12 thoughts on “News/Politics 2-18-21

  1. He doesn’t care. It was a ploy for the young and stupid vote. It worked. He got their votes. And they still have the debt he promised to lift from their shoulders.


    “Biden on cancelling $50,000 in student debt: ‘I will not make that happen'”

    “Democrats have been pushing President Joe Biden to cancel $50,000 in federally-held student loan debt for roughly 43 million Americans through executive order. The president is not planning on doing that.

    “I will not make that happen,” Biden said during a CNN town hall on Tuesday night when asked if he would support cancellation of $50,000, adding that it “depends on whether or not you go to a private or public university” and that he’s opposed to saying that he was going to “forgive the debt, billions of dollars of debt, for people who have gone to Harvard and Yale and Penn.”

    Forgiving $50,000 for each borrower would cost roughly $1 trillion. The president argued that money would be better used “to provide for early education for young children who come from disadvantaged circumstances” and free community college.

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    Yahoo Finance
    Biden on cancelling $50,000 in student debt: ‘I will not make that happen’
    Aarthi Swaminathan
    Aarthi Swaminathan·Reporter
    Wed, February 17, 2021, 8:45 AM·3 min read
    Democrats have been pushing President Joe Biden to cancel $50,000 in federally-held student loan debt for roughly 43 million Americans through executive order. The president is not planning on doing that.

    “I will not make that happen,” Biden said during a CNN town hall on Tuesday night when asked if he would support cancellation of $50,000, adding that it “depends on whether or not you go to a private or public university” and that he’s opposed to saying that he was going to “forgive the debt, billions of dollars of debt, for people who have gone to Harvard and Yale and Penn.”

    Forgiving $50,000 for each borrower would cost roughly $1 trillion. The president argued that money would be better used “to provide for early education for young children who come from disadvantaged circumstances” and free community college.

    Democrats were not happy with Biden’s latest statements, a version of which he has made before and even noted at the time that he was “going to get in trouble for saying this.”

    Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) issued a joint statement asserting that an “ocean of student loan debt is holding back 43 million borrowers and disproportionately weighing down Black and Brown Americans. Cancelling $50,000 in federal student loan debt will help close the racial wealth gap, benefit the 40% of borrowers who do not have a college degree, and help stimulate the economy. It’s time to act. We will keep fighting.””


    And the students’ will keep defaulting.

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  2. The Kamala Express has gone off the rails.


    “Kamala Harris Reminds Everyone Why She’s Not President in a Train-Wreck Interview”

    “Kamala Harris may be vice president by virtue of the dictate of Joe Biden, but there’s a reason she’s not the president via a democratic process. That was made clear in her most recent interview. A train-wreck of a performance, all of her lack of political skill was on display.

    The questioning involved re-opening schools, a topic that Joe Biden and his administration flacks have flip-flopped on more times perhaps any other topic in the last month. One day you have Jen Psaki saying it’s a goal of at least one day a week. Then Biden contradicts her. Then the handlers go onto the cable shows and contradict everyone.

    For Harris’ part, she just attempts to avoid giving a real answer altogether while essentially admitting they have no real strategy.”

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  3. Liars, and the rubes that fall for it.


    “Fact-Checkers Spin Biden’s False Claim ‘We Didn’t Have’ Vaccine When He Came Into Office

    “… we talked about it’s one thing to have the vaccine, which we didn’t have when we came into office, but a vaccinator,” Joe Biden told CNN’s Anderson Cooper during Tuesday night’s town hall.”

    “There have been so many false claims from Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on the Trump administration’s Wuhan coronavirus vaccine rollout plan that it’s hard to know where to start.

    One of the biggest whoppers has been the persistent allegation from Biden, Harris, and other administration officials that they “had to start from scratch” on the rollout. Harris told Axios in a recent interview that “we’re starting from scratch on something that’s been raging for almost an entire year.”

    Predictably, so-called “fact-checkers” have so far given her a pass on her false statement, even though Biden’s chief medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci had debunked a CNN report on this supposed “issue” last month.

