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  1. Good morning everyone.
    Speaking of clothes last night:
    I gave away a closet full, and there is still a closet of Elvera’s cloches. Perfectly good, some with tags still on.
    I’m going to let someone else worry about that.
    Someday they will have a huge cleaning out.

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  2. Good morning. Sitting in the parking lot, waiting to take an exam on neuro, integumentary, and electrolytes. 5 more weeks after this. We have interviews this afternoon with the local hospitals. I already have an RN position saved for me at my place of employment. This is just jumping through the hoops.

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  3. Good morning. I was able to get another lovely walk in this morning but did not see Chas. Nor did I see anybody else or any cars or trucks. I did hear one airplane. It was a crop duster at the airport in town, getting ready for the season. But God was there.

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  4. God must be pretty fast to be there and get here so quickly.
    I was sitting in the living room by myself (I do almost everything by myself now. not fun.) Anyhow: by myself.
    and I got to thinking weird things. like how God took a bowl of cheerios, milk and orange juice and turned it into me.

    In some situations he does a better job.
    Can you imagine how that happens?
    Something weird here. Maybe me, maybe not.

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  5. Lifting you up in prayer as you finish up your courses rk…you truly amaze me! And what a blessing you have a position awaiting you!
    It was 60 here in the forest yesterday and they hit 70 in town..right now it is 22 degrees and falling. Our low will be 12 tonight…brrrrr
    Ah Chas I am thankful for Cheerios 😊 it is my go to cereal if I have a hankering for breakfast…otherwise it is yogurt and granola….

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  6. We are having bouncy weather here lately which makes dressing a challenge.

    I have not heard from my neighbor about that grass I have saved. I put plastic bags on a piece of cardboard and laid the grass on top and watered it. Maybe I will find someone else who can use it.


  7. That was the easiest test of my entire nursing school. I am trying to buy an outfit for the interview. Why do all the pants have to be low rise or mid rise. Who came up with that plan. I want pants to cover EVERYTHING . Is that too much to ask. Waiting for JC Penny’s to open as they might have real clothing.

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  8. A friend’s mom calls this the “wobble” season.

    Are you nervous about the surgery Roscuro? Or just looking forward to getting this all resolved after so long? What time is it happening?

    It’s yogurt for breakfast for me these days.

    Got my tax return. I owe the feds and am getting a modest return ($350 or thereabouts) from the state, which is pretty much what I expected. So I’ll essentially be sending the government’s stimulus money back to them again.

    I got out last evening to water the three flowering plants my gardener put into the ground earlier in the day. I’m still watering the pine tree. Hope springs eternal and all that.

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  9. DJ, Both. I am nervous just because I know what is going to happen and what can go wrong – I have both seen many similar surgeries and taken care of many post-op patients, not a few with complications. I am also looking forward to getting this problem taken care of finally – it took a while to finally get answers but I’ve thought something was wrong for several years now. In some ways, I would like to be awake for the surgery, just because I am very curious about it all. But I know the surgical team will work better with me being unconscious.

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  10. Yes, they won’t need you asking questions and telling them to do a bit more over here and a bit less over there. Hey, Doc, what is that long skinny thing? Doc, I don’t remember reading that that should be on that side, I thought it was supposed to go over there…….

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  11. Mike was awake for some of his knee surgeries, but they had a sheet draped so he could not give input. But I believe on the arthroscopic, they had it on the screen so he could watch that. I would prefer to sleep through it.

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  12. I usually feel that knowledge is power in reference to medical issues. Most of the time it alleviates stress and worry. I am sorry it is doing the opposite for you, Phos.

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  13. I made buckwheat peanut butter, banana, chocolate chip pancakes for my lunch so Art will get that tonight for dinner. How about some Brussel sprouts for a side dish? Tis the season for crazy meals.

    My friend, Karen, and her husband will be house hunting this week. Besides the typical requirements for the needs of an older couple, she says her only requirement is that it be near me. I told her that should not matter because at some point we might have to move to be near Wesley. And, besides that, we mostly just talk on the phone now anyway. She is still very apologetic to the point of tears about our almost broken friendship.

