59 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-24-21

  1. Cheryl,

    Still nothing. Perhaps send one with just a couple of pics and see if it goes thru. Or try my other email. Thanks.


  2. Good morning. We got snow overnight but haven’t been out yet to see how much. Just put little girl back to bed so will be heading out soon. It is getting light.

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  3. Good morning! And good bedtime for Jo 💤
    Almost time for Bible study with the Wonderful
    Women of Wednesday.♡ By this afternoon we expect 70°. It’s a beautiful sunny day.


  4. My aunt has passed away. These past few days, two of her son’s, her stepdaughter, her husband and her brother who lives nearest took turns waiting by her bedside. The son who is in Asia phoned to let my mother know this morning.

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  5. It is indeed a beautiful day out this morning. The birds are singing. The snow is soft and beautiful, two or three new inches. Feels mid teens so probably low twenties out with the wind blowing.


  6. Kathaleena (from last night) – The cake was cool, but the buttercream dollops with the truffles were on top of smooth ganache. If the cake hadn’t turned into the Leaning Tower of Pisa, they would have stayed put, as three of them did. I’m glad that her reaction was to laugh at it rather than get frustrated.

    Btw, I am exaggerating a bit on how far the cake leaned. But that is what I called it yesterday. 🙂

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  7. Last night I tried to make one more comment, but my laptop got glitchy. If it had been earlier in the evening, I would have restarted it and tried again, but it was already close to bedtime, so I shut it down for the night. Here’s the comment I was trying to type and post:

    DJ – re: these quotes from the article you shared:

    “Some Southern Baptist leaders, including Greear and ethicist Russell Moore, have been accused of leading the denomination in a “liberal direction” because of their openness to addressing issues of race and social justice.”

    “Greear said that he and other SBC leaders have been lied about, called liberal and accused of trying to destroy the convention.”

    It’s too bad that some people are so entrenched in their staunch “conservative” views (or at least what they think should be conservative views) that anything that questions those views or tries to bring some nuance in to those issues is automatically decried as “liberal”. And having thus labeled them as such, they can dismiss them out of hand and not even consider them.

    And the left does the same thing on their side. (I’m not picking on conservatives.) It is sad and disturbing how rabidly partisan so many people have become, even in the church.

    (To be clear, I am not saying that staunch conservatives or liberals have to agree with views that are not to their liking, but that they should at least try to understand them and not merely dismiss them as being from the other side of the political spectrum. Something being a “liberal view” or a “conservative view” is not a valid reason to reject it.)

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  8. I am sorry for your family’s loss Roscuro….praying for His comfort to see you through the coming days….
    I know many if not most denominations run into disagreements…liberals, progressives, conservatives. If is sad when the outside views the dissection within the “church”. My unbelieving friends always point out to the “hypocrisy” and “worldliness” of “so called” Christians. I have had many an interesting discussion with my neighbor who was raised in the SB church. She has such hostility towards Christians…labeling “fake”. I pray her heart would soften towards our Lord.
    I must admit I cannot wrap my mind around the mind of a liberal. They are all running this country now and we are in the midst of insanity….

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  9. Condolences on your family’s loss Roscuro.

    Cheryl, got most of them now. The first email said 4 but only 2 birds showed up, a cardinal and a cute little bluebird. The second had all 4, another cardinal, a woodpecker, and 2 snow.

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  10. This may or may not be the way it plays out, it is — like everything else — all in God’s hand for his purpose, after all. But for those who need a little mood boost and, at the very least, some hopeful thinking:



    The Most Likely Timeline for Life to Return to Normal

    An uncertain spring, an amazing summer, a cautious fall and winter, and then, finally, relief.

    The end of the coronavirus pandemic is on the horizon at last, but the timeline for actually getting there feels like it shifts daily, with updates about viral variants, vaccine logistics, and other important variables seeming to push back the finish line or scoot it forward. When will we be able to finally live our lives again?

    Pandemics are hard to predict accurately, but we have enough information to make some confident guesses. A useful way to think about what’s ahead is to go season by season. In short: Life this spring will not be substantially different from the past year; summer could, miraculously, be close to normal; and next fall and winter could bring either continued improvement or a moderate backslide, followed by a near-certain return to something like pre-pandemic life. …

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  11. …. (cont’d): It’s unlikely that enough people will get vaccinated in the spring to restore normalcy. In fact, experts fear that the pandemic could get much worse in the near term, because variants of the virus that are more contagious or vaccine-resistant than the original version have begun circulating in the United States. The damage those variants will do is still unknown; “March to May is the mystery,” as my colleague Robinson Meyer wrote earlier this month.

