65 thoughts on “News/Politics 1-6-21

  1. Like I said, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory…..

    It doesn’t matter what the second result is, they only needed one. Now Harris is the tiebreaker.

    So total Dem control. But nah, we don’t need an audit of this fraudulent election at all.


    “Georgia Senate Runoff RESULTS — Warnock Wins, As of Tuesday Night, Other Race Still Too Close to Call



  2. Let the rioting begin!


    Yes. Yes they are.

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  3. A couple of decades from now, a Chinese scholar will write a thesis on the decline and fall of the “American experiment” on self government.
    He will conclude that, in addition to mounting debt, and uncontrolled immigration in some cities, the major contributor was the sudden acceptance of the mail in ballot.

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  4. A disappointing night to be sure.

    From a Powerline assessment this morning:


    As I write at 6:00 a.m. (Central) this morning, Raphael Warnock’s race against Kelly Loeffler has been called for Warnock. While Jon Ossoff’s race against David Perdue has yet to be called, Ossoff leads and his lead is likely to widen when the remaining votes are counted. Democrats will thus take control of the Senate on a 50-50 split with Kamala Harris presiding as Vice President. Here are a few thoughts and observations.

    • Chuck Schumer is to become Senate Majority Leader. With that prospect in sight, Schumer declared” “Now we take Georgia, then we change America!” Democrats get to redeem his vow.

    • The change will go about as far as Joe Manchin and perhaps Krysten Sinema approve. Manchin has stated that he won’t go for packing the Supreme Court, but how does he feel about making the District of Columbia or Puerto Rico a state? How does he feel about killing the filibuster? …

    • Despite Warnock’s slightly greater margin of victory, the two Democratic candidates ran almost entirely in tandem as the vote came in. Voters who turned out wanted Democrats to control the Senate.

    • With the Democrats’ margin so narrow in both races, the blame for these losses is overdetermined. I blame President Trump’s continuing critique of Republican Georgia officeholders in connection with his loss of the state on November 3. The prospect of $2,000 checks all the way around also appear to have become a substantial contributing factor. …

    • Republican turnout in Republican areas was less than required to prevail. Many stayed home to sit on their hands. Why might that have been with so much on the line? Erick Erickson observes: “Republicans in Georgia in November won 51% of all votes cast for congressional races; 53% for state house races; and 54% for state senate races. Then the President and the State GOP Chairman spent two months telling Republicans the game was rigged and the election was stolen.”

    • Lin Wood and Sidney Powell also deserve to be remembered for their role in fanning the flames of insanity encouraging Republican voters to stay home. …

    • As I say, there is lots of blame to go around and it is necessary to assess it adequately. I don’t pretend to have done so here in the early morning hours of January 6. I offer two more comments from Erick Erickson: “Area of the state where Donald Trump last campaigned turned out at a lower rate than the rest of the state. It’s also now represented by a QAnon Congresswoman who has been very vocal that the Democrats stole it all and would steal it all again.” And this: “No Republicans, the Democrats did not steal the races in Georgia. You talked yourselves out of voting. That’s not theft.” …

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  5. It looks like the same vote-switching algorithm with the Dominion voting machines that happened in many states during the presidential election just happened again with the Dominion machines in Georgia. It’s time for all the corruption to come to light in the coming days…

    “Buckle up your seat belt, Dorothy – here comes the tornado!”


  6. According to fox news pence sent a letter to the congress this am saying he will not do what the pres has asked. Its all just a show now


  7. Re 1:22, Pence is a man of honor. I, for one, am grateful God has him in the position he’s in right now.

    And yes, absolutely, “But God” — just remember, that may not be what you (or I) expect or think ‘should’ happen. Will we accept that? Or fight against it, thinking (in reality) that our sovereign God must have gotten this one wrong and we really know better?

    I keep coming back to the possibility that this may be a time of discipline and judgement, first on the church with regard to idolatry and taking our eyes off Him, putting our trust in princes; but possibly also to the nation at large. We can’t discern God’s ultimate will in these matters as they are still unfolding. But it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to do some non-reactive and prayerful self-reflection right now, regardless, both as the church visible and as a nation.

