17 thoughts on “News/Politics 4-24-21

  1. Scumbags gotta be scumbags….



  2. Dumbing down the population of Va..



  3. Was justice served?

    Or was it just to placate the mob?


    “Alternate Juror in Derek Chauvin Trial: “I did not want to go through rioting and destruction again”

    “… and I was concerned about people coming to my house if they were not happy with the verdict,” Lisa Christensen said of her “mixed feelings” when filling out the juror questionnaire.”

    “Well before the guilty verdict was announced in the Derek Chauvin trial earlier this week, there were concerns that fears of riots breaking out or jury members being personally targeted if they voted the “wrong way” would play a role in their deliberations, especially after some “news” outlets stupidly revealed previously unknown personal information on some of the jurors in the closing days of the trial.

    Lisa Christensen, who was an alternate juror in the trial (but did not know she was an alternate until just before deliberations began), gave an interview to Minneapolis news station KARE 11 on Thursday where she provided the first insight the public is getting into what went through the minds of jurors before and during the trial. Some of the things she said during the interview raised more questions regarding the possibility that some jurors feared voting to acquit would hurt their city – or them.

    Christensen, who lives in Brooklyn Center, told reporter Lou Raguse that she had “mixed feelings” about the possibility of being a juror when she filled out the jury questionnaire:

    “There was a question on the questionnaire [asking if she wanted to be a juror] and I put I did not know. The reason, at that time, was I did not know what the outcome was going to be, so I felt like either way you are going to disappoint one group or the other. I did not want to go through rioting and destruction again and I was concerned about people coming to my house if they were not happy with the verdict.”

    She also told Raguse the jurors did not use their real names with each other during the trial, nor did they discuss their occupations or families. Apparently, there was a concern about saying “too much”:

    “I got to know them a little bit, but it was hard because we did not talk about anything pertaining to the trial at all. We did not identify ourselves amongst each other, so we did not say our names, occupations, or anything about our families. We had to do small talk about the weather and have meaningless conversations.”

    Because she lives in Brooklyn Center, Christensen got an up-close and personal view of some of the rioting that took place after the officer-involved shooting death of Daunte Wright last week. She claimed the incident “did not impact” her thoughts on the Chauvin case:

    It did not impact me as far as the trial went. However, only being about six blocks from the police department, I could hear everything. When I came home, I could hear the helicopters flying over my house… I could hear the flash bangs going off. If I stepped outside, I could see the smoke from the grenades. One day, the trial ran a little late, and I had trouble getting to my house, because the protesters were blocking the interstate, so I had to go way around. I was aware, but it did not affect me at all.

    She also says she believes the Chauvin trial will make it harder for the three other officers charged in the case to get a fair trial due to all the publicity:

    Raguse: Based on what you saw in this trial, how do you think that will go for them?

    Christensen: I think their trial is going to be impacted by this trial and the outcome of it. I think everybody played such a different role and everybody should be judged on their participation.
    Raguse: When you say a tougher time, do you mean putting on the trial because of the publicity from this trial?

    Christensen: Yes.

    During the interview, Christensen made it clear that she believed Chauvin was guilty and says she would have voted that way had she been a part of deliberations. Her exchange with the KARE reporter as well as other statements she’s made to the media since then give me the feeling she had determined Chauvin’s guilty early on, but that’s just my impression.

    This is my personal opinion, of course, but it’s hard to believe that fear of retaliation wasn’t present in the jury room on some level, even if it wasn’t explicitly discussed. If you’ll recall, during the jury selection process, some prospective jurors admitted to fears of being targeted by rioters.”


  4. Now who’s the transphobe? 🙂


    “‘Hard pass’: LGBTQ activists shun Caitlyn Jenner over Trump support”

    Though Caitlyn Jenner is one of the most famous transgender people in America, the announcement of her candidacy for California governor was greeted hostilely by one of the state’s largest LGBTQ-rights groups and by many trans activists around the country.

    “Make no mistake: we can’t wait to elect a #trans governor of California,” tweeted the group, Equality California. “But @Caitlyn_Jenner spent years telling the #LGBTQ+ community to trust Donald Trump. We saw how that turned out. Now she wants us to trust her? Hard pass.”

    Jenner – the former Olympic gold medalist and reality TV personality — is a Republican and supported Trump in 2016. She later criticized his administration for some discriminatory actions against transgender people, but has failed to convince many trans-rights advocates that she is a major asset to their cause.”

    ““Caitlyn Jenner is a deeply unqualified hack who doesn’t care about anyone but herself,” tweeted trans activist Charlotte Clymer. “Her views are terrible. She is a horrible candidate.””


    Jenner sounds like the candidate California deserves…… 🙂


  5. That’s a lot of police to protect an inanimate object. Since the Spanish American war is generally seen as a war of empire and the sinking of the Maine an example of yellow journalism, I can see the controversy in the statute. A large crowd of armed police protecting a state commemorating yellow journalism and imperial wars against unarmed protesters some of them Hispanic — the irony writes itself.

    The policeman was unprofessional and should be cited. A teacher would not mouth back to a mouthy student and I would expect the same from the police. And the young lady never stabbed anyone. The policeman made an extremely quick assessment and shot her. There seems to have been no attempt to talk her down — he went straight to extreme force. As a teacher, myself and my colleagues have faced similar situations and not once did extreme force occur to us. I’ve talked a boy down while he held a chair and threatened other students. A colleague talked a boy into giving up his knife. My vice principal talked a mental disturbed man from stalking the hallway with a knife. From what I’ve heard elsewhere (this may or may not be true) the young lady called the police herself as she felt threatened. The knife then was self defence, which is the reference the young man makes in the video.

