56 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-21-21

  1. On TV this morning, they are talking about “systemic racism”. I don’t know what that is, but they have to talk about something. And if they have to invent another term to talk about, I guess it’s ok.
    It doesn’t affect me. But trouble for someone.

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  2. Good morning Chas and AJ.

    In case anyone here didn’t see what I posted late last night on the prayer thread, I want to let you know how thankful I am for your prayers when I had shingles or whatever it was. The rash has mostly gone away now, and there is no more pain or itch. The PA said I might experience lingering pain for months, but the pain only lasted three weeks.

    The power of prayer. Thank you.

    Have a blessed day, everyone.

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  3. I love the header photo. I have someone coming this afternoon to talk to me about my front yard/lawn. Mr. P and I have done various things in the yard but none have turned out like I wanted them to. I used to have access to various gardening tools, but many have disappeared over the years. I have lost at least 3 of my advisory council, and have had to admit that I have lost my ability to tolerate the heat and physical aspect of it.
    We already have a lawn service to mow, edge, and weed whack, so I have them coming to tell me what to do and perhaps do it for me. I love to mow and edge a lawn, but I am TERRIFIED of a weed eater. I just KNOW that I will shred my legs and ankles with it. I have taken pictures and bookmarked landscaping photos in books that I like.
    The house is also 14 years old, so there are some maintenance issues that will need to be addressed. There is some wood rot, and there is definitely a new roof in. our future.

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  4. Here is my rant for the day. Most of you know that I am probably the most gay friendly person on this blog. I mean, my 6th and 11th grade boyfriends, my nephew, my stepbrother, my cousin, and the list goes on….
    Yesterday I received a mailer/catalog from a women’s clothing company. I have bought clothes from them before and may buy from them again. On the cover are two women on a sofa, one is sitting and the other has her head in the lap of the one sitting, there is a dog snuggled up with them. I looked at the cover and thought it was an odd/awkward photo. I mean, I don’t remember the last time I put my head in another person’s lap. I started flipping through the catalog and it became a theme, obviously these two women are meant to be a “couple”.
    WHY does this company feel the need to be gay friendly? It is already a women’s clothing store! Who cares whether the women who buy their product are gay or not?

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  5. I had two dreams and woke with a song this morning. Here they are. Feel free to interpret.

    1. I was working at an emergency center and we were preparing for a big storm coming, even practicing getting under the gray metal desks for possible safety if the roof flew off.

    2. I was living on a farm with female family members and servants during the Civil War. An army was coming and we were running around trying to prepare for their occupation.

    3. The song was from our Christmas cantata 16 months ago: “Prepare the Way of the Lord.”

    What should I do now?

    I think I’ll fill up my car with gas, but several gallons of water, and a new phone. Beyond that, I don’t have time to . . . . scan the photo albums. Sigh.

    On another, possibly related, note. The landscape is already “fall dry” and we’re in drought. I figure if we have to flee yet again–five months before official fire season–I give up.

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  6. Kim, when Eldest was preparing to get married, one thing she did to gather ideas was to obtain wedding catalogues, as the internet was in its early days then. I looked through them, and I remember a photo series of bride and groom outfits which used two androgynous models who looked nearly identical to wear the clothes of the bride and groom in the photos. It was weird and uncanny to look at those photos, but it was a haute couture magazine, and I already knew that haute couture has specialized in blurred gender lines for a very long time – since the 1920s at least. Eldest got married in 2001, so this was before gay marriage was even legal. The fashion industry has always been on the cutting edge of alternate views, and the higher the fashion, the more cutting edge it gets.

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  7. When Elvera and I got married, I put on a suit and Elvera put on a dress and we got married after the service at FBC Columbia. Everyone was invited to remain for the marriage after the church service.
    Hundreds did. It was a short ceremony. We shook more hands than we can count.
    It worked.for 64 years.
    I know there is no marriage in Heaven. But I hope we know each other. I want to tell her how important she was to me.

    I think I told you this before..
    I can’t promise I won’t do it again. It was an important event in my life. Right alongside “Charlie, are you a Christian?” By Al Tolley.

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  8. I have no problem using a weed eater, but the heat is something I cannot tolerate. That is not much of a problem for most of the year outdoors here. However, it does lead to some thermostat wars indoors. It is a good thing we love one another.