    The good news, though, is that even with these variants, existing vaccines appear to reduce the risk of severe illness, meaning more and more people will be protected as vaccinations continue. And vaccines can change individuals’ risk calculus. Ashish Jha, the dean of Brown University’s School of Public Health, told me that in a month or so, in the absence of a variant-driven surge, he’d probably be comfortable going to a friend’s house for a drink, mask-free and indoors, if he and his friend were both fully vaccinated. “As we get into late spring, a lot of that stuff—the smaller gatherings of vaccinated people—I think starts becoming quite possible,” Jha said.

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  12. Christians’ open involvement in political movements isn’t necessarily wise (sometimes that’s putting it mildly), particularly when it comes to mass gatherings on one “side” or another (and candidates or political campaigns on which Christians simply do and will disagree).

    As we’ve seen, those gatherings can be a flashpoint that too easily becomes unruly. I cringe when I see a banner with a cross on it amid some of those gone-bad melees. And the symbolism is not lost, either, on the outside world.

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  13. Our pastor will discuss some current issues occasionally from the pulpit, but never political campaigns and certainly not specific candidates — we don’t hand out “voter guides” or suggest how anyone should vote when it comes to candidates or parties.

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  14. AJ, I separated out the first two birds and sent them in a separate email from two photos of frost–I’ll resend the frost shots, as they are two of my favorite photos of late and one of them is now the all-time favorite of others of my photos on Flickr.


  15. I have never heard a pastor here preach from the pulpit about how to vote. And I have never heard one speak personally on the subject. The closest thing to that was a pastor’s wife who had a bumper sticker supporting Kerry. I did not think it proper, but never would have said anything about it. I suppose I considered it “borderline behavior” that deserved grace.


  16. Thank you all for your words of sympathy. There is always a sense of both sorrow and joy when a loved one dies in the Lord, joy that their race is finished and they are at rest from their labours, sorrow that we will not be able to fellowship in person with them anymore in this life.

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  17. I am sorry for your loss Roscuro.

    I have been busy. I wasn’t this busy before the market crash. I haven’t worked for this. It has all come by referral from other agents. I had to hire a Transaction Coordinator (she has her own company and charges per transaction). She is wrangling me in and keeping me from dropping something important.
    I am extremely thankful. I have 4 properties that should close in March and one in May.

    I am showing property Saturday for one of my agents. People decided to come in to buy a beach house on the very day he and his family leave for St Thomas.

    I listed my aunt’s house yesterday. She was married to my Uncle Charles He is the one that died the morning Little Miss was born. We have been talking about this for a long time and I have been telling her we are on her schedule. I had pullled the numbers on the house. I asked her if she has a number in mind. She said $230k. I loved it when I was able to tell her “I don’t think so. I think we will list at $340k. I can’t wait to sell it. She is going to buy a motor coach and she and her oldest daughter are going traveling. 💕💕💕

    Needless to say my brain is tired.
    I miss all of you but need to make hay to put in the barn for when this ride ends. Rates are creeping back up. We are refinancing our house and locked in Friday which means we will have a mortgage left to pay off at 2.375%.

    Ok so I have told you my whole 2021 so far in one post.

    Lions to all.

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  18. I was off duty so ran upstairs and hit the bike. Not literally. I got on the stationary bike and took it for a spin.

    LIons to all.

    Actually, in case you are wondering, Kim, I am quite proud of you. Sounds like you are doing what you are called to do and doing it well. We have not taken the refinance step yet.

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  19. Mumsee – Your comment about running upstairs and hitting the bike put this silly picture in my mind: You run upstairs, keep running, run into the bike, and flip right over it! 😀


  20. Well, after the clear morning, as soon as school was ready to dismiss, the clouds let loose with a torrential downpour. So glad that our returning folks made it in yesterday. Oh, please pray for a lost bag from someones luggage that has essential medicines that she was bringing back for someone else. Not many places it could be, but it is needed by tomorrow.

    The thunder and lightening here is rather scary. Why am I on the computer you ask?????

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  21. The store is out of pickles, but I found a pouch of bread and butter pickles from Mount Olive, North Carolina. Chas, if you got some at the store, we could be eating the same thing!!

    The store is getting rather sparse. Rumor has it that there is a container in country that hasn’t made it up here yet. Let’s hope and pray that it is so.


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