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  14. RKessler, knowledge does help. But in this case, it is a complicated procedure that requires a high degree of skill – I have to go as far as Toronto to get that expertise – and there is a significant degree of risk – a 1 in 5 chance of hemorrhage for example. So, while I have confidence that I am in the best of hands, I know the risks are not entirely within their power to control.

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  15. But I’ll be praying for you, if that helps.

    I see where teacher’s unions are against kids returning to classrooms. That means that teachers must return to classrooms.
    question: “are the teachers being paid for this schedule where kids are not attending class? i.e. Are teachers being paid while kids are doing nothing?

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  16. Chas – I don’t know about all school districts, but most that don’t have in-school classes are having online classes, so the teachers are still working.

    Our district has had in-school classes for four days a week for a while (with Wednesdays being online), and unless there’s a change in the plans, will go back to five days a week at the end of this month.

    Roscuro – You are in my prayers, too, dear little sister-in-Christ. ❀

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  17. A couple or a few weeks ago, I mentioned that it seemed impossible to get an available appointment for Covid vaccinations. The state admitted that there was a bottleneck, but then was touting that more and more categories of people were eligible for the vaccine. That made me think that some younger people would get the vaccine before those of us who are older and not as tech savvy. I gave up on trying for a couple weeks or so.

    Last night, I saw another announcement on a news site about a website to set up an appointment, and skeptically decided to give it a look. I had seen this site before and had no luck, but I noticed a venue that had not been on there before, and clicked on it. Amazingly, it showed several openings for today, which is also a day off for Nightingale. I asked her if she had any plans for the day (and told her why I was asking), and she said I should scoop up one of those appointments right away.

    So I did! I had my first vaccination (the Moderna one) this morning, and am scheduled for the second one at the end of April. Hurray! I am so relieved!

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  18. God bless my Nightingale. The vaccination place is on the UConn campus. Surrounding the parking lot, there are a lot of different buildings. Knowing that her dear mother gets confused and lost easily, she accompanied me to the right place, rather than merely waiting for me in the car.

    Afterwards, she bought us lattes and sweets at our favorite coffee shop in town. (Well, except for Dunkin’ Donuts, it’s the only one in town. πŸ˜€ But it’s a good one!)

    We had been chatting and laughing, as we often do, but after a while, I brought up the subject of Chickadee, to explain to her how I am feeling about that. I didn’t really need to explain, because as I started to say, “It feels like. . .” she interjected, “It’s killing you?” She recognizes how hard this is, for which I am grateful, so I don’t feel like I have to try to hide my feelings from her. (But I’m also not going to belabor the matter, either.)

    As I make it a point to do every so often, I told her how much I love and appreciate her, and how grateful I am for her. And I got a good hug from her, too. πŸ™‚

    (Interestingly, in our brief conversation about the Chickadee situation, she admitted that she can be “abrasive” – her word – at times.)

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  19. I had a minor surgical procedure when I was pregnant, so I asked the doctor if I could just have a local. He was surprised, but by that point had become used to me and agreed.

    As soon as they put the needle into me, the belly started leaping! Everyone laughed.

    I already knew the baby would be a live wire–whomever she was.

    Being there when they removed the piece of tissue, I asked if I could see it–which he did.

    Curious, that. πŸ™‚

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  20. Speaking of some of us older folks not being too tech savvy, I ran into a couple things last evening while setting up the appointment that could have scared off someone with fewer tech skills than me (and I don’t have a lot myself).

    Setting up the appointment took several steps, including setting up an account, which started with having to have them send a code to enter. (And the first time, the code was not accepted and I had to try again.) When I finally navigated all of that, I came to the part of actually scheduling the appointment. All was well until it wanted me to add photos of the front and back of my insurance card. I don’t have that ability on my laptop.

