52 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-8-21

  1. Michelle, I’ve mentioned that we have transitioned back to our Baltimore church since the one near us, to which we belong, is incorporating a very limited service, with no speaking, no visiting, self-serve communion, forced exit with no socializing allowed, and no greeting by the Pastor before or after.

    Baltimore is an hour drive each way but all six of us agree that it’s well worth it. For the Pastor, who has been there for almost three years, this is also a second-career – or rather more like a fifth considering all he’s done in his mere 38 years on this earth. He, too, was a law-enforcement officer and later a prison guard. He also worked for the NSA in Afghanistan. Along with that, he has a great sense of humor and it is very obvious that he loves his job. Almost every week he makes a comment about loving the congregation and loving being there. I go down to his weekly Bible study on Tuesdays, which is usually two hours long and also another good way to get to know the man. My point is that he is a wonderful Pastor and we feel like his pre-pastor experiences add a lot to his perception and perspective.

    We have pretty much decided that we will transfer back there and continue making the hour drive on Sundays even when everything goes back to some version of normal. I hope that your experience with your new Pastor is every bit as successful.

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  2. Good morning, Cheryl. You are indeed, First!

    The garbage pickup already came by just before Art went out to his car. I decided to go get the can from the street while he waited. He caught Miss Bosley nosing open the door as she does at every opportunity. She was probably surprised to see him instead of the usual, moi. Surprise, Gotcha!

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  3. Chas was here before today’s blog came up.
    He then had something to do, then forgot about the blog. Until now.

    But I have company now.

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  4. Morning! It is a cloudy but warmish morning here in the forest. We are all preparing for a “huge” snow coming in mid week. It should be only about a foot but the store shelves will be emptied by days end 🙃 ( I will be filling up some jugs of water in case we lose power…the well will shut off and sometimes you just have to flush!!)
    I with you Debra…it’s going to be a lovely day given to us and I will enjoy every second of it! 😊

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  5. Good morning one and all. Same here. A beautiful day. Made a short video for grandson in Virginia on the chores this morning. He enjoys them.
    Chas gets a lot more company than I do. His place is hopping.

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  6. And that header photo is wonderful…the low fog over the water…oh to see it when the trees are fully leafed! I believe the earthy scents back east are so much richer than those here thus spiking the senses…I need to take a trip back home!


  7. The birthday tree needs to get moving toward blooming by the 11th. It’s really late this year. Tomorrow is our 36th anniversary. How did that happen? I just sent Wesley a reminder of those things.

    I made biscuits and cornbread two days ago to be able to cook dressing for our special meals to celebrate this week.

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  8. Need advice about something related to the neighbor who had the problem with putting in the underground cable line. She has zoysia grass that has creeped over into my yard which looks bad on my side since it turns yellow and looks dead in winter. I have thought of asking her if she wants to dig it up and use it to plug bare spots in her yard. If I were her that is what I would appreciate rather than if I just pulled it up and put it in the trash bin. What do you think, my wise counselors?

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  9. Speaking of mice in pianos: We were given a big, old upright by my folks. We never realized it probably came with a mouse. I only remember having one mouse in our house and one bat. I wonder if this was when we had the mouse, but I am not sure. It was only later when we had the piano keys (which were mostly linoleum when we got it) replaced by our piano tuner. He found a mouse nest packed in under the keys! He tuned the piano every year for years. The first time it took him three hours. After that it took a lot less time. I haven’t had it tuned now for a few years. I would have liked to give it to one of my daughters, but it would cost a whole lot to rent a vehicle and move it that far. The outside needs to be refinished. We were offered a spinet, but my daughters preferred the rich sound of the one we have. It was really a gift from God.

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  10. Thanks, Linda, and I’m glad you’re back in a place where you can experience a richer worship experience.

    Our current pastor has been here for 40years–has married and baptized a lot of people and is well known. But he’s tired and his wife would like him to ease back.

    With all our moves, a new pastor is not as big an issue for us as it is for most of the rest of the congregation, so I know there will be a period of massive change.

    But, we’ve been through so much as a congregation, particularly the last five years, we’re looking forward to some sort of a difference.

    After we went to the head elder’s house for a dinner to meet Pastor G and his family–which I think we did five times during COVID (shhhhhhh. I wore my mask and spent as much time as possible outside at a distance)–I told my house, “there’s our new pastor.”

    I did prefer the last one we met–he’s more my style in the intellectual sense–but Pastor G is a kind, open-hearted man. (As is our current pastor). I can get my intellectual needs met on the Internet, in books, and conversation. My congregation (and probably me, too) needs a pastor.

    So, thanks be to God.

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  11. FYI. I have an interesting 3-page article on “God’s order for Government,” that some will find helpful as we move forward into the new normal. If you would like to read it, I’d be happy to send it to you.