    During last night’s town hall on CNN, Biden added another bogus claim to the stack. He told moderator Anderson Cooper that “we didn’t have” the coronavirus vaccine when he came into office (bolded emphasis added):

    BIDEN: In other words, not just all of a sudden 600 million doses are going to appear. And what’s going to happen is it’s going to continue to increase as we move along. And we’ll have — we’ll have reached 400 million by the end of May and 600 million by the middle of — by the end of July.

    And the biggest thing, though, as you remember when you and I, I shouldn’t say it that way, as remember, but when you and I talked last, we talked about it’s one thing to have the vaccine, which we didn’t have when we came into office, but a vaccinator. How do you get the vaccine into someone’s arm?


    “A direct reading of Biden’s comments, even “in context,” suggests Biden meant what he said – that the administration didn’t have a vaccine when he took office.

    But here’s how the fact-checkers from significant mainstream media news outlets rushed to explain Biden’s town hall answer last night:”

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  4. What did the drunken old coot know, and when did she know it?


    “House Republicans Demand Answers From Pelosi on What She Knew About Security Decisions Surrounding Capitol Riot”

    “Top Republicans in the House of Representatives sent a letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Monday demanding answers regarding the security decisions surrounding the Capitol riot on Jan. 6, particularly, her part in the decision to deny the Capitol Police Chief’s request for National Guard support, and her refusal to comply with requests to turn over materials relevant to the decision.

    In their letter, House Administration Committee Ranking Member Rodney Davis, House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Jim Jordan, House Oversight Committee Ranking Member James Comer, and House Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Devin Nunes noted that “five weeks have passed since the January 6th attack on the Capitol building, and many important questions about your responsibility for the security of the Capitol remain unanswered.”

    The Republicans are demanding answers to the following questions:

    When then-Chief Sund made a request for national guard support on January 4th, why was that request denied?
    Did Sergeant at Arms Paul Irving get permission or instruction from your staff on January 4th prior to denying Chief Sund’s request for the national guard?
    What conversations and what guidance did you and your staff give the Sergeant at Arms leading up to January 6th specific to the security posture of the campus?
    What conversations with the SAA and Capitol Police did you have during the attack on the Capitol and what response did you give security officials on January 6th when Chief Sund requested National Guard support that required your approval?
    Why are your House Officers refusing to comply with preservation and production requests to turn over materials relevant to the events surrounding the 6th?
    Davis, Jordan, Comer and Nunes pointed out that former Capitol Police Chief Steve Sund had requested the assistance of the National Guard on Jan 4, but former Sergeant at Arms Paul Irving said he was concerned about “the optics” and didn’t feel the “intelligence supported it.”

    The congressmen accused Pelosi of terminating both men without consulting Republicans.

    In the wake of the attack, there were many calls from members, on both sides of the aisle, to conduct a full bipartisan and bicameral review. Republicans have introduced a bill to establish a structure for this review, identify failures, and ensure the Capitol is never violently breached again. Instead of working together, you decided unilaterally to fire then-Sergeant at Arms (SAA) Paul Irving, demand the resignation of then-Chief of the Capitol Police (Chief) Steve Sund, and appointed retired General Russel Honoré to lead a security review. These decisions were made in a partisan manner without any consultation of House Republicans and therefore raise questions about the political motivations of your decisions.

    “As you are aware, the Speaker of the House is not only the leader of the majority party, but also has enormous institutional responsibilities,” they wrote. “The Speaker is responsible for all operational decisions made within the House.”

    It has been widely reported and confirmed by multiple sources that when Chief Sund requested the National Guard be activated ahead of the January 6th Joint Session of Congress, the response from the SAA, acting on your behalf, was that the “optics” of having the National Guard on-site were not good and the intelligence didn’t support the move. The request was not approved. Furthermore, on January 6th, in the middle of the on-going attack of the Capitol, Chief Sund again notified the SAA of his request for approval to authorize the National Guard. It took over an hour for his request to be approved because the SAA had to run the request up the chain of command, which undoubtedly included you and your designees.

    Notably, the congressmen suggested that Pelosi had lied about the matter during a press conference the next day.

