58 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-22-20

  1. I will put this here rathll Broker/agent who was in the middle of a deal with my agent D. D was sellig her personal hotme and he was representing his daughter. That, right there should have told you disaster was written all over it.
    D is a challenge on a good day. The house had been under contract since September, but Hurricane Sally happened and the house needed a new roof, then a cash offer at a higher price came in a D wanted out of the first contract to take the second and this, that, and the other happened. D stalled and stalled on the closing and in the middle of it the other home she had bought was vandalized byt the guy who was supposed to be laying tile for her (insert lots of drama).
    The were supposed to close on December 8th, but did not close until last Thursady the 17th. The other agent contacted me multiple times over this and sent photos the text exchanges between the two of them. Over the weekend he asked me to be at the house at 5pm yesterday when they were supposed to exchange the keys and his daughter take possession. (It is customary here for the buyer to take possession of the house at closing so they had already been gracious to let her stay until yesterday to get moved. ITS NOT LIKE THIS SNEAKED UP ON HER
    I got there at 4:30 and it was a disaster. The furniture was out, but the house was still a wreck and needd to be cleaned and D was sitting in her closet sorting shoes. I told her she needed to get moving. Some other people were there trying to help her. I had to jump in and start tossing things in boxes and dragging them out to the garage. The new buyers showed up at 5 and the police showed up a little after that. D kept arguing with me that they gave her until the 21st to get out and that meant she had until midnight. Nope, generally that means close of business that day and that is 5 pm
    We finally got everything settled and I left. I will check later today to see what heppened after I left. D couldn’t find the keys to the house but she did give me the garage door opener and I gave it to the new owners.
    As I was headed home I got stopped in traffic. I was headed west but in the eastbound lane of I-10 there was a terrible accident. I saw the pickup truck that went off the road. I don’t think it is possible the driver survived, but perhaps there was a miracle. Sad

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  2. Cheryl, you seem to bring up your views on nativity sets every Christmas, just as I used to bring up lent. Since our last exchange on that subject I have decided to not bring it up again here, perhaps you should do the same regarding Advent and the nativity.

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  3. Too funny. I just caught up on yesterdays thread. 🙂

    The nativity scene header was up before I read all of that discussion.

    Oh well, opinions vary, and that’s all that discussion was, opinions….

    It’s a lovely photo Kizzie.

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  4. Good morning. It’s suppose to get to a balmy 62° today and be down in the teens for Christmas. This would be a great day to mow and mulch the rest of the leaves covering the yard. Because I still have a touch of a bug, I won’t stress my body by doing that. The yard will just look messy for Christmas, sadly. I did rake a little yesterday. I have put a wreath on the door but have no other decorations up. So many have a lot of Christmas lights up this year. I saw them as Art and I drove over to the school last night to see the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. It was quite a juxtaposition to see all the manmade lights in the neighborhood and then to see the event in the sky that seemed pale in comparison (using only the human sense of vision or binoculars).

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  5. Morning! I admit in light of the discussion of yesterday, the header photo made me chuckle a bit 😊 It is a lovely vignette fitting for any day of the year Kizzie…..
    It will reach 54 degrees here today and tomorrow’s high will be 23…we’re on a roller coaster…

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  6. Nice Christmas display.

    I remember when I used to just tape a nickel or dime or whatever to the envelope when I didn’t have the stamp. Then again, I remember when we had a friend stop by and he just stopped at the PO to ask where we lived. The clerk told him where we lived, but added that I had just stopped by to get the check and would probably be in town for awhile. This just makes me chuckle now. Then again, it makes me rather sad. I know someone who continually will post about how crime is down. It is all relative, but let’s think a moment. We never used to lock our homes or our cars. We did not worry about being out and about most places or times. Was there some crime? Yes. Was there abuse? Yes. Like today. I know much was covered up (abuse-wise) but I don’t believe it was like it is today. Yes, I know with news 24/7 we hear more about it, too. Still, I am comparing the small towns, neighborhoods and rural areas where we lived pretty freely and unafraid.

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  7. The tea cup display is pretty, too. I was supposed to get a tea cup and saucer from one of my grandmothers, but didn’t get it. That is okay as I have a needlework pillow she made and had given to my mother. My mother passed it on to me.

    I do believe the devil loves to rob people of much joy. That is how I see much of the Christmas debate now. Nothing wrong with exchanging views, however.

