8 thoughts on “News/Politics 3-10-21

  1. Good for Paxton, because you know the Biden DoJ isn’t going to do anything about it.


    “Texas Two Step: Twitter Sues A.G. Paxton After Paxton Opens Investigation Into De-Platforming Trump

    Twitter filed a lawsuit against Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton in California federal court. The lawsuit asks the judge to stop Paxton from investigating the company. That’s right – Paxton is investigating Twitter so Twitter is suing to stop the investigation.

    Paxton is a loyal Trump supporter. He attended the January 6 rally for Trump in Washington, After that day and its events, Twitter decided to ban Trump from its platform. Other social media platforms did the same thing. Paxton decided to open an investigation over that decision and sent Twitter a civil investigative demand. The demand asks for documents from Twitter that show the company’s internal decision-making processes for banning users. Twitter wants the judge to issue a temporary restraining order from enforcing the investigative demand.

    Both sides are using the First Amendment in their arguments. Twitter claims that Paxton’s investigation is a “retaliatory” action, inappropriate use of government authority. Paxton and other Texas Republicans launched a campaign against social media companies after they and their followers received repercussions for posts that promoted what were labeled false narratives about the presidential election results and allegedly led to the riot on Capitol Hill. Twitter is one of five tech and social media firms to which Paxton issued civil investigative demands. Paxton wants to learn about procedures the companies use to regulate postings or user accounts. Paxton claims it must have been a coordinated effort among the five firms to de-platform Trump and his supporters.

    “The seemingly coordinated de-platforming of the President of the United States and several leading voices not only chills free speech, it wholly silences those whose speech and political beliefs do not align with leaders of Big Tech companies,” Paxton said in a Jan. 13 news release.

    Here’s the thing – Twitter, as well as Facebook, and the other companies involved are private companies. The First Amendment argument doesn’t apply to its decisions on what to allow or not allow on its platforms. Twitter, in fact, can ban or silence a user. In the case of Trump, he was given a lot of leeway, even as he ramped up his claims about voter fraud and the illegitimacy of the presidential election results. As a world leader, he was allowed more leeway than ordinary users like you or I would have been given. That said, was anyone really surprised when Twitter and the others pulled the trigger and kicked him out? After the events of January 6, it was just a given that Trump would be silenced.

    All of this de-platforming, by the way, has led to action from Governor Abbott, as well as Republican politicians in about two dozen states to introduce bills that would allow for civil lawsuits against platforms for what they call the “censorship” of posts.”

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  2. It. Just. Gets. Worse……

    Killing the elderly wasn’t enough…..


    “Cuomo Ordered Homes For Developmentally Disabled To Admit COVID-Positive Patients, Too”

    “As if Andrew Cuomo’s policies didn’t have a high enough body count. New York’s embattled governor ordered facilities housing the developmentally disabled to admit COVID-19 patients too, mirroring the policy he ordered for nursing homes. Unlike the latter, however, Cuomo never rescinded this policy — and it might have resulted in hundreds of deaths in those facilities:

    New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration ordered homes for people with developmental disabilities to accept coronavirus patients — and never rescinded the order.

    The April 10 directive, which mirrored the Cuomo administration’s controversial order to nursing homes, also told homes for people with developmental disabilities that they could not require hospitalized residents to be tested for coronavirus prior to admission or readmission.

    Five hundred fifty-two residents at homes for people with developmental disabilities have died of coronavirus, the New York Office for People With Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) told Fox News on Monday.

    More than 6,900 people out of the more than 34,552 who live in such resident homes have been infected with the virus, according to OPWDD.

    Just how far out of the norm are these numbers? This matters when attempting to determine whether this policy created excess deaths. As one might imagine, group home settings and health issues create their own vulnerabilities, as a study of these facilities determined six months ago. However, even that raises its own questions:

    Objective: To describe COVID-19 outcomes among people with IDD living in residential groups homes in the state of New York and the general population of New York State.