    On January 7th, you held a press conference in which you stated, in part, that you were calling on Chief Sund to resign because he “hasn’t called us since this happened.” That claim is refuted by Chief Sund who in a letter to you, dated February 1, 2021, detailed two occasions that he briefed you on the situation on the Capitol campus—the first occurring at 5:36 p.m. and the second at 6:25 p.m., both on January 6th.

    Sund, according to Fox News, claimed in a letter to Pelosi earlier this month that he briefed former Vice President Pence on the security posture during the first call at 5:36 p.m., and that Pelosi had joined the call.

    Sund detailed another call at “approximately 6:25 p.m.,” which he said was a conference call with congressional; leaders, including Pelosi, now-Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, now-Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Rep. James Clyburn.”

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  5. Cuomo’s self made problems continue…. 🙂


    “‘You Will be Destroyed’: Cuomo Trashes NY Lawmaker in Private and Public Over COVID-19 Nursing Home Deaths

    “You have not seen my wrath. I have been biting my tongue for months.””

    “It is not hyperbole when I say that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has lost his mind.

    Cuomo threw out “unfounded allegations” against NY Assemblyman Ron Kim (D-Queens), who has accused Cuomo “of obstructing justice by covering up nursing home deaths from COVID-19.”

    Cuomo once again deflected blame by placing it on The New York Post.

    Ron Kim
    Kim has been criticizing Cuomo for months over the nursing home deaths. Yes, even before the New York Post published Cuomo’s secretary Melissa de Rosa admitting the administration did not provide the real number of nursing home deaths.

    In regards to that revelation, Kim told The New York Post that he thinks Cuomo “was trying to dodge having any incriminating evidence.”

    Kim contacted The New York Post on Wednesday about a phone call he received from Cuomo after he provided the above quote:

    “At first, there was a silence on the phone,” Kim said. “Then the governor says, `Mr. Kim, are you an honorable man?”

    Kim — who said he was “in the middle of bathing my kids” — said Cuomo asked him to draft a statement “to say that Melissa de Rosa said there was a federal investigation and they had to deal with that first.”

    During the conversation, Kim said, Cuomo warned him, “You have not seen my wrath. I have been biting my tongue for months.”

    “I can tell the whole world what a bad person you are and you will be finished,” Kim recalled Cuomo saying.

    “You will be destroyed.”

    Kim’s wife could hear Cuomo screaming at her husband. Kim said she did not sleep that night.

    Kim also said Cuomo called his house four or five more times. No one picked up the phone.”

    Cuomo Attacks Kim in Public. Kim Responds
    Cuomo kept his word when he went after Kim during Wednesday’s press conference:

    During a telephone conference call at which he declined for a second time this week to take questions from The Post, Cuomo said he and Assemblyman Ron Kim (D-Queens) have an “open and hostile relationship” that goes back to legislation enacted in 2015 to regulate nail salons.

    Cuomo claimed Kim initially supported the measure, “then flipped 180 degrees” because “businesspeople in his community got upset.”

    “He actually used his lobbying firm to lobby on behalf of the business owners … then raised money from those business owners and continues to do so,” Cuomo further alleged, regarding the six-year-old measure.

    “I believe it’s unethical, if not illegal. And I believe it’s a continuing racket because he’s still doing it.”

    Cuomo added that “the euphemism is ‘pay to play’” — the same sort of scheme for which a top Cuomo aide, Joseph Percoco, was convicted on federal corruption charges.

    Kim quickly released a statement.

    “As legislators we have a duty to uncover the truth behind the nursing home deaths and the governor’s explanations do not add up,” said Kim. “While he claims he was taking time to answer the Justice Department, we saw him gallivant around on a book tour and victory lap across prime time cable shows. Again, all while his top aide deliberately hid the information in fear of political and legal consequences.”

    Kim added: “The governor can smear me all he wants in an effort to distract us from his fatally incompetent management. But these facts are not going away because they are the facts – unacceptable facts that hold him accountable.””

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  6. More on something Tychicus posted about yesterday, the death of yet another “insurrectionist” meme at the hands of truth.

    This has been a false flag op from the start.


    “A self-styled leftist activist disavowed by Black Lives Matter leaders said he was paid tens of thousands of dollars by major media outlets that wanted to use the video footage he shot at the Capitol as he encouraged the mob during the siege on Jan. 6.