    So Nightingale told me that I had to use my email on my phone to send myself the photos – except that I don’t have my email account on my phone, so I had to figure out how to do that. Once that was done (after seemingly going through a couple cycles of putting in the same info), I at least was “savvy” enough to figure out how to get the photos onto the email.

    Back on my laptop, I also figured out that I needed to download those photos onto the laptop rather than coping-and-pasting the photos.

    I finally got it all taken care of, but it took quite a while, and I was frustrated because it was way past my bedtime by then. But I was relieved to have it done, and kinda proud of myself for doing it all without help. πŸ™‚

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  21. And now that I have my email account on my phone, that means I can send photos to AJ. (I used to tag him in the comments some of the photos I shared on Facebook, but he’s not on Facebook anymore.)

    So. . .what is the email address to do that?

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  22. Thank you Kizzie, and all who are praying.

    Michelle, over a decade ago I had a minor surgical procedure for removal of tissue and had the option of general or local anesthetic. I chose local. The procedure turned out to not be as simple or quick as expected, and they had to do a lot more manoeuvring to get it. I didn’t have any pain, but it felt like something was trying to pull my insides out – it was slightly traumatic, but I managed to remain still to get it finished. But this is a much deeper and much longer surgery, so while having a spinal blockage instead of general anesthetic is theoretically possible, it would be much more difficult. I think in the long run, I would find it easier to go to sleep and wake up with the procedure done.

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  23. Kizzie, congratulations on the first vaccine — is your 2nd also scheduled? Last I read they’re finding the Moderna & Pfizer vaccines to be about 90% effective which are pretty good odds, clearly. My cousins (also vaccinated) and I will be getting together for an Easter meal after I go to church on Sunday.

    A couple I sat semi-next to in church last weekend say they’re “waiting a year” to make sure the vaccines are safe. They were curious I didn’t have any side effects other than the 24-hour “kick” following the 2nd shot (which is entirely expected). They mentioned how political the Covid situation has become and I agreed, adding “on both sides” …

    As for surgeries, just put me out cold, thank you very much.

    The neighbors returned from the desert this morning, so I’m relieved of mail collection & fish feeding duty. Now that the male half is now finally retired (at 75 yrs old), they have a lot more leeway to stay longer and make their visits open-ended, which is good and more relaxing for them. It’s something of a seasonal second house as it can be pretty hot out there in the summer and all they have is a swamp cooler. But they love going out there the rest of the year when the “kids” and grandkids can sometimes also join them here and there. Thanksgiving has become a regular desert stay for the entire family.

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  24. RKessler, I haven’t seen if anyone else answered you, but skipped down to the end of the thread to say at least a few months ago Lands’ End still offered pants that cover. Their prices can be high, but it’s easy to get 430, 40, or even 50% coupons. Starfish was one of their pants with coverage, but it has an elastic waist. There’s also one called seven-day pants or something like that, which have elastic only in back and belt loops and zipper–and you customize the length. They may have a different selection today, but they’re my go-to company for pants when they’re offering the classic styles. I stocked up a year ago just to make sure I’m not soon finding myself in that spot I was in a few years ago when I needed new pants and couldn’t find any for several years. (Every year or so I’d shop several stores, give up, and wait to try again the next year.)

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  25. Chas, random question, but did you and Elvera or your friends ever roller skate much? I see where it’s making a comeback.

    Not that I recommend it now so don’t give up your walks for skating. The last time I tried it, in my late 30s or early 40s, after having grown up a very accomplished roller skater, I simply could not regain my balance again; I had bought the skates 2nd hand, sold them after 4-5 unsuccessful (and painful) tries, and bought a bike.

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  26. DJ – Yes, they scheduled the second shot for the end of April.

    Nightingale also helps with my not hearing well enough, even with my hearing aids. These days, people have both a mask and a clear plastic partition between them and me, which greatly cuts down on being able to hear or understand them.

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  27. I never could roller skate, and couldn’t understand how anyone could stand up on those things let alone move without falling. Then again, I do have balance problems. And yet, I could ice skate when I was younger. (Wouldn’t try it today, though.) Ice skates didn’t seem to move as super-freely as roller skates.

