57 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-22-21

  1. I see on TV where Biden is going to host a climate conference.
    He needs to do something quickly. It’s going to get hot in Greensboro in a couple of weeks now.
    It might help if he made the days a little shorter.
    But only in this part of the country. It needs to get warmer up north of here.
    Maybe he could just skip Summer altogether. Make it springtime all the time.

    Silly, you say?
    Not as silly as what will really come out of this.

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  2. I agree, Chas.
    Morning all.
    This ten hour and a day time difference means you all come to my day as I as saying good night. oh, well. Grandson sent me a picture of their new dog, perhaps a retriever and he is white so they call him Caspar, for the friendly ghose.

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  3. I’ve been awake since about two (see my post about the whooting owl as the final April 21 post).

    I think I’ve got all my audio files transferred off my phone into Evernote and I’ve emptied Icloud–except for the video of my husband explaining and demonstrating how to turn on the generator. I’ll need to know that in an emergency.

    At this point, I think I can start up the new phone. But I’ll keep my appointment with Apple this morning to have them fine tune it.

    I hate getting a new phone.

    Which is probably why I haven’t done it since August 2017–3.5 years ago, or, in our local time, before the fires.

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  4. Good morning from Frosty Atlanta. I am having my cup of coffee and my cup of Rooibos tea. In a little while I should be fully awake. Earlier I had to again repair Art’s glasses when the lens popped out. That duty keeps me regularily employed, but the salary I earn is only one fried egg. And I have to fret it!

    Miss Bosley is settled in my lap for Bible study time. She is such a contented kitty.

    Wesley is finding a few more things to apply for. Thankful to God for that. He stays too busy with a full time teaching schedule, research and writing for publication, and doing a job search. They did not get spring break because of the ice and snow week. He needs a vacay!


  5. I was reading again, John 11:26 where Jesus is telling Martha: “Whosoever lives and believes in me shall never die.”
    Do you realize what Jesus is saying?
    I think He is saying this”
    When a person is born again, that person is really born into a new life that, when this physical body dies, will never die and the person that had this body continues to live in a Spiritual world forever.

    QoD. Can you think of another interpretation? I am willing to listen.
    The consequence of this? For example:
    Elvera passed out of this physical life in February. That means that she is alive with the Lord. I don’t know how much she knows about this world. Likely doesn’t much care. But maybe she is conscious and aware of what is happening here.
    I don’t know about that. But speculation is interesting.
    I hope the Lord will convey to her the word that she was really loved. She likely understands that now more than before. It hasn’t had anything to do with sex for a couple of decades now. I loved her for who she was/is.
    She is the one God gave to e. I hope that is forever.

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  6. Phos: I hope it is a better body than the one I have now. This body I carry around now ain’t no good to nobody.
    And make it better looking while we’re at it.

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  7. Chas, consider that God is love, perfect love. Living in Christ is the state of being in perfected love. Elvera now exists full of life in Jesus, unconstrained by the fallen world here, and has greater love for you than ever, and eventually you will have that for her, too. But we will feel that perfect love for all people. There will not be a need for jealousy or possessiveness. We are all equal parts of the body of Christ which we will understand in full at that time. She is completed in Christ, and I think she will recognize you and rejoice when she sees you completed in Christ. But she is not suffering sadness as you are here. Aren’t you happy and at peace to know that? God still has reason for you to keep growing spiritually and to help others by prayer and spiritual discussions that edify folks like us here on the blog. I look forward to a resurrected body with 20/20 vision. Right now I am thankful for magnifying glasses. There will be no eyeglasses in heaven. Hallelujah!

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  8. mumsee’s not from the Bible take: Elvera is taking a peek at you now and again and has a big grin on her face as she does. She is laughing alongside Jesus as they talk about what joy you will have when you arrive and how silly your current annoyance is with being left behind for a few microseconds in the big scheme. And Jesus is whispering to her, “Watch this! You are going to love it, what I have planned for Charlie. Look how my faithful servant, my brother, responds. I love that man, Charlie…”

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  9. Thanx Mumsee
    I hope I don’t sound morbid when I say this. I don’t mean to be, but I’m serious.
    I’m looking forward to the day. I am tired of this life.
    i.e “This world is not my home. and I can’t feel at home in this world anymore.”

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  10. Chas, 8:17, yep to all of that. Maybe you can still run for president.

    Another week is sliding by quickly.

    At some point I’ll need to replace my phone and laptop. Computer years go by fast.

    We actually have a 50% chance of rain on Monday.

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  11. One of the reasons I love Psalm 27 is when the psalmist says he is still confident of seeing the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. None of us know what that goodness may consist of. I think a little piece of us leaves when our loved ones pass on before us, figurately speaking. Yet, who knows what the Lord has planned for us here.

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  12. I see on FoxNews where Biden is trying to reduce the use of coal for “clean energy” . Nobody has yet defined in useful terms what that might be.