    We elected a reality show host as president, to put it bluntly; I’d say Trump ultimately defeated himself. Many of us hoped he’d understand and grow into the very different and new role he was given as a leader of a free country in 2016. There were occasional glimmers of hope. But in the end he either couldn’t or wouldn’t.

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  8. And from another Powerline writer today:


    There will be plenty of commentary about what looks to be the Democrats’ sweep of the Georgia runoff elections. Scott has already provided an insightful take.

    However, I think the most concise analysis came a week before the election from my Georgia source, a well-placed Republican in that state. He told me:

    ~ In a 50/50 state where some percentage of Republicans are refusing to vote because they think their vote won’t count, it’s not hard to figure out what will happen.~

    My source correctly predicted the outcome of the Georgia vote in November, as well. He based his prediction that Joe Biden would edge out President Trump on comments from some traditional Republican voters. They told him they wouldn’t vote for Trump because they are unhappy with his performance regarding the coronavirus.

    My source based his prediction that both Republican candidates would lose the runoff on comments from Trump voters. They told him they didn’t think their vote would count. …


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  9. Sobering to watch what is happening in this country for sure. I made a comment on a news site and it turned very nasty…I deleted my comment. What I said was that Pence was a man of integrity and deep faith and I trust he sought out our Lord on his decision. The vile comments reveals to me what a horrid mess this country is in and why 😢

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    Vice President Mike Pence was rushed from the Senate chamber and the vote certification was halted as pro-Trump protesters stormed Capitol Hill.

    The proceedings ground to a halt as the Capitol building was placed on lockdown, with senators and members of the House locked inside their chambers.

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  11. Oh now they’re mobs.

    But riot, loot, and burn and you’re a protester.

    Someone needs to put down her AP stylebook. 🙄


  12. Would it not be the responsibility of Congress and the Senate to set it all to rights? I am at a loss as to how this can be placed solely on the shoulders of our VP? I have seen nothing week in our VP. Every single time I have listened to him he has been thoughtful and passionate…I just am not understanding the attacks on him and his character…so sad

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  13. DJ @1:44pm: Just remember? Do you think that I have somehow forgotten God’s sovereign nature? That’s exactly what I am expressing! I agree wholeheartedly with your third paragraph – God works all things according to the counsel of His will. We are closer than ever to the end of life on this earth, and undoubtedly the downfall of our nation will be part of these last days, but in the meantime, doesn’t our God expect us to fight for and defend righteousness, truth and justice? Or should we simply give up and submit to evil, nefarious forces?

    Just a question re. the one who you refer to as a reality show host… in terms of policy, can you name a single president who has done more while in office than Pres. Trump has for the Christian, conservative worldview?


  14. And yes, God is still sovereign. Read the OT to understand how evil is ultimately used by Him for our good — but it is still evil and that, too, will be punished.


  15. A lot of frustration and outrage being expressed on the grounds of the Capitol right now, and it’s amazing that security was breached. Somehow things escalated quickly, and it will be interesting to find out why, but violence is certainly not the right course of action. Hopefully there won’t be any more casualties…

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  16. Peaceful protesters.

    Isn’t that what the press calls them while they riot?

    What’s different now, other than you not supporting them?


    And yeah, I’ll defend Trump when the fraud has been so obvious and widespread. That you continue to ignore that speaks volumes.

    But I know, I know….

    Orange man bad.


  17. Do I support peaceful protesters?

    Yes, even they’re BLM type, when they are peaceful. Just because they’re in Pelosi’s office doesn’t make them unpeaceful. They own that office, not her. That’s the people’s House. Politicians need a reminder, so they’re getting one.

    The media and Dems have spent 4 years building this. They and wishy washy R’s. It’s own it time.

    Don’t cry now that the response to it isn’t to your liking.


  18. Nice to see the police found their……. intestinal fortitude.

    Maybe they can remember where they are now, for next time Antifa or BLM act up.


    The different responses are telling for sure.