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  28. Woman Within doesn’t necessarily have the most fashionable clothes, but they do offer pants with an actual waistline.


  29. I got the rights back for my stories The Yuletide Bride and The Sunbonnet Bride–both set in the fictional town of Fairhope, NE.

    I’m going to write a third story and then publish the trio in a book of my own.

    Want to help me plot?

    The “couple” in this one is the Reverend Cummings, and the seamstress from The Sunbonnet Bride’s sister.

    I’ve got some ideas, but I’d welcome some from you–and I can use your names in the third story if you like. πŸ˜‰


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  30. I could roller skate and skate board, but not ice skate or snow board.

    We had a youth group in a previous church. We took the youth skating. One of the other dads, in his seventies, took off skating and was probably the best one out there. He could fly on those skates. Amazing.

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  31. I could roller skate but never was brave enough to try ice skates. We went to roller rinks some when I was in high school, but it never much appealed to me to go round and round the rink. I liked skating on my street with friends more. We never went fast because we were on grainy asphalt. And then we made skate boards from our roller skates. Fun times in the neighborhood.

    I finished planting my few ajuga plants. It was my first time to get sweaty and enjoy a cool breeze blowing through the shade in the carport this year.

    We now have the 5:00 p.m. train of cars on our street for rush hour. It is not quite as bad as before Covid but trending that way.

    I hear the cooing of a sweet dove.


  32. The Covid battle continues to look up in our area, though people are still somewhat holding their breath until we actually “get there.”

    Our headline from an hour or so ago:

    ~ LA County poised for move to Orange coronavirus tier; would open bars, widen business capacities

    State officials said the shift could come as soon as Wednesday, but it was unclear at mid-day Tuesday how quickly county officials would make the move. Word could come as soon as this afternoon. ~


  33. Here in Connecticut, some of the lockdown rules have been relaxed, but now case numbers and hospitalizations are going up again, so they may go back to the previous rules.


  34. Roller skates:
    I went roller skating once. I was in the Air Force (forgot where, Mass or Tx, or Miss). I dated a girl and we went roller skating. That was the first and last time I wore roller skates and the last time I saw her.
    (That was a double date. I went along because they needed a man to go with friend and girl.)

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  35. Come to think of it, I could roller skate with those old metal ones that we attached to our shoes, and were only on a sidewalk or the street, which meant we couldn’t go too fast. It was the ones at a roller rink in my teens that I couldn’t do.


  36. I grew up going to roller rinks at “the lakes” in Iowa and here in California, took lessons, was once in a kids’ dance-skating contest (my partner showed up in bluejeans and had to go home to change before they’d let him compete).

    I tried ice skating once, which is never enough, of course. I’m sorry I didn’t go back and try that again, but I didn’t.


  37. Never roller skates – long out of fashion by my time. Rollerblades were the thing in the 90s. We got given a pair, but our country road was too tough to use them.

    Learned to ice skate around 4. Our training skates had two blades and were called bobskates. Spent a season or two on them before graduating to the single blade skates. Our father had hockey skates, of a vintage from probably the ’60s, but we had this odd idea that boys skates were black (hockey skates) while girls skates were white (figure skates), so we grew up skating on our frozen swamps on figure skates. I finally got myself a pair of hockey skates a couple of years ago.


  38. I had a beautiful picture of a magpie of all things, on the game camera that I thought would be fun to send in but have not mastered the art of retrieving pics from the game camera. One of my daughters in law tried showing me but I did not practice enough and it is gone.

    Anyway, the picture. Magpies are, in my opinion, wonderful birds. Black and white with long tails and big voices. They are also scavengers. I had my game camera set up out by the willows, where a dead chicken had been placed. The camera caught a beautiful shot of a magpie in flight. The colors were not black and white. A beautiful teal and blue with a white circle on its back and head. I had never seen those colors on a magpie but the sun caught it just right and I was reminded once again of God in His glory. The rainbow around the throne. The glass sea. Beautiful. I probably deleted the photo since then.

