42 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-11-21

  1. I was awakened at 5 this morning by a loud clunk and lay awake wondering if rascals had broken in. Later I found a bowl had fallen out of a cupboard. However I believe the two hour nap that I had is allowing me to still be awake.

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  2. Good morning, Chas, and Good night, Jo! And Happy Traveling to AJ!
    That Birthday Tree showed not a bloom this morning since it closed up buds in the night chill. Hopefully later I can get a picture of at least one open blossom to send to Art to enjoy at work. He won’t be home while it is daylight.

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  3. Morning and Happy Birthday to Art! 🎂 🎉
    It is cloudy, cold and windy here this morning…and we are still waiting with much anticipation for our incoming snow event. Oh who know when, if and how much we shall see around here?! So much hype going on in the weather world these days! One forecaster predicted 91 inches in Estes Park?!! 😂

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  4. Good Morning Everyone. Happy Birthday to Art. I am staying home today. I am going to try to work on taxes. Why do I do this to myself????? UGH.
    I also have not slept well this week. I wake at 1:30 and catnap the rest of the night. I may have to take a nap with Little Miss and Papa today.
    Yesterday when I was taking her back to Mommy, she informed me that Mommy wasn’t Mommy. “She isn’t my Mommy, she is my mother!” I am really working on convincing her that 3 year olds do NOT wear diapers and she better enjoy the next couple of weeks because when she turns 3 she cannot wear a diaper. I am not above bribing her. MiMi will get a raise when we don’t have to buy diapers anymore.
    I also need to track down my own child today. I haven’t seen her in a couple of weeks. I have gotten confirmation from my children, K, K, and C that they will all be coming here for Easter. That will also be Little Miss’ birthday so we will have Birthday Cake for dessert. I’m making everyone happy. Ham, Mac&Cheese, potato salad, and roasted vegetables. Why stress myself out when that is what they really want?
    Oh, and next week should be fun, I have a closing on the 16th,the17th, the 18th, and the 19th. I don’t think I have ever had that many closings in a week, and it also beats the number of closings I have ever had in a MONTH! I am beyond thankful, and constantly think, “Thank you God”.

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  5. That sounds like the menu my family would like, too, Kim. The tradition is to have cream puffs for dessert, however, with French pastry cream (made with pudding and whipped cream) and chocolate on top. I don’t make it for just two of us, since it tastes better fresh.

    Happy birthday to Art!

    We are buried in snow today. The trees are covered and the deer tracks show us just where they have been. I was not happy to see them come right up to the garden next to the house. They have already eaten all the cedar branches in the ones by the house. I would like them covered, but it never happens. Each summer they do grow back a bit, but they do not recover to be beautiful.

    The weatherman was kind enough to let everyone know the snow is too wet and heavy for snow blowers and it will melt by the weekend. My husband will let it melt, I am sure. We don’t have to go anywhere, so that is fine. There is not so much that we couldn’t get it out if we really need to do so.

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  6. Last week marked ten years since my first contact from the man who became my husband. Since we married in the same year we met, my very first Valentine’s Day with a man of my own, he was my husband, and this year has a series of “ten years since we . . .” We’ve gone by ten years since first contact; still to go are ten years since our first phone conversation, ten years since we met in person (in April), ten years since we got engaged (in July . . . and that’s when I mentioned him on the blog, though several of you already knew by then), and then in October our tenth anniversary.

    For our second anniversary, I did the work to create a keepsake, books of our emails to each other, interspersed with emails I wrote to my friends about him and some they wrote to me, and also including photos we emailed each other and photos of us together. Since we wrote 120,000 words by email before we talked by phone for the first time, and continued to email even after we were talking by phone and meeting in person, it ended up being three volumes of several hundred pages each. The first volume concludes with the first in-person visit; the second goes up through our official engagement; the third takes us through our wedding day and concludes with several pages from the wedding and I think a few from our honeymoon.

    In this tenth year, I thought that reading through the books would be sweet, and so I am doing so. I’m up to the point where we were making plans for him to drive down to Nashville, and so he had just told his parents, sister, and younger daughter about me. (His older daughter already knew about me, but the younger one was 16 and in Costa Rica for the semester, and he was nervous about telling her such a big life change when she was so far from home. At the time he was still thinking that if we married, it wouldn’t be till she had finished high school and was on her way to college; we ended up marrying the fall of her senior year of high school instead.)

