38 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-26-21

  1. Morning all. Chas was up on the other thread. About time for me to say goodnight.
    Chas, you need to get out for a walk and to meet your neighbors. I walk alone, but there is always someone to say hello to. I am an introvert, but as I continue to walk I am building relationships and finding those God wants me to meet. I met a fellow at home who said he didn’t need God. I challenged him to read the Bible. He believes in God, but has never read His word. God lead me to him, his wife is a believer. I told him I would be praying for him.

    I’m here, I was just posting on the wrong thread. Time to say goodnight again.

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  2. As I was looking out the window, it occurred to me that I must be the only person in the world who doesn’t have a reason to go somewhere.

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  3. Cute chickadee photo–and I know it’s hard to get a chickadee in a shot at all, they move so quickly; it’s good luck that the camera focused on the flying bird and not the dried flowers in front of it.

    We’ll be off in a little bit to see if we can find some wildflowers at the state park where they were seen this week. We had a lot of rain yesterday, and I hope that doesn’t mean the flowers decide to hide away. We’ll get an outing either way, but I want to see flowers!

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  4. Chas- I’m reminded of a 95 year old at a nursing home where i worked years ago. He would stand in the door of his room and greet people passing by, saying, “Hi. Traveling or going somewhere?” I asked him once what the difference was. He replied that when you’re traveling, you don’t necessarily have a destination or schedule. But when you’re going somewhere you do.

    So do some traveling on foot around your neighborhood.

    And when you return, read the funnies. Not many new ones today.

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  5. Good Morning! My question is what type of seed do you put in that feeder that has such large openings? I purchased a feeder sort of like that last year and I am befuddled was to what to put in it!
    It is a cloudy day here and snowflakes have fallen. More is to fall this afternoon…I will say I am becoming weary worn with it all even though it is beautiful.


  6. Good morning! I am having my first cup trying to awaken after the stormy night. I am thankful every night does not contain such excitement.

    I need to find a devotional reading for our prayer call later today. These weeks are cycling through way too fast.


  7. Those storms sounded horrible, Janice. I am grateful you were okay. Tornadoes were north and south of our daughter, but they were okay, too.

    Our former pastor gave over 10,000 dollars to people in need. He was in his eighties. One he helped was a homeless woman. He had to flee for his life, because it was actually going to a drug cartel. When he quit giving there were threats to his life. The ministerial society decided to combine their resources and let a local shelter administer what was needed. They were better at assessing what was a real need and what was not. It also cut down on those who target each church in turn.

    I am very achy today from my shot. I had aches, headache, weakness and tiredness and some gut pain (which may have been from the pain/fever reliever I took. Almost 102 temp. Fever is gone today. I heard the reactions are worse in woman. I couldn’t prove that. My husband had a sore arm like with a flu shot and that was it.

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  8. Michelle, I had. Can’t remember where but found it nonsense, because of course, the KJV simply translates Numbers 5:11-31 literally, and that is the version I am familiar with. If I associated the consequences to an unfaithful woman at all with pregnancy, it was to think she would be rendered infertile because of the internal infection, not that she was pregnant already.

    In fact, I have long viewed that passage as actually dealing with an insidious problem of honour culture, that of groundless suspicion on the part of a jealous husband (or jealous in-laws). In honour cultures, a woman who is even whispered about is in grave danger – it doesn’t matter if there is no evidence against her, the assumption is that there is no smoke without fire. Such a woman is often pressured into suicide or is killed by her husband or in-laws to remove the taint from the family name. The case laws of the Mosaic law frequently deal with the background honour culture in which the nation of Israel existed. Simeon and Levi’s murderous attack on an entire village for the rape of Dinah was very much a reaction based in honour culture. The law of parents having to put a rebellious child on trial before they could execute the child actually prevented parents from murdering a dishonouring child outright. So it is with the law of jealousy, as it is called in Numbers 5:29. The law actually prevented a woman from being unjustly killed by a needlessly jealous husband. The dust of the tabernacle was absolutely harmless – the only way anything would happen to the woman was by divine intervention. A jealous husband would be forced to leave his wife to the mercy of God, rather than take matters into his own hands, and if nothing happened to the woman, it is the husband who would shown to be wrong. It is a merciful law, preventing, not causing destruction.

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  9. They got the stern free, but the bow is still stuck – hence the fear the ship could break apart. Evergreen is the name of the company that owns the ship, clearly their name for the ship is a play on their company name.


  10. Used to see the Maersk container ships in dock at the capital in West Africa. The ships just towered over the city, stories higher than any building in the city, with Maersk written on the side – never could see what the ships themselves were named, just the company name.

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  11. Both Evergreen and Maersk are seen all over the port here — I’d been trying to follow the stuck ship as it could have ripple effects on shipping.

    Yes, the container ships are jaw dropping. When people are dining in a waterfront restaurant here, dinners will often just stop eating and halt their conversations to turn and watch the massive ships glide by the windows (even those of us who are used to seeing them).


  12. Kathaleena, was that your 2nd Covid vaccine? That one kicked me a little bit, too, but more by way of a low-grade headache & just some serious fatigue. It passed in about a day.

    One (of many) advantages of have dogs is you really do get to know your neighbors.

    I also enjoy sitting out on the front porch reading — my porch is large, has an overhang & sits up a distance from the sidewalk and street as our houses on this side of the street are all on a hillside. Fun to say hi to folks traipsing by with dogs, kids, spouses, pulling wagons with toddlers, often all of the above, especially during this pandemic when people just need to get OUT.


  13. Kathaleena – Not sure how my current church handles that sort of thing, but my old church had a policy that the pastor could give up to $50 of his own accord, but anything asked for above that had to be passed through the church board. That protected him from being taken advantage of or being accused of not helping if he refused.


