reason be vaccinated? But that’s just a guess.

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  18. Then again (roscuro may know more) I believe they’re coming to the conclusion that one can’t pass along Covid if they are vaccinated, which has been the fear of some people. Then again, we’ve had some cases in the news — Bill Maher for one — who have tested positive with no symptoms after being vaccinated; but the question there is are they infectious, could they pass it along wot someone else who’s not protected?

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  19. I always heard the expression as ‘a bump on a log.’ Isn’t that the remaining little bit where a limb has broken off of the main trunk as opposed to a knot or is that the same?


  20. I enjoy Goodreads because I review books. I do like to post the percentage read along because it is a way to keep a book and author’s name in front of others who may check to see if they would like the book. I try to help authors, especially Christian ones, reach more people with their kingdom work. It is a tiny behind the scenes ministry type effort.

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  21. Chas, do you have a super giant print Bible like I do? Or do you have so much of it memorized that when you “read” it, you are mainly reviewing the words you have hidden in your heart?


  22. Chas, I remember you were a prolific reader, always bringing us in on what you were learning. I’m so sorry about the eyesight. I had an older friend years ago who lost her sight due to macular degeneration (she was legal blind, but could see some things). She said driving was what she missed the most. But I thought reading would be a harder thing to lose.

    There are audible books, but it’s probably not the same — and would require a new skill to be able to concentrate while “listening” to a book. But worth a try, I’d do that — or at least try it — if I couldn’t read anymore.

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  23. I had dental insurance with my job in Chicago, only time I’ve ever had it, and I didn’t find it worthwhile enough to miss it. The out-of-pocket cost was about the same as two dental visits a year, so in order to break even I got my two visits a year–really the only time in my life I’ve done so, as I usually find one a year adequate and don’t always get that. When I had my wisdom teeth pulled, the insurance paid for half of it, so that was the only year the insurance was a net benefit.

    I always assumed most people don’t have dental or vision insurance, but I could be wrong. (I’ve never had vision insurance.) Frankly I understand why people would pay for eyeglasses out of pocket, but I don’t understand why health insurance covers everything but eyes and teeth.


  24. @ 10:16 Do you realize that steel player has to be really good to do what he does?

    Looking dumb at the right time ain’t easy.
    But it just comes natural with me.


  25. I think all my employers have provided both eye and dental insurance (I’ve never “not” worked), so it’s odd to think of not having it. I’ve switched over the Medicare now, but since I am still working full-time I can opt to keep the vision and dental care solo plans offered by our company (and so I do).


  26. But I still struggle with daily flossing.

    My hygienist assured me I’m not alone and most of her clients are busy flossing for the few days before their appointments, trying to “catch up” — so maybe she won’t notice.

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  27. Seen on Twitter:

    ~ Shout out to the typos that make it through self-editing, content editing, extensive copy editing, and even a final proofread. We are inspired by your dedication and tenacity. And we hate you. Just saying … ~

    — Every editor and author everywhere

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  28. So that’s a sweet gum tree? I thought it was a diseased tree. It kind of reminds me of the drawings of the virus-I-don’t-want-to-mention-anymore.

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  29. I am posting this info in case it might help someone else involved in church leadership in what to do with the new CDC changes. This is a very conservative and careful approach based on where we are located.