    We’ve found it’s given us a sad, but reasonable understanding of what could be happening in our country through a spiritual lens.

    I also could excerpt it here. It was written by a member of our church, well-educated and seminary trained, but not a church worker. He doesn’t mind me sharing it, but prefers to remain anonymous.

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  12. Michelle, I’d be interested, thanks.

    I talk to my house sometimes.

    I’m still going through a period of mental life-change readjustment, I think, that was sparked by many things, but most recently by the death of my 2 friends (especially Shirley, my childhood pal, who “went” so unexpectedly).

    And, of course, just the unnaturalness of the past year with the Covid lockdowns and restrictions has added to it all immensely. “My” world feels different. I look forward to going to bed every night; sleep, I think, is something of an escape for me during times of stress (it was for my mom, too, I remember her telling me that when my dad was so sick and she was working full time trying to hold it all together).

    I am grateful for work, much as I dread Mondays. But it provides me with a needed schedule right now, the days are full and they scoot by quickly, giving me a set order to my days and evenings. And I think spring (and the upcoming time change) may help — again, much as I love the cooler and (wishful thinking mostly out here these days) rainy weather.

    My one cousin and I are already talking about a lunch out soon, now that we’re in our post-vaccination days; my friend in the SF Valley and I also are planning a visit maybe around June. I haven’t seen her in a year and a half.

    And I’ll be back in “real” in-person church shortly, I was going to go yesterday but never received the RSVP email (limited numbers allowed in the early service still) for some reason last week so I let it slide. I’m hoping we’ll be back to our regular single Sunday morning service soon, maybe this summer? The services are still divided between the more socially-distanced setting (the early service) and a later one that’s been very loose with no restrictions (and with several being hit with Covid as a result, unfortunately). This year has taken a toll on our elders, with 3-4 of them choosing recently to take a break and step aside for a while now. The remark was made during yesterday’s congregational prayer that the elder board is “running on fumes.” Stressful doesn’t begin to sum it all up, I’m sure.

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  13. Janice I would probably tell neighbor that I am planning to pull the creeping grass away from my side of the fence line. I would then ask her if she would like it to use as a replenisher for her lawn before I pitch it 😊

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  14. I am so tired, and have felt pretty grumpy and grumbly at times today.

    Last night was one of the nights I had an especially hard time falling asleep. This morning, I had to get up early to get Boy off to the school bus stop. After being up and around for about 45 minutes, I went up to tell Boy that it was time to get ready to go out. He was still asleep in his bed.

    Why was he asleep in his bed at that time? Because there is no school today. But nobody told me. I could have slept in. Grrrr…

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  15. That is helpful as a solution, Nancyjill. I guess I am reluctant to dig it myself because I have never done the plugs that she has done from another neighbor’s yard (who has since moved away so she would not have access there now). I would just scape the surface and jumble the soil to plant my groundcover there without being careful of the grassroots. I don’t have a lot of energy to spare for such things, and it will take all I have to get my own plants planted. But to tell her my plans upfront in a phone call seems a good neighborly start.

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  16. On a nice day, Elvera and I used to go onto the deck and sit in the sun a while together. Nothing special, just sitting.

    This is the first nice day of the year. I went onto the deck to sit in the sun a while. I sat there. By myself.
    Surprising how much difference it makes.

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  17. Just this morning I had the opportunity to share that nugget of wisdom with oldest daughter. She and third son and I are doing a challenge by his pastor. Reading through Ephesians every day this week. I asked them both what stood out to each of them. One said predestination. The other said that God loves us. I told her that that was a huge statement and gave Chas’s rendition. She got it. Thanks Chas, you probably thing “well duh, what a small thing to have said”. But it has resonated and continues to do so.

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  18. Yay for sitting outdoors

    Do you have any squirrels or other critters to watch? I’ve had squirrels playing in my yard recently and a friend a few blocks away said he has been feeding his (not a good idea to feed wildlife, but it gives him joy).

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  19. Thanx Mumsee.
    I do have squirrels. That’s all.
    I don’t throw meat outside like I do other edibles because I don’t want to attract meat-eaters. Just squirrels.

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  20. Husband built a bird house for the flickers….the first of three types of houses. He placed it high on a pine yesterday afternoon and this morning we were observing Mr and Mrs going to and fro inside and out. They have staked out their claim and it is now theirs!
    I purchased a casserole dish with the warming carrier this morning and when I got home I noticed on the underside of the one handle there is a big chip…it was packed that way as there is not piece of glass anywhere….so…off I will go back into town to exchange it…this time I will be taking it out of the carrier before I leave the premises! Oy’!

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  21. A hanging bird feeder was a bad option here when I had one some years ago — the birds attracted the squirrels and the squirrels attracted the dogs and round and round they went. Before someone was killed, I decided to retire it.

