40 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-30-20

  1. Good morning. I am finished the long stretch. I was getting really tired by the end. Now I get a few days off over New Year’s. This morning, I am up early. It was made mandatory that we have ourselves tested weekly – the agency won’t help us by arranging for weekly testing, oh no, nor will they pay us for our time. They just told us to make appointments to get tested each week and said it was mandatory.

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  2. All of our leftovers from our holiday meal on Sunday are gone now. We will be missing them.

    I think all the top players will be in Georgia on Friday to stump for the senatorial candidates. I think it would be a good time to take a vacay. i am just so glad I have Christian friends with whom to meet in prayer huddles (over the phone). That makes all the difference in the world.

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  3. Morning! Well at first I thought that little guy might be a groundhog…but why would he be in a tree? Must be a squirrel 🐿
    It is 4 degrees here but we hope to reach 33 by this afternoon…brrrr

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  4. Looks like a fox squirrel to me, or something similar. But yes, groundhogs do sometimes climb trees. I have photos of one.

    We made it to the penultimate day of 2020!

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  5. There was a tragedy in my son-in-law’s family. I have put on the prayer thread. A niece and nephew were killed and another niece (a cousin) is in critical condition. The accident happened in Florida and they live in Wisconsin. This just breaks my heart for all those hearts broken. My grandchildren will have broken hearts and face something difficult for even the adults. My daughter has faced similar deaths, but this just brings it all back in spades. Covid makes it all worse. Someone else’s sin causing pain and misery to so many.


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  6. Re: Those photos I was mentioning the other day, which had so annoyed me. I figured out that if there had been only one photo like that, with other artistic poses, I probably wouldn’t have thought much about it. But there are several different photos with them doing the same thing, just switching which spouse is looking off to the side. I think that’s what made it so obviously fake-looking to me. Still, I realize that my attitude about this is a problem.

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  7. Such a heartbreaking tragedy Kathaleena…my cousin just moved to Daytona this summer and his son and grandson are there for an after Christmas visit…they were in that same area yesterday…in the blink of an eye everything can change…praying for your family as they navigate this loss 😢

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  8. How awful Kathaleena, I’m so sorry. Yes, these things seem even harder in this year that’s been so otherwise difficult anyway.

    Yes, that is a squirrel in my almost-dead pine tree in the backyard. This morning when I was up early to feed the nagging cat I spotted two squirrels racing up and down the tree, playing. So cute.

    I’m still awaiting word on my covid test, they said if I was “clear” it would post last night on my patient portal but nothing ever posted. I called this morning and was told someone should be calling sometime today when they get the results (expected within 24 hours of the test).

    Meanwhile, the service to treat my car’s interior and exterior paint job, etc., was finally scheduled for today, they should be here shortly and it will take about 4 hours — they’ll do it all in my driveway, I just had to clear everything out of the car. This was something I paid for when I bought the car, figured it would be a decent investment to keep the paint protected for a few years especially as we live near the ocean and the car is outside all the time — until I can re-organize my garage again someday. lol.

    Michelle saw it when it was neat as a pin.

    I think my updated registration tags also come today.


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  9. Kathaleena, the news report mentioned two survivors. Did another sibling survive (but with injuries)? One of the comments said there were three siblings and a cousin in the car, and I figured that must be posted by someone who knew them, since the news didn’t say the link except that the two who died were siblings.


  10. The officers are probably also dealing with a fair amount of distress, they make the call to pursue these folks but there’s no way to know if a pursuit will take a horrible turn as this one did.

    Car guy arrived, said there was a miscommunication and they need an interior environment in which to work, they can’t apply this in the open air in a driveway; so I’ll have to bring the car in to them sometime next week to leave it where they have the right environment for the application. It’s supposed to protect the pain for 10 years.

    Just as glad not to have that to deal with today.

    I need to call my friend Shirley, she’s holding her own apparently though the prognosis has not changed.

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  11. My son and daughter-in-law–on the way to the ER the other night–were nearly hit in a car chase. Similar situation, car in their lane, police in pursuit. They had pulled over, though, because he saw the police cars. Never saw the one being pursued until it skidded and nearly hit them. 😦

    It’s a hard call. I’m so sorry it went so bad for your kids–but it was on the freeway, too, and that would have made it harder. Weeping with those who weep.

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  12. Yes, the car pursuits can pose so much danger to those innocent drivers who suddenly find themselves “in the way.” I know sometimes authorities out here will make the choice not to pursue depending on the seriousness of the crime. As Michelle said, it is, I’m sure, often or always perhaps a tough call with so many unforeseen dangers. So tragic.

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  13. With the car pursuits, the thing is, someone who steals a car at gunpoint is a dangerous individual and likely “wanted” on other serious charges. The officers made that case in the Rodney King trial–officers know that there is often a really good reason a suspect flees or resists arrest. It may be as “simple” as he knows that if he gets arrested, it will be a parole violation and he will go back behind bars. But he also may be on a “Most Wanted” list and almost certainly is on some level of “wanted” list. At some point it’s more dangerous to pursue than not to do so . . . but if criminals routinely “get away with it” if they resist arrest or flee, that’s not a good thing.

    That’s part of the reason all the rioting this summer over the shooting of “unarmed” black men was so bad–nearly all, possibly all, were violently resisting arrest. And police can’t just say, “Well, looks like he doesn’t want to be arrested, so I guess we need to let him go.” Nor should they decide it’s better to let a police officer get killed than to kill a person who is violently resisting arrest.

    What to do during a potential apprehension with an uncooperative suspect is quite a judgment call, and not one I would want to be making.

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  14. They often stop pursuit if it becomes too dangerous for the other people. The story indicated they had stopped pursuit of this guy but were trying to stop oncoming traffic.

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  15. The one year olds are over standing at the window, laughing heartily as Auntie Mel does the most amusing thing. She is shoveling the snow off the deck!

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  16. There is a video of the pursuit and they did quit the pursuit when the guy went the wrong way. Then they come up to the accident. There was two siblings killed, one injured and a cousin that was also injured. The rest of the family was following this vehicle. This vehicle missed the exit he was supposed to take. The other vehicle took the correct exit and then were waiting to reunite. I am not sure how they found out about the accident etc. Another link:



  17. There might be similar chemical units in the vaccine that are the actual triggers for a penicillin allergy. Allergic responses take place at a microbiological level, and it can be just one similar compound in multiple different items that trigger an allergic response. Or, it could be a new allergy altogether. A certain, small, percentage of the population will develop immediate allergic responses to new elements to which they are exposed. That is why those we treat with IV antibiotics must always have their first dose of a new antibiotic (to them) in hospital, so that if one does develop an allergic response they can get immediate treatment.

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  18. Good morning, all.

    Roscuro, yes, and that particular daughter seems to be the one who would develop strange allergies! We have warned her sister and brother to be aware. One is in health care and one does significant work related international travel so both are likely candidates for the vaccine. Daughter is supposed to get hers in the first couple days of January. I believe daughter said she does not plan to get the second dose after that reaction.


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