    This is instantaneous decision to go with violence is similar to the 13 year old boy who was shot in Chicago. He had thrown his gun behind the fence, walked into the spotlight with his hands up and was promptly shot. Contrast this again with Kyle Rittenhouse. A shooting incident occurs, police respond and pass by a young man going the other direction with a rifle (an AR 15?). It never occured to the police that a man walking away from a shooting incident with a gun might just be a suspect and might be a danger to others? At the very least, he should have been stopped and held for questioning.


  6. I’m not surprised by the “destreaming”. My province has decided that grade nine math would be “consolidated” with only “local developed” (ie basic) as an alternative. Apparently we never learn from history as destreaming grade nine was tried about 25 years ago and the general consensus was it was a disaster. Already by grade seven, its pretty much a given which stream students will go by grade nine. As a grade eight teacher, I assign students to academic, applied, and basic for grade nine. I’d like to think I do a good job without prejudice — in fact I’ll lean on the side of academic if I know the child’s background had a negative impact and in an academic classroom he would be free of negative peer pressure (ie “act like a real Jamaican” as one of my students was told by another Jamaican)

    And as always, those in the know or in the system or in the right neighourhood can find a way into an academic math program — my student’s district has a special STEM program from grade nine to twelve which has its own grade nine math program. Thus I simply signed up my brightest STEM students for the program and told one of the more reluctant students just to do it for grade nine so he would have an appropriate math class.

    On the other hand, I do think there is inequity in the system wherein systemic and individual bias prevent some students from reaching their full potential. However, lowering standards is not the way to go about it.


  7. I’m always puzzled by the jury rules in the US. An interview with a jury member in Canada will result in a retrial. Jury selection is done very quietly and quickly and potential jurors rarely talk to each other. Jurors are instructed that they can not talk about any portion of the trial with anyone. A bit extreme but then there’s the other extreme — television interviews, book deals etc. Canadian juries are also rarely sequestered — their silence is on the honor system as well as their ability to block out media influence on their deliberations.

    Watched the North Carolina video. I didn’t think the Democrat chair was angry at the witness. The witness actually took up the legislator’s time and the Republican legislator tried to continue his questioning and/or submit papers but his time expired. Basically the chair annoyed the Republican wanted more time despite allowing the witness to take his time. . Secondly, the chair was definitely annoyed by the technology.


  8. Grifters gotta grift.

    Next week they’ll put her on the bestseller list….


    And yes, this is exactly the sort of scam that got the former Mayor of Baltimore in legal trouble.


  9. Let me be the first to say…….



    She’s toast.



  10. “On April 10, more than 100 CEOs and other business leaders met on Zoom to discuss ways to organize opposition to similar legislation in other states.”

    These big corporations don’t like the Arizona audit – at all. They think that they can dictate how we think and how we live! We need to take our business elsewhere, and hold them to the fire!

    Re. the audit, those that have nothing to hide, hide nothing…


  11. And when Israel responds harshly, as they should, we’ll hear the usual cries of “a disproportionate response”……

    This is clearly a coordinated attack from the barbarians.


    “As Violent Arab Gangs Rampage in Jerusalem, Palestinian Terror Groups Launch Rocket Attacks at Israel

    AP: “Palestinians have clashed with Israeli police on a nightly basis since the start of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.”

    “Israel is facing a two-pronged attack as Arab street violence in Jerusalem is accompanied by a surge in Palestinian rocket fire on Israeli cities.

    For nearly two weeks, violent Arab gangs have been attacking Jews and clashing with Israeli police in the Holy City. The Arab violence flared since the beginning of Ramadan, the Islamic month of praying and fasting. “Palestinians have clashed with Israeli police on a nightly basis since the start of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan,” the Associated Press noted.

    The Ramadan rioting has intensified with more and more Palestinians converging on the Temple Mount. “Skirmishes broke out again on Friday when tens of thousands of Muslim worshippers left Jerusalem’s revered Al-Aqsa mosque after night prayers.” France24 reported.

    The newspaper Israel Hayom on Sunday reported the ongoing Arab rioting in the Holy City:

    Israeli police and Palestinians scuffled outside Jerusalem’s Old City walls overnight into Sunday as tensions flared during the holy Muslim month of Ramadan. (…)

    Hundreds of police officers in riot gear deployed around the capital’s Old City after nightly clashes spilled into the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. Some Palestinians threw stones and bottles as police on horseback dispersed the crowds, though the violence appeared less intense than on previous nights. (…)

    Clashes and violent incidents have occurred almost nightly in Jerusalem, holy to Muslims, Christians and Jews, since the start of Ramadan on April 13. Most center near the Damascus Gate in the Old City’s walls and have flared in recent days as thousands pour out of the historic gateway after leaving the nearby Al-Aqsa Mosque following Ramadan nightly prayers. (…)

    Israelis have been angered by videos on social media showing Palestinians assaulting religious Jews in the city at random.

    The Ramadan rioting has been accompanied by a spate of disturbing videos of Arab gangs beating and humiliating religious Jews in Jerusalem. The website Israelly Cool has been documenting much of this.

    In what appears to be a new disturbing social media trend, young Arab men are posting videos of themselves assaulting Orthodox Jews. The clips, most of them posted on the social media platform TikTok, have gone viral among Arab users — garnering likes and approving comments.”




  12. The Arizona audit is a farce — no press allowed, poor security, no real procedure or rules, funding by private money, very few bipartisan observers, overseen by private firm, etc etc. They couldn’t even get the color of the pens correct.



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