54 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-7-20

  1. It’s Pearl Harbor Day. Wes Strauly was a young Marine. He survived. He eventually moved to Fairhope where he and his wife Marie raised their daughter and owned the local Merle Norman cosmetic store. He tried to sell it to me when Marie wanted to retire. I was young and scared. My dad told me that even in the worst of times a woman will find a way to buy a new lipstick. Still I was scared and didn’t to it.
    Wes was a darling old flirt and I adored him.

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  2. Pretty picture !
    I was at a movie watching “Belle Star”. When I got home, my parents told me that we were in that war.
    I always thought I would be in it. But the Bomb ended that.

    It was a stupid thng for Japan to do. And their admirals knew it. But they followed orders. Gluttony, of every form, always has a bad ending..

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  3. Peter
    I checked and see that both South Carolina and Purdue have ended their schedules. So? I’ll leave it to you to find a tie-breaker.
    Sit seems that South Carolina doesn’t play Clemson this year.
    I can’t imagine that. The Carolina-Clemson game was always big in S. C.

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  4. I have told you before that I am lucky to be as healthy as I am, I just went through the Marketplace to get health insurance for next year -$598.80 per month for just ME. How is this affordable? Who can afford this?

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  5. Good morning. Two one year olds up this morning. One at around two thirty and still is up. The other about five fifteen and asleep over there on gramps. He had this one for the first three hours. So he is sleeping along with her.

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  6. Since it is his two nieces who have us up, I went ahead and wished son a happy birthday. I think he is in Texas. No idea the time difference but he ought to be up by now anyway,

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  7. Awake most of the night between pain and a wild wind storm howling like banshees.

    I listened to four 1-hour teachings on Jeremiah in between all that . . .

    Enduring Word’s commentary on Jeremiah 24-25 was horrifying, sobering, and enlightening.

    If you’ve got an hour, whether in the middle of the night or not, here it is: https://enduringword.com/media/jeremiah-24-25-learning-figs-cups/

    Here’s the reading Jeremiah 25: https://enduringword.com/bible-commentary/jeremiah-25/

    It’s the figs and cups.

    Anyway, as I’ve said before, I love how David Guzik (Teaching pastor, Calvary Chapel Santa Barbara), puts the teachings into context. I like to teach the same way. I read a lot of commentaries when I’m teaching specific passages as I do not have any formal theological training.

    The Bible Project does a fine job demonstrating the parallelism in Scripture, that it was fascinating listening to Guzik pull the parallels between Jeremiah 25 and Revelation.

    (We discussed a similar idea yesterday in SS class on Daniel 8).

    Out of Jeremiah 25:1, Guzik reminded us that judgment comes first on God’s house–which chimed a few bells in my mind. Think of all the horrors we’ve heard about the Catholic Church, many Protestant Churches, and the Progressive Movement.

    Is that our current parallel?

    And then Guzik pointed out Jeremiah 25’s end sounds an awful lot like Revelation.

    The warnings are everywhere. Thanks be to God for those who are covered by Jesus.

    I gave up trying to sleep after listening to that one!

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  8. Good morning!

    I listened to 6 Arrows lovely Beethoven concert around 4 a.m. She had said to watch it in the evening. My evenings have continued to be filled with Hallmark movies so I am thankful for that prompt to watch the concert when I did. Since this is the anniversary of my father’s passing, it was a special thing to do early this morning for that reason.

    Music is one of God’s good gifts and 6 Arrows plays with the grace of an angel. It was heavenly to listen. And Miss Bosley purred hearing it. She runs away from rock music.

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  9. The big question will be, “How will they fix it?” Expect to get even less and be killed off with them making government over it all. People are already pressured to get rid of the less than perfect. I suppose that is a question for the political page, however.

    My condolences and others who have to pay that. 😦

    We had an interesting article in the paper here recently. Apparently there is a surge in Christmas greens sales because of the whole Covid crisis. We have a bough buyer near us who buys boughs from the evergreens. Those are used in wreaths etc. and can be gathered from living trees. It is a renewable resource. Unfortunately, there are people now stealing the tops of pines from the forests and swamps all over our state. They are quite clever and use florescent tape and flashlights or lanterns to keep from getting lost. They can get a thousand a night, according to the article. I have heard of the occasional theft of a tree, but this is a new one for me.

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  10. Morning! It is lovely here today and the snow is beginning to disappear…but ice is still on the roads where the pines shade the area. Neighbor and I tread lightly when taking our walks through those areas. There sure are a lot of deer running through our property this morning!
    Such a quaint shoppe up there…small town feel to it all.
    We paid MediShare about 500 a month with a 10,000 out of pocket before they would possibly pay any claim. We never ever filed a claim so it was all clear profit for them. Medicare continues to increase quarterly but they do cover a lot of expenses. We are thankful that we are relatively healthy….