    John Sullivan, founder of Insurgence USA, was indicted in early February for a host of crimes, including two felonies related to obstruction during Congress’s efforts to count and certify President Biden’s Electoral College victory over former President Donald Trump.

    Video taken by the 25-year-old showed him following and encouraging Trump supporters from the entrance of the Capitol all the way to the moment when 35-year-old Ashli Babbitt, an Air Force veteran and Trump supporter who attempted to climb through a window into the Speaker’s Lobby, was shot and killed by a Capitol Police officer.

    In arguing he was a journalist and not an agent provocateur, Sullivan’s lawyer, Steven Kiersh, submitted four invoices purportedly from major broadcasters, revealing a $35,000 payment to Sullivan from CNN for video license usage spanning from Jan. 6 through Jan. 13, a $35,000 payment from NBC Universal Media dated Jan. 27, a $5,000 undated payment for “footage of the siege of the Capitol” citing his Twitter page to be used on Showtime’s The Circus: Inside the Greatest Political Show on Earth, and a $2,375 payment from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation dated Jan. 27.

    “On January 6th, CNN was contacted by a reputable agent regarding an eye-witness video from the Capitol Hill riots. The company entered into a one-week agreement for use of 44-seconds of key content, which was attributed to the witness on air,” CNN’s head of strategic communications, Matt Dornic, said in a statement on Wednesday. “When his role in the event was later called into question, the company informed staff to cease all use of the video.”

    The Justice Department previously laid out how Sullivan allegedly violated a Utah judge’s conditions of release, including accessing three of his Twitter accounts in contravention of the court’s instructions, flouting the supervision officer’s instructions by buying a new phone, appearing on InfoWars to defend his actions, and to encourage people to follow his group, and mass emailing his Insurgence USA members to “Pack The Courtroom.”

    “Insurgence USA is not deemed to have been involved in any criminal activity,” Sullivan’s lawyer claimed Tuesday as he attached the media invoices. “Defendant is legitimately self-employed as a documentarian and it is oppressive to require that he not be allowed to continue his primary area of employment for an extended period of time.”

    His lawyer added: “The government is seeking to limit his use of the internet and to expressly prohibit him from using the following: Twitter, Facebook, encrypted platforms. The requests by the United States to limit defendant’s ability to communicate the way the vast majority of Americans communicate is oppressive, overbroad, and unconstitutional. The government’s request for limitations on defendant’s right to use social media is not reasonably related to the crimes for which he has been indicted.”


    A left wing plant egging them on while he filmed it all. A Dem plant for sure.

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  7. It’s just easier….. 🙂

    “We at The Babylon Bee realized we were spending all this time trying to satirize Joe Biden when, frankly, he just can’t be satirized. He’s doing all the hard work for us with statements like “You ain’t black!” and, of gun violence, that “150 million people have been killed since 2007.”

    Every day is a real grind when we arrive at the sprawling Babylon Bee headquarters, settle in on our throne of Chick-fil-A sandwiches, and boot up the ol’ PC to check what Biden said over the past 24 hours. We’re tired of trying to out-parody things like “I got hairy legs that turn blonde in the sun and the kids used to reach in the pool and rub my leg down and watch the hair come back up again” and “Corn Pop was a bad dude.”

    Like, what do you do with that? Seriously. Go ahead. Try to satirize it. Anything you do just doesn’t have that perfect mix of absurdity and reality that makes satire work so effective at communicating truth. So we’re throwing in the towel.”

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  8. Yet another witch hunt, and again based on lies.


    “Lies About Capitol Officer Brian Sicknick Ominously Foreshadow Democrats’ ‘Truth Commission’

    It is plain to anyone with eyes to see that in this nation justice is not being equally applied. If people don’t think this is a problem, they are part of it.”

    “Democrats’ calls for an indefinite commission to investigate the non-leftist Capitol riot should prepare you for another multi-year Russia collusion hoax-style narrative with intricate webs of players, evidence, and lies.