  14. Kizzie, there was a similar policy for rookie team members in West Africa. We could give up the amount of 50 in the national monetary denomination to those who asked. That amount would be enough for a dinner for a family. Anything above that and we had to consult a more experienced colleague before giving.

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  15. There are also some Croatian women who are regular walking partners who pass by my house daily, sometimes 2 but often 3 of them, chattering away in their native language. I usually only see them when I’m out watering after work hours, though, and I haven’t been watering much lately.

    There was an older Croatian woman who lived on the next corner and she was an avid walker, said staying mobile was the key (and I believe she’s right). She always had a smile on her face, was a short little thing. She’d also chide me — whenever our paths would cross when I was walking my dogs — “Too many! Too many!” (dogs) with a laugh. Her English was broken but she was one of the happiest neighbors I had for years. Her daughter, now a retired LA public school principal, inherited the house and I never see her except on occasion out working in the front yard.


  16. Yes, Dj, that was the second shot. I am better today, but not quite up to snuff.

    The pastor was giving his own money away; not the church’s. He moved to live in the same town and building as his son who has Down’s Syndrome. He went on doing another type of ministry until he was unable to leave his apartment anymore. He has since passed away. He worked a lot with alcoholics and drug users and had a great heart for sharing Christ with others.

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  17. From what I recall reading, the first shot gets our immune system “primed.” By the time the second shot arrives, it goes into full defensive action

    I think my symptoms didn’t show up until the next morning and then lasted that day + maybe less so through the next morning. I took a couple hours off work after filing my story on the first day and then took the next day off sick even though I felt “ok,” just still a little tired. Never had a fever.

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  18. Interesting discussions, but I don’t have anything to add.
    Just chucking in.
    I agree with the statement about keeping active. At someone’s suggestion, I took a walk today.
    Just walking.

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  19. After being home and going nowhere for 5 days I was going bonkers. Snow and ice made my decision not to take a walk easy. So today I broke out of this place and walked around the antique mall. I found a couple treasures while I was at it. Then I stopped off at the grocery and ran into dear old friends who were with three of their grandchildren….they are in the final stages of total guardianship of them. It was such a complete blessing to see them and now to know how to pray for their court date in another month.
    I then ran into my old coworker in the floral dept…we talked for a half hour….I know our Lord knew I needed these connections today. Yesterday I was feeling useless, purposeless and just down. Today is a better day… and I brought home tulips 😊 some girls like diamonds….I’m a total flower nerd!! 🌷

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  20. Yeah for Chas taking a walk!!
    Though I am a little concerned that he was chucking in. Do we need to duck??

    Just got an email from Qantas featuring lots of wonderful things to see in Australia. Does that mean Australia will be letting us in soon?? We have a seven week school break in June/July and I would love to be able to go somewhere.
    Cases are soaring here, so I think we are cut off.

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  21. There go the musical military calls to attention again.

    I wonder if the winds we’re getting every afternoon this week make those carry across town more than usual.

    Had a pretty easy story to write today followed by trying to re-write a long story about port zero emissions which I failed to get very far at doing. Editor says we can hold it until next week, thankfully. It was written by someone else and is just really hard to figure out what the focus was, very long but kind of scattered or fragmented.

    And my best Port of LA contact (this story focused on the Port of LB more) is off for Passover now so that complicated weaving in some content from that side of the harbor as the editor requested. It’ll be easier next week, too, as Fridays are always so hard to reach people in government.


  22. Just got a call from the care center Carol was in, they have a bunch of her things, including phone, electronic tablets, books, and they’ve been unsure how to handle, was hoping I could come and pick it all up. So I guess I’ll do that, I was actually wondering what had happened to all of that — I’ll connect with her brother to see what they are interested in, but I know he spoke with them also so not sure if he declined to take any of it or what.

    They said there’s a lot of ‘stuff,’ probably 2 large plastic bags worth. She was there for probably 6-8 months, I think.

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  23. I’ve also been thinking of her friends at what was her more permanent residence, I would love to connect with a couple of them and perhaps, if Carol’s brother isn’t interested in any of the items, they might be able to use some of it. But I think things are still pretty much locked down in the congregant living places so I’m not sure when I’ll be able to get up there for a visit.

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  24. My hubby and I did get to the state park and saw several good wildflowers. He was tired so we didn’t hike the whole trail (his wife has a sense of mercy), but he took me to the scenic overlook of the falls and let me run down the steps by myself while he stayed in the car. We had a lot of rain yesterday, so the waterfall was intense and loud–and muddy.

    Then this afternoon the last part needed for my new camera came in, so I took a few test photos. I wanted to get out a little longer for some more testing but didn’t really feel like it. I plan to do that tomorrow. So far I really like the new camera, but I haven’t used it enough to have a great sense of it. It has a much larger sensor than the old one, so it should be better in low-light situations. But it doesn’t have as long a zoom, so it may not do as well in situations where the subject is far away. (But with the larger sensor, that may be a wash–I don’t know yet.) The good news is it’s weather sealed (shouldn’t be hurt by sand or light rain) and the “better in low light” should hopefully mean that when we’re finally able to visit family again, I can get better indoor shots. That was one negative with the previous camera, that it didn’t do those well. Anyway, the last camera had gotten very screechy and so it’s nice to be back to “quiet”!


  25. Glad you went for a walk, Chas.

    I raked a bunch of leaves from the wild flower bed this afternoon. I let them stay for the winter for mulch. There are some reddish stems coming out of the ground. I also need to think about mowing soon. ~Sigh~ I like the warming weather, just not the quickly growing grass.


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