25 thoughts on “News/Politics 2-27-21

  1. When you’ve lost Talcum X this soon, you got problems.


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  2. The Fascist Democrats & the Fake Insurrection


    “In less than a month in office, the Biden administration has clearly defined itself and its party as a fascist vanguard, driven by a racist agenda, and unconstrained by constitutional principle. It chooses to rule by presidential diktat, even though it controls both Houses of Congress. It is an aggressive pursuer of political division behind a deceptive smokescreen of “healing” and “unity,” It is busily exploiting a fake “armed insurrection” to justify witch-hunts of the military, the capital police, members of Congress and the opposition media, at the moment Fox and Newsmax, whom they want to suppress. Its legislative radicals have called for the expulsion of half the Republican conference, without rebuke from their leaders. Because these actions are indefensible in a democracy, the Democrat Party is brazenly advancing these destructive, anti-democratic measures using Orwellian doublespeak.

    Thus, Merrick Garland, Biden’s nominee to be the chief law enforcement officer of the land, has claimed under oath that terrorist acts can only be committed in the daytime – a transparent move to protect the domestic terrorists of the left who laid siege to 220 American cities at night last summer, showing utter contempt for authority and law, while attacking federal buildings and local police offices along the way. In other words the fake insurrection in the Capitol – an event conducted mainly by Trump supporters in which only Trump supporters died – is an act of domestic terrorism because it took place in the daytime. But violent armed insurrections and attacks on federal buildings conducted by leftists at night, cannot be regarded as terrorist events. How can Americans expect blind justice from a sophist like this? The nauseating sophistry has an obvious bottom line. Only violent protests by Trump supporters can justify the political witch-hunts and purges the Democrats are currently conducting against all conservatives and Republicans.

    The so-called “armed insurrection” in the Capitol on January 6 was used to impeach Trump? It was allegedly so dangerous as to justify impeaching him after he left office? But it deserves to be called a “fake armed insurrection” because there were no firearms present, and no plausible plan to overthrow the government. The malicious fantasy that this effort was an armed attempt to overthrow the government is just that: a malicious fantasy.

    Four people died at the event – all unarmed. The one who didn’t die of a heart attack, stroke or medical emergency, Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt, was murdered by a Capitol police officer – with no consequences to the officer. The Capitol police officer who died – Brian Suknick, and was laid in state and honored by Democrats as a defender of their faith, died of indeterminate causes the day after the melee, and was a Trump supporter.

    The January 6 mob scene, according to investigators, was planned by “Oath Keepers” – a fringe pro-Trump group – two months before Trump gave the speech for which he was impeached under the bogus charge that he had “incited an insurrection.” In fact, he had offered to deploy 10,000 National Guardsmen to defend the Capitol for the January 6 certification. Some insurrectionist!

    Trump’s infamous speech was perfectly normal, law-abiding and democratic. It was given a mile from the Capitol and was an appeal to his supporters to stiffen the spines of Republican members of Congress so they would challenge the election result. This was something Democrats and their impeachment leader – the devious Jamie Raskin – had done at the certification hearings in 2017 after Trump’s election (and also in 2001 and 2005 after both Bush elections). Democrats’ hypocrisy apparently knows no limits and no restraints and evidently has no decency filter. If Trump’s supporters failed to stiffen the spines of “weak Republicans” as Trump urged them to do in so many words at the Ellipse, they needed to go back home and primary them in the 2022 elections. Totally respectful of the democratic process.

    The reality is that given the three months of violent assaults by Black Lives Matter and Antifa criminals on 220 American cities last summer, January 6 was an unexceptional event. Where was the respect for government courthouses, national monuments, police stations and public order all summer? For three months and more, those violent insurrectionary riots were supported by Vice President Kamala Harris and the Democrat Party leadership, and even funded by them.

    Thanks to the Democrats, violent attacks on people and property and government buildings had become a “cultural norm” – to use Biden’s unconscionable phrase for looking away when confronted by Chinese genocide and enslavement of 2 million Uighur Muslims. Yet with the help of cowardly Republicans, afraid to call these aggressions by their proper names, the Democrats were able to turn the Capitol melee into a preposterous Reichstag Fire – the same that provided Hitler, the elected chancellor of the Weimar Republic with an excuse for destroying the Republic and silencing his opponents.”

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  3. Awwwww…..

    The honeymoon is officially over. 🙂


    You mad, Bro? 🙂

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  4. ———-

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  5. Rules for R’s, but not for D’s, right Senile Joe?


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  7. So congress passed their 2. Whatever trillion “Covid relief” package and the wicked witch of the west gets her wish list fulfilled?! Unbelievable and I am seeing some democrats who voted for Biden and his ilk are getting a bit antsy at what is happening to this this nation?! Wake up people we told ya it was going to be a bumpy ride if you did this…hang on to your hats!! Oh and don’t come bellyaching to me…I told ya so!!

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  8. Well if this week proved anything its the socialists are not in charge and Biden/Harris aren’t socialist. Syrian gets bombed and the $15/hr min wage gets taken out of the covid package. It would be the other way around if the left was in charge. And I think in the spirt of the last two posts, I told you so….

    This fake insurrection meme is amusing — almost everyone arrested was a Trump supporter and almost everyone who was injured or died were Trump supporters (With the exception of the 100+ police officiers who are claiming PTSD….have to love the men in blue; if there’s any union that needs oversight its the police union). Its obvious that they were there “to stop the steal” etc — the rhetoric had been going on for three months. As for the lack of the National Guard — the mayor requested it but its the White House who has to order them out — the Trump admin did not approve her request. You can’t say Trump offered the Guard when he is the one with the power over the DC National Guard — it was requested and then denied. I’m sure they’ll find some one in the admin to thow under the bus.