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  11. Turned out, he was on his way back to spend the evening with the girlfriend before heading out to Canada. Quarantine much?


  12. Good morning. T-5 minutes until my maternal child OB final. The guys are out of the house, so just waiting for the test to open. I made biscuits and gravy for them so they would have plenty of shopping energy.

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  13. Chas- Several rivalries aren’t happening this year since most teams are only playing a conference schedule. Iowa-Iowa State is usually a big deal, and with ISU playing o well I would like to have seen that one played.

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  14. I finally got the medication I needed to get. Thankful for workplace insurance, as most medications aren’t covered by the provincial health insurance and this was extremely expensive – $400. I go to the nurse for the injection tomorrow. I know how to do it of course, but intramuscular injections are very difficult to do upon oneself.

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  15. Regarding Kathaleena’s comment about greens, I was in JoAnn’s the other day and almost all of the Christmas decorations were sold out. I mentioned it to the check-out lady and she said a truck was due in that afternoon but I suggested that it will probably contain Valentine’s stuff.

    Kim, Son gets his health insurance through his work but for DIL and the girls, they use Christian Healthcare Ministries and it’s very successful for them. You might check it out, especially since you are very healthy and won’t need much.

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  16. My workplace insurance premiums went up significantly this year by about 50 dollars per month. Coverage didn’t change of course. Insurance companies have been raising premiums using COVID as an excuse, and our profession is at high risk for exposure.


  17. Our workplace insurance was ramping up in cost also — but for both the employer (who pays the bulk of it) and the employees. I was grateful to make the switch to Medicare when I could a few years ago (but I continue to work full-time, I still keep the company’s vision and dental coverage, which actually is inexpensive and quite good).

    My neighbors have free coverage (meaning no monthly premiums, but they do pay some out-of-pocket costs for actual care) as the husband works on the maintenance crew for the Catholic hospital down the street from us — but he’s retiring at the end of this year (in his late 70s now) so they’ll be moving over to Medicare. That’ll be more expensive for them, of course, they’ll now have premiums to pay monthly; but still not nearly as pricey as getting health insurance in the marketplace.

    My cousin worked for the LA school district her entire career and they all get free health care (as in really free) for the rest of their lives. The union is strong, but I’m guessing those kinds of deals in the future won’t be so easily negotiated. Dockworkers have the same agreement.


  18. I wanted to decorate outside yesterday, but didn’t have the motivation or energy after spending most of Saturday dealing with the TV issue inside and moving furniture here and there.

    My neighbors now have all their lights up along with the life-sized reindeer on the front lawn and Santa in his sleigh on top of their garage.

    I see my house as decorated, as it were, still for Advent — I have some solar lanterns lining parts of the front porch railing and a lighted Bethlehem star in one of the front windows. More about the “wait in darkness” but with hope newly shining.

    So that’s how I’m justifying being somewhat behind on decorations compared to my neighbors, it works for me.

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  19. Works for me, too.

    Son put the solar lights out on a couple of trees. I told him to use a ladder and a cow prod. He apparently just used the cow prod. The trees look like they have nice jeweled belts on them. It works. The Light of the world.

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  20. I sense a disheartened mood here in Southern California as we head back into a lockdown with rapidly rising, record-breaking covid numbers and hospitals and their staffs now getting besieged.

    No private gatherings with anyone not of your same (immediate) household, strict rules again for any essential retail that remains open (so lines again at markets just to get in, most likely). any in-person dining remains out of the question so restaurants can only do takeout and curbside pickup again. Small businesses are still protesting the closures, understandably. They survived one lockdown but may not survive a second.

    This order also goes beyond Christmas and probably into the new year, so it really has kind of dampened everyone’s holiday spirit.

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  21. Along the route to the nearest town there is a house that has an enormous pine tree out front, that must be at least 30 feet tall. Yet, every year, that tree is lit by Christmas lights all the way up to the tip. It is a nice sight, as I go along that route driving home from work. Their neighbours display made me smile this year too, as they have a floodlight shining on a Grinch figure, and have wired the lights on a tree to make it look as if the Grinch is pulling the lights off. We have outdoor lights this year too – the Seconds got some. The little ones are delighted by all the light displays. Their parents often take them for a drive to see the lights of a late afternoon, as it gets dark early these days.

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  22. For some reason I have children’s dental on my plan. I don’t have a minor child (we I do but she really belongs to her mommy and daddy) so why am I paying for dental? I can’t get it off my plan.

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  23. I found out why Wesley’s apartment mate did not go home at Thanksgiving. Two days before he was to arrive, both his parents got diagnosed with Covid. I am just glad it meant Wesley had someone to share a meal with who is Christian and would give proper thanks to God for their blessings.