    “Due to the confusion about how churches and other places of public gatherings should respond to the CDC’s announcement made this week about face masks and people who have completed their vaccination regimen found at this link CLICK HERE , please see our guidelines and schedule below formulated in consultation with our Direction Team.
    Bridgepoint Face Mask and Social Distancing Guidelines
    Relaunch Schedule
    ·      To provide time for everyone to adjust to the new normal
    ·      To provide time for everyone to be able to complete their vaccinations
    ·      To provide time for youth and children to hopefully have vaccinations available
    ·      To help ensure as much as possible that no one feels singled out and embarrassed
    ·      To be patient for the safety of others
    ·      We will continue to operate as we are for the present future
    o   Face Masks and Social Distancing are Expected in the Worship Service
    o   Face Masks and Social Distancing are Optional in Small Groups only if everyone in the small group has completed their vaccination regimen
    o   Face Masks are required when participating in any missions or outreach opportunity
    Beginning on JULY 11, 2021 Bridgepoint Church at Toco Hills will begin implementing CDC recommended face mask and social distancing protocols in a graduated procedure. On that date face masks will be optional for anyone who has completed their vaccination regimen while on our property. Anyone who has not completed their vaccinations will be asked to continue to wear a face mask for their own protection and required to wear a face mask in order to participate in any missions or outreach opportunity to protect those to whom we are reaching out. The rest of the rollout is below, along with our Relaunch Schedule.
    Relaunch Schedule
    July 11 Preview Service #1
    First day masks are optional for those who have completed vaccination regimen
    July 18 Preview Service #2
    First day social distancing will not be enforced
    July 25 Preview Service #3
    First day coffee/refreshments/active fellowship encouraged
    August 1 Total Relaunch of All Bridgepoint Ministries
    Vision Sermon Bridgepoint 2.0
    These are exciting days. I can’t wait to get started again and to see everyone! But without God, we labor in vain. Right now, let’s begin to immerse this RELAUNCH of our church with much prayer for God’s favor and HIS Vision.”


  30. I First day used in place of Sunday at your church, Janice? (Quaker churches did that)? Or is it meant differently within the specific context of the scheduling?

    Yes, it will be an odd transition for all of us. I was out watering and all of the three people who walked by (separately) were wearing masks. Interesting. (I’ve never worn a mask when I’m out doing work or watering in the yard, my house is step up away from the sidewalk so passers by are never that close anyway.

    I’m guessing we’ll keep things the same at our church, for now. It would be interesting to know how many of us in the early (masked) service are vaccinated. Some may not be able to be vaccinated for medical reasons. We are bringing back the coffee and donuts table beginning this week. That announcement was welcome for many.

    Eventually — at least this is the hope — there will be enough overall community wide immunity that most folks will be (mostly) safe anyway and the virus will further fade out (though subject to variants and a seasonal return in the winter, I suppose).

    I’ll be very willing to getting an annual shot + whatever booster that’s needed. I’ve heard too many frightening stories about Covid complications. But I’ve had it with masks and lockdowns and all of it, thank you. lol

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  31. Our church has been holding both in-person and virtual meetings since the beginning, with only a few weeks of for in-person meetings when the numbers surged. Many of us chose to wait it out and stick with the virtual service until the vaccines were available and/or until covid numbers (esp hospitalizations and deaths) plummeted.

    So I returned after I was vaccinated in March and have so appreciated being “back.”


    Mumsee, I watered.

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  32. Okay, I am here to tell DJ to get out there and water. Those flowers give her great peace and joy, as does Charlie Brown. It is the least you can do.


  33. But there was also another reason to come on here: to let you know why Idaho is just not a great place for public transportation outside of Boise. Husband, daughter, the driver, and one other person are it for the ride to Boise. Much cheaper than driving for the two of them, at about forty dollars each but I don’t see how that would cover the cost of a Greyhound. Trying to catch up with Kerry on carbon footprints.

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  34. That is not what I recall from public transportation in other places I have been. Lots of SRO in Italy, Greece, Germany, England, France, Switzerland, Egypt, Mexico, etc.


  35. The wording is just for the schedule, DJ. We don’t use it as the Quakers did.

    I have continued doing Facebook Live services. Most people are back in person. Florence and I are the consistent ones online on Sundays with others on and off if they have other reasons such as sickness in the family or travelling. We previously had the two services so I basically probably will never have the same as what we had before. The dwindling older crowd is being assimilated into the more youth oriented service now. So that is a loss to Covid that I could grieve. I preferred the quieter service.