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  39. Our skates were always second or third, or fourth hand, of course. Once we went into a skate shop for some reason and were aghast at the prices for quality figure skates. Those who put their children into hockey have a few hundred dollars in equipment expenses, but by the prices of those skates, it must be thousands to put a child into figure skating.


  40. My brother and I shared a skate. My older brother and sister shared a pair of skates. The key type, of course. Which would be the same ones we made into skateboards when we moved to town several years later. I suspect they had been my mom’s.


  41. I had forgotten all about that. Likely would forget again, but dj & others made me recall something that had passed from memory:

    I was stationed in Mass, at a base that later moved to Charleston, SC. I was a sgt (then, 3 stripes).l dated a girl on a double date. I was the extra. Anyhow. We went roller skating. I didn’t know how to skate. It was a fun experience. Guys hollering “C’one sergeant, you can do it, etc. Everyone was supportive and i/we got through it. It was a fun experience.
    I didn’t make any connections in Holyoke, Mass. I was on flying status and flew to Europe on C-97’s, but mostly, in the early days, on a C-54 to Thule, Greenland, where they were building abase. The base is still there
    I was soon shipped to Dhahran, Saudi Arabia for an overseas tour.
    I was discharged from there. Another long story.

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  42. Our little unincorporated rural area in which I grew up had a dance hall attached to the tavern, and they hosted Friday night roller skating at the hall. We’d go often during the years they offered that. My dad had done a lot of roller skating in his youth, too, and was quite the accomplished skater, I hear.

    This is one of the songs that reminds me of those Friday nights at the rink, even though the song is called “Saturday Night.” πŸ™‚

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  43. I learned to skate board — but not very well; I mostly just rode it without doing any tricks — and then ice skate some years later. I wondered how anyone could balance on the thin blade figure skates had after becoming used to four wheels on roller skates, but I went ice skating with friends often enough in high school that I did become accustomed to figure skates eventually and learned to enjoy it as much as roller skating.

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  44. Weird that my avatar above was green like usual but I was anonymous. I guess I put in my email but not my name!

    This is for Mumsee, to go along with her 6:17. Rossini’s “The Thieving Magpie Overture.”

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  45. Chas, you are reaching 70 degrees today, so I trust you have been out for a walk.

    Sending my newsletter did not work, so I am sitting here remaking my groups in the other list of contacts. I did one group last night and it worked, so that’s good. Also it is letting me see who actually gets my news. I set up these groups quite a while ago so it is fun to see the names.

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  46. I am enjoying my “week off” (from piano lessons and homeschooling), though I’m finding lots of things to occupy my time. I want to let you know that though I’m not around here much, you wanderers do come to mind, and are in my prayers.

    Last Wednesday I thought of you all as a group as I sat in church for a Lenten service. This is what brought you to mind:

    Our local Lutheran high school concert choir sang at the service, and for some reason, while they stood up at the front of the sanctuary I started counting how many students there were in the group.

    One girl was at the piano, and the singers numbered thirty.

    And then it hit me — 30 is exactly the number of piano students I currently have. But I only see them one at a time. If I would have all of them together at one time, they would fill the front of our sanctuary.

    Tears formed in my eyes as I realized just how many 30 really is. That’s a lot of kids!! I pictured all their faces and individual sizes and so on, and imagined them there, all together.

    And I thought of you all then. You prayed for me, that God would give me more students (according to His will). And He did.

    What an indescribable blessing. Thank you for your ministry of prayer. God heard and delivered. I am grateful beyond words.

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  47. And I have two new students starting next month, and three or possibly four starting in June. The June starts and one of the ones next month will only be until the next school year starts in the fall, because their lesson times will only work when school isn’t in session. Unless I have some students with after-school lesson times drop, which sometimes happens.

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  48. I remember roller blades & skateboards (never tried roller blades but had a skateboard).

    It’s interesting how roller skating keeps coming back around — it became popular here again in the 1990s and now it looks like it’s returning again.

