27 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-6-21

  1. Our church Easter event for families had a good turnout. Before the egg hunt the families went through stations to learn the Easter story. The parents read it to their children. It was the first time doing this so we learned that we need to be ready next time for those who don’t know English because we have people from all over the world here. Children know English better than their parents. But it was a great way for the parents to learn about Jesus along with their children, and the parents did not have to worry about the safety of their children since they were always with them. All the children got to take home a package of resurrection eggs. We had 200-250 children. I had prayerwalked the green space of the event the week before. God answered in wonderful ways.

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  2. Good morning everyone.

    Jo, I so understand you not wanting to waste the rest of the can of evaporated milk and I don’t live with the scarcity you do. I hate waste. I recently made Italian Lemon Ice just to keep the lemons from rotting. I also made blueberry scones to use up some heavy cream that would have gone bad. Sometimes I have to remind myself to just let something go. Quite awhile ago, Chas mentioned that one tends to continue spending like you always have whether you need to or not. I find that true.

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  3. Considering my life situation now, I spend a lot of time just sitting here, thinking about various things. This keeps coming back to me:
    There are two major turning points in my life.
    1. Bobby Murray, my childhood friend, said. “Charlie, let’s join th Air Force”.
    2. Al Tolley, a friend at Carolina, said: “Charlie, are you a Christian?”

    It’s surprising how just a few words can make major events happen.

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  4. Yeah, I’m OK, sort of — dragging still. I’d wanted to take today as a vacation day but decided I couldn’t because we had a conference call on homelessness coverage scheduled that I need to be part of. Now I see it’s been bumped to Thursday. Sigh.

    I probably got too much sleep the night before so last night wasn’t as restful, but I think I managed 8 hours. I dreamed I was with assorted friends pulling together some sort of Thanksgiving dinner amid the still-ongoing pandemic, wondering how long this was going to last. My knee was hurting in the dream, I remember and there were steps to navigate as we put items out on a buffet table. And my former dog Ellie was there at some point — getting sprayed by a skunk.

    And that about sums up how I feel. 🙂 At least it’s not (really) Monday, just sort of “my” Monday this week. It definitely feels like a Monday.

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  5. Greetings from Salt Lake City. On my way to Tucson for my dad’s burial.

    Hi, Mumsee, if it weren’t for the snow and clouds I might have seen you when landing here.

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  6. Here is part 1 of an unintended offering gone awry.

    I made arrangements to pick up diapers at the local PCC since I’m going into the office this morning to pick up something from them.

    That meant taking my life in my hands to shop at Costco. Big breath–but what have I to fear? I’m with Kizzie on the same day–one down, one to go.

    Since that meant I was going to stop at Costco, I asked my daughters-in-law if I could pick up anything for them. One of them has been doing this shopping for us all year, thus I’ve only been inside Costco twice in the last 14 months.

    The first one promptly said, no, she was fine. The other asked for a flat of mushrooms if I found any.

    Easy. The more I thought about it, the more I realized my list was full of “extras,” not needs. And, I could purchase online the diapers from Costco and have them delivered–thus I didn’t need to go. Triumph! My life is saved!

    Except, then the one who has been our “buyer” texted me a list of 15 items–including 25 pounds of flour–“if this isn’t too much.”

    My heart plummeted.

    Well, I’m better shielded than she is, so back to taking my life in my hands . . . and shopping at the big C. Sigh.

    At least I’ll fill all my cupboards with my wants, not needs, too!

    But I have to empty out the entire SUV first, to make room for all the provisions . . .

    Sigh. I’m off!

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  7. cloudy skies and fog resting on the distant hills make for a lovely morning. I am giving myself a break and not going to market this morning. I have been a bit too busy and I have enough for this weeks meals. Since it is the only place to get fruits and vegetables, skipping market takes some planning.

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  8. Mumsee, thank you for remembering me and the twins (and their mom & dad) on the prayer thread. They both slept through the night last night!!! Mommy is ‘sleep training’ them and it’s working!!! How helpful to have a full night’s sleep for her.

    Adjusting to being home is weird. Husband and I were making the shopping list last night and I didn’t have a clue what was needed (or wanted).

    I’m back working now, but only part-time. We have an almost full slate of schools coming for June!! Usually we have have a full slate for May and June with more than one school at camp at a time, but this year we can only have one school here per day. But – thankfully we are able to do this!! We normally subsidize summer camp with the revenue from the school trips and the students are exposed to Jesus and to camp 🙂

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  9. I’ve only been to Costco a few times, years ago now, and just let the membership lapse. It was never a very enjoyable experience (since I can only get there on Saturdays) and it didn’t suit my shopping needs. I did buy my current microwave there which has lasted a long time now. But I found the whole experience chaotic and the quantities way too large for even things that would “keep.”

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  10. Kare, in the continuing two daughters saga: twenty four (who lived here with her daughter) is big on cosleeping whenever little girl is tired. Twenty three, with the three little ones, brought hers home from the NICU sleep trained and has already told her older sister that her eighteen month old is way too dependent and they need to get her more independent. Not in twenty four’s plan. Should be interesting.

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  11. For me, Smart & Final works much better when it comes to paper products that I do like to buy in larger (but not massive, Army platoon-sized) quantities.

    Well, I called out sick today and slept some more — I feel better now, not sure what hit me in the past couple days but partly, I think, it had to do with another wave of grief I was feeling. I have just been sapped of energy and not able to focus or get too interested in much of anything.

    But I’ll feel ready to get back to the routine tomorrow.

    This has happened a couple times during this pandemic, where I feel like I just hit a wall and need to STOP. The knee injury plays into it, I’m sure. The knee is feeling better today, though, so that’s a plus. My mental state, however, still leaves something to be desired, but is better than it was yesterday or this morning so I think I’m slowly coming back.

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  12. I’ve been exhausted myself lately, headed to be as early as 8:15 a couple of nights ago, and then staying in bed 10-11 hours. I don’t know what is causing this but it’s hard to get up most mornings so I’m thankful I don’t have to be anywhere at a specific time except on Tuesdays and Fridays.

    I’ve almost wondered if I should have the iron levels tested during my routine blood tests.

    Or, maybe I should take some vitamins?

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  13. I’m still not dressed.

    I did get the tax signature pages signed, photographed & emailed back to the tax guy; and I wrote out a check for the dentist that’s ready to mail — if I ever get dressed and leave the house.

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  14. I enjoy shopping at Sam’s when there are few people in there. I probably wouldn’t have a membership except for Art having the small business. It makes sense for us. I do like the large quantities such as the Starbucks big bag of ground coffee which is much less expensive there than buying at the grocery store. I am enjoying getting the herbs and spices in large containers to use in refilling my small bottles that I keep handy. So much less expensive but does take extra storage space. Since I cook often, I can use the larger quantities and it means less time spent on grocery trips. And for toiletries the prices are great. Art’s Preservision costs so much less at Sam’s.


  15. My big outing today was to pay a credit card bill at the bank. I wish I could go through the drive through but for some months now that has not been an option. While out I stopped by Art’s church and got some photos of dogwoods in bloom. I saw Wesley’s old Eagle Scout project looking weathered and needing a bit of repair. I looked at the swing set and thought of how often we used that. And I remembered the nice drawing Wesley did one year of the church which got used on the cover for the church directory. A lot of good memories.

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