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  22. I meant to mention this morning that the Dodge Dakota has been brought back. (Someone brought it up yesterday) We have an older Dakota and love it. It is only two wheel drive, however, and I would like at least one two wheel drive vehicle. Our driveway can be difficult to get into with the snowplow bump at the end at times. Our very nice neighbor does plow it sometimes and also under the mail box. It can get too hard for the snow blower. I am not sure if the name will be a problem sometime in the future, since there are two states with Dakota in their name. Some people definitely have too much time on their hands these days.

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  23. Chas, my hope is that you can soon reminisce without sadness about those sweet times and enjoy daydreams about them. Some of us don’t have that kind of sweet memory. If I go out and sit on my front porch, I will listen to the birds and feel close to God the Creator.

    It is a beautiful day here, and I have been outside sweeping leaves out from the carport. There are always more! I have to be thankful for them because ultimately it means we have thriving trees.


  24. I talked to my friend Karen earlier. They are still adjusting to her husband’s retirement. They are seeking to purchase their own first home. They have always rented. Her health is still not what it should be.


  25. We feed the birds, which also means we feed the squirrels. This entertains the dogs 🙂 No one gets hurt. But, we will soon stop filling the feeder as the bears will be waking up soon (if not already) and feeders are sometimes the easiest food they can find in the early spring – don’t want to attract those animals!

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  26. Ha! Janice the casserole dish and carrier were made in USA…I drove back into town and exchanged it for an undamaged one.
    There is a large herd of deer roaming out on the property right now. Since the snow is melting they are looking for some sweet grass or weeks…or whatever they can spy!
    We feed the birds mostly during the winter. We have many juncos and in the spring the bluebirds come back. And of course we take care of the hummingbirds during the summer.
    The squirrels are pesky…the dog likes to chase them away…and we let her 😊

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  27. Around here, we had a big write up in the paper about salmonella in birds. Seems they flock together at feeders and end up eating through bird droppings and get sick. Clean your bird feeders regularly. In our case, the wild birds fly into the chicken and turkey runs and dine on their food which puts them into the same predicament. Rather than flying hither and yon as birds are wont to do, they gather and eat out of a community area. Nice for us if we keep the area clean.

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  28. I’d love to have a bird feeder but my desperate cat would try to kill anything that stopped by. She gets near-hysterical if birds even stop by to drink from the fountain!

    BTW, the nearby garden supply company told me to make sure there’s running water in the fountain–apparently humming birds and others need the water running.

    Who knew?

    Not me.

    I’ve sent off the Biblical view of Government paper to those who asked.

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  29. Chas, you have mentioned that the Bible says there will be no marriage in heaven. And I have given that thought. On earth, marriage is for creating new life and raising it up. There will be no need for that in heaven. That is how my thinking has progressed so far. Any thoughts?

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  30. Janice, that is part of the reason for marriage but not the only reason–or marriage between two people past childbearing age would be illegitimate. When my husband and I married, one daughter was in high school and one in college, so I helped only minimally in their rearing, and I was past the age of bearing children. When my mom and my stepdad married, all their children were grown and gone, and had been for several years, but they were still married.

    Marriage is foundationally a picture of Christ and His church, and it also establishes community. (It is not good for man to be alone.) I personally don’t think it’s legitimate to marry and choose a childless marriage, but children are not the only reason for marriage.

    We know almost nothing about community in eternity. In what sorts of communities will we live? Will we sleep? Will eating be “necessary”? How will we travel from one place to another? Will we all do everything well, or will people specialize? We know we will worship and serve Christ, all our needs will be met, and it will be beautiful. But we know almost nothing about the day-to-day functioning.

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  31. Sitting on the deck, watching the birds at the bird feeder, raking up leaves — my only outside time today will be picking up dog poop. Yes, life is so exciting.

    I pulled the short straw today and had to cover the daily LA County coronavirus numbers updates, a news conference that’s been a staple for us since last March. I haven’t had to do it in a while, but today was my day. Our numbers are continuing to go down leading the health officer to say “we’re not ‘there’ yet — but we’re getting there”

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  32. Thanks, Mumsee. That paper has reframed the issue for me–and takes some of the sting out of it.

    Did I say this above (feeling a bit ding-y as I prepare to sign off?)–after my Forgiveness class today, I realized I need to forgive my local government, along with everyone else in government, and pray for them.

    My cynicism has been a problem and gets in the way of my ability to pray well for many in governmental positions. 😦

    It was quite a day in the confession and asking for forgiveness arena!

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  33. Janice @ 6:27
    I have forgotten, and don”t have time to research it now, where that comes from. I think at the raising of Lazarus.
    Anyhow: I suspect that there is no physical differences of men’women in the New Jerusalem.

    There is more than I care to tackle right now.

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  34. I have had the news on all morning. If there had been activity in Chick-fil-a, it would likely be on the morning news.
    More important than Biden at the border.


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