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  8. I actually have a story in an anthology of Christmas stories about a nativity set. It was about when my mother died on Dec.26th and in the sanctuary on the day of the funeral not too far from my mother’s casket was the beautiful nativity set left out from Christmas. When I saw that nativity set some anger rose up in me because it was suppose to be my mother’s funeral and not Christmas. Then it was like the Holy Spirit calmed my heart. I realized my mother lay in her last bed and Jesus was portrayed in His first bed. And the peace of knowing that Jesus died so my mother could be with Him . . . my two views of the nativity.

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  9. Kim, sorry you had such a horrible day.

    I believe I have mentioned “images of Christ” in passing before. What I did yesterday was post a link to an article and part of the text. It was not meant to start any arguments or condemn anyone, but simply to present a viewpoint that had been expressed well.

    Some of us like engaging with views other than our own, and some of us don’t. And that’s OK. I’m a minority on here on a lot of positions, and that’s OK, too, as long as I’m still welcome on here. If minority views cease to be welcome on here, then I can leave. Personally, I prefer to stay and to engage with whoever happens to be interested in a specific subject.

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  10. Janice what a sweet reflection upon how the Holy Spirit ministered to you at the moment when you were hurting…isn’t our Lord so wonderfully kind and gracious?
    I do recall the day when we didn’t lock our doors and the cars sat out in the drive undisturbed. Sadly that no longer happens in most areas of the country…or world I suppose. We are relatively safe in our area and we have forgotten to lock the door or left the garage door open all night long! But we do try to remember to keep everything safe and locked up…just in case.

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  11. When we lived in upstate New York, we could leave our coins for stamps on to of the community mailbox, and the mailman would take them away.

    You’re right, can’t imagine that now.

    My friend texted to walk the part at 7:30. At 7 o’clock, it was still dark here and the thought of two women walking the park, a big park where many homeless hide at night, seemed foolish.

    But, then another woman who lives near the park wanted to join us, the sky lightened and it was perfectly fine to walk (in 39 degree weather!).

    So, yes, odd times. I wish we didn’t have to be so vigilant.

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  12. One of the friends, BTW, moved her household to Reno this weekend where she and her husband are having a home built. It took them weeks to find a U-Haul because all of the west coast is moving east.

    They finally drove to Reno, left their car, and rented a U-Haul there.

    The other friend, who is still rebuilding her home from the 2017 fire, and I sighed. “C and I are missionaries,” I said, “and it helps to remember that.”

    I explained about Jo’s eagerness to return to PNG and commented, “That’s so much a harder trip and life than we have in comfortable Sonoma County. Let’s be thankful God made us missionaries here.”

    C laughed. “Right.”


    Any sign of Missionary DJ this morning? My EMT looked at COVID figures last night for LA County. Better, but still very bad.

    (And she handled the case of a stolen ambulance last night–in the middle of a transport! The guy jumped in, drove off in the ambulance, and ran into a parked car a few blocks later. WHAT is wrong with people?

    (My daughter: “We carry narcotics on the rig and people are crazy.”

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  13. We need to get a wagon train going east instead of west this time.

    I enjoyed the discussion yesterday, myself, and think it’s good to air some theology from time to time. 🙂 Keeps us all thinking and sharp.

    Kim, that sounds like a crazy day. Moving (period) is a nightmare, always. And not finding keys, I’ve done that – I lost the keys to this house by the time I made it over the bridge with the moving truck. Just a minor snag …

    I had to get a spare key from a painter who had been here earlier and then I slept on the floor in the vacant bedroom (moving truck had to hold on to everything until the next morning as it was dark by the time we got here — mainly because they were 3 hours late in arriving but no keys didn’t help either).

    It was hot and I had 3 dogs at the time. I had no change of clothes. Those were in my car which was left at the old rental house across the bridge because the house keys and car keys were on the same key ring that I couldn’t find.

    It was nice to have a day off yesterday but I’m paying for it today, 2 major stories to write; I’ve already had 2 phone interviews.

    I’m not sleeping well, mainly due to the situation with my friend who’s not expected to live much longer. I heard a long vibration on my phone at around 3 a.m. and worried it was a message coming through, but I decided not to look until morning, I really needed to get back to sleep somehow.

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  14. Wow, a house in our little working-class port community sold for $2.2 million, highest ever here. It’s on probably our most charming, winding street that overlooks the beach, it really reminds me of San Francisco driving through there

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  15. Thoughts?


    “The Vatican told Roman Catholics on Monday that it was morally acceptable to use COVID-19 vaccines even if their production employed cell lines drawn from tissues of aborted foetuses.”