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  24. Last night, something had been said that had seriously hurt my feelings and had me feeling very down for a while. Pastor Billy had preached about hope yesterday morning, so I found myself wondering what kind of hope do I have for my future. (Of course, I know what my hope for my eternal future is, but I was thinking about my future in this life.)

    Almost immediately, this line popped into my mind:

    “My hope is built on nothing less
    Than Jesus’ blood and righteousness.”

    Needing a refresher on the rest of the song, I looked it up, and sang the whole song, worshipping and praising God. And then I made sure to do it again right before I went to bed.

    So grateful to God for His love and patience and grace and mercy and forgiveness and on and on. . .

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  25. Here are the rest of the lyrics:

    “1 My hope is built on nothing less
    than Jesus’ blood and righteousness;
    I dare not trust the sweetest frame,
    but wholly lean on Jesus’ name.

    On Christ, the solid rock, I stand;
    all other ground is sinking sand,
    all other ground is sinking sand.

    2 When darkness veils his lovely face,
    I rest on his unchanging grace;
    in ev’ry high and stormy gale,
    my anchor holds within the veil. [Refrain]

    3 His oath, his covenant, his blood
    support me in the whelming flood;
    when all around my soul gives way,
    he then is all my hope and stay. [Refrain]

    4 When he shall come with trumpet sound,
    O may I then in him be found,
    dressed in his righteousness alone,
    faultless to stand before the throne. [Refrain]

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  26. My workplace insurance didnt go up. Phos, if you get covid from work, it should be covered under workmans comp.

    I pay $141 each payperiod for the high deductable plan which covers all os us. I think the cap is $5,900, at which point it is supposed to pay 100%. I put $50 in the medical savings account each pay period, so have not had any out of pocket expenses . I even use the savings account for glasses and dental work.


  27. I miss the medical savings account, I only had a plan that offered that option for a year but Medicare doesn’t allow them. It’s a good way to plug away funds for out-of-pocket costs. I’m still waiting to see if all my physical therapy was covered, the PT office said it should be when I first went in — but I received a notice (not a bill) that said I could be liable for about $600 of it, I believe it’s still pending my Part B plan’s approval (and that hopefully will pick up all of what the basic “A” part didn’t cover).

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  28. RKessler, the insurance company the agency uses has a reputation for trying to pull in the most dividends for the least amount of payout. The workman’s comp agency is terrible. One of my colleagues was injured at work and she had to fight them all the way. They tried to refuse her claim before she even got to see a specialist to get her test results – she stopped the refusal by informing the agent who said her test results were not proof of injury that it was against the law for anyone who was not a doctor to read medical test results and make a diagnosis (it really is and the agent should’ve known that).


  29. Speaking of dead people (and we were), just finished Matthew and was struck by the part at the crucifixion, when the veil was torn and tombs of the saints were opened and dead saints raised. But apparently they did not come out for the three days. Imagine, sitting in a tomb for fifty hours or whatever, waiting to come out. What does one do? Were meals served?

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  30. Thankfully, if I get COVID and am I’ll enough to need hospitalization , there will not be any bills to pay, since that kind of care is fully covered under the provincial health plan. The same with my surgery. Yes, I had to pay for my medication, but the surgery itself is deemed medically necessary, and therefore covered.

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  31. Mumsee @ 1:47
    I do not read it that way. I think Matthew is saying that after the resurrection, the graves of many were opened and appeared, likely as a witness , to certain people in Jerusalem. That is the only explanation that makes sense to me.

    I posted some time ago, a thesis that a believer does not die. The “born again” body is eternal. I don’t know what the spiritual body is like, but I don’t believe we have a physical body until Christ is ready to return. It’s more involved that this brief comment. but I don’t have time to expand at the present.

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  32. I saw those high premiums for those in small businesses as just another way that the government was allowing for small businesses to be done away with. At one point they said an owner’s wife could not be considered an employee to make the small business have enough employees to have a group insurance plan. That was under Obama.
    They were out to kill small business any way they could because they did not have control over them like they did over corporate Amrrica.


  33. I tried to copy “Remember Pearl Harbor”, the song that was written immediately after the attack.
    But I couldn’t bring it over. We have forgotten all about Pearl Harbor. But we have not suffered a surprise attack.

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  34. In the passage about wheat and tares in the Bible, who harvests the tares? How are true believers suppose to treat those they think are tares that they have to grow alongside of?


  35. The whole harvest comes up at once. Then the tares are separated out in the process.
    We cannot judge the heart so that is left to God. We can judge actions and love the tares but not soak up the off teaching. Perhaps our love will direct them to God. But not our acceptance of evil.

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  36. DJ, I couldn’t tell at first, but apparently that weatherman is actually a comedian. He has a good one on there about a privileged rich person inconvenienced by Covid-19.

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