    As I read through it, I’m really amazed how quickly it all moved. It felt quick at the time, though never hasty–but as I read it now I keep thinking, “He said that when we’d only been communicating a week . . . three weeks?” And we continually had instances when one of us would write about something, for instance that communion is often treated as such a gloomy thing when it should be a celebratory one, and the other person would say, “Yes, I’ve often had that same thought!”

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  7. Good morning, I am heading in to a chiropractor appointment shortly and then to WORK!!! I have a short meeting to discuss how we will be moving forward for this spring and summer. Schools (which usually have one or two night trips to camp) are requesting day trips, since the school board won’t let them stay overnight because of COVID. Plus, everyone in the province will have had the opportunity to be vaccinated before summer, so we’re thinking that we can run summer camp. Since we usually start the seasonal hiring in December, we’re waaaay behind on many things. My work will only be a few hours a week to start but it’s heading in the right direction. And I can do it all from the twins’ so I can still help them out.

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  8. Michelle, 10:45, she would have been asked not to tell, and the older was a freshman at college and the younger an exchange student in Costa Rica with reasons that her dad didn’t want her to know yet. I suspect she wouldn’t have told. But I’ve never asked either one.

    He initially told me that they talk about how traumatic it can be for exchange students if they hear of major changes going on at home while they are away, so his initial plan was to wait until she got home for her to know he was in a relationship. And then he decided to tell her if it looked like we were going to meet in person before she got home in July–so at that point, once we were planning for him to come down, he told her, and his parents, and his sister. MY whole family already knew about him.

    He was originally talking about us meeting in person in July, maybe meeting him and the girls at the same time, but eventually it seemed clear we should meet earlier. That July week ended up being the weekend we got engaged, a few days after the girls had met me, and we’d already met in person four or five times by then. (He definitely didn’t want one daughter to meet me while the other was out of the country, and I agreed with that. So that affected our timing.)

    What is really funny is that by the time we were officially engaged, we were waiting to make it official until I’d met the daughters, but I’d given him my mother’s diamond and he got a ring made, we had reserved a honeymoon cabin and the church, and I’d been sending him home with boxes of my stuff the last couple of trips he’d made. One day I asked him what he was doing with the boxes he took home, and he said, “They’re in the living room. Why?”

    “Um, we are waiting to get engaged until I’ve met the girls, but when she comes home from Costa Rica she is going to see boxes marked ‘Cheryl’ in the living room?!”

    “Oh, yeah. I’d probably better move them.”

    He’s very analytical and would normally have thought of that himself. I assumed he had thought of it or I would have asked him earlier! His parents and the older daughter already knew we had a date set, and I suspect THAT news might have made its way to the ear of the younger daughter, but that news didn’t become official until our official engagement, after I’d met everyone.

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  9. It was 4 years ago this week (2017) that my driveway tear-up began. It was one of the several house projects that really needed to get done, but what a mess. I had a guy from the dog park and his buddy do it, both had worked for city sanitation in the past and knew their way around sewer line projects — but would charge me far less than the plumber I’d initially spoken to. A contractor was way out of the financial realm of possibility. I only had so much money to work with and this was only one of many projects that had to get done.

    What followed was probably 3 weeks, at least, of jack hammering and (mostly) bad news as they discovered several breaks in the 180-foot long old clay sewer pipe under the driveway (which explained why it had been dipping in spots).

    Kim remembers the paver hunt later for when it all was put back together again. Wish I could have replaced the whole driveway with those, but that also was not possible on the budget. The pavers were going in by Good Friday 2017, I remember.


    We had more rain last night so we’re grateful for at least that much. Seems like we’re back in our drought.

    Good to hear more from Kim 🙂 and what’s going on in her world.

    I emailed copies of all my tax things yesterday and received an email back that he’d gotten them. Chris, my longtime person from the old neighborhood who died 2 years ago, was slow to get into the electronic version of things, he only started e-filing my taxes very recently. This guy seems a bit more into that and it was so nice not having to schedule time off or take time on a Saturday to do an in-person appointment. Easier and him and me both, I’m sure.

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  10. I remember that project DJ! So much easier to decorate and make decisions on someone else’s remodel even from a distance than for myself. I was even more fun to see the finished product.
    Hurricane Sally wrecked out front yard and we need to do some landscaping out front and I really want to make the backyard a tranquil retreat, but I am stumped as to how I can to do it.