  36. Sorry, Janice, that’s no bueno. Our services are alike, we have a set order of worship and fairly long sermons (40+ mins). We all seem to like it, young and old. 🙂

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  37. Mumsee, you were there in spirit, I thought about you several times as I drenched my too-thirsty potted plants.

    Mumsee on my shoulder

    Now I’m wiping own my front porch furniture so I can start sitting and reading out there again.

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  38. I was glad to see Mumsee tell DJ to water those flowers.
    That proved to me that there was still something on this blog that I understand.

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  39. Reason #874 why cats are better than dogs.

    Let’s see your dog try this.


    The cat starts leaning out of the 5th floor window at about the :28 second mark.

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  40. Chas, I can’t remember if I told you this before. My dad kept reading. He bought a magnifying light or lamp that folks doing crafts use. It has an adjustable holder so that you can move it to right over your book and then not touch it. It is a circular light and the light is on the outside of the circle with the magnifying glass in the middle, quite a strong magnifier. I am ready to order you one if you would use it. I found one that is free standing, though my dad had one attached to the bookcase next to him.
    Us readers need to find a way to continue reading.

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  41. Reason #875 why cats are still annoying

    I need to have the mobile screen repair guy come out after Annie pulled loose a whole corner of my brand new screens from a few years ago.

    Jo has a great idea, Chas.

    And yes, I am also glad mumsee told me to water my flowers.

    Feeling thoroughly motivated after that, I rubbed down and treated one of the Mexican porch chairs with some saddle soap — I’ll do the other one tomorrow. I missed doing that last year and they’d gotten somewhat faded; after treating the one, it’s back to it’s prettier warm tan color. Ole!

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  42. Thanx Jo.
    I already have that. I have two magnifying glasses. One for the desk and one for here.
    And I have two lamps, but only use one. The other is too bulky. Better than the one I use, but awkward in usage.

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  43. I have a choice to either wear two pair of reading glasses together or use reading glasses and a hand held magnifying glass (that is what I already have). I would prefer not to be so cumbersome when reading, but although it has slowed me down, I continue to read regular size print books. I am use to it now so it does not seem like such a big deal any more.

    I hope Kim gets her tax work completed with ease. I am thankful not to be at the office during this down to the wire and time to file extensions like it or not time.


  44. I believe my mom used to use those type of seed pods in flower arrangements. I believe she even sprayed some with gold paint. They are very interesting.

    Some people have money for Disney Land vacations and many things, but none for the dental work they need done. (yes, I know some) I know others who have the insurance or money, but are afraid of the dentist. I am thankful for the dentists who do charity work, especially for children

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  45. No one “likes” going to the dentist, I would guess. My mom had a big fear of it and I had to really work to overcome that feeling that had been passed down to me.

    When I was in college, I realized it was kind of up to me to take care of my teeth and so I started going in for regular cleanings, but I may not have been there every year; that would have gotten routed a few years later when I had insurance.

    A lot of grief and expense is avoided by routine maintenance.

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  46. Someone in the houses on the road back of us is having a loud and rowdy party. I hope it will quieten down by 11 p.m. if not before. This neighborhood is usually pretty quiet except for lawn equipment. I don’t know what the folks are watching or playing, but cheers erupt frequently. It doesn’t seem to be a finish your tax return party, but that would be worthy of cheering.


  47. Chas, do you have one like this where you can actually read through the top of it while it shines a light on what you are reading??


  48. Dogs: our up up stairs neighbor in Butzbach had a rottwieler who loved hanging out on the balcony. Until a cute poodle passed by and over and down he went. Broke his front legs as they were made out of bone. Husband helped on some of the frequent trips up and down the many flights of stairs for trips to the grass. Happy dog. Nice family. Hard lesson.

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  49. I don’t like going, but the alternative is a worse option, IMO. Same with doctors.

    That looks a lot like the one my dad has. I have the an Ott light, which is more of the natural light. I have a table one, too, for by my sewing machine. My mother had a couple, too. Her eye sight was better than mine, however, even though she was twenty plus years older. It is nice that those with vision issues can have some options.