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  13. Maybe others don’t feel this way, but when people would remind me of how wonderful it is for Hubby in Heaven, it would not comfort and encourage me, but made me feel guilty for missing him so much and wishing he were still here with us. (Not to say that I don’t care that Hubby is where he is – that is a relief to know, and to know that I will see him again.)


  14. Having said that, I chose to take those kinds of remarks with grace, knowing that no one meant any harm, and would have felt bad to know how I felt about their words.

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  15. Sorry, Kizzie if my comment felt hurtful in that respect.

    Chas, because Jesus knows us each personally then logically Elvera will know you personally. God is the same always. He is always love. And He always knows people on an individual level.

    Kizzie, I know we can’t help but have feelings that erupt and guilt is such a persistent one that wants to badger all the time. You are not being selfish in wanting him here now. I think that could be false guilt you put on yourself. When a comment about Hubby in heaven feels hurtful, it’s fine to blurt out, “But I want him here with us, Now!” It is the truth. It is how you feel. People recognize it to be a reasonable feeling. At the same time there can be great comfort in knowing he is in heaven and you don’t have to wonder about his final destination.

    An analogy, not on the same level, could be with Wesley’s graduation ceremony we can’t attend. I am happy he will be going through it and I like the place where he arrived, but it is reasonable that I have great sadness that we can’t be there and he can’t be here for the celebration. Like I said, I know our situation is not comparable, ours is minor and yours is major. But would you feel it to be right of me to carry guilt over my not being there or wanting him here at home on top of my great sadness? I don’t think Jesus wants me to be weighed down with guilt over something for which I have no responsibility and can not change. I pray you can release the guilt.

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  16. I really love the TV commercials:
    This is not the way they say it, but this is what they’re saying:
    “The dollar is rapidly becoming useless.
    The only thing you can depend on is gold.
    We have lots of gold. Buy your gold from us.
    We take dollars.”

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  17. Chas, my sister was quite a young woman when her husband died (44) and she had five young children at home who still needed her. But she still said she wanted to die too. She got through that stage, but she experienced it.

    I expect to someday have to say goodbye to my dear husband. And I expect that his hope for heaven now will then give me some level of peace that his road is ended. But I imagine I will also miss him desperately.

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  18. Cheryl. I don’t know the situation with your husband. But I can verify, you will miss him if he dies. He is, regardless of the situation, part of your life.
    You don’t take that away without missing it.

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  19. It isn’t stated that way, but America will cease to be great when it is no longer “The land of the free and the home of the brave.” i can’t explain to you how I think this will occur. But I think it will happen with DC statehood. We should have closed our borders and no allowed Hawaii and Alaska to become states.

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  20. “America is great because it is good” – said by someone a long time ago, more or less (quote may not be exact and the source is debated).

    But I think it hits on something that is at the core. Our problems, ultimately in this world, are spiritual, not political.

    All nations go by the wayside given time, so we’d not be unique in history.

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  21. Such profound thoughts for so early in my day. It rained all night, something that very rarely happens. Did I already say that due to the fire right outside our fence the school used almost all of the water in our tanks. I imagine that those tanks are completely full now. God knows our needs and takes care of them.

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  22. The beauty and wonder of rain, exactly when it’s needed. Full tanks are good.

    Some are speculating we’re now in a “mega-drought” here in California — that our last drought never really/truly ended, which may be the case, I don’t know.

    Re the racial and political issues now in the forefront, this is one of the most reasonable pieces I’ve read:


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  23. Speaking of tanks. . . A friend from several years ago said that when her daughter was young, she wasn’t much for hugging or cuddling, but naturally there were times when she did need some hugging. So the mother and daughter came up with this: When she felt she needed a hug, the daughter would say, “Mommy, my hug tank is empty.” 🙂

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  24. Dennis Rasmussen’s Fears of a Setting Sun: The Disillusionment of America’s Founders (Princeton University Press, 2021) is on my history book of the year short list. Rasmussen, whose good writing makes him a rarity among academics, shows how George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson all thought the American experiment was a failure and the United States would soon be disunited.

    That’s an important message for us to absorb at a time when “misrepresentation and party feuds have arisen to such a height” that they may not end “at any point short of confusion and anarchy.”

    Surprise: That’s a quotation from Washington in 1798.

    As Rasmussen writes, “We might take a certain comfort, amid our worries about the state of American democracy, in the fact that the founders themselves voiced similar worries.”

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  25. Rejoice with me–after three months of reading, correcting, reading, correcting, covers done, covers rejected, life–I finished up the final corrections to my narration of Mrs. OC.

    I’ve just sent everything to the production manager and can do something else with my life now!

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  26. Yesterday was challenging in a half-dozen ways and especially at the Apple Store, where my cell carrier sent me for some reason.

    I didn’t want to go to the mall for the first time in over a year. There were a lot of people in the Apple Store.

    While my “team member” was polite and helpful, she was eerily odd. I didn’t feel particularly comfortable in the store. At one point, her “mask” seemed to slip and I felt like I was talking to a cyborg rather than a person. I also started feeling faint–was it the mask?

