14 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 3-20-21

  1. 🤩 Love having friends all over the globe

    😀 Tax deadline extended

    😀 The new plants I got from Florence are sprouting; successful transplant

    😣 Atlanta news, crime, traffic, etc.

    😣 Seasonal allergies

    🤣 I just put away my coats

    🤩 Birthday Tree still has blossoms despite the stormy weather

    🤩 Birds are surrounding our home with sweet song

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  2. 🙂 It’s spring, with a few bulbs up and blooming and birds singing and warmer temperatures.

    😦 It isn’t really “pretty” yet, so it’s sort of still like late winter . . .

    🙂 . . . which is probably good, because I have work to do inside and I’d be tempted to be outside . . .

    😦 and anyway, my new camera is still in its box, so I can’t take pictures yet either way . . .

    🙂 but that’s only because I’m trying to save my husband work, because I don’t want to get dust on the lens or the view screen before the protective film and lens arrive Tuesday.

    😀 But I do have a new camera, and enforced self-control to wait on using it, which allows me also to have the self-control of staying inside and finishing this editing project that got delayed too many times (author had Covid) but is now very nearly finished.

    🙂 I have a new editing project coming in, officially my first of the year, though I still have two or three projects from last year (the delayed one and a big one that was expected to take a long time).

    🙂 Did I mention it’s spring? Early spring, but we’ll take it.

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  3. A lady came by to check on the food. Plenty in the refrigerator. I eat from plates fixed and stacked in the refrigerator. Somebody usually comes by every couple of days. Not very good, but it works.

    I am 90+ years old. I have never slipped and fallen in the shower. But still ????. So? I usually wait until someone else gets into the house before getting into the shower. Three-four times a week. I just hate the though of lying on the bathroom floor with a broken leg or worse.
    Anyhow. She stayed long enough to check the refrigerator, and I took the shower. Now? She’s gone.

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  4. Chas, does your shower have those extra grab bars? How about one of those emergency devices you can wear or have with you in the house at all times?

    🙂 Saturday!

    🙂 Spring is blooming and there’s a new feeling of optimism as our covid numbers in LA continue to plummet; it’s a beautiful thing to see

    😦 There are concerns that the downward Covid trend won’t continue, but I lean toward being encouraged considering the massive rollouts of the vaccines

    🙂 Someone asked me yesterday if I’d decided to get the vaccine. “Heck, yes,” I told him

    🙂 I’m heading back to in-person church tomorrow

    🙂 I have jury duty this next week and while that isn’t always pleasant, you mostly — if and when you’re called in for a day — just wind up sitting around and reading (so I’m looking forward to at least 1 day, maybe more, this next week of being able to catch up on some reading and having a paid break from the working grind)

    😦 Union campaigning drama continues at our company with emails from the guild and from management pretty regularly; I just want to be left alone and do my work

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  5. 😦 This morning, Nightingale prepared a special cake to celebrate the Vernal Equinox, and as she waited for the oven to heat up, she heard some kind of pop, and then the oven was not working anymore.

    So she and Coach are off to buy us a new oven/stove. This one is about 20 years old, so probably not worth trying to get repaired.

    😦 I think our dryer, which is also fairly old, may be about to go the way of the oven.

    🙂 I have my first Social Security payment in the bank, and still a fair amount in savings, so that will cover replacing the oven and the dryer (if the dryer does indeed need replacing).

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  6. My oven is probably next to “go” in terms of appliances — everything else is fairly newish (refrigerator, washer/dryer, dishwasher but less-so). Oven was here when I moved in 23 years ago now.

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  7. We’re talking about a new oven, too. This house was “flipped” when we bought it, which meant it was completely rehabbed, redone, re-everything.

    Except the roof, the electrical panel, and, as it turned out, there was not insulation in the floor.

    Mr. Everything knew about the roof, and so calculated that into the price we paid. The electrical panel and the insulation were a surprise–there was no shut-off electrical breaker in the electrical panel! Yikes.

    Since we’ve moved in 7.5 years ago, we bought a new refrigerator and have replaced the following: washer, dryer, dishwasher, vacuum, computers, car, Kitchenaide mixer, and phone–all who apparently want to chat together like gossipy servants when we’re not around.

    The oven/stove turned out to be a WOLF, which surprised my gourmet friend to no end–that Michelle would have a WOLF!

    I’ve not appreciated such “luxury.” The Wolf has burned up all my pots, the oven–which is not self-cleaning!–refuses to be calibrated, and now all the lettering has worn off the panel.

    After the last fiasco–the oven door, which during a cookie party fell OFF, hot, while baking cookies– Mr. Engineer took it apart. It turns out it had been repaired before, and not by us, which means it wasn’t brand new.

    So, like Kizzie, we’re now talking about buying a stove I can control– with a self-cleaning oven.

    The Engineer will continue to oversee all appliance purchases–as he has done for the last seven years. 🙂

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