Our Daily Thread 2-15-21

Good Morning!

It is with great sadness that I share this email I received late last night from Chas’ daughter in law Linda S. 

“At 8:10 pm tonight Elvera passed away peacefully with Charlie, Chuck, our daughter Becky and her husband Brian and myself.  We rejoice in knowing she is with the Lord.”

Linda Shull

Elvera is in the presence of our Lord this morning, her pain and illness are gone. I celebrate that fact for her, yet I weep for my dear friend Chas and his family who will now be without her. Let’s keep them in prayer as they grieve her loss.

We love you Chas, and by knowing you, we’ve gotten to know Elvera as well. It has been our pleasure Sir. 



Anyone have a QoD?

45 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-15-21

  1. Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints.


    The last enemy to be overcome is death.

    They’re both true. Death is a powerful enemy, but our loving God uses it to take His beloved ones into His presence. May Chas and his family know God’s love and peace.

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  2. oh, dear, Chas, we are all grieving with you this day. Our hearts are sad, but not without the hope that sweet Elvera is with her Lord who is loving on her.

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  3. Thank you, Dear Father, for gathering her home in your tender arms.
    We know you love this sweet woman even more that we can imagine. Be with our dear Chas in his grief, missing the sweetest woman in the world.

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  4. Tears fill my eyes and heart, Chas. Thankful to know Elvera was so well loved here by you and that she is loved at a new level in the presence of her Creator and Giver of Life Eternal. I am still in awe that you got the generator, Chas, to make this time so that you were there for her as you wanted to be. You are so loved, Chas.

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  5. Thanks Jo, Jaice, AJ, et. al.
    As LindaS’ picture shows, I was just sitting there holding hands. She had shallow breathing. Then she didn’t take that other breath.
    Just like that.
    I had her for 65 good years. She was a real trooper during the first five while I was going to Southwestern Seminary. Virtually supporting the family while I had temporary jobs. We pulled out of it in 1962 when I decided to abandon thoughts of the ministry and get a real job.
    It worked out real well.
    Every one of her descendants of age is an active follower of The Lord.
    I don’t know how much we can carry into the next life. Paul says “we shall not much remember”, but I hope we know each other.

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  6. Chas, I am praying that God will comfort you and hold you in His everlasting arms. I know He will, but He likes us to ask. You have been a great example to all of us on faithfulness and patience in love through the good and the bad with your sweet Elvera. I am also praying that God will give you purpose to go forward in life until God calls you home.

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  7. And the sun still rises. You had many beautiful years with her, Chas. A time of mourning. And times of forgetting she has gone ahead. But God still has purpose for you as you again teach by living out your trust in our faithful God.

    Here, the roosters are crowing, more snow has fallen, soon be time to head out and feed the goats and sheep and check on the children’s chores. Barney has sort of moved into the house. He hit a rough patch and needed some extra care. But he is not housebroken so lives in a crate. He is happy there as he is asleep most of the day and all of the night.

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  8. My parents were married sixty-six years when my dad passed away. My mom said she knew immediately when it happened. He was sitting on the bench on the end of the bed, having gotten up in the middle of the night. It was not expected, but whether expected or not the grief is so deep.

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  9. Precious in His sight…that photo speaks so much and I wept as I saw it this morning…knowing TSWITW is now in His presence. Chas your love and care for your bride has been such a witness to us all…thankful for your devotion to her and our Lord….we love you ❤️

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  10. Grieving with you, Chas.

    With this and my dad passing last week, I have been thinking. God told Adam and Eve that if they ate of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, they would die. Satan told Eve the half truth that they “surely will not die.” Yet, though their bodies still lived when they ate, they died inwardly.. Thank the Lord Jesus for coming to give us the life back that Adam and Eve lost. Yes, My dad and Elvera are no longer among the living on this Earth, but their souls live on. Elevera lives with the Lord in glory. I can only hope that my dad found that life before leaving this life.

    PS- If you find something theologically out of order in this post, please keep it to yourself as I don’t want to get into any long discussions at this time.

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  11. Weeping this morning with all of you.

    Someday we’ll sit in heaven together, remembering and rejoicing with the World’s Sweetest Woman.

    Love to you, Chas. And to you, too, Peter.