    Beautiful tree up above today. Where is it?

    QOD: What are your hobbies now? What have they been in the past? I am especially interested in Chas’ hobbies in the past? What do you do just for the joy of it?

    My main hobby is quilting. I do some crafts, but not a lot anymore. I used to do counted cross stitch, but my eyes make it something that is not fun anymore. I have done some crewel embroidery, but not much. My biggest leisure time activity is reading. I also enjoy baking.

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  9. Chas has never had a hobby in the past. He has always been busy with his work, church & SS class and Lions that there wasn’t time for anything else.
    Right now? He does NOTHING
    There isn’t anything to do and there is nothing he can do. Sitting at this computer and posting is a big part of it because it doesn’t take any moving about and very little thought.
    As you can probably tell

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  10. OH! Chas is a reader. Or he was back when he could see. Now, even big print is too much.

    I was a radio operator in the AF. So? I had lots of time between messages and other requirements. So I got lots of reading in. Mostly novels.

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  11. Most of you, when flying somewhere, think the pilot/co-pilot, flight engineer are busy flying the airplane.
    They are up there, likely reading, working a puzzle or something to occupy their minds.
    The plane mostly flies itself. They do have radios on, just in case.

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  12. I’ve never used a weed eater. In Nashville, for eight years I had responsibility for a yard that included some chain-link fencing, and some sort of edging was necessary. Periodically I went out with either hedge clippers or kitchen shears, depending on how thick the grass was.

    Now we’re in a condo and other people are responsible for all of it.

    We did have snow overnight. No one who knows me well will believe this, but I was out in time to get photos of sunrise because it snowed overnight. That means deliberately going outside when it’s cold outside and being up and dressed and out of the house earlier than I usually even get up. But I went to bed at 10:00 so that I could do so. πŸ™‚ It was really beautiful, though, to see snow and little icicles on all those flowers. I hope that it didn’t kill much, but I know that’s probably the end of the blossoms for the year for every species that is blooming today. I’ll just have to wait for the blossoms of middle spring in a week or so.

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  13. QoD: Growing up, my hobbies were much the same they are today. Reading, of course, that always comes first, or perhaps the term might be better, learning, since I read to learn. Music comes a very close second, both playing and listening to it – as with reading, I listen to music to learn. Growing up I sewed doll clothes, as an adult I sew whatever I need to: curtains, quilts, clothes, hats, and purses. I haven’t sewed for a couple of years because I find work so draining that I have no energy, and right now I cannot sew because the machine is too heavy for me to maneuver. Photography is a new hobby for me, as film cameras made it much more expensive and cumbersome to take pictures growing up, but right now I can only use my phone camera to snap photos as my camera battery is caput – but I don’t pursue photography as a full hobby, as in I don’t read up on it or get really technical, I just get good cameras and then take lots of pictures of things that strike my eyes as worth photographing. As for crafts, I pick up crafting skills as they are needed to accomplish specific projects, such as the furniture I refinished, the room I created, and the revolving bookshelf my father and I built. I have a small crafting project on the go, although once again, healing from surgery is delaying work on it, that I am still not sure will work, but I am trying it anyway.

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  14. I had a dream that my girlfriend who died recently lived across the street from me (in real life they were next door to us when we were kids) – our houses were the old houses we grew up in and the Dodgers were using her backyard for training. It was the ‘old’ neighborhood, I think. There was more to the dream but I’ve forgotten the rest.

    I’d love to re-landscape my front yard and just get rid of the boring lawn. Many folks around here are replacing their thirsty lawns with native plants now. In the beginning, that mostly meant cactus which I found dreary and depressing; it also just reminded me of hot weather which I don’t tolerate well — and really don’t like at all, more so the older I get.

    But California and coastal native plants for landscaping have come a long way in the past 10-20 years and we now have a plethora of bright, colorful plants that need little watering, maybe a drip line, and attract butterflies and bees. Many seem to bloom year round.

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  15. Hobbies? I play at raising children and sheep and goats and turkeys and chickens and guinea fowl and rabbits. Also enjoy reading especially the Bible, and puzzles (jigsaw and crossword), used to enjoy cross stitch and other embroidery but the eyes, writing letters to grandchildren and other folk, listening to music, exercising, eating, baking, gardening, tree planting,

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  16. Michelle, I sent my photo albums to daughter, who took them to a local shop to have them digitalized. Sometimes it is worth it to pay for something you could do if you had time. She sent copies to the original three brothers. It was not a lot of money but they all enjoyed the outcome.