    I made a followup appt with my orthopedic MD for the knee, but they didn’t have an opening until May 4.


  49. Mumsee, the conductor got a good aerobic workout, it looked like!

    It was nice to see some of the youth remembering to glance up from their music at times to watch the conductor. We had that drilled into our heads in the orchestras I’ve played in — LOOK UP once in a while! LOL.

    I’m doing a lot of playing viola this week, now that I have more time. I’m playing six pieces for the Maundy Thursday / Good Friday / Easter services in the next five days — three pre-service hymns on Thursday, one with the choir on Good Friday, and two on Sunday.

    One of the Thursday pieces is for violin, so it’s written in treble clef. The Friday piece is written for cello, so that’s in bass clef. I know both of those clefs from piano, but viola music is normally written in alto clef, so I’ve had to really concentrate on playing the correct notes on the two songs that aren’t written in the usual clef. It is good for the ole gray matter, but not for the ensemble when/if my imperfect brain moseys on over to alto clef momentarily. πŸ™‚

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  50. COVID cases are decreasing in our area. Our church is allowing more worshipers at each service (we used to be around 25% capacity and now are around 40% or so).

    Our most recent church newsletter announced that sometime after Easter, they are going to discontinue signup for specific worship services, which was implemented when we first reopened church last summer.

    There was kind of a funny typo — or rather, omission — in the newsletter when they mentioned ending signing up. The wording read:

    “We have plans to do away with signing up for church after Easter since we are able to worship more people in the sanctuary.”

    That little word “with” is quite important! πŸ˜‰

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  51. One more, then time to go practice viola:

    True confession: Today for breakfast I had cookies and ice cream and nothing else.

    Aren’t I such a great role model for my kids? πŸ™‚

    That’s it. See you all later.

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  52. We’ve quit taking advance signups for our earlier (more restrictive) service at church as well.

    So looks like we’ll be able to start opening up more things in LA County, our numbers continue to go down. Part of it may be related to the vaccine rollouts, but there still could be a bump going forward so everyone’s a little wary but happy.

    From our story today:

    ~ The success, (LA Public Health Director Barbara) Ferrer said, was the first and most obvious sign that vaccines were working. As of March 24, close to 4 million doses had been administered in L.A. County with 1.2 million people now fully vaccinated.

    Among those already vaccinated, 67% of people 65 and older have had at least one dose. A recent study shows that even with one dose of vaccine there is an 80% reduction in risk of serious illness, Ferrer said.

    β€œNow that we’ve had a chance to look at who’s been vaccinated with one dose, you can see that for every age group we’ve made some progress in vaccinating residents,” Ferrer said. β€œThough there are more than 5 million residents 16 and over who still need a first dose.” ~


  53. Just read in a news alert that the number of Covid cases, hospitalizations, and deaths here in Connecticut have gone up enough to be the same as in January, maybe getting worse. 😦

    A few years ago, I think, I mentioned that back in the mid-1940s, my Aunt Janet (my dad’s sister) had been scouted by the Ice Capades and offered a job. But she was only 17, and her parents would not give her permission. Instead, she married Uncle Billy when he got home from the war.

    They were married for 73 years before she died, so I guess that worked out okay. πŸ™‚

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  54. Earlier this afternoon, I felt like I must have pulled a muscle in my left arm, and was wondering what on earth I could have done to do that. After a while, I finally realized that it was the arm that I had the vaccination in, and that was why my arm was sore. πŸ™‚

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  55. Moving closer to 100 posts this evening. Glad to see that about all of 6 Arrows students.

    Such good news about RKessler finishing up and settling in with her new credential. It is always great to be moving forward after such great effort.

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  56. I learned to ice skate when I was very young and it was something we did all winter long. It was all on outdoor rinks; often at night with lights and music playing. One year my dad tried to make us our own little rink, but it did not work really well. We also tried skating on a lake, but it was too bumpy. I have read that this year was a good year for skating on lakes just because of the way the weather was.

    I roller skated with the antique ones you put on with a key. As a teen we went to the roller rink, which was very fun. I have never tried roller blades.