  19. https://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2021/01/a-shameful-day.php

    President Trump seems determined to leave office in a manner that vindicates the vile accusations hurled at him by his opponents over the past four years. After a speech rehearsing his electoral grievances and calling on his vice president to abrogate his ministerial duty today, some of the assembled multitude followed the logic of Trump’s grievances and stormed the Capitol.

    The House and Senate chambers have been breached. Shots have been fired. Someone has been shot inside the Capitol. The presidential election certification proceedings have been interrupted.

    Events have a revolutionary feel. Where’s Trump? Trump has tweeted asking for peace, but is otherwise missing in action at present.

    President Trump apparently has no family or friends who can talk him out of the course he has chosen to follow. Order will be restored, but not before the stench of disgrace has attached itself to President Trump for his part in this shameful day.

    UPDATE: President Trump has released a recorded statement reiterating his grievances and asking his supporters to go home. …


  20. AJ, I don’t support any of this — these mass gatherings almost always spin into violence, it’s pretty much a dependable equation on both sides.

    Why it took the president so long to finally speak out is a serious question.


  21. Should probably get used to it. I’d be surprised if it’s not the new normal. But then, I’ve been surprised before, so….


  22. Tychicus 3:27 and 3:25
    You mention we should not stand for allowing injustice to prevail and violence is not the answer. What do you propose?

    And by the way, I agree and think Trump and Pence and most of the rest would as well.

    What do you suppose started this? More of Antifa mingling in the crowds and throwing the first punch?

    Sorry to see the conservatives following in the liberal footsteps but it certainly appeared to be Antifa there doing the provoking as well. Portland comes to mind.

    And yes, we probably all saw this coming but hoped it wouldn’t. And prayed I hope.

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  23. I’m watching the press once again gaslighting America. When BLM and Antifa looted, burned, and destroyed in multiple cities for multiple months they were peaceful protesters. They even told us that while buildings burned in the background of their live shot. The police stood by and did nothing, the politicians excused it.

    Now, no buildings are burning, no looting, no burning police cars, the only smoke and fire is what the police started with their flashbangs and gas, and the media drama queens are wringing their hands and dooming and glooming that this is the worst thing ever, all while calling the protesters terrorists and rioters.

    It’s utter bull@#$%, all of it.

    Now reap it.


  24. Oh, and if you think this senile old fool will save the country, you’re an idiot.

    And I can’t even print my response to all the Dem politicians whining about unity on the news shows.


  25. “After a speech rehearsing his electoral grievances and calling on his vice president to abrogate his ministerial duty…” No, Pres. Trump said that VP Pence has the power to reject fraudulently chosen electors. Pence can’t choose which slate of electors to accept or not (which he said himself in his own statement), but he CAN send them back to the states for their legislatures to decide (which is what should have happened anyway). That IS totally constitutional, and actually required, b/c certain legislatures did not certify Dem electors.

    “…some of the assembled multitude followed the logic of Trump’s grievances and stormed the Capitol.” What? Following the logic means storming the Capitol? That’s absurd (and was also emphasized by the President’s tweets and statement).

    Trump is “otherwise missing in action”? He asked for people to remain peaceful, to not be violent, to go home, and called in the National Guard. That’s MIA? What do they actually want him to do?

    “Order will be restored, but not before the stench of disgrace has attached itself to President Trump for his part in this shameful day.” The stench of disgrace? Did Pres. Trump call for violence? Did he do something unconstitutional? What was so disgraceful?

    A pitiful take by Powerline – it’s a knee-jerk reaction, jumping to conclusions. DJ, you would do well to read and learn from the commenters who responded to the Powerline piece.


  26. mumsee: I think that it is too early to know who the instigators actually were. We would be wise to not be too quick to jump to conclusions…

    What to do? Pray. Contact Senators, Reps, legislators, media people and put pressure on them to actually address the election fraud issue. Pray some more.