    One of the key facts in this accelerated use of police powers against Democrats’ political opposition is the death of Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick. As Tristan Justice explained Monday, Democrats used Sicknick’s death in the aftermath of the riot to help construct their narrative of murderous Trump-supporting thugs attempting an “insurrection.”

    Five people died related to the Jan. 6 violence, including Sicknick. Three died of “medical emergencies,” not violence. One, Ashli Babbit, was a rioter shot by police as she attempted to enter the Speaker’s Lobby inside the Capitol. Sicknick’s is the only death that could directly implicate the rioters in “murder.”

    We can expect that the lies and coverups that already have occurred related to his death will be magnified across every other fact related to these events. This possibly comprises a major purpose of the “9/11 commission” Democrats are demanding, if their history of running this play with every single major “investigation” since the Obama years is any indication (Russiagate, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Brett Kavanaugh, Ukraine, Crossfire Hurricane, impeachment one, impeachment two, Hunter Biden, you name it). They have squandered more than enough public faith for no one to believe their claims until they stop systematically and compulsively lying for political gain.

    As Byron York notes, this is already happening, giving the lie to Democrats’ pretense they care about finding the truth: “significant parts of the Capitol riot are now shrouded in official secrecy. And the existence of multiple investigations will only make that worse, giving officials an excuse not to speak publicly because there is an active investigation going on.””

    “In this environment of constant manipulation of facts to control public perception, truth becomes all the more important to seek and find. This is another reason the truth about Sicknick’s death matters.

    For truth’s sake, therefore, we must recognize there is a difference between dying of a heart attack or of an adverse reaction to pepper spray versus being bludgeoned to death by murderous rioters wielding a fire extinguisher. Laws recognize such distinctions by providing different degrees of culpability for those accused of homicide, from manslaughter to premeditated murder.

    The law recognizes such degrees of criminal activity because they matter. Justice means fitting the punishment as closely as possible to the crime committed. This requires establishing exactly what the crimes were, and were not. Truth thus serves justice, because it forms the basis for administering justice.

    This is why there is such an erosion of justice in our nation: Because there is constant, purposeful, politically motivated untruth. Until the lies are restrained, injustice will reign.”

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  9. Not surpised Biden isn’t for universal loan forgiveness — he’s far too much of a centrist. Those on the left know this but they voted for him bc Trump annoyed them. If it was a Romney vs Biden scenaro they would’ve stayed home. Trump motivated young leftists to vote in record numbers for someone they normally would have no enthusanism for.

    I expect to see “Harris fails” messaging on the right side of the internet for the next four years since she’s now a frontrunner for 2024. And bc as a black woman she’s an easier target to rile up the masses than sleepy Joe otherwise know as the kindly grandpa in charge.


  10. The Republican messaging on capital security is strange — they are somehow trying to blame Pelosi for the lack of security. However, the mayor of DC requested the DC National Guard be deployed to assist the DC police. Her request was denied by the Trump administration who are in charge of the National Gurad in the same manner as state governor’s are in charge of their respective national guards. In addition the DofD needs to be consulted if the mayor wished to ask for Maryland or Virginia to send their national guard. The mayor and the police chief knew they needed extra help but they were denied by the Trump admin.

    Last week, I was told Trump could not have instigated the riot/insurrection because it was planned ahead of time. Today I’m told one lone man cajoled and egged on the Trump loyalists — apparently if he wasnt’ there it would’ve been a nice walkabout the capitol of Trump supporters. So was there preplanning or did Sullivan incite it? Demonstrators attached the capitol bldg from different sides, others destoryed media equipment, built gallows for Pence etc. — all that activity is a bit much for one man to egg on. The fact is the insurrection was planned ahead of time by disparate groups of people who were motivated by two months of “stop the steal” rhetoric. If one man at the capitol could egg on demonstrators so easily just think of what two months of rehetorical excess did.

    Yesterday, right wing types called the military a morass of leftism and today I see another article minimizing the violence employed against the DC police. Its clear that conservative rhetoric of partiotism, support the troops and the blue line, law and order etc mean nothing if it threatens the Trumpian narrative. First it was the Squad, then BLM, socialists, demcrats, now its the military and the police, who will the Republican/ Trump supporters throw under the bus next who will they come for next. And when they come for you …..


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