10 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 12-19-20

  1. Husband, two adult daughters, thirteen, and one year old are off helping with Toys for Tots. Masked. Husband is about the only VFW person left able to distribute. They are all a bunch of active old guys but out of town or otherwise busy today. Husband was commenting on the amount of cigarettes, tats, etc Different folks/ different priorities. But their children will get lots of gifts . My personal view is that gifts are way overrated except in the case of husband giving me gifts. Greedy pig that I am.

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  2. Fourteen year old is taking the time today, with the others gone, to do some prep work. He is making some cookies. Chas and Elvira sent a nice Christmas card with the best cookie recipe ever. Butter, sugar, flour. Thank you! The card that keeps on giving.

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  3. If I hear one more person tell me Ronald Reagan is responsible for all the homeless people in California, I’m going to scream.

    In fact, I did scream–and then looked up the dates. Reagan left the governorship of California in 1975. He was elected president 40 years ago.

    Will someone please explain to me why he, alone, is responsible for all the homeless people in California?

    No, don’t explain. I can’t take it anymore.

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  4. michelle, yep, hear that a lot and it’s simply not true. The decentralization of treatment for mental illness was nationwide and came with the advent of much better drugs that appeared to help the mentally ill be more functional, thus out-patient clinics came to replace the lock-down hospitals — which also had come under criticism on a civil liberties front.

    It seemed, like many things, to be a good move for all concerned, especially for the mentally ill.

    As we learned, no one can be “forced” to take those medications and before long you had folks simply falling out of the system with virtually no safety net to catch them and with the former system completely dismantled.

    Funding also came into play for the individual states so that was a piece of the puzzle as well, but not the main motivator from what I’ve read.

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  5. 😀 We have not had Covid yet which seems like a miracle

    😥 We have to be super careful to not get Covid

    😀We are one day closer to the end of political ads

    😥 PBS continues doing fundraising for about a month so Art has missed his favorite programs

    😀 The dressing I made last night was better than what I made at Thanksgiving

    😀 I had my first red grapefruit of the season.

    😀 Miss Bosley abhors the smell of grapefruit. Discovery of the perfect cat repellent.

    😀 On line church services to protect from Covid

    😀 Christian friendships

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  6. We used to have a dog, Fuzzy, who loved oranges. When husband would bite into an orange to open it, she would race into the room. She was indoors in New York. Anyway, she would run from upstairs if he was down in the kitchen opening an orange. Instant response. One day, he bit into a grapefruit and she raced up. He tossed her her usual tidbit of fruit. She snapped it up, spat it out, and looked at him with such a look of utter betrayal. Ever after, she sniff tested before taking any citrus from him.

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  7. My mom died suddenly of a brain aneurysm while playing golf, 25 years ago this Tuesday.

    We lived in Hawai’i. I flew home, my dad, sister-in-law, and brothers met me at the airport and we went to the hospital.

    They kept mom alive so I could get home to see her one last time (though she was brain dead), and then one more day so her sister could say goodbye as well.

    I met my aunt, uncle, and their daughter and son-in-law at the hospital. We saw her one more time and then I signed the papers to remove life support.

    All the organ donors were lined up (7), and we had the worst Christmas of our lives.

    A photo hangs in the hall outside my office, taken 25 years ago today. She looks happy and alive, smiling at the camera, with her best friend (as usual) mugging beside her.

    It hurts to look at that photo, though it’s always fun to laugh back at her friend.

    My mom was five months older than I am right now. A retired PE teacher and an athlete with no physical ailments.

    Four years before Mom died, my parents made all their personal arrangements with lawyers, powers of attorney, wills, and so forth.

    When my mom called to explain everything to me (we lived in Washington that year) and explained about the health care directives being put into my control, I said, “Great, mom. You gave that job to the one person who will feel guilty for the rest of her life if she has to make a hard call.”

    Thanks be to God, my mom had a prompt response. “We know our children. We know that you will always make the right choice.”

    I cannot tell you how much her words meant to me, echoing through the years after I had to make hard call after hard call for both her and my father.

    Tell the people you love that you love them and your trust them. Make sure the people you love and trust know that you love and trust them.

    My parents were not believers, yet their words have helped stem any guilt that might have haunted me ever since.

    Now I am signing off.

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  8. Michelle, my sister once told me that she would not be able to make the decision not to start/ to discontinue various measures for Mom. I said, “Maybe that’s why Mom gave me the medical power of attorney.” Sometimes the hard decision is still the right one. I’m glad I didn’t have to make any such decisions, but Mom had discussed what she wanted, and I knew it would be the loving and right thing to follow through if it came to such a decision.

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