    An older woman at church commented to me recently that it gave her great solace to realize her late husband–a wonderful man and 50-year paraplegic–was now outside of time and enjoying himself.

    She had never seen him standing and was looking forward to that day to spend time with him as a whole man, face shining yet again, with the joy of Our God.

    You have been a good and faithful servant to Elvera, Chas. The Lord saw that/sees that, and He loves you well for loving Elvera well.


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  12. So, am I to understand that TSWITW got to go home on Valentine’s Day? That is rather cool. She is dearly loved and is a loving woman, filled with the fullness of God.

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  13. Well Charlie, we now have a bond; Your wife Elvera and my father Tom went to be be with the Lord and His Son Jesus on the same day, just 20 years apart. Valentines Day is a good day to remember loved ones.

    It is a mother to try to type with a runny nose and teary eyes. God is good.

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  14. Chas – I am weeping with you for your great loss.

    The fact that your beloved Elvera is now with the Lord will be a comfort, but it doesn’t lessen the pain of loss. It’s okay to feel totally bereft and to grieve deeply and long. It’s okay to weep as long and as often as the tears come. (And it’s okay, too, if you are not the crying type.) God makes us one flesh, and losing that “other half” of ourselves is devastating. You are, and will be, in my prayers. God bless and comfort you, dear older brother.

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  15. Such an emotional day today. We will be making plans to travel back east then FL soon. My oldest sis in law will be soon leaving us….she is now comatose and in hospice care 😢 So thankful for the tender loving care of our Father….

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  16. Weeping with you, Chas, and everyone else here. A time to mourn.

    I still picture her from that photograph — I believe it was from your honeymoon? — the smiling, lanky young girl in rolled up bluejeans, striding across the grounds toward the cabin. A wonderful life.

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  17. Peter – I often think of how hard that must have been to lose your mother so young. I’m so sorry that happened to you. Praying God’s comfort for you over the loss both your mother, a long time ago, and your father recently.

    Speaking of your dad, when my dad died, I, too, could only hope that somehow he had turned to God before the end. (Same with my mom, although I have a suspicion that she may have.) I pray that God will give you peace in your heart about your dad, as He did for me.

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  18. We are in waiting mode. We were not aware that she had surgery last week to remove a blood clot and she has not regained consciousness. We were informed today they placed her in hospice care. Any mode of travel right now unnerves me. Sis in law in married to husband’s eldest brother…she is 81…her name is Donna and she knows and walks with our Lord.
    Dj I recalled that photo as well…a beautiful happy newlywed…and I could see full well how our Chas fell head over heels in love with her! ♥️

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  19. Chas, praying that God sends His comfort to you and your family. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your life. Thank you for showing us how to love your mate through their final breath.

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  20. Thanks for all the well-wishes. I am doing well so far. Lots of company in kin and the pastor coming over to discuss arrangements. He dealt mostly with Chuck.

    LindaS posted some pictures. You will likely see them later. I don’t recall the pictures you are talking about. I am not facile enough with the computer do do much of that.

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  21. at 12:12 pm
    “It is a mother to try to type with a runny nose and teary eyes. God is good.”
    Should read
    “It is a bother to try to type with a runny nose and teary eyes. God is good.”

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  22. Peter, someone posted a request on a Southern Baptist Women’s Leadership page with a request you may understand. If you have any suggestions, please let me know so I can pass them along. Thank you.

    “Hi, friends! NAMB [North American Mission Board] has some training that we would like to translate into simple or easy English for our EFL folks. We have often have churches who have English as their second language working cross-culturally with another non-English speaking church. (for example, an Afghani pastor planting a Spanish speaking church, etc.). The request from the field has been for training in simple English where both pastors can use the training together. Do you know anyone who would be able to translate some online training into a simple English? What are your thoughts? Any connections or ideas on how to do this?”


  23. I have a prayer request on the prayer thread. Our best friend had a very damaging heart attack and is on a ventilator. They have now allowed his wife in to be with him. They wouldn’t at first because of Covid. She has one son who lives near where they winter in AZ. Otherwise, all the rest of the family is up here. Prayers for healing, comfort, peace and wisdom for all the family.

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  24. Kathaleena – I can’t find your request on the prayer thread. Was it from a few days ago? Either way, we can see what you have to say here, and pray for your friend and his family.

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