23 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-5-21

  1. I hope you are having a good morning.
    Elvera is still with us, but that’s all. Sometimes she moans, sometimes, but not often cries out.
    I have no Idea what it’s about.
    It’s hard seeing someone you love go through that.

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  2. All this morning while going through the routine of making eggs for breakfast, I was thinking about and praying over you and Elvera, Chas. Yesterday I wondered about those years when you were involved with the top secret moon mapping mission if you were able to tell Elvera anything about your work. I imagine she was curious but did not ask and put you in a difficult spot.

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  3. Chas, can you lie with Elvera or sit with her, hold her, and tell her she is free to “go”? I have heard of many spouses doing that with their beloved. My husband’s first wife was trying to “hold on” until their anniversary, but he knew she was in pain, and he told her she didn’t need to wait for that, and she didn’t. I never met her, but I’m crying now as I write that and think of his sorrow and her pain.

    I too woke up thinking about you and Elvera.

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  4. Morning…Chas we lift you before our Lord…
    Did Elvera like to sing? Did she enjoy the hymns? I would softly hum or sing to some of my Hospice patients as they prepared to leave us here. That would have a calming effect upon them and me. Asking the Lord to minister to you and yours as only He can ♥️

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  5. I’m so sorry chas.

    But yes, singing, reading scriptures, we took turns doing that when our friend Norma was in that kind of a state. And I read a Psalm and sang a hymn for my aunt when I was alone with her at the rehab (she was Catholic but her family basically were not believers so it was when they were out of the room that I did that).

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  6. Wondering, Chas, if Elvera had a hearty laugh, a giggle, or a special kind of laughter?
    I just read the Bible passage this morning about when Sarah laughed. Also thinking about how much I love to hear Art laugh. (He does not laugh as much during tax season.)
    Chas, did you and Elvera read the newspaper together, the funnies (when they were truly funny), or do the crosswords, word jumble or anything like that?


  7. My children have hearty laughs, especially the youngest three. Fun to listen to them watch the old cartoons. Lots of belly laughs. Even when just reading books.

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  8. Music is soothing. Know that the hospice caregivers know what they are doing. I have been amazed twice by them.

    Today has been busy. I did lie down for a little while. I never slept but I did rest. Please pray for Mr. P. He is still having some trouble and of course, you know! I forgot about him also having pneumonia. My ex mother in law sent over some bone broth chicken soup. I’ve been feeding him that. I even share my soups that my friend M made. Last night I actually cooked. I made Chicken Marsala. It was OK. I think the marsala probably was old and didn’t have much flavor.

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  9. Chas, I am sure you can feel our love and prayers. Reading through the comments I can feel that we are all grieving with you. You are both a part of our family.

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  10. Thanks Jo. Due to circumstances and the fact that we can’t even go to church now, you are all we have. Family, and the pastor stopped by, but that was a business “pastoral visit”, Bible verse, prayer, that’s it.
    But Elvera’s sister -they were/are close. She is the reason we left N. Virginia and moved to Hendersonville. Polly is in Hendersonville now, and her husband is not well.
    I have been doing absolutely nothing today.
    Nothing. That’s hard to do. I can’t read anymore and daytime TV is not worth watching.
    But we’ll make it. We have so far.
    Thanks again for your prayers. .

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  11. Lunar mapping, BTW, was not classified. I used to give papers on the procedure.
    It was mapping denied areas with satellite photography that was classified. But you do’t have to be real smart to know what was going on.
    Mapping with satellite photography is an exacting procedure because we had to use a different kind of camera. The technique isn’t even “almost” the same.

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  12. No reason at all to go back to the moon, Janice. Nothing there.
    We already have spy satellites up. So does everyone else.
    There is nothing on the moon that we don’t put there.
    No reason at all to go back.


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