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  50. Good morning.

    Speaking of dentists (why would we start the day with this topic?), I have had a rugged time with them as I have not had good teeth. My mom had all of hers removed by age twenty. So, after years and years of horrid dental experiences (root canals, crowns, fillings….), I am finally the one who goes in and has no cavities. Husband used to be but he has some now. Possibly related to the chemo for his arthritis, I don’t know. Certainly not related to his horrid eating habits which is a life time activity. (yes, you hear jealousy).

    But about fifteen years ago, a dear older lady friend mentioned that she used a water pik. I got one and have used it daily other than camping trips. (It sure beats flossing, DJ!) And that seems to have been the real change for me. As an aside, it was the same older lady who told me I really needed to cut my hair and use some make up. I told her it was not happening. She said that by the time I hit fifty, I would at least start wearing lipstick. Nope. I am just me, with my water pik.

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  51. Foggy morning around here with heavy rains expected this afternoon…rain…yes!
    I have had some truly awful dentists over the years but ten years ago found an amazing dentist. After working wonders on my teeth he retired! Friends recommended to us their dentist and he is yet another amazing dentist. No frills, no spa treatment, no intentions of draining our bank accounts…..just good dentistry.
    My retired dentist had recommended a WaterPik and I have been faithfully using that for 10 years….and I still wear makeup 😊

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  52. My last dentist had a busy place. Phone always ringing, rooms always filled, waiting room as well. A jovial guy who got things done quickly and well. His replacement, a very nice woman is very gentle. But it seems she is always trying to send us to Lewiston to get things done so she must be just very basic. We are often the only people there and we rarely hear the phone ring. Odd.


  53. I switched to a Sonicare brush a number of years ago and that’s made a big difference.

    Makeup, yeah, still like it, but now I don’t bother on most days when I’m working from home and have to wear a mask if I make a grocery run.

    I tossed all my makeup a few months ago after realizing it was all at least 3-4 years old. I have some fresh products now, including some of the new, very barely-there sheer eye shadow. Went back to using the softer mascara for redheads after deciding the black (which I’d tried to return to some years ago) just didn’t work on me. I do look a lot better with even just a little bit of makeup. lol

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  54. My friend’s point was that I might not need it in my forties but for sure in my fifties. I am fine with my many flaws. I just don’t want to spend time looking at them…

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  55. Ah yes the redhead dilemma of makeup. Blonde eyelashes and brows cause us to appear more “washed out” than darker haired ladies I think. I switched to lighter brown mascara and lighter weight makeup which I like. I had to play around with differing makeups as the one I tried broke me out in hives for a week!! When staying in I wash and use my deep moisturizer…no makeup…. 😊
    When retired dentist recommended the waterpik he also gave to me the Sonicare toothbrush which I really like….

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  56. My daughters in law must have thought I needed improvement as well as they spent time before their weddings trying to fix me up a bit. I do not plan to attend more weddings. We have one coming up in another month, I believe. Seventh son is marrying his live in. I was not invited but husband was. I suspect, because husband told them I was not going. It is in Boise and I am not ready to go there yet. And they have been living together for two years, no children invited, bar. Plenty of reasons to say no thanks. The no children was the clincher. Finding child care for a thirteen, fourteen and nineteen is not easy. But really, if you have been living together for a while, why the wedding?

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  57. Jo. I have one that you can read through top tip.But I don’t use it. I like to read what I am reading. All I need is light on the subject. U use a different magnifier.
    That is”
    The lamp provides the light.
    I provide the magnification

    It’s tough getting old. Sometimes I think it isn’t worth it.
    No. Not that. It’s just that my attitude changed when I lost Elvera.

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  58. I have had serious dental problems over the years, but things seem to have mostly calmed down over the last several years. Haven’t needed a root canal or a crown in a while, but I have had a couple of wisdom teeth removed in the last three years.

