44 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-16-21

  1. Good morning from here as well. I heard the baby kids crying this morning. They are all three with the super mom, she had two yesterday and adopted the one whose mom has no mom genes. But thirteen is still going out to bottle feed it, because it’s fun and because we still have frozen milk from a while back.

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  2. I see on TV where the rich are having a tax hike.
    But the rich don’t pay taxes. That’s why they are rich.
    They increase the price of the product so that you pay the tax. And inflation is increased.

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  3. Mumsee: I thought every woman had “mom genes”.
    Even as a grandmother, Elvera would “Awwwwww” when she saw a little baby. I thought they were born that way.

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  4. Nope. Many, maybe even most. I, for one, do not ooh and aah over babies, but if one is given into my care, I will fight to the death to protect it. But, just like some women do not seem to connect with their children, some animal moms don’t either. The goat mom, barely acknowledges her babies when they first arrive and then quickly forgets they are hers. The super mom on the other hand, will take all of the babies in the pasture born around the time hers are born. Every year she tries to absorb some into her little family.

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  5. Good morning to all! I am still learning variations of English words by reading the Aussie cookbook. We call it peanut butter. To them nut butters are pastes. I am still trying to figure out what slices are. Perhaps what we call quick breads? I have seen scones that are triangular cut from a circle of dough like in spokes. Maybe that? I need to look it up to be sure I get the right interpretation. The book has no pictures to help.

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  6. Learn something everyday, Janice. Thanks for the lesson. Those caramel chocolate slices look mighty good. I must go eat breakfast now.

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  7. Janice, I enjoyed the piece on gluttony, thanks.

    DJ, struggling through The Meaning of the Millenium, one page at a time. Tough reading but very encouraging. I know so many folk with so many opinions (many very strongly held) on how things will go. It is good to read and to realize that none of us know for certain other than we know God is sovereign.

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  8. This is not part of the Millenium”
    I see on TV that Biden has still not given a news conference.
    I don’t understand why the media seems not to understand: Biden is not capable of giving a news conference.
    They were so anxious to get rid of Trump, they elected someone who can’t function.

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  9. Morning! The sun is shining and the snow has melted down to about a foot now! The plows have still not reached our area so our neighbor is out with his truck doing what he can on the roads. He just retired after selling his landscaping and snow removal business he has had for the past 37 years..I believe he is enjoying his morning! And we are thankful for his clearing the road in front of our driveways. We are supposed to be getting more snow this afternoon 😳

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  10. If you had told us what kind they were, we might have been able to repeat the effort. Now everybody will just have to send whatever and hope you eat it.

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  11. Catching up on a couple things from yesterday.

    California history was 4th-grade curriculum, at least in LA in the mid-60s. DJ and Michelle, what were your mission projects like? I don’t know what you call the art form we used. It was more like a picture than a model, gluing different materials on a piece of cloth into a mission shape. I remember it had kidney beans, but not what else it had.

    I don’t care too much whether they settle on standard or daylight time if they want to make either one year-round. Splitting the difference would be hard if you’re dealing a lot with people in most other countries. It would make coordinating with my India colleagues easier, since they’re 9 1/2 or 10 1/2 hours ahead of us, but not so much most of the rest of the world. Imagine having to set your clock forward or backward half and hour when crossing into Canada or Mexico.

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  12. I was just thinking: I’m the one who got the cookies.
    The person who should have them is AJ. AJ is the reason we are here,and we don’t recognize it that much.
    Thanks AJ.

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  13. 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪
    🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪
    🍭 🍭 🍭 🍭 🍭 🍭 🍭
    🍫 🍫 🍫 🍫 🍫 🍫 🍫
    Ok…here are your virtual cookies and candy…bonus…no calories!!! 😂

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  14. With all that was going on yesterday, I didn’t have time to tell you all the latest on the pension situation – or as my mom would sometimes say, and I sometimes say in my mind – like I just did – “sitchee-ation”. 🙂

    Yesterday, two weeks after first contacting the pension administrator, I finally received the paperwork. The cover letter did not say absolutely that I am eligible for it, but it did sound like I probably am.

    Remember back when Hubby had just recently died, and I had such trouble finding some documents in his messed up filing non-system? Well, I had most of what they asked for (as I have kept those papers in a special folder), but there were two documents that I did not have set aside yet – his DD214 (Air Force discharge papers) and his birth certificate. And of course, the DD214 was not in the folder labeled “DD214”, and his birth certificate was not in the birth certificates folder.

    But – praise God – I was able to find each one fairly quickly by looking in other folders in the same file drawer. Phew! I was so very relieved! We sent those off today via certified mail. I am hoping to hear soon how much, if anything, I am eligible for.

    What I initially said on here – that it would more than double what I am receiving from SS – was wrong. I think the figure I saw was what Hubby would have received, but I would receive half of that. And then I will not be eligible for the state health insurance anymore, so I will be paying insurance premiums each month, and I think I will have to pay taxes, too. But even so, even if that takes a good chunk of the money, it will still give me more than I am getting from SS.

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  15. The main reason I seem impatient to hear soon is because I will soon receive my first SS payment, and I need to contact the state health insurance agency soon to report my new income. With the SS, it might have meant still having the insurance, but having added expenditures from me, but with the added pension, I am pretty sure that I will not be eligible for it anymore.

    And that is okay. I am very grateful that it was available to me for the past three and a half years, especially for my recent surgery and hospitalization. But I do like the idea of not being tethered to it anymore, and being able to pay for my own, even though I know it (and saving for the deductibles) will probably take quite a bite out of my monthly income. But again, that’s okay. I will still be better off than on SS alone. Thankful to God for His provision.

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  16. It is difficult to buy produce in an open air market when your glasses are steamed up.
    Praying for Roscuro today, strength, stamina, and that management would be kind.

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  17. Chas – I thought of you when I read this, especially this part:

    Lie #“7. We won’t be us anymore or remember our former lives.

    The idea that we’ll lose our identities in Heaven is Hindu, not Christian. Resurrection will forever reestablish us as glorified human individuals.

    Christ’s resurrection is our prototype. He proclaimed, “It is I myself” (Luke 24:39). When Thomas said, “My Lord and my God,” he knew he was speaking to the same Jesus he’d lived with for years. Job said, “After my skin has been thus destroyed, yet in my flesh I shall see God, whom I shall see for myself” (Job 19:26–27).

    You will be you in Heaven. Who else would you be? Since we’ll give an account of our lives on earth, we must remain us, and our memories will have to be better, not worse. Scripture gives no indication of a memory wipe causing us not to recognize family and friends. In fact, if we wouldn’t know our loved ones, the comfort of an afterlife reunion, taught in 1 Thessalonians 4:14–18, would be no comfort at all.”


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  18. Yum, thanks for the cookies, Nancyjill, and with no calories. Now, Chas, he needs the calories, so I am glad that his were a little more substantial.

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  19. One of our more head-scratching headlines today:

    ~ No screaming on California roller coasters and thrill rides, state guidelines say

    A roller coaster tradition as old as thrill rides themselves could go silent in California: Screaming ~


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