    “A note from the Vatican’s doctrinal congregation, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, said the use of such vaccines was permitted as long as there were no alternatives.

    Both the Pfizer Inc and Moderna Inc vaccines have some connection to cell lines that originated with tissue from abortions in the last century, according to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), which issued a separate note to American Catholics last week.

    The Vatican note said the granting of moral legitimacy was related to the principle “differing degrees of responsibility of cooperation in evil.””

    “This meant that because the pandemic is such a grave danger, such vaccines “can be used in good conscience with the certain knowledge that (it) does not constitute formal cooperation with the abortion from which the cells used in production of the vaccines derive,” the note said.

    In the absence of safe vaccines made from other sources, “it is morally acceptable to receive Covid-19 vaccines that have used cell lines from aborted fetuses in their research and production process.””

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  16. A life that has been taken is already gone. If they were doing more abortions for the sake of making vaccinations it would be a different matter entirely. The way I read Roscuro’s explanation a few days ago, this is a line of cells that have been used for quite a while.
    I generally get as few vaccinations as possible anyway, but at this point I’m planning to get this one.

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  17. I read Roscuro’s post the same way, Debra, which made us all feel better.

    I figure I’m pretty much at the end of the line, so whatever happens, happens. I’ll take the vaccine when it gets here, but am not in a rush.

    Thankful, though, the doctor in our family and my EMT are/will be vaccinated soon.

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  18. On break: Debra is correct, the cell line dates from the 1960s, I believe. It was sourced from the Netherlands, which had legal abortion at the time, but also it is unknown if it was an abortion or spontaneous loss since both fall under the same medical term of abortion. And, of course, as I said, the cell line was used only in testing, not in actual production.

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  19. Thank you all for the birthday greetings yesterday. It was a day, just another day. Sweet DIL made it special last night with carry out and a nice cake. Having them all with us under the same roof is present enough for me.

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  20. Jumping in here again today to say that I am chuckling at the header. After originally taking the photo earlier in the month, I had thought of asking AJ if he wanted to use it for a header. Then I remembered that not everyone here likes nativity sets and changed my mind.

    And then there was yesterday’s discussion, and I thought, “Good thing I didn’t offer that photo.” But I guess AJ liked it and “grabbed” it. Too funny! (No, AJ, I’m not mad at you for that. 🙂 )

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  21. Linda, I didn’t have time to say “happy birthday” yesterday so I will with you a belated happy birthday today! I’m glad you had a sweet time with your family.

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  22. Michelle @2:41. I think the Lord fully knows the workings of my mind and lets me have the offenses I need to bring me to his way of thinking about anything he targets for me. And he’s not above providing those offenses personally through his word and the Holy Spirit’s guidance…or through his faithful ones.

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  23. Took both computers in today to get the new one set up. Turns out it needs Microsoft office 2019 and a solid state drive. Expensive things. No worries. In God’s special way, I got emails yesterday and today telling me of special gifts. Before you call, I will answer.

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  24. And yet. . .From what I have heard, the grandchildren can come up with something different, especially if they can’t pronounce your grandparent name correctly.

    My MIL called her grandfather, Bampy, because the first grandchild couldn’t say Grampy. Her brother picked up the nickname Bud, which he was called for the rest of his life, at least by the family, because his older sister tried to call him Brother, but it came out Budder. 😀

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  25. My friend told her husband that she wanted to be called Grammy. He said ok, I’ll be Oscar. And that is what they call him. Can you figure out his sense of humor??

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  26. The battery Christmas lights are all out so my house no longer is so dark. Two lighted (white lights) wreaths hanging from the porch railing, one lighted (blue lights) wreath on the front door, a string of white lights strung on top of the middle section of the porch railing – along with several flickering lanterns running the length of the rail.

    There’s an hourlong newsroom Christmas party at 6 (online, which we’ve been strongly advised to attend as the senior editor loves Christmas and is very excited about it and has lots planned). We’re supposed to wear a Christmas hat. There will be games and prizes.

    After that I have a grocery order to pick up at Ralphs.

    I personally found that house rather hideous, inside and out, but that’s me lol I’m not a ‘modern’ house kind of person. The location, however, was pretty amazing. If it were a 1920s pueblo house with all kinds of old-world charm, that would be an amazing house to own.

    Kim, what’s with the exorbitant property taxes in your neck of the woods? I struggle sometimes, depending on the year I’m having, to swing the $3,600+ I currently owe every year.


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