29 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 3-27-21

  1. πŸ™‚ I feel good today. I slept decently last night. Isn’t it amazing how much more we appreciate that when it has not been true for awhile?

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  2. Glad to hear it and true. We are missing our little girl and big girl but enjoying a less busy life, with fewer toys and baby equipment scattered about the house.

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  3. Question
    Serious question:
    Why do people drink water from a bottle?
    I have drink water from canteens many times. But never from a bottle.
    I suspect that the bottle people pay money for gets it’s water from a faucet somewhere.
    Where else would it come from?


  4. Exactly. Convenience for one. A lot of people also have horrid tasting water coming from the tap. Generally, the bottled water tastes more like water and less like chemicals and other stuff. Still others use it to ensure they drink enough water to match whatever the current directive is (not just when thirsty).
    I drink water from here and all of my children ask husband to bring them water when he comes for a visit. It is probably loaded with farm chemicals and we will all day from it by age two. But it tastes good.


  5. 😊 snow
    😒 snow
    πŸ’¦ We carry bottles of water in the car. So many do not stay hydrated especially at this altitude. I do purchase bottled water for those quick trips and β€œoh I forgot my water” moments. Our favorite bottled water is the Kroger brand. We have some on hand regularly just in case the electricity goes out which means the well won’t work. Our well water is very good.


  6. Chas, sometimes the well water is not safe to drink. Once visited a family that had such high iron content in their water that any clothes coloured white washed in the well water got rust coloured stains, and after only staying overnight, my nails were stained from washing my hands. That high an iron content would cause kidney damage if regularly drunk. Well water can be unpredictable. The Seconds use bottled water, because the children get diarrhea whenever they drink the well water. My parents can drink straight from the tap, and while I usually boil the water before drinking it, it also doesn’t seem to affect me.


  7. Thanx everyone. I was just curious.
    As I said, I have never had water from a bottle.
    When I was stationed in Arabia, we had to drink the water from a special container. It tasted awful. Most of us never drank the water, but coffee, or whatever. We could brush our teeth, etc. but the water was not considered “safe” to drink.
    Again, in the AF, when traveling, I usually drank Coke, or some other substitute for the water.


  8. In a lot of countries, we are advised to not drink the water. In Egypt, we were told to make certain any bottled water we drank still had the seal when we got it as they often sell tourists new bottles that are actually refilled locally.


  9. When Hubby’s company was bought out (again!) last August, the new company removed all of the water dispensers. The tap water is so foul tasting that he carries a gallon jug of water from home in with him everyday.


  10. When I was stationed in Arabia, I didn’t drink water.
    We had a special supply in a 50 gal container. But it didn’t taste good. I lived on coffee and soft drinks. Not Coke. Coca Cola was not allowed in Arabia for some political reason. I did drink the tea in the mess hall..


  11. I suspect that is why a lot of cultures developed tea and coffee as drinks. Water should be good and refreshing, not smelling like rotten eggs or whatever.


  12. In about an hour I’ll be acting as the High Priest’s servant.

    My husband has not hurt me with his rubber dagger yet! πŸ™‚

    It’s a beautiful day in northern California.

    I’ve finished rereading all the Biddy audio corrections and am now edit-listening again. I may finally be able to put this project to bed and up on Amazon.

    My Inner Healing class is unearthing all sorts of things to forgive. It’s good. My husband is reviewing everything and has been very helpful–particularly when I’m sobbing away.

    I may be vaccinated on Monday–in a curious turn of events.

    Several weeks of Excel crunching for work finally ended on Friday. Wiped out again!


  13. Here I only drink water that I have filtered. I have a water bottle to take my filtered water with me. I got sick once from a cheap, plastic water bottle that the water had been sitting in it for too long.


  14. πŸ™‚ Today in the mail I received back from the Teamsters Pension Fund the documents I had sent in – my birth certificate, Hubby’s birth certificate, our marriage certificate, and his death certificate. I was allowed to send a copy of his DD214 and my Social Security card, but the others had to be original. I was so nervous that they might get lost in their office system or in the mail! (For my part, they were sent in via certified mail.)