    My parents both had dentures by the time they were in their 30s, probably because they did not have good dental care when they were younger. Mom once told me to take good care of my teeth because dentures could be difficult.

    As for make-up, I cannot wear eye make-up anymore due to my eye problems. A lot of other ladies with Moebius say the same thing. I do wear lipstick, and for special occasions I try to remember to use the light foundation cream that Nightingale gave me.

    Before I had to give up eye make-up altogether, I would at least wear a strip of eyeliner on my upper eyelids, which made a nice difference. I miss being able to do that.


  59. I tried the sonic care, did not work for me. Seemed like it was shaking my fragile teeth to bits. Kind of painful.


  60. Agree, it is tough getting old. I feel a bit down today. Perhaps tax season has something to do with that. I look forward to being on the prayer call later today. Our church service was good this a.m. on Facebook Live. The sermon was based on a passage in Kings. I also watched the service at Oak Hills Church in San Antonio.


  61. There’s a makeup line called Just for Redheads, some of their products are now on Amazon also — they offer a good range of colors for redheads from light strawberry blondes to auburn, and with a focus on ‘natural.’ They started out with the mascara as it was always such a problem for those of us who wanted a less-harsh look (and even the “brown” mascaras are more of a black-brown).

    There’s a new line by Bobbi Brown also which a friend mentioned to me a while back, Jones Street, that has very sheer, natural looks, but it’s pretty pricey. I’ve also loved the Bobbi Brown options.

    Kizzie, there may be newer natural formulas you could tolerate, but it may not be worth it if it still causes eyes to water or feel irritated.

    And yes, during most days when I no longer wear makeup now, I also use a moisturizer alone. I’ve given up on lipstick until masks go away completely. Not worth the hassle.


    My mom also wound up with dentures by age 50, maybe younger, and the misery she went through made quite an impression on me. And she ws never happy with her “smile” afterward, she said it created a very unnatural look to her face, she felt. My dad had amazingly good teeth, he hardly ever went to the dentist but when he did there weren’t any problems.

    Carol had dentures (probably by the time she was in her 40s) but she eventually gave up on them, too uncomfortable, and went without.

    Implants are used now, which are much better, but they are very expensive.


    Church (the early ‘masked’ service) is getting more and more crowded (the second service at 11 is even fuller, however). We’re into Revelation but so far we’ve only done a few verses each week. We’re now in Rev. 1:6, I believe. He said the first part of the book will be slower, the second have will go faster just based on the themes and what is covered. But we’ll be at this for a while.

    We’re even doing a Revelation “read-through” on the 25th (an evening meeting, I believe) where select readers will just read straight through the book aloud so we can get a feel for the ‘big picture.’


  62. Nightingale bought all of us electric toothbrushes for Christmas. The brand is AquaSonic, which sounds like it could be similar to Sonicare. There is a lot of vibration.

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  63. No makeup for me. My eyebrows are very pale, but I solved that by getting glasses that have a darker frame. So the glasses are like my makeup. 🙂

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  64. For super minimal looks, those “boom sticks” (or other similar brands with different names) are really hand — you can swipe them on your cheeks, brow-bone and lips. One very simple and versatile product, works for everything to give us some color.

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  65. And it is true, eyeglasses can be a good cosmetic fix for fading eyebrows.

    Covid masks take care of most of the rest of it.

    I’m moving some stuff around in the living room, nothing major, just sweeping out some clutter.

    I have this small chest that belonged to an ancestor and I’m trying to find a place for it. It kind of floats around the space. …


  66. DJ – I had never heard of Boom Sticks before. I looked them up, and am still not sure I understand.


  67. It’s a color stick — supposedly a sheer color that works with all skin shades, sort of dark rose — and you just swipe it at your hairline on your forehead, on your cheeks (where you’d use blush), on your eyes if you want and on your lips. then blend. It’s a quick, easy “makeup” routine that just gives some color where most of us need it 🙂

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  68. Hmmm. . . Looks kind of expensive, but I read that they last for several months. I just might try one.