    In his testimony to the Senate, Garland defined domestic terrorism as “the use of violence or threats of violence iin an attempt to disrupt the democratic process”. With this definition, I think Jan 6 qualifies but most BLM protests don’t. The anrachists in Seattle and Portland might qualify. BLM isn’t an attempt to subvert democracy rather its to contain the use of power by the police. Any criminal activity that occurs during a demonstration is oppurtunism. Interestingly, he doesn’t see the need for new criminal legislation, both parties have tried this in the past, rather he will use existing law. I imagine RICO will be broadly interpreted. Not sure where the night/day thing played a role in his definition.


  9. I’m not sure on the particulars of the Syrian bomnbing ie the justification, targets, and logistics. However, on the level of grand strategy, the bombing is a message to Assad, Putin and the Kurds. Assad has been told he’s no longer safe, Putin has been told that Syria is no longer in the Russia sphere of interest and that US will be more assertive and finally the Kurds are being told their American ally is back. I’m not sure if Trump’s Syria policy was subservience to Putin or a genuine ideological aberration of foreign wars, but its back to the traditional US post WWII foreign policy — the same whether its Democrat or Republican.

    Of course, there will be handwringing on the right over the power of the presidency and the unconstitutional use of force; handwinging that’s been absent for for four years. The left of course has been far more consistent. At least it doesn’t play party favors with its anti-war stance.


  10. Every aminstration — US, Canada etc — tries to manipulate press conference rules to favor the press that likes them and also to ensure the best possible messaging happens. Trump did, now Biden did. Four years ago, the centrist media complain they were ignored or marginalized and I’m sure the right will complain and whine now. Its all highly ritualistic and isnt’ worth getting excited about — most of these press conferences are useless and are 15 second sound bite worthy only.


  11. Socialists not in charge? You cannot be serious?!! Just because 15 min wage didn’t make it?
    $100 million for a controversial subway sought by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s allies in Silicon Valley,
    $1.5 million for a bridge in New York sought by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer,
    $350 billion to bail out mainly badly run Democrat states and cities,
    $85 billion to fund badly run Democrat pension schemes,
    $35 billion to fund ObamaCare subsidies,
    $15 billion to expand Medicaid,
    $500 million in grants “to fund activities related to the arts, humanities, libraries and museums,”
    $1 billion for world food assistance,
    $3.5 billion for food stamps,
    The bill also pays over $100 billion to already-funded schools

    This is definitely not for Covid relief! It is a leftist/socialist agenda…yes…the socialist are in charge!

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  12. subway, bridge? — pork or infrastructure; your pick

    obamacare, medicaid? — necessary public health funding, only in the US is public health considered socialist

    food stamps? — never understood the program. Its a waste of money and bureacracy. Just give the poor money or better yet increase the minimum wage since most food stamp recipents actually work. Food stamps is a massive agriculture subsidy, which has bipartisan support. And why the federal gov’t runs it is beyond me.

    The rest is pork….not much different from any budget the senate passes no matter the party.

    I’m a socialist; this isn’t socialism.


  13. I know many, many people who have not had jobs since their twenties or ever and yet they have always had health care in the United States. People who are now in their seventies. Many states provided health care when someone could not afford it. Many doctors and hospitals helped people who could never pay.

    Food stamps are meant for FOOD. Even with the system in place they are sold for drugs etc. Thus, the children who are meant to be fed go without. If we just hand over the money even more children will go hungry. We have multiples of food programs in the United States. I agree the bureaucrats gain more than the people.

    I agree it is not total socialism, but it is moving that way. It is moving to make everyone dependent on the government and that is a dangerous place to be. It is why some even want to limit charity. More to be dependent on government and more to give jobs to cronies.

    Government is necessary, but too much government is not a good thing. God, himself, warned his people of that when they wanted a king. He warned them they would become slaves to support that king. I want government to help people and do what government should do, I do not want it to be the be all and end all.

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  14. Socialism provides and manages healthcare and education. Throwing billions more for Obamacare and Medicaid… and throwing billions more into the educational system that is more than heavily funded already?….yeah…that is the socialistic approach to turning this nation on it’s head…if it quacks like a duck…it’s a duck. If it smells like a socialist…it’s socialism!


  15. What will Biden do?

    I mean besides cower in the White House, like he’s done since day one.



  16. Resisting gov’t management soley for ideological reasons doesn’t make sense. For example, electrical distribution are best managed and even owned by the gov’t — there’s no incentive for private corporations to invest in secure distribution networks as supply and demand rewards companies during blackouts. Texas demonstrates the need for gov’t mangement of utilities. Similarly, the US spends more per person on public health care yet doesn’t cover everyone and has substandard outcomes. Instead of a haphazard and multiple programs, it makes more sense to have one universal health care system with costs managed by the gov’t in one from or other. The US instead refuses to take the effecient route as its deemed socialist.

    Food stamp and debit card programs along with social worker oversight are employed to ensure parents don’t abuse gov’t assistance. However, most people who collect food assistance actually work, its obvious they have a commitmet to their children. I find it odd that gov’ts (incl Canadaian) spent far more money to ensure parents buy food for their children than on oversight of billions used to subsidize and support corporations. I think the latter needs more oversight, especially since the money involved is far larger. Why nickel and dime parents when the franklins are floating in the corporate ether.


  17. Not sure of your point here AJ — you criticize Biden for intervening in Syria and now you say he’s cowering behind his desk in the Yemen civil war. The dispute goes back decades to British colonialism, the Cold War and Sunni-Shia rivalry. It also serves as a proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Isreal vs Iran and Qatar. There’s no real point for the US to be here — the best thing they can do is stay away.


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