Prayer Requests 3-6-21

Anyone have something to share?

Psalm 28

Of David.

To you, Lord, I call;
    you are my Rock,
    do not turn a deaf ear to me.
   For if you remain silent,
    I will be like those who go down to the pit.
Hear my cry for mercy
    as I call to you for help,
   as I lift up my hands
    toward your Most Holy Place.

Do not drag me away with the wicked,
    with those who do evil,
   who speak cordially with their neighbors
    but harbor malice in their hearts.
Repay them for their deeds
    and for their evil work;
   repay them for what their hands have done
    and bring back on them what they deserve.

Because they have no regard for the deeds of the Lord
    and what his hands have done,
   he will tear them down
    and never build them up again.

Praise be to the Lord,
    for he has heard my cry for mercy.
The Lord is my strength and my shield;
    my heart trusts in him, and he helps me.
   My heart leaps for joy,
    and with my song I praise him.

The Lord is the strength of his people,
    a fortress of salvation for his anointed one.
Save your people and bless your inheritance;
    be their shepherd and carry them forever.

19 thoughts on “Prayer Requests 3-6-21

  1. 6, you said yesterday you wouldn’t keep reporting on your Covid situation unless it was really big news, but I wouldn’t mind knowing and praying for individuals as the illnesses come and go.

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  2. OK, thanks for your concern, Kevin and all who “like”d, “second”ed, and “amen”ed. 🙂

    Some of this will be repetition, but here’s what we have so far:

    Hubby: initially diarrhea, fatigue, cough. Cough persisting. Fatigue less. Not sure about diarrhea; I think that’s over.

    6th Arrow (starting two days after her dad): low grade fever, cough, sore throat, diminished taste, fatigue, body aches; all mild and still persisting.

    Me: sore throat, low grade fever, fatigue on Thursday and Friday; mild sore throat only, today.

    No symptoms with 3rd, 4th, and 5th Arrows at this time, that I’m aware of. I asked them to let me know if they develop some, but even if they don’t, I’m guessing I might see that “sick look” around their eyes like I see with hubby and 6th.

    Thank you for praying us through this.

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  3. My sister’s MIL passed away yesterday. This is the grandmother and great-grandmother of the family killed in the helicopter crash early this year. She was the second sweetest woman in the world (I was blessed to meet and chat with her a few times). She will be missed by her family and her dear friends. (My step-mom is her sister-in-law).

    As my sister messaged me yesterday “Mom is in glory” So thankful for the legacy she has passed down to her descendants.

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  4. Sorry to hear of your sister’s MIL passing. Sad for that lady’s family as they endure another loss so close to the previous loss, but glad to hear of her heritage of faith. Prayers.

    I forgot to report that 6th Arrow also has nasal congestion. The good news, though, is that she told me just now that the congestion and the cough are the only symptoms remaining tonight: the rest of her symptoms I listed above are all gone now. She looks and sounds so much better. Thank you for praying for her!

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  5. Please pray for wisdom for me. A dear piano student asked a question that’s probably been asked many times by others, but I don’t recall ever having an opportunity to answer.

    I emailed my piano parents (and high school students) to inform them that lessons would all be virtual this week like they were last week, if I’m able to teach. (They know my husband has covid, and that I’ve now developed symptoms of it.)

    One of the moms (of a high school student) wrote me back, offering assistance and telling me that her daughter said in response to my email, “Oh, [Six] is so nice. Why do bad things happen to good people?”

    (This is a sweet, caring family who had covid go through their household a few months ago.)

    Thanks for praying.

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  6. Forgot to mention that the mom above said that her daughter is sad about this. Pray for N as led. Thank you.

    (Hoping also my post just above didn’t sound conceited.)

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  7. Oh Kare isn’t it just the sweetest and saddest time? Know they are finally in the presence of our Lord which is what we all long for but those left behind missing the precious moment of being in their presence with all the wisdom and sweetness of their years impacting our lives? Praying for the family in these coming days.
    My friend who winters in AZ was telling me of a dear 100 year old neighbor who sits by the pool every single day. As she passes him on her daily walks he raises his hands and reminds all the residents to “not to be in such a hurry” in this life. Take time to be with others, listen and enjoy…she , having Parkinson’s which is having more of an impact on her health, drinks in his enthusiasm and joy of living!

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  8. Oh, thank you, Cheryl. It means so much to me. There really aren’t any words to say how much. I’m deeply grateful.

    My last prayer request on this weekend thread will be for stamina heading into this week. School starting again tomorrow; and 30 piano lessons this week. Well no, 29 actually, since my 3-year-old doesn’t do virtual lessons. I’m hoping to be able to continue teaching this week; I was blessed to only be very mildly sick the second half of last week’s lessons, with the ability to teach through it. (Though I was pretty tired by my 8:00pm ending time on Monday and Thursday, my longest teaching days.)

    Pray that health improvement will continue for the three of us at home who got sick, especially my husband, as his case was definitely not mild, and that the other three here will remain well.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    And I think I’ll get in one more Lions To All. 🙂

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