    Methods: Data for people with IDD are from a coalition of organizations providing over half of the residential services for the state of New York, and from the New York State Department of Health. Analysis describes COVID-19 case rates, case-fatality, and mortality among people with IDD living in residential group homes and New York State through May 28, 2020.

    Results: People with IDD living in residential group homes were at greater risk of severe COVID-19 outcomes: case rates – 7,841 per 100,000 for people with IDD compared to 1,910 for New York State; case-fatality – 15.0% for people with IDD compared to 7.9% for New York State; and mortality rate – 1,175 per 100,000 for people with IDD compared to 151 per 100,000 for New York State. Differences in cases and mortality rate were confirmed across regions of the state, but case-fatality rate was only higher for people with IDD in and around the New York City region.

    Conclusions: COVID-19 appears to present a greater risk to people with IDD, especially those living in congregate settings. A full understanding of the severity of this risk will not be possible until US states begin publicly sharing all relevant data they have on COVID-19 outcomes among this population.

    Clearly, this population is more vulnerable. But was that because of inherent vulnerability, or because Cuomo’s policies created more risk for infection than in the general population? And even if it’s the former rather than the latter, Cuomo has to explain why he ordered this policy that put more vulnerable people at higher risk — and then never rescinded the order, even after this study showed the dangers of it.”


    Whitmer’s in hot water too. The ax is yet to fall for Murphy and Wolf.


    “Whitmer could face criminal charges over COVID deaths, prosecutor says”

    “A county prosecutor in Michigan told a local news station Monday that Gov. Gretchen Whitmer could possibly face charges for her early handling of nursing homes and other long-term care facilities during the coronavirus pandemic.

    Peter Lucido, the Macomb County prosecutor, told WXYZ.com that he is limited in his own investigation into nursing home deaths, but if it is revealed that there was “willful neglect of office” or “reckless endangerment of a person’s life,” there could be criminal charges.

    Lucido, a former Republican state senator, appealed to those in the state who may have lost loved ones to the virus who were in nursing homes to seek out information about the deaths. He said HIPPAA laws prevent his office from obtaining some patient information.”

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  3. Security Theater will continue for the foreseeable future.

    They heard QAnon was coming for them and they’re really, really scared. Poor things. 🙄

    Be afraid….

    No seriously, stop laughing. This is serious business. We mean it this time….


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  4. The CDC lied?……..

    Oh say it isn’t so….. again.


    “Research Doctors: The CDC Misrepresented Our Data On School Reopenings”

    “When the CDC issued its latest set of pandemic guidelines, many were disappointed, to put it mildly. The revised rules were particularly wishy-washy on the subject of reopening the schools, leaving far too much wiggle room for the teacher’s unions to keep them closed far into the future, or running virtual learning instead of going back to the classrooms. What Dr. Fauci and the leaders of the CDC probably didn’t count on was being challenged based on the science that they were supposedly relying on to guide them. And the challenge in question isn’t coming from any armchair quarterbacks, either. Dr. Tara O. Henderson, Dr. Monica Gandhi, Dr. Tracy Beth Hoeg, and Dr. Daniel Johnson are four of the doctors who conducted one of the major studies of the pandemic in Wisconsin and it was their work being cited by the CDC. Now they’ve published an editorial criticizing the health agency for “misinterpreting” the data and calling for all schools to be reopened for in-person classes. (USA Today)

    The recent school reopening guidance released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is an example of fears influencing and resulting in misinterpretation of science and harmful policy. In the U.S. 50% of schools are closed and more only partially open. President Biden ran on a campaign indicating that science and data would guide his policy. As we approach the anniversary of the first COVID shut down, this approach is needed more than ever, especially when it comes to schools.

    Like in so many states, California and Illinois schools are being hamstrung by the CDC guidance. The guidance does not take into account the data we have regarding little disease transmission in schools. Nor, although the guidance cites the work performed across Wisconsin districts performed by our group and published in the MMWR, does it take that data and new analyses from that dataset into account. Keeping schools closed or even partially closed, based on what we know now is unwarranted, is harming children, and has become a human rights issue.

    Ouch! That had to sting a bit.