  27. Thank you for clearing some things up concerning what the VP could do with the votes Tychicus…I read so much conflicting information it sometimes gets oh so fuzzy.
    I am watching Sean Spicer on Newsmax…he is disgusted. At least he is calling it like it is and not swirling in the duplicity of mainstream media….”they” are incensed at such violence? Where the heck have they been for the past year with BLM, Antifa ? Oh yeah…that was “peaceful protest” right?…..It is sickening…..all of it…. 😢


  28. Tychicus. thank you. Those were the only recourse options I was thinking of. Christians main opportunity is always prayer, followed by living out the Truth before friends and neighbors and relatives. But then we have letter writing, running for office, talking to our representatives.

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  29. Stealing elections and violating the constitutional rights of Americans was a very bad idea.

    Today is a sad day for the USA. All they had to do was actually investigate the clear and abundant irregularities of the election. They allowed Lady Justice to remove her blindfold.

    May God have mercy on our country!


  30. World magazine has written about it. BTW, Pence used to be governor of my state; he is a believer and an honorable man. It’s fair to disagree with him, but his character is not at issue here.

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  31. Wow Just Wow.

    I’m busy trying to teach online and the US blows up ……

    First the Georgia election. DVS has paper ballots. If necessary and close enough, Perdue can have a paper recount. I’d prefer if they did — it would be to rest conspiracy theories about machines. Loeffler was a poor candidate — one year in the Senate and she was using insider information to mange her stock portfolio. Not surprised she lost. Perdue was a better candidate and this was my prediction for 0.1%. Before Republicans assign blame, they should also give credit. Despite losing an election which featured more cheating than the current election, Stacey Abrams did not whine or cry on Twitter, she rolled up her sleeves and went to work. She registered those who were purged from the polls and then some. And after November, she and the rest of the Georgia Democrats went to work tracking down every soon to be 18 year old. An election which features 20% of the voters under 30 is a good thing for the health of democracy and she should be commended.

    Meanwhile, we have a spoiled and aging trust fund baby who can’t admit a loss and is intent on taking down the party and possibly the country with him. Its the grade school equivalent of taking the ball and running away calling the rest of the kids cheaters. Yes, Trump’s denigrating the electoral process hurt the Republican party but more importantly it distracted the Georgia Republican Party. Instead of focusing on getting out the vote, Trump caused them to fight among themselves.

    Its ironic — African Americans have far more faith in the electoral process and work hard to vote while Trump supporters seek other measures. Perhaps with the hard work and focus of Abrams, the Republicans could’ve done better. And they say liberals and millennials are lazy and want things just handed to them.


  32. Mob? Rioters? Terrorists? The debate is all over the place on social media.

    Obviously a mob. Any large gathering of angry people is a mob. And yes it was a riot, they broke down the doors to the Capitol building. Pictures released on line show vandalism, trashed offices, and even one guy carrying a speaker’s dais — is that looting or just weird? A picture I seen on several social media sites is man walking through the foyer waving a Confederate flag — is that treason? Terrorism is the use of violence to force a political change — its a close call.

    Comparisons of course are being made everywhere to BLM marches. Focusing on Washington, when BLM marched through the capital they were met by the National Guard at the Capitol Steps dressed like robocops. Yesterday, the mayor requested the National Guard but the request was declined. The refusal to send the National Guard was fairly surprising — the last pro-Trump rally a few weeks back resulted in the Proud Boys vandalizing an African American church (they were just arrested for this). Now they are sending the National Guard — its a day late. And BLM advocates are pointing out the different approaches.

    The death of the lady in the capitol building was unfortunate and probably preventable if the National Guard was dispatched when initially requested. The police force at the capitol was too small and probably not trained to handle such a mob. I’m sure panic and fear are the main culprits here.

    Its of interest to note; BLM marches were about police violence, defunding police and yes even fighting police (although I wonder how much of the fight was white people, both left and right getting involved ) but not about over throwing the legislatures. While Trump supporters have largely discredited (in their minds) the electoral process; black activists still value the voting franchise. They are registering more than ever before and are getting involved in politics from the local to federal levels. You may not like their political positions but after all these years they still believe in American democracy. They are not trying to intimidate the legislature, overthown the results of the vote, purge voter rolls or even gerrymander (and yes I know the DNC/DLC does it, but not the young activists)


  33. Pence is an interesting figure and a bit of an enigma. Its hard for an outsider like me to get a handle on who he really is.