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  17. I also had a dream I was on a bus and had to get off at the next corner (which somehow was difficult for the driver). From there, I went into a restaurant and was waiting for a table; I heard my name and saw it was someone who apparently was an editor of ours who liked a story I’d done — except I realized I really hadn’t written it, though it had my byline on it.

    The restaurant didn’t have the kind of salad I wanted so they had a substitute which looked horrible.

    Meanwhile, the bus driver had stopped a block over and had all his passengers out lying on the sidewalk to do exercises.

    There was more to that dream, too, but it’s gone now.

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  18. Another great Bible study and prayer time today with our Wonderful Ladies of Wednesday. We may soon have more to join us.

    Hobbies of the past: reading nonfiction to learn something; hiking; basic knitting and crochet; crafts for children’s VBS and Sunday School and preschool (always something new to learn); landscape gardening, sewing clothes; collecting cookbooks and finding new recipes; and playing games.

    Now I alternate reading fiction and nonfiction; I alternate seasons of playing Words With Friends and Sudoku; I knit and crochet small things instead of afghans; I hike in grocery stores; I try to find good vegan recipes/cookbooks; enjoy plant swaps with friends; shop secondhand for clothes and household helps; uplifting social media postings; nature photography; and learning what I can about writing and putting what I learn into practice.

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  19. Hobbies: it isn’t always easy to tell what qualifies. I read a lot, but don’t really think of that as a hobby any more than I think of eating as a hobby; it’s part of my life and always has been. Writing is sometimes a hobby and sometimes something done for pay and sometimes something done in hopes of eventually publishing. I take walks in which I observe nature and sometimes talk to God; I take photos, and sometimes I make books of my photos. And I make cards.

    When I was a child I liked drawing with colored pencils and I liked watching animals (birds and insects were the main ones I had access to). I did a tiny bit of embroidery as a child, I tried to sew doll clothes; and as part of a group I was in I “learned” to knit and made a single scarf.

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  20. Which cell phone should I buy? Going in an hour.

    Would an Iphone affect the Uighur slave labor, or does it even matter?

    (Buying an Iphone means I don’t have to replace all the other things attached to it. Buying a Samsung Galaxy means replaying everything–tablet, ear buds, etc.–and learning a new system. I’m torn.)


  21. This is logical speculation:
    Your dreams, Michelle, certainly relate to preparedness which given what your husband does is a logical theme. Your husband advices on the grand scale while you are responsible on the homefront. All of this is happening with God working unseen in the background as He does 24/7. You were given dreams of comfort. Though much in the news is of concern, God has purpose and plans. No need to fret. Watch and see what He alone can do. It is not up to us to wear ourselves out in working to prepare for the battle is His. He is advancing us toward His glorious victory so unbelievers as well as believers will bow down and confess Jesus as Lord.
    Since you know more than I know, Michelle, what do you get out of your dreams? I am not a fortune teller or true interpreter of dreams, but I can squeeze out some logical speculation to explain what I think a dream might be about.


  22. QoD: Former hobbies include jogging and writing short stories. Recent hobbies include writing music and reading about / implementing decorating ideas.

    Reading of some sort has always been a hobby of mine: more fiction in my childhood, more non-fiction in adulthood. I have found a couple of murder mysteries to be quite engaging in the last year or two, though: a reread of Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None, which I’d first read in my teens or early twenties; and a more recent thriller novel, The Girl on the Train, by Paula Hawkins.

    My other favorite hobbies include attending music webinars that constantly freeze up, and sarcasm. πŸ˜›

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  23. I am trying to deChina my life. Husband decided I needed another chromebook, though I did not know I did. Mine was fine and did everything I wanted. It is a Samsung. The new one is Lenovo, and my time with the Olympics tells me that is China. In the two days I have had it, it has given me a lot of problems. Would not even let me log in this morning. But I persisted and it relented eventually. Not before I mentioned that it must be the new improved model since the other worked so well.

    I would go with Samsung.

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  24. R’s comment on my dream was that I need a confirmation.

    I’m actually not sure–what do I need to be prepared for? Is God going to do a new work in my life and I need to make sure I’m secure in Him?