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  11. Oh, and on the thankful train….another of my agents called an hour or so ago, and the buyers she was working with have found several houses in Alabama they want to see

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  12. Morning all. Chas, I just checked the weather in Greensboro. If you haven’t had a walk today, it is time to go on one. My phone says it is 73 degrees there. 🙂 Enjoy

    Got an email about a zoom recital for my young granddaughter who plays the cello. What were they thinking when they scheduled it for 10am!! That is 3am here.

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  13. So sorry to hear how long the solution to allergies takes, Roscuro. When Wesley was a child we had testing done and it was going to take a long term regimen of weekly shots that would have broken our budget back then. He never got them.

    A tax client just brought his package by. I use to hear him drive up in a sports car. Now he has white hair, and I did not hear his car. I remember one year being outside mowing the lawn with Wesley running around in the yard when this guy dropped his papers by. I am feeling really old now. Timely, on Art’s birthday.

    Thank you all for his birthday wishes.


  14. If anyone is wondering, no, YA did not reply at all to my comments about forgiveness. That usually means that she doesn’t have an answer or a retort. Praying that the Holy Spirit is working on her.


  15. I am going to try the oral desensitization route. Provided it is covered, that is. I have already had the expensive injections for my other issue, so not sure how far my coverage will extend.

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  16. Granddaughter and I have been outside soaking up the sunshine. Lots of flowers poking up through the snow. We did not see Chas walking by.


  17. Wow, Chas would walk a lot way to get to Idaho where there are bears and mountain lions to say hello to, not to mention mumsee.

    I’ve had a hectic day coordinating a regional reaction story to the resumption of indoor dining (but announced way late today, never good as we have early deadlines). The dogs got fed 2 hours late and my knee really stiffened up as I had to sit for so long jockeying the computer and phone.


  18. There’s a variety of nature in Idaho.

    It was quite chilly today, mid 50s. But looks like our rain is gone for now.


  19. Kim, at least I had the pavers to play with at the end of the driveway tear up. But yes, I was looking back over all the photos of that project — a huge trench down the whole north side of the house with chunks of concrete and clay pipe everywhere. During that same months, I had the bedroom plaster ceiling replaced, one of the most disruptive (mess wise) projects even though it only lasted a day. The aftermath was weeks long as everything was pulled out of the bedroom (and closet) and wound up, well, just about everywhere else in the house in boxes and big trash bags.

    The bed was broken during it all so that had to be dismantled and hauled off, the mattress dragged onto the floor.

    “Deferred maintenance” Real Estate Guy scolded.

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  20. Years ago, we had a long trench dug from our house out to the brook just over the line on our neighbors’ property. (Their property is along the side and back of us, as they have several acres. They also own the property across the lane now.) It was to put a pipe going from our sump pump hole out to the brook.

    Sounds strange, perhaps, but it has solved our basement-flooding-every-time-it-rains-hard problem. The pipe carries the extra water out to the brook. It is angled to go with the flow of the brook, so the water from the brook does not back up into it.

    Anyway, there were some things that were found buried in the yard, including an old toilet. 😀


  21. Kizzie, I didn’t find an old toilet in my yard, but I did have scraps of cloth and other things that kept finding their way to the surface in my backyard. And there were three sheds in my backyard when I moved in, and I tore down the two smaller ones . . . and the previous owners had chosen to push stuff under the sheds rather than throw them away, especially large items, such as ironing boards. The shed I kept had a lot of that stuff to clear out, too. They also had old tires in the crawlspace, as well as several large (full) gas cans. It might have made quite an interesting explosion if the homeowner who smoked and was on oxygen had ever managed to blow up the house.

    I did actually get both toilets removed while I was doing remodeling in that house, though. In one case the old toilet ended up on my back patio, and my Georgia brother came by and told me that I was officially a redneck.

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  22. I had an old toilet in my backyard for a while when the smaller “closet” bathroom (which I was using when the main bathroom was getting torn up) was discovered to be in poor repair. The toilet was something from the 1950s or 40s I think, and there was a vanity in there that was too big. So out it all came, in came a new smallish toilet from Home Depot and a small vanity.

    I was trying to figure out what to do with the old toilet when one day it just disappeared, but it took me a few days to notice. Things were moving fast at that time and everything was in turmoil.

    I think one of the other workers probably took it? I remember asking the plumber to take it but they didn’t have room in their truck, so it’s also possible they came back and helped themselves to it thinking I’d essentially given them permission (which I had). One less thing to worry about.

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  23. Seen on Twitter tonight:

    ~ The fumigation folks are coming to the apartment tomorrow. There’s a strange family of bugs coming in the living room window. ~


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