    I obviously have a different set of politics but I do have family members who are social conservatives and have deep religious faith. Despite my opposition, I can respect people who are consistent, and act from deep heart felt principles. When Pence agreed to be Trump’s running mate, it was a bit of a head scratcher — how does a man of principle line up with an opportunists with no value system. To give him the benefit of the doubt, perhaps he thought he could moderate or guide Trump into the job but instead he placated and enabled him. It was hard to separate Pence from the petty corruption of the Trump administration.

    Currently, you can see Pence reassessing his role and trying to put out the fires Trump is leaving all over the place; on the streets and in the party. I find it strange that many on the right think Congress and Pence could refuse the electors and tell the state to appoint new ones. Rather strange to think the Congress can refuse to accept the election of those who will replace them — if true, that’s a monumental Constitutional error. Checks and balances demands that the recourse for election appeals belong to another branch of gov’t; the judiciary . The Trump legal team has been to court over 50 times and won maybe 2 minor cases. Its clear that there is no case to be made. In Penn, the Trump team was asked in court if they were arguing fraud, they said no. They were asked if they claimed there were no Republican poll watchers — the Trump legal team reply was — “a nonzero number” of poll watchers was there. Sure they had affidavits — but none were submitted to the courts even when they had the chance. They knew it would not survive scrutiny.

    The charade has gone on long enough. Pence and other Republicans know this — they’ve entertained Trump long enough to prove loyalty to the base but they also know Trump lost. The Democratic party long the party that never passed an opportunity to fail actually outworked the Republicans where it counted — registration and getting out the vote. Its rather telling that Trump mentioned the number of people attending his rallies — attending a rally does mean they voted. While he was holding rallies, the Democrats were encouraging early voting and getting people to the polls one by one.

    Its a generational shift and the millennials outworked the boomers.


  34. Reading through social media of people who comparing how well prepared Capitol police were to arrest protesters in the Kavanaugh hearings, code pink, health care hearings, etc. However, those were non-violent protests — the police were definitely not prepared for this and were overwhelmed here. The failure to call the National Guard points to a lack of a governor in DC with only a mayor reliant upon a federal gov’t for law and order. ….. hmm I see an argument for Statehood. Not to mention no taxation without representation.


  35. Even more bizarre videos and pictures — police moving barricades aside and letting protesters up the steps, a man identified as Richard Barnett of Arkansas sitting in Pelosi’s office, and he then walked out with her mail, gallows with a hangman’s noose built in front of the capital, protesters wearing Q -Anon sweatshirts chasing a lone black police officer through the capital, a woman standing at the speakers chair giving a Mussolini style salute, …. Some of the most bizarre pictures I’ve seen in years.


  36. Pence may be a believer, but he didn’t do the right thing – he could have and should have sent the disputed elector slates back to the appropriate state legislatures. He is a coward who has teamed up with the Globalists.


  37. This was a staged set-up – Antifa members infiltrated the Capitol building (you won’t hear this from hwesseli). Even in the World article under the photo where it says “Supporters of President Donald Trump” there is a guy who has been at various Antifa gatherings. This is all about turning on Pres. Trump – blaming him and seeking to isolate him. Traitors!

    Brace yourselves – the coup is in full progress…


  38. I meant to mention about the VP – in the hours before the joint session of Congress, various state legislatures actually wrote to Pence asking him to return the electors back to them, but he refused!


  39. How about that Kelly Loeffler? After the election was stolen from her she should want to object to the electoral votes even more! She changed her mind??? Too many RiINOs!


  40. Things are coming to a head because of the extreme nature of this crime – the most egregious subversion that a free nation could have.

    However, the battle rages on… don’t give up!



  41. Ashlie Babbit. Like Nathan Hale, she had but one life to give for her country.

    God Bless this beautiful person!


  42. Interesting that all of this violence denouncement is only aimed at conservative patriots who are non-violent…


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