    No worries on that.

    I outlined my plans to buy four gallons of water, a new phone, gas up the car (and wash it!) on my way to the final Biddy narration at 1. In addition, I’m dropping off things at the thrift shop, buying new drinking glasses and a pair of jeans for him at Target, and visiting a friend.

    Will I be prepared then? I picked up the library books yesterday. πŸ™‚

    And if just a reminder he’s coming back, please, hurry! πŸ™‚

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  25. I also garden in season, too. It is difficult to tell what a hobby is, Cheryl. Cooking, for example, can be a hobby or a chore, I suppose. Reading is like breathing for me, as well.

    I did golf for awhile and jog. Now I mostly walk either outside or on a treadmill. Not sure if that is a hobby. It is more to keep my body going. I have never been athletic.

    My dad had macular degeneration for many years. He had several magnifiers to help him be able to still read. He was working on a large airplane model (several feet) that his children gave him for his birthday or some such. I was glad he could find a way to still do the things he enjoyed. A natural spectrum light with a magnifier helped the most it seemed.

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  26. My husband has a law enforcement friend who jammed on and off in different groups. He and his wife have foster children, some with special needs. He has worked past the time he could retire (55) but is now retiring. He cites changes in the law which open him up to be personally liable if he has an accident of any sort and is sued. He just says he can not take the chance and ruin his and his family’s future. It is too bad as he was a good officer. I suspect many more will be retiring when they are first able to do so.

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  27. The night I heard about the police officer accidentally firing her gun and not her taser, I had a dream that I figured was related to that. In the dream I was driving and I thought the light turned green and so I started to go. In fact the light wasn’t yet green and there was also a vehicle in front of me (an SUV) that I didn’t even see, and I drove into it and basically collapsed the left half of the vehicle up to the driver’s seat. Nobody was hurt, but the vehicle was really badly damaged, and I was horrified to discover that if it had been the right half of the car that was damaged like that, two or three people would have been killed.

    Someone told me I needed to report to the police station and turn myself in and go to jail. I was horrified and distraught, but didn’t think to question why I’d need to “turn myself in” for an accident in which no one got injured, and that was truly an accident.

    I woke up at that point, realized I was in my bed, and said aloud, “Oh, oh, oh.” And then I realized I hoped I hadn’t awakened my husband! (I hadn’t.)

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  28. If I make a mistake that causes an injury in my work, I am likely to be sued. That is why nurses are required by law to have their own malpractice insurance with at least 1 million worth of coverage.

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  29. It isn’t coverage through the employer. The employing agency very often will seek to throw the entire blame on the employee (something I was warned of from my early student days), so protection through workplace insurance is inadequate. No, I pay out of pocket for my own personal coverage.

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  30. A recent hobby I think I most miss is dog-related. For many years I had Tess and Cowboy involved in dog training classes, off and on, through a dog obedience club I still belong to (but am not active in currently).

    Some of that also coincided with the years when I and another dog-owning reporter shared doing the paper’s pet blog (back when blogs were really “a thing”). We got paid for it as part of our regular reporting duties, but it was more fun than work (though it did get to be a grind after several years and it eventually had to fall by the wayside as other responsibilities grew and the rest of the staff shrank).

    Cheryl, that’s a scary dream and kind of reminds me of dreams I’ve had in the past, I think, where I’ve done something (but I don’t really know what) that’ll land me in big trouble with the authorities. I haven’t had one of those in a long time, maybe they came when I was feeling overly stressed about something.

    So Michelle dreams about the Civil War — and I dream about bus passengers doing calisthenics on a public sidewalk. There you go.

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  31. Oh, and part of my dream last night also involved the running footsteps I heard across my roof a couple times yesterday while I was working in the home office area. An animal, no doubt — but in my dream it was a scary and/or dangerous person, I can’t remember the details now, however.

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  32. Mumsee must be getting old.
    Take it from someone who knows.
    It ain’t no fun.
    Someone might say, “It’s better than the alternative.”
    Not always. I’m tired of this world and God knows it.
    But He keeps me waiting around. I keep reminding Him that he already has Elvera. There isn’t anything left for me.
    But He has his own schedule.

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  33. My hobbies are reading and gardening. I like to canoe and kayak in summer. I also used to play slo-pitch on our church team. I enjoy hiking as well.