  69. Like Jo, I think of my glasses as a type of make-up, or “jewelry for the face”, as I once described them.


  70. I haven’t read the thread yet, but I’m jumping in to say what’s up with big brother or whatever is going on with the ads on my email homepage. I had been over on the prayer thread, reading Kathaleena’s post about her family’s former babysitter with lung cancer, then I checked my email moments later and an ad popped up from the American Lung Association using the words “lung cancer” in it. I never googled anything about it!

    I have a hard time believing that’s a coincidence. It’s like my laptop or something “read” the words I was reading. (I didn’t write my comment following Kathaleena’s post until after I saw the ad pop up, so it’s not like it read words I had typed — it read words I had read!)

    What in the world…?

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  71. I don’t wear makeup at home or when I grocery shop. I have lipstick I use for occasional Zoom calls and use a little foundation if my skin is blotchy. No eye makeup for years now. I need new makeup as it has all gotten old since it is so rarely used. I never consider that guys could wear makeup. I just think they are lucky to not be expected to take on that expense and the time it takes to put on a prettier face.


  72. I don’t use makeup. Never have used lipstick or eyeliner. In my teen years, I tried using a little foundation to cover acne, but it never turned out well and I stopped doing even that.


  73. I wear little makeup. In my younger years I often received quite a bit of pressure that not everyone needs makeup but I, being so “pale,” needed it. But I’ve never been interested in looking “made-up.” I’ll add a little color to my cheeks as though I’ve gotten some sun, cover blemishes, occasionally use a little bit of lipstick or mascara, and if it’s a fancy event I might even put on eye liner. But even in the days I worked in the professional world I never wore it every day, and usually just a touch of blush and some mascara. Blue and green eye shadows were in style when I was in junior high, and I think that was part of what led to my disinterest in makeup–nothing worse than bright colors applied to eyelids by young teenagers.

    I did get curly perms for several years and liked that, and I got my ears pierced for my husband a decade ago. My sister has told me recently about days in college when she and her roommate tried to “doll me up” to prove to me that I wasn’t ugly and could actually be attractive to men if I tried. I’m not insulted as much as I am amused. I never thought myself ugly; I never paid all that much attention to how I looked, other than being neat and clean and wearing clothes I liked more than clothes that were in the height of fashion, and never saw “attracting a man” as the highest possible achievement. I realized through that how differently she and I saw some things, because apparently she saw my lack of interest in make-up being a depressive resignation to always being ugly, when in fact it was an assessment that God did an OK job and I wasn’t interested in spending lots of money and time to make changes that probably wouldn’t be improvements.

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  74. Well, green and blue eyeshadow, ugh. There was a bad look that I never got into. I think that was “in” during my high school years but I wasn’t wearing much makeup then. The look is much more natural now — and less is more.

    Boom Stick is expensive, Kizzie, but I think mine lasted about a year — and there are less expensive similar products you can sometimes find at the drug store — a single color stick that does everything, cheeks, eyes, lips.

    But I’ve enjoyed the mostly makeup-free pandemic period too. I don’t wear make-up to go to the store, either — mostly I just use it if I’m going to do an in-person interview or am covering a story live, for church, etc. I look a lot better with some added natural color boost (and just a little mascara).

    I hung my new flower baskets today, mumsee. The house looks respectable again. And I treated the 2nd porch chair with saddle soap. It was a pretty productive Sunday.

    We had some drizzle overnight and today was very cloudy and cool. May Gray, right on schedule. Next up: June Gloom. July will be sunny and mostly nice, a good summer month; but August-September-sometimes October, way too hot, if our seasonal norms hold.

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  75. I watered a few things, as well, today but mostly spent the afternoon reading the Fellowship of the Ring and chatting with thirteen and fourteen and one of the twenty fours. He just had a birthday.

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  76. Mumsee, lol

    Young girls can wear more. But that stage passes and then the key is to scale it down, softer, natural colors, definitely no drama.


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