    The doctors go on from there to hit the CDC with a barrage of facts that have now been clearly established. They first note that children are the least likely to suffer poor outcomes from COVID. As of March 3, 286 children have died from COVID as compared to more than half a million adults. That’s on par with the number of children who die from pneumonia every year. And at this point, we’re losing more children to suicide than we are to the novel coronavirus.

    They next point out that transmission rates in schools are shockingly low. They cite one Wisconsin community where the test positivity rate reached more than 40%. But among the nearly 5,000 students and 654 staff members participating in classroom education with only minimal precautions, only seven students tested positive over the course of the study. And zero teachers contracted the disease. They go on to say that no data supports the need for six feet of social distancing in schools, a requirement that blocks almost all schools from fully reopening. The doctors provide data showing that three feet of separation is fine.

    After piling on more data from multiple studies, the doctors proclaim that “we must act for the children.” At a minimum, huge numbers of them are receiving either inadequate educational help or, in some cases none at all. But beyond falling behind in their studies, the school closures are taking a mental and emotional toll on kids. As already noted above, suicide rates among children are growing at an alarming rate, largely driven by a lack of social interaction.”


    And just a reminder for the teachers….

    If you can’t teach for fear of Covid, at least refrain from posting your vacation pics online.


    “LA Teacher Warns Union Members Not To Post Vacation Pics While Classrooms Are Still Closed”

    “Every time I think I couldn’t possible loathe teacher’s unions more, they prove me wrong:

    The teachers were urged to keep spring break pictures off social media because it could hurt the union’s argument that it’s currently unsafe to return to the classroom, according to a screenshot that appeared to be from a roughly 5,700 member Facebook group titled, “UTLA FB GROUP- Members Only.”

    “Friendly reminder: If you are planning any trips for Spring Break, please keep that off of Social Media. It is hard to argue that it is unsafe for in-person instruction, if parents and the public see vacation photos and international travel,” a post from the group read, according to FOX 11 of Los Angeles reporter Bill Melugin.

    “Amen,” responded one group member to the post. “Or better yet, don’t travel on spring break and set an example,” wrote another.

    Or even better yet, go back to the classroom and set an example! But LA teachers won’t be doing that. Last week the union voted overwhelmingly not to return to classrooms anytime soon:

    UTLA members have voted overwhelmingly to resist a premature and unsafe physical return to school sites. Over five days of voting March 1 through 5 conducted by Integrity Voting Systems, 24,580 ballots were cast, with 91% Yes ballots (22,480) and 9% No (2,100).

    “This vote signals that in these most trying times, our members will not accept a rushed return that would endanger the safety of educators, students, and families,” UTLA President Cecily Myart-Cruz said.

    The vote result means members remain committed to distance learning until the three safety criteria are met:

    LA County is out of the purple tier
    Staff are either fully vaccinated or provided access to full vaccination
    Safety conditions are in place at our schools including PPE, physical distancing, improved ventilation, and daily cleaning”

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  5. Tychicus; Here’s the letter-to-the-editor that I submitted to the Lewiston Morning Tribune. It was published this past Sunday.


    “When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another’’ – so begins our Declaration of Independence.
    Millions of Americans have taken an oath requiring that we defend our Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. Lately, a question has been plaguing me: ‘At what point does our government become a domestic enemy?’
    Is it when wolves are introduced into the wilderness against the will of local citizens? Probably not, but how about:
    When it fails to secure our borders?
    Or, when it spends generational wealth indebting our great-grandchildren?
    Or, when it grants citizenship to illegal residents?
    Or, when it ignores the multitudes of homeless that roam our streets?
    Or, when it claims ownership of lands in violation of the Constitution?
    Or, when federal agencies are weaponized against political opponents?
    Or, when the tax code is incomprehensible?
    Or, when asylum seekers are strategically settled to affect the political landscape?
    Or, when the Rights granted in the Bill of Rights are curtailed?
    Or, when laws apply to commoners but not the elite?
    Or, when activists are appointed to the Supreme Court?
    The Declaration of Independence continues with, “Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, – – That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it.”
    Is it time to withdraw our consent?

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