    I had three surgeries while being awake. It was quite interesting to hear the banter in the operating room. I could not see a lot, since my glasses were not allowed and I am very near-sighted. The last time I insisted to have them on to see my baby! I was put to sleep as soon as the baby came.

    The book idea sounds interesting, Michelle. I have no suggestions however.

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  57. this one newsletter group is not going through. I may have to send my news out one by one. A tad frustrating…..
    I will just have to eat more chocolate.


  58. I did enjoy those stories and the characters in them. You also always include some history which makes them even more interesting. I now know more about sunbonnets.

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  59. Art got home really late. So thankful I had the pancakes ready to put in the microwave. I did not make Brussel sprouts. After Art had the peanut th better/banana/chocolate chip buckwheat pancakes I thought to ask what he had for lunch. He had to think really hard and finally said someone brought in . . . a chocolate chip cookie!


  60. Well, two year old pushed one year old down the stairs because she got too close to his sister. Daughter moved the baby gate to a better location. One is fine but seems to have a headache of sorts.

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  61. Daughter says it was much easier going to work at the facility than taking care of the four little folk. Other daughter has gone off to the new place so daughter is alone with the four for the next four days. Kind of how I figured it would all play out.

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  62. I had an epidural for my C-section. I felt the sensation of the tug to bring Wesley out, 10 lb.13 oz.. There was no pain, so I am not sure if I felt it or just knew it. It was a moment and then I heard him cry. They had a curtain up so I could not observe the surgery. Art was there but probably not able to see the incision and pulling Wesley out. It is still seeming like a miracle that the incision healed to not be very big/long and that a really big baby was brought out that way. I probably would have died having him by natural childbirth as I had hoped and planned.

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  63. I removed Words With Friends and have gone back to doing a book of Sudoku. I had started dreaming about making words from tiles. I never dream about numbers and Sudoku.


  64. We just got home from small group…it was a sweet time of discussion and fellowship…and food 😊
    I just checked my emails…I got your newsletter Jo!
    Janice they put me out for my two c-sections. My first fella weighed 10 pounds…the doctor supposed I would not have survived that birth without intervention.
    My second little one they scheduled to take her 2 weeks earlier than my due date…she was 8.6 and had I gone into labor naturally doctor believed I and my little girl would have both perished. So I was done having babies that way. The Lord blessed us with two more baby girls years later😊

    Liked by 3 people

  65. I got my first kiss at a skating rink in Sidney, Ohio. Maybe NancyJill remembers it. That was the late 1970s.

    Cheryl, I will check out those pants. I have plenty of good jeans, work jeans, sweats, and scrubs. I did not have a single pair of slacks. You don’t wear jeans to an interview. Now, I have a pair of slacks.

    Liked by 1 person

  66. Praying for you, Roscuro.

    Mumsee, I don’t think I have ever seen a magpie, but I have seen lots of photos (with color) and think they’re gorgeous. I got some good close-ups of a grackle yesterday. πŸ™‚


  67. This last group went without a hitch, yeah!!
    only that third group that I had to spend hours on. Oh, well.
    now time to get outside.


  68. Chas, 8:51pm, and a good night to you. πŸ™‚

    I am awake and praying for Roscuro. Her surgery has been on my mind lately, though I don’t know what condition it is for. God knows. May He bring her restful sleep tonight, and deep peace as she travels to the surgery location.

    I looked up where that city is and found it interesting that it is farther south there than my location in the U.S.

    There is also a state west of me which has inhabitants living east of me.

    The shapes of some states and provinces, and the way they overlap / wrap around each other is rather fascinating.

    The random musings of an insomniac tonight… πŸ˜‰

    Liked by 1 person

  69. oh, how special that someone else loves geography, someone that I have visited!
    I studied a map this week. I thought a friend lived near Buffalo New York, but they said Rochester. I learned that though those two cities aren’t far apart, Niagara falls is between them and they are on different great lakes. There is your lesson of the day.

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