    But I have not yet heard if I am eligible for the pension. I think I am, but I don’t want to fully count on it, just in case there is some reason that I am not.

    Re: the DD214 (discharge paper). The application asked if Hubby was a veteran, and if so to send in a copy of the DD214. But why, I don’t know. I sent an email to the pension fund contact I had and asked what difference it made, but have not heard back.

    She’s not good at replying to emails apparently. She did reply to my initial email, asking about the pension, and sent the forms, but has not answered that question or one other I had asked another time.

    Do any of you know why Hubby’s status as a veteran would be pertinent?

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  15. Re bottled water: a lot of people like it for convenience, but they say it’s usually just tap water. People are paying for convenience, and a lot of plastic is ending up as needless waste. Here’s what I’ve been doing: I noticed the little Gatorade bottles (16 or 20 ounce bottles that come in multi packs) have MUCH thicker plastic, and are basically endlessly reusable. My husband liked Gatorade, and so I asked him to buy one of those multi packs and we saved all the bottles. I refill them from our filter jug at home, put one or two in my camera bag, and there’s no waste. It’s also a lot cheaper than continually buying bottled water!

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  16. He may have a small pension coming from the VA, Kizzie. I know my BIL gets one because of his low income.

    I remember my daughter telling a friend how superior our water was to his. He totally disagreed and insisted his was much better. He lived in town, so there was a bleach smell to his water. We have a well. You can smell sulphur if the water has not been run for while. We also have iron in the water. The iron level was lower than the town water, however. It also aids in people having enough iron in their bodies. It does stain over the years and many people get water softeners. We have not. I had to learn not to ever use a chlorine bleach when washing clothes. Otherwise, you will get ‘rust’ spots. We tend to get used to our own water flavor. One of the towns near us has water bottled under it’s name and boasts it has the best water in the world written right on it’s water tower.


  17. We also refill the thicker bottles, Cheryl. We have some other containers we can use, as well. I do buy the packs of bottles when on sale for trips. Otherwise, I have a pitcher with a filter (gift from the children) I keep filled in the fridge. I am a water drinker.

    Speaking of thin bottles: I just purchased some cooking oil from Sam’s and the bottle is the thin plastic. What a pain! I wonder how much oil has been lost from those bottles? I will pay attention to how thick the bottle is next time, if it is possible to get a thicker one.


  18. My Navy guy doesn’t know but he did say that the civil service counts years in military service toward seniority.

    It may be possible the teamsters do, too, in terms of how long he worked and thus it could positively affect the amount of the pension.

    If they’re asking, I’d send a copy.

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  19. Not to open a can of worms, but since you brought it up, Michelle, I am not a fan of Inner healing ministries. I just do not see it in the bible. Praying for wisdom there.

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  20. It’s been misused in some places, Kathleena, unfortunately.

    I’m checking the Bible, reading the Scriptures in a commentary completely unconnected, and discussing it with Mr. Seminary-trained.

    I also experienced significant peace and healing through the forgiveness teaching 34 years ago which changed my life and my relationships with both my father and my husband.

    But thanks. πŸ™‚

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  21. πŸ™‚ I got my first Covid shot this past week.
    😦 Flyboy is getting ready to move out in a couple weeks, the first of our birdies to leave the nest.
    πŸ™‚ But it’s time and he’s ready.
    πŸ™‚ The other day he bought his first car, a used Honda.
    πŸ™‚ Since he’s buying his own car insurance now, we can cut the cost of ours.
    πŸ™‚ One of these days he’ll take the whole family for a ride somewhere. It will be a rare occasion when we’re all in one Accord.

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  22. Hubby used to joke that Christians should only buy Hondas so we can all be in one Accord. πŸ™‚

    As for water, Hubby used metal water bottles that we filled with ice and water for him to take on his route. Nightingale and Boy have water bottles of varying styles to fill and use.

    Michelle – I did send in a copy, but was just wondering why they needed it.

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