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  34. My neighbor next door told me his wife gave him a real talking to once, saying if she died before he did that he’d better not just throw in the towel — he has grandkids and other family he has a responsibility toward and will have to just find a way to keep on keeping on.

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  35. I finished the long cruise industry story, got the dogs fed, now trying to get reactions from council members, the mayor, a couple county supervisors on the LA school district Superintendent’s announcement today that he’ll be leaving the district when his contract runs out.

    Someone else is writing that, I’m just among a few others trying to feed comments in for the story.

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  36. Chas, and if God is keeping you around — which he clearly is — there must be “something left” for you.

    You just have to figure out what that is.

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  37. Canoeing, kayaking, those are on tap for this summer. Somebody gave us a canoe a couple of years ago. Daughter used it but I was not willing to take a baby out on the water without practicing.
    Camping was a favorite hobby but that rarely happens anymore. Hopefully, it will pick up.
    Backpacking was a yearly thing off and on over the years. I enjoy it, especially as husband would carry the heavy stuff.

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  38. Chas, but I do understand depression and how it can affect our motivation and mood. You’re still going through a lot of that adjustment.

    I was thinking yesterday how I always thought that once this pandemic ended I’d just pick up where I left off again. But it’s not so simple. People / friends have died. My knee is still coming back from the blowout (so movement isn’t what t was even just a year ago). My dogs are older and slower (which actually works well for me, we slowly creak along the sidewalks on our nightly walks — more like strolls now).

    Life can be hard.

    That said, maybe you can take up archery following in mumsee’s footsteps. You’ll make the news, one way or another, with that.

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  39. We never get too old to encourage other people. These days, especially, people need encouragement.

    I hear a varmint running over the roof. Will I have nightmares about it?

    I finally am remembering the dream I had last night which is a recurring theme of being downtown and trying to get home. It relates to when I went to school downtown and worked downtown. I dreamed about being there late and waiting in an area that had other people waiting for rides. There were late night police or security officers on duty. The area started clearing out as it got later. I ended up in an area that was fenced in, safe in some respects but not in other respects. My father was suppose to pick me up, but I remember seeing on a tv screen that some people had been in an accident and my father was among them so he was unable to pick me up. And so it went on . . . I attribute this dream to a discussion yesterday with my friend when we discovered that we both had worked in two buildings of the same businesses downtown. She had bought her first couch at Davison’s department store when she worked there just as I had done. Later I found she had worked at the Buckhead store and not the downtown store. We are church friends but did not know each other back in those days. It seemed coincidental to find out the little details we had in common.

    Talking about all that made me think about being downtown late and how it made me feel uncomfortable. I only had one night class at Georgia State which was a computer class I could not schedule during the day. I hated walking the city streets at night to get to the bus stop.


  40. The flowering trees in the header are quite lovely. We are just ending the time when almost all the local flowering trees bloom at once; the early trees have stopped blooming, though most of them are still in bloom. BUT with an inch of snow overnight and sub-freezing temperatures that turned the earliest snow into ice, I’m guessing we’re finished with all of the tree blooms this year.

    I was out for three hours this morning and got some lovely photos. I chose the best of them and put them in a folder for my husband to see. Near the end he said they were pretty, but seeing so many of them at a time was sad, too. This isn’t what spring is supposed to look like. I only hope it doesn’t kill any trees. If we go without flowers for a week or so until the next crop gets ready, that’s fine. But I don’t want it to kill any of the trees.

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  41. Mumsee, we did one backpacking trip up behind Mt. Robson and I carried my clothes. Husband carried tent, bedding, food, and all other supplies πŸ™‚

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  42. Thanx for the encouragement everyone.
    It’s just so lonesome.
    Not that I’m being neglected, it’s that thee is nothing to do.
    Except i’m off to fix breakfast now.

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  43. Well, it’s 4 am where I live. I.m lying here listening to an owl outside my window.

    β€œWho-who, who, who.”

    Six seconds later, I can just hear a faint answering call.

    He repeats four seconds after that.

    Ah, not so loud now. Perhaps he finally went looking for her?

    I may just give up on the night and start my day. Yawn.


  44. Go back to bed Michelle.
    Good evening Jo.
    According to TV, there is lots of commotion everywhere but Ainsworth Drive in Greensboro.
    Let’s just keep it that way.


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