    Anyway, I ended up with a more expensive phone, having to buy a more expensive glass screen, having to buy yet another charger. The USB on one end, lighting charger other end, now doesn’t use a USB–so you can’t use it on the new phone.

    That’s particularly irritating because I now have to carry two different chargers, according to my cyborg.

    There were issues transferring the data, so she made me a Genius Bar appointment for this morning. Apparently I had NEVER backed up the phone in 3.5 years? and Icloud wouldn’t download anything?

    I was really rattled, angry, upset, and distressed. I awoke at 2 this morning, couldn’t go back to sleep, and instead got into my Icloud account (first time ever? Really?), downloaded all the photos and then deleted them from Icloud.

    I then moved all my recordings by sending them to Evernote (since I couldn’t download them to my PC directly), and then saving them in Evernote to be downloaded to my computer today.

    It turns out I had some precious recordings I didn’t want to risk losing. (Two older Adorables on the night their baby sister was born, telling me about all their plans for her! “Maybe we’ll buy a bigger house?”)

    Prayed with my husband this morning, prayed while at the store, and got a pleasant young man who told me I didn’t need the new lightning charger–though it would be faster–and answered a bunch of questions. He transferred data effortlessly, chatted with my for 20 minutes to introduce all the new features . . . . and then sent me back to the cell phone store for a SIM card.

    You know? It’s never easy.

    But I have a new phone–happily charging on its fancy cord somewhere!

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  27. Ugh, new phones. Although last time it was all very easy and automatic, everything just ‘moved over’ at the AT&T store. It was all there by the time I walked out of the store. I think.

    Mine (an iPhone 8) uses the wireless charger pads. But yes, they always ding you for upgraded cords and earbuds that won’t work with the newer models. And I just get the highest storage model now, as more and more “stuff” transfers from phone to phone, the bare-bones storage won’t work of course. I’m awful about moving things off the phone/computer.

    Frustrating day juggling to port stories. My editor loves port stories and I find myself doing more than I’d like on that beat sometimes due to his enthusiasm in assigning them. Stories I used to have more time to, involving the area’s downtown issues etc., I don’t seem to get to anymore. Less local, more regional.

    My writing life is now filled with ships, trucks, trains, labor unions, and zero-emission dreams.

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  28. My new Chinese computer does not like me. I suspect it listened to the things Echo had to say about the things she has heard while sitting quietly on our shelf, absorbing our family conversations.

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  29. We have been using Samsung for years. I had run out of storage which was making my phone do weird things. I disengaged a few apps and that seems to have gotten back a semblance of working properly. I got rid of my YouTube and Goodreads apps. They are convenient but not when they make the phone goofy.


  30. But really, the Apple customer service through the Genius Bar is one of the best things about their products. At least it used to be, haven’t had to use it in a while so not sure if it’s as easy and still free as it used to be.

    Wow, going to a mall. … That sounds so strange now, doesn’t it? But California is doing well with case #s and if you’re vaccinated it shouldn’t be an issue?

    Back to rail cargo nuances and trying to reach the CDC about cruise ships starting up in the U.S. again.

    But I did manage to get Monday off so I’ll have a 3-day weekend. Yay.

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  31. It was when I mentioned the Uighurs that she turned into a cyborg.

    Really went back and forth on it. College student|lodger couldn’t find any indicator it made a difference.

    I concluded iI don’t have enough bandwidth to learn a new operating system at this time.

    Nice cell service guy confirmed without me even asking.


  32. Remember a few days ago when I mentioned that two of my brothers keep saying they wish they could have had a relationship with my last living uncle, and I wish they had just done so? Well, I talked with one of those brothers today, and I mentioned I’d had a good conversation with that uncle a week ago, and he asked for his number, called him, and had a twenty-minute conversation he said they both enjoyed!! 🙂

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  33. Re China — discussion w/a port contact on why terminals aren’t 24/7 (as rail industry would prefer).

    Terminal operators must pay the labor (double pay, or thereabouts, on already very generous union wages) which is simply deemed cost-prohibitive in many cases.

    Rail argument: But China ports operate 24/7 —

    (Where likely there aren’t the high labor costs we pay in the US. People in China = ordered to work for whatever pay is being offered, no more, end of discussion, get to it.)

    But isn’t this also a big part of the issue with bringing more manufacturing back to the U.S.? It’s why so many businesses moved to other countries in the first place, to save costs.


  34. Well I am home from school and sitting around and you have probably all gone to sleep.
    My friend came back to school today now that they are out of quarantine. I did not tell the children that she was coming as they were having their semi annual test on academics in the computer lab. So when all were done I told them to go back to the classroom and that they could get their snack on the way to eat inside. You should have heard the squeals when they spotted her!! I basically turned the class over to her as she gave each of them a big hug. After recess we went to the store and to get things from her home and bring them to school. Since they gave the vehicle that they were watching for someone to me, I got to play chauffer.

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  35. God night Jo.
    Nothing going on here yet. Had breakfast, drinking coffee and